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  • First local enlarged activity in Asia for wsf 2015 :-)

    from aicha_efessem on Feb 01, 2015 02:24 PM
    Hello in Asia wsf lists in openfsm.net website
    *From the extension commission wsf 2015 we  are pleased to announce
    "enlargement on internet" of a first local wsf 2015 activity in  Asia, in
    Bangladesh *
    Activity organizers  answering this invitation are in the wsf website, as
    activity 1044
    *Youth Forum on Economic Democracy in Bangladesh (enlarged on
    skype/internet) - 15 March 2015, Dhaka*
    The invitation to enlargement on internet, is valid for all  activities
     whether in tunis ... or out of tunis
    This is mentionned in the "extension guide", in its point 3
    *Youth Forum on Economic Democracy in Bangladesh march 15*
    is a fourth activity enlarged by its organizers  up to now   ( we are just
    stating ..)
    These activities are displayed in the "enlarged program"
    2  of them are scheduled  before the event , 1 in the event, 1 after the
    Practical steps  to follow  for enlarging  on internet your activity, from
    today are here
    During the 50 days up to the event 24 28 march and during the event itself
    ( with increased internet capacity being added in the tunis campus - now in
    progress ), the skype rooms associated with the enlarged activities will
    allow distance participation From Asia into Tunis , from rest of the world
    into local meetings in Asia
    *This will bring WSFcloser to where we live and act for another possible
    world, while maintaining connexion with Tunis *
    We hope many more enlarged activities ( local meetings, videoconferences
    with tunis,  local wsf cafés ....)  will appear untill mid march, in Asia
    ,in tunis,  and everywhere
    Also you are welcome, in personal capacity,  into wsf café  tunis,  and in
    the extension dynamics in general
    *Aicha and Tayssir *
    *Volunteers from extension commission wsf 2015*
    our skype :  fsm2015comextension  and tayssir.efessem