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 logo-activextension16.jpg-SWAN DAY NAIROBI  MARCH 25 2017  celebrating 10th anniversary

 support women artists now  

convened  by  world march of Women   >>   http://www.womenarts.org/

place : Nairobi  skype room   https://join.skype.com/pm1aejtJhYaB




logo-activextension16.jpg-SWAN DAY NAIROBI  MARCH 26 2016
 support women artists now 

convened  by  world march of Women   >>   http://www.womenarts.org/

place : Nairobi

 "contact and remote participation skype room "- opened BEFORE DURING AND AFTER the meeting : https://join.skype.com/bOMq



prepafsm2016 (pierre- montreal): hello, the swan acitivty is a few days ahead and ....where is sophie ? :-)

the activity will be promoted in the welcome circles , and it would be good that someone is present from time to time in the chat room  and give some inputs   ( weblinks  )  interac before and after  the activity   and explain what are the exact hours of the meeting and what will be the inclusion scheme during the activity for  those participating  remotely ( there can be no scheme  or written chat + audio reception,  or written chat + video streaming etc

*** prepafsm2016 (pierre- montreal) ivite Wilhelmina(south Africa) *** hello wilhelmina

*** prepafsm2016 (pierre- montreal) renamed this conversation 

« Support Women Artists Day meeting WMW-Nairobi March26 WSF2016 act28 » ***


Cidi (kenya) : I am aware plans are at an advanced stage and the full information will be availed herein

*** prepafsm2016 (pierre- montreal) invited  Erika  and carminda ***

welcome erika who is facilitating a feminist self organized commitee in montreal  search for feminism in the www.fsm2016.org website

welcome carminda who is also in montreal and might be interested although she will be not available on 26th

Cidi (kenya) Welcome on board team. We hope for lively participation

here is the Event poster( see top of page)



 Cidi (kenya) :Join swan day remote participation on 26 March

Sophia (kenya) : Hello everyone, Hi Wilhelmina.....glad we can meet here dear sister

Cidi (kenya) :Hi Sofia Are you back in Kenya

Cidi (kenya) invited  Musa (kenya)Flozy (Kenya) ***:Welcome Flozy and Musa

Flozy (kenya): Thank you comrade cidy

prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)(star) welcome

Musa (kenya)i: Thanks comrade Cidi for adding me on this platform. I hope the event is on this coming weekend!

Cidi (kenya) :Yes the event is this coming week end:I hope you and Flozy can help as contact persons with remote participants

Musa (kenya)i: Exactly

Flozy (kenya): Sure

*** Cidi (kenya) invited  wilfred.(kenya) Edwin.(kenya)  beatrice. .(kenya)  lydia( kenya) **Welcome Comrades 


Sophia (kenya) : Hello Comrades, Yes, i am back ....SWAN is this coming weekend


[26/03/2016] day of the activity

[09:49:29] Musa (kenya)i: Preparation under way. Setting up instruments of music

prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)thanks for the photo, what is the start and end time of the activity ?

Cidi (kenya)EN Kenya

Cidi (kenya): The activity is about to start

[10:22:05] prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)ok, will we there be  some audio vdeo /chat contact?  

 or is there any possibilité for a video streaming coverage with a laptop or a smartphone

 [10:44:20] Musa (kenya)i: SWAN getting live on stage

[10:57:10] *** prepafsm2016 extension invited  Suzanne ( Turkey) ***

swan6.jpg  swan1.jpg

[11:11:23] Musa (kenya)i: Ken B on stage young ladies especially young artists should be wary of Sugar Daddies

[11:16:08] prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)alluding to macho rap singers ?

[11:25:57] Cidi (kenya): Olayo - art is hard Work Men but it is harder for Women, For Women Artists to prosper they must have determination

 [11:36:06] Musa (kenya)i: Melanie says her school is the best because it has mentored her in many ways

[11:37:21] prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)so th activity will be mainly a succession of musical performances ...

[11:40:56] Musa (kenya)i: Mostly in musical inclusive of poems. There also speeches by female artists on their struggle towards liberating the world.

[11:41:12] prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)ok, this swan event is a first time in nairobi or it is a continued edition ?

[11:44:51] Musa (kenya)i: This is the 9th International day event in Kenya It has been here for the last 9years

[11:45:18] prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)ok it is an established event now

[11:57:44] Musa (kenya)i: Yes comrade.

swan2.jpg - swan4.jpg

[11:58:41] prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)Up till when will it be lasting today

[12:02:24] Cidi (kenya): Until the evening.The stories we tell our women artists should be geared towards encouraging them

The Labour within the family must be well shared. We should not exploit Women Labor at the Household Level

The society should Tell stories that are empowering

For progress we must start documenting the stories of our women artists

The ladies must start documenting their stories of struggle for for better generations to come

[12:06:24] prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)undestood and agreed

[12:08:09] Musa (kenya)i: "Thr future generation can only learn from our experiences if we document our stories of liberation." Women artist

[12:08:34] Cidi (kenya): The women artists should take advantage of e-platform to publish their stories and successes. Creative artists are being robbed daily of their creativity through piracy and it has to come to an end. Creative artists must have their Rights protected and creativity protected for their betterments

[12:12:45] prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)in this room there is carminda who is one of the 2 coordinateurs of wsf 2016 collective in montreal  and a guitar player and musican too - she is currently in japan in the nonukes social forum and probably will get back to sophia when she comes back home in montreal next week

[12:13:16] Cidi (kenya): That is great Comrade Pierre

[12:13:48] Musa (kenya)i: " The reason why young girls and women have been marginalized I the society is because of menstruation, the Organizers of SWAN event have done a great duty of supplying sanitary towels to school girls and women in the rural areas" . 

[12:14:13] Cidi (kenya): Women are sidelined because of menstruation period which robs them of one week per month

 [12:22:28] Musa (kenya)i: Comrade Lydia on stage. "Remembering our roots" the. Song that builds women to move forward towards progress

[12:25:10] prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)thanks for the comments musa it is effective

 [12:46:13] Musa (kenya)i: "Women must nature their talents"..Achieng encouraging female artist

Women must have equal chances with men in leadership positions especially their elective ones. Comrade Achieng urges women not to be threatened or scarred by anybody

[12:53:46] Cidi (kenya): There will be a Break shortly

[12:53:55] Musa (kenya)i: Women must fight all forms of discrimination whether tribal, gender based discrimination or even the societal separation. Comrade Achieng also calls upon all women to lead the fight in ending tribalism so as to change the nation for better

[12:58:30] Cidi (kenya): Women artists must strive to seek Peace and Justice for prosperity and Social Justice - Achieng 

Let's use our women artists to advocate for People to use the power of ballot to overcome tribalism and divisive politics

swan9.jpg- swan8.jpg


 *** Ana joined  conversation. ***Ana (Georgia) : hi

prepafsm2016(pierre-montreal)welcome Ana  in wsf extension dynamics