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    from NAFAN Nepal on Mar 23, 2015 04:16 AM
    Hope, friends who will be in Tunis will be able to participate in the
    following program.
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    From: Soumya Dutta <soumyadutta_delhi@...>
    Date: 22 March 2015 at 16:56
    Subject: [climate justice now!] Invitation to WSF 2015 discussions
    To: demandclimatejustice <demandclimatejustice@...>, Climate
    Justice <cjn@...>, indiaclimatejustice <
    A warm invitation to all those interested, and present in World Social
    Forum 2015 in Tunis.
    Hopefully, there is a list of the different organizations holding climate
    /ecology related discussions/
    self-organized events during WSF 2015, including the 23-24 Coaltion
    Climate21 and the
    Climate Space events.
    If anyone has compiled any such list, can you kindly circulate ?
    It is inevitable that some similar-focus discussions will overlap in time,
    but here is the invitation
    to you all - to several such events being organized jointly by SADED (South
    Asian Dialogues on
    Ecological Democracy),  VK (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam), SIEMENPU (the Finnish
    CSO collective).
    1. March 25, Wednesday, 08:30--11:00 -- In search of connected pathways to
    ecological Democracy;
        SADED,    venue -1208-1207.
    2.  March 27, Friday, 08:30--11:00 -- Towards a comprehensive climate
    justice movement : Learning
         from the Himalayas, the Andes and the Nordic countries.  Vasudhaiva
    Kutumbakam. AMPHI AP2;
    3.  March 27, Friday, 11:30--14:00 -- Cochabamba to Paris - Climate Change
    Crisis, Failure of
         Negotiations and  Alternatives for social movements.  SADED   Venue -
    4.  March 28, Saturday, 08:30-11:00 -- Buen Vivir : The necessary struggle
    for Comprehensive
         Democracy.  Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,  Vebue - 1209.
    Please do come and participate, if these do not clash with your other
    scheduled programs.
    Hope to meet many of you and exchange, in these and other events.
    Soumya Dutta
    Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha - BJVJ (translates to - India people's science
    campaign) /
    Beyond Copenhagen Collective (BCPH) /
    IndiaClimateJustice (ICJ)
    Cell phone +91-9213763756, Skype : soumyadutta.delhi ,
    Challenge the official propaganda that climate change crisis is
    "anthropogenic". Just by being human, by living in a human society - we
    have not created the climate crisis. This is a "gift" of the dominant
    industrial capitalist 'System', and should be identified as such - a
    "systemic" origin crisis. There are many smaller societies who still live
    within the limits set by nature, who use 'resources' but do not plunder
    nature. And unless the capitalist logic of endless growth is thrown out and
    replaced by a nature-respecting, equity oriented, just political economy,
    there is no possibility of stopping catastrophic climate crisis, or the
    many other crises that it has spawned.
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    Nagarjun Galli Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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    Mobile: 00977-9851074770/9804237991
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    working on issues related to social, economic and political equality;
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