(2) R U following Prashant Bhushan case ,He has been convicted and now on 20th; August SC will decide on the quatam of punishment,Leading English dailies have criticized the judgement,the very next day,1500 advocates have also given statement , against it.Tomorrow a statement by political leaders will be released,I have requested Swaraj India to create a web portal for information on the case and on Prashant Bhushan, Once that is done it will be easy to connect with WSF,Greens,SI,Forum of European Socialists etc.All this mobilisation should be useful when revision petition is filed in Supreme court , which should be soon.Give ur Frank suggestions for future solidarity work, Vijay Pratap

On Tue, 18 Aug, 2020, 11:19 AM Marko Ulvila, <marko.ulvila@kapsi.fi> wrote:
Dear Vijay and Ritu,

saw this, looks very interesting:


Have you been part of it?

There is a BA student who wants to write an extended paper on
Siemenpuu's work, with interest on ecological democracy. Would you be
ready to give an interview to her?

With best regards,