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Campaign for a Global Curriculum of Social Solidarity Economy

Congress “Living Cooperation and Global Citizenship”- 9-11 December 2018

What we are doing to reach our dreams?

Stand out and Shout : Empower young people, spread their wings and fly- environment that answer to development.

Smart Solutions: Creating safe environment through sports and art; catter for resources; attract people who have passion for sports and arts; create employment opportunities. Agriculture.

Hope Streams Center: Rights of children in slum areas – create educational spaces. Opportunities for children at risk (drugs, etc). Partnership with other NGOs, such Amani Kibera- Ben Ooko. Nursery school and school with non professional teachers. Networking => bought land quality ED. For poor children who pass through  same exames of the rich. Safe nutrition for children in schools.

Amani Kibera – UMUNTU foundX.:
A) Create alternatives- environments to make our dreams grow.
B) Behavior change, get along with good people.
C) Be creative – never walk back work. Imagination.
D)Mark of distinction.
E)Entrepreneurs X Create platform for others.

CENET.com:  Create linkages network or. In Kibera policy legal, medical, mentorship (youths. Disciplinary way) and coaching.
Public Forum/ Discussion

RDP Uganda (Recreation for development and peace): Sports for development. Train transformative leaders influence decisions. Be the center of the decision.
Ex: students contribute with resources to build their center.
Platform for young people: Young persons are the speakers/leaders.
Social train entrepreneurs that reproduce this in the communities. Governmental support to youths. Financial Literacy.
Environment protection: petroleum(pipeline) X youth monitoring.
Youth monitoring of governmental resources (fight corruption)

Masigira Women Initiative: Platformxxxxx

Nairobi Urban Forum: Resilience/ safer cities / social planning/ xxx service delivery