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  • Re: Meeting notes-PSAARC 20July2016

    from uddhab on Aug 12, 2016 05:31 AM
    Dear comrades
    As you all know World Social Forum 2016 is now on from 9th of August  in
    Montreal, Canada. As far as I know, only a few number of people could
    attend the forum due to mass denial of visa and also high travel cost. That
    is why, the organisor offered an option of for those who are willing to be
    the part of the event but cannot be in Montreal physically.
    We, as part of "EXTENSION OF WSF 2016", are organizing following two-day
    event in Nepal.
    1. The first one which will be held at Danish Hall, Padma Kanya Campus on
    the 14th (from 11.00 am) will be a general one where speakers will talk
    about WSF and its prospects and challenges ahead; update about Montreal
    WSF; WSF movement and Nepal; WSF and South Asia, WSF and issue of Dignity;
    WSF and issue of disability, etc.
    2. The second day (15th) will be a consultation meeting on SDG.
    Comrades from Vashudhaiva Kutumbakam, Beyond Copenhagen Collective,
    and Public Advocacy
    Initiatives for Rights and Values in India (PAIRVI), will also join us from
    I request you to send your confirmation mentioning your area of interest
    and the role (as main speaker, chairperson or participant) you want to
    perform in the event. Since WSF is an open space, we tried to introduce
    this very model (which might be new for many of us) before finalizing the
    With warm regards
    Uddhab Pyakurel, PhD
    IC member and Nepal WSF-Secretrait Volunteer