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Proposal for dialogues - Propuesta para dialogos - Propositions pour dialogues



DISK diagram simple image 

This diagrams gives a rather coherent view of open space ( the disk)  its limit ( the announcement of initiatives,  and what is taking place inside it  ( encounters activiities ) and outside it (public action dates, and ongoing  operation of partiicpants and their alliances and coalition

From center to periphery of the diagram

  • Circle of on line encounters in online  thematic space where participants gather by interest at the beginning of the process and start intercommunicating on line  through self organized encounters wiht a variety of perspectives n many maturing activities and initiatives
  • Circle of activities not focusing on  initiatives more popular education information,  exchange of experience
  • Circle of activities discussing initiatives, présentation, articulation, action planning etc..
  • Agora of Futures  final moment of interactions around initiatives  ( presentation, articulation, support) 
  • Calendar and succession of  public action dates  


missing element 3 is described in the next diagram - big arrow symbolizes the promise linked to the forum

Element 5 missing is "facilitation" ( which is element 3 in the next diagram) 

  • The arrow is the "promise" of the forum   the generic participation route,  from participation  to actions
  • Encounters is the participation format for the proces layer ( first layer of  layers and phases diagram above)
  • Activities and initiatives are the participation formats for the event preparation layer and the event itself  ( second and third layer layers and phases diagram 
  • Agora of future in the common format for event final moment, and Calendar of futures is the  mediatic container for the event and  fueling the post event period 


RECTANGLES diagram simple image



  • EN with comments  - input BCN19  disk and rectangle image with comments in an image




Diagrama DISCO  imagen simple


El elemento faltante 3 es la facilitacion y  esta incluido en el proximo diagrama - La flecha grande simboliza la promesa asociada al foro

  • El espacio del foro es un lugar de encuentros, y educación popular para sus participantes. Mas allá, "la promesa" de la participación en el foro mediante una trayectoria genérica de participación activa se puede expresar como “Pasar de la participación individual de personas o entidades a una diversidad de acciones colectivas de transformación social, asumidas por diversas articulaciones de entidades colectivas participantes en el proceso”.



Diagrama RECTANGULOS  imagen simple


 actos de participacion imagen  simple con comentarios bajo forma de imagen




    Diagramme DISQUE image simple


    l''element manquant 3 est inclus dans le prochain diagramme - la grande fleche symbolise la promesse associée au forum

    Diagram RECTANGLES  image simple 



    • FR con comentarios  image disque et rectangle avec commentaires sous forme image  apport reunion  BCNET19 avec commentaires