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logo-activextension16.jpg-FOOD SOVEREIGNTY MEETING  NAIROBI  
                                  MARCH 2016 (march22  2pm -4pm Kenya time)   

convened  by  Bunge La Mwananchi (peoples parliament) (article)   (article)  - Kenya peasants league  -   
Coalition for constitution implementation kenya   - Coalition for grassroots human rights defenders

time  2pm kenya time

Document that has been discussed  Hard Work & High Prices for Kenyans on Low Incomes

"contact and remote participation skype room "- https://join.skype.com/bOMq6xTL65u0  


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Meeting notes in the contact and remote participation room


Cidi (kenya): Hi Pierre as I told you the date was tentative, the confirmed date is 22 March 2016

prepafsm2016 (pierre) : OK

prepafsm2016 (pierre)  renamed the conversation « food sovereigny meeting Nairobi 22nd march activity wsf2016 » ***

Cidi (kenya): Great Pierre

prepafsm2016 (pierre) : (star) it would be good to indicate venue /place  hour   the theme / how activity will proceed and possibility or not to have internet connection and skype access during the activity

Cidi (kenya): Sure Pierre. That is what we are working on now

The activity aim will be to make available the findings of 3 years of research into the Impacts of Food Prices on the Lives of People on Low Incomes in Kenya and other parts of the world that was done by IDS UK. 

During the forum, in addition to presentations of evidence and analysis, BLM - Bunge la Mwananchi (People's Parliament) will convene a debate on how to protect and support millions of Kenyans whose lives have become increasingly precarious as a result of ever-rising food prices. 

The meeting/activity shall be held on Tuesday the 22 March 2016 from 2pm to 4pm at Mariguini Assistant chief camp, Mariakani road, South B, Nairobi.


 Cidi (kenya) a invited  nathan  Angel Edwin, emaxi, gachiki, bola, lula christopher Robinson, Sophie , wilfred

Cidi (kenya) renamed conversation « Food Sovereignty Meeting Nairobi 22nd march activity wsf2016 » ***

Welcome team to this Activity contact &participation room which is supposed to allow for remote participation during the meeting described above

The meeting which shall also act a WSF 2016 Preparation Meeting as the findings and resolutions of the meeting shall be also be useful to the WSF

We shall also find the link between issues of Food Sovereignty and WSF

emaxi (kenya): HELLOS

prepafsm2016 (pierre)  renamed conversation « Food Sovereignty Meeting Nairobi 22nd march act27 wsf2016 »


prepafsm2016 (pierre) invited Édith

prepafsm2016 (pierre) : (star) hello - the meeting is tomorrow . .please give practicalities for the remote potential participants  - time of start and closing and if/how remote participant i-e present in this room can be included in an interactive way during the meeting   according to possibilities

-written chat + photos

-written chat + audio /video reception through skype

-written chat + video streaming of the meeting

are the main categories stressing the importance of having someone in Nairobi who is acting as a "binding person"  and constant inly on skype during the meeting

[08:45:08] Cidi (kenya): The meeting shall be held tomorrow at 2pm Kenyan time up to 4pm.Unfortunately we shall not be able to have live video streaming but we shall have live chats on key issues and presentations. We shall also accept intervention from remote participants including questions and answers

[08:47:24] prepafsm2016 (pierre) : that is great news ! is the binding person known?


[08:48:16] Cidi (kenya): This is the summary of the study that will be discussed and disseminated in the forum. 

Hard Work & High Prices for Kenyans on Low Incomes https://cdotieno.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/hard-work-high-prices-for-kenyans-on-low-incomes/

[08:49:01] Cidi (kenya): We shall have two people and I shall let you know them in due cause

[08:50:00] prepafsm2016 (pierre) : (personally i will not be able to assist at this hour ... and also expect some documentation report circulated after the meeting  ) will make a round of invitation in english speaking circles tomorrow morning, also a photo

[08:50:29] Cidi (kenya): Okay that will be great  Photos will be circulated too

The hash tag for the event is #FoodPriceVolatility. People can also participate via twitter


Cidi (kenya) invited  Musa (Kenya) ***

Cidi (kenya): Welcome Comrade Musa (Kenya)

Comrade Musa and myself shall serve as links with remote participants and the forum participants

The forum begins at 2pm Kenyan time

More Information to follow

Musa (Kenya): Yes comrade Cidi. We hope more people will attend the forum. It is very important for the nation to know how the low class people are fighting to work for the less paid jobs in the informal sector just to provide food for their families. Some are even engaging in risky jobs in the industrial areas.

