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in Cartagena 
act 333 in extension dynamics WSF 2017 june 16th 

en espanol   

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WHO IS CONVENING  : ARNA  Action Research Network of the americas 

With the placing of this activity in WSF 2016/17 extension dynamics,  answering the  2017 invitation,  ARNA  confirm they consider themselves, as per their own internal decision processes  to be a  participating instance in the world social forum process, as both described in the  Charter of principles of world social forum  

WHEN WHERE  June 4th  

Cartagena, Colombia Fri, 16 Jun 2017 starting at 08:30 am till 4.30 pm  COT   check time difference with where you are https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/colombia/cartagena


WHAT  :  knowledge democracy website          

 The Global Assembly will address the extent to which epistemological, ideological and political differences can be reconciled in the interest of a sustainable and socially just world. The Global Assembly will address this question in the context of an ecology of knowledges, organized with the intention of initiating a thoughtful and strategic assessment of the politics of knowledge creation and the potential of participatory approaches as alternatives to a monolithic knowledge enterprise based on the domination of the Global North and the marginalization and subordination of other knowledges.

WHAT   - the assembly is ending an ARNA meeting and is open to remote participation 
it will start with a keynote speech by Boaventura de souza  and then develop in a participatory way 

One goal is emergence of some participants owned initiatives  related to Knowledge democracy  

see the schedule below 

DOCUMENTATION  VIDEO   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8VpsfY_VoZCnIGenQvcmkA 

  • Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy 2017 #2

  • GAKD


    kda act333 knowledge democracy assembly cartagena remote participation chat room notes en es

    in english and en espanol notes and videos of the day seen from outside cartagena - notas y videos vistos de fuera de cartagena 

    HOW IS REMOTE PARTICIPATION INCLUDED ?:  : https://knowledgedemocracy.org/live-stream/

    • Live stream video channel   from you tube here http://youtu.be/rkH8WFi63r0
    • join the  permananent skype chat room  with your sype account using the following link ( you will be given a24h account if you do not have an account) :  https://join.skype.com/iKGG8HFdOapy  you will be in contact with liaising persons in cartagena 
    • as a plan B join the permanent whatsapp group using the following link https://chat.whatsapp.com/KLxfqId5Jmu6x0e5G4QRhv (access this link reading this page from your cell phone equipped with whatsapp and you get directly in the chat group  - we will try to give you info there and help join the skype chat room   

    How will it work?

    • people online will be able to watch the opening addresses (youtube) from approx 8:30am to 10:30am (June 16th – Colombia, Cartagena time)
    • people online can participate in the 3 work sessions (by Skype written chat) with the help of a moderator/liaising person who will be at the global assembly from 10:30am to 4pm. - sharing photos and giving notes  voicing your written inputs
    • people online will be able to watch (youtube) the closing at around 4pm


    LANGUAGE   the chat room will be  english and spanish/portuguese - if possible relevant there might  be two chat rooms and two moderators one in english and one in spanish/portuguese


    Assembly schedule and on line participation

    check time difference with where you are https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/colombia/cartagena

    1.   Greetings and the Start of the Assembly                     –    8:30 am  ( part 1 to 7 video streamed)
    2.     Introduction of Budd Hall & Rajesh Tandon               –    8:45 am
    3.     Budd Hall & Rajesh Tandon – Welcome                    –    8:50 am
    4.     Video:  Confluence at the Source of the Nile             –    9:00 am
    5.    Introduction of Boaventura de Sousa Santos             –    9:12 am
    6.     Address – Boaventura de Sousa Santos               –    9:17 am
    7.     On the Structure of the Day                                       –    9:48 am
    8.     Break                                                                         –  10:00 am
    9.     Assembly Working Session I                                    –  10:30 am ( chat room working discussion with liaising /moderator person )
    10.     Lunch                                                                          –  11:45 am  ( during lunch activity in the skype room goes on :-) 
    11.     Assembly Working Session II                                  –  12:45 pm chat room working discussion with liaising/moderator person )
    12.      Break                                                                        – 2:30 pm
    13.      Assembly Working Session III                                    –  2:45 pm chat room  working discussion with liaising/oderato person)
    14.      Close of the Assembly                                               –  4:15 pm  ( part 1 to 7 video streamed)


    for 9 11 13  if there is possibility the video will also go on during the working sessions showing the discussion where the liaising person is located so you can  make inputs  inside this greater discussion

    if this is not possible /not relevant  - the group inside the chat room will become a working group on its own moderated by the liaising person  


    RESOURCES ( from knowledge democracy website)

    1) International Handbook of Action Research https://inthandbookactionresearch.wordpress.com/ 

    2) Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA   http://www.pria.org

    3)  Action Research Plus with Hilary Bradbury – AR+  http://actionresearchplus.com

    4) Collaborative Action Research Network – CARN https://www.carn.org.uk/?from=carnnew/

    5)  Action Research Network of the Americas – ARNA http://www.arnaconnect.org

    6) Action Learning Action Research Association- ALARA http://www.alara.net.au/public/home

    7)  Network Educational Action Research in Ireland – NEARI – Caitriona McDonagh, Mary Roche, Bernie Sullivan & Mairin Glenn  http://www.eari.ie

    8) Margaret Riel’s Free Action Research Course http://ccar.wikispaces.com/AR+Tutorial

    9) Action Research And Related Resources At Southern Cross University With Bob Dick http://Www.Aral.Com.Au

    10) Resources from Mario Ardón Mejía at: http://www.actionresearch.net/writings/arna/mariogakd/mario.pdf

    11) Educational Action Research at: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/reac20/current

    12) The Canadian Journal of Action Research at: http://journals.nipissingu.ca/index.php/cjar

    13) Resources from Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt at: http://www.actionresearch.net/writings/ozs/ozspubgakd.pdf

    14) Living Theory Action Research resources at:  http://www.actionresearch.net