10:55:32] prepafsm2016 (pierre) (star) now leaving the net - won’t be available at the time of the activity itself - trusting you will include into an interaction loop (at least by written chat)  the remote participants present in this room and that might be coming still today ... (bow)

[12:34:44]  Safwan (Tunisia) has joined  conversation. ***

[12:48:19] Musa (Kenya): The meeting on Food Price Volatility currently going on in South B in Nairobi at Chief's camp. Most women are forced to do risky jobs just to provide for their families. Comrade Rachael Mwikali who is the convener of Grassroot Human Rights Defenders in Kenya is on stage moderating the meeting

Musa (Kenya): Women and youths are even forced to do the washing of clothes in the Estates just to earn a living. The fluctuating charges a big challenge to their work.

laundry jobs the only available source of incomes among the urban poor

The increasing food prices has sparked the challenge of hunger in the families

[13:02:38] Cidi (kenya): Meeting on.

Many people from the Slums start informal businesses which don't perform well due to poor purchasing power

Women are mostly affected by Food Price volatility in the informal settlement

Many of the businesses collapse due to competition

Many women are sometimes sexually harassed during laundry jobs

Many Women performing laundry are sexually assaulted but can't report because of fear of loosing job

Lack of knowledge on Rights enable People's Rights to be trampled on

People need to be organized so that they can be able to effectively claim their Rights

Many illegal foreigners accept cheap wages there by lowering the wages paid to casual labourers

When government led Youth program collapsed many slum dwellers especially youths become jobless there by increasing demand for casual jobs lowering the wages paid to casual labourers

kenya5.jpg ...kenya4.jpg 

[13:18:09] Safwan (Tunisia) : Hello , did the meeting finish or is it still in motion ?

[13:18:30] Musa (Kenya): Still on

[13:19:07] Cidi (kenya): Before food price hike Women used to care for families and the elders rested but after the food price hike many women have to work including the elders to earn extra income

Children and the sick have been left to take care of themselves

[13:24:22] Musa /Cidi (Kenya): In 2008 and 2011, global costs of food and energy spiked to unprecedented levels .Many parents don't have time for their children including checking on their school progress. They cite the excuses of looking for the source of income to earn a living hence no time to check on their children

[13:26:40] Cidi/Musa (kenya): Due to daily hustles Women are left to attend school meetings hence some Men don't even know the class Level of their children

Poverty has reduced slum dwellers to pettiness

Family institution has been wrecked by poverty and there are High Levels of Moral decadence

Many people stay in one roomed house and engage in sexual intercourse before the children exposing their children to early sex

People initial reaction to food price hikes was to skip meals, Remove children from school and move to town to look for paid Labor

Others resorted to cheap but risky and Low energy and less nutritive foods

[Garage Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

[13:45:28] Musa (Kenya): The poor households are exposed to various diseases as they don't eat clean food coz of increased food prices

[13:49:47] Angel (Kenya) : Teacher in public schools doesn't care about their students in the school simple because their own children are learning in private schools

[13:55:41] Cidi (kenya): Apart from High food prices, the slum dwellers have to pay for water, toilets, housing, education and healthcare stressing them further

Poor People can't complain of cheap Labor due to fear of being sacked

[14:13:19] Angel (Kenya) : Mukuru community demand of revolution all over the country eg.choose a product and demand for the price to be deducted

Kenya are being over taxed

[15:06:44] *** ADEBAYO (NIGERIA)  joined the conversation. ***

ADEBAYO (NIGERIA) : the reality is that price hike affects the quality of life of everybody. Its only that the poor get hit severely from such situations. It affects all ramifications of their lives and there is always very little room for maneuver.

(part2 soon...)  








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