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  • from Hamouda about next ic location /lieu du prochain CI/localisation del proximo CI

    from pierre on Apr 10, 2014 10:09 AM
    FR Cher Hamouda
    Le groupe de travail  sur le prochain CI dont tu parles dans ton message ci
    dessous  sur la liste CI   est "ici"
    il suffit de répondre a ce message pour converser dans le groupe ou écrire
    à mid2014-ICpreparation@...
    Hugo et d'autres personnes qui se sont exprimées sur ce sujet a casablanca
    et depuis sont ici également
    Si tu as des doutes ou questions sur cette liste, n'hésite pas à les
    EN Dear Hamouda
    The working group on next ic  you speak about in your message below to IC
    list is "here"
    you just have to reply to this mesage to post in the group
    or write to mid2014-ICpreparation@...
    Hugo and other people who have expressed themselves about this issue  in
    casablanca and since then are in this group also
    if you have doubts or questions about this list, feel free to express them
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    From: hamouda soubhi
    Date: 2014-04-10 15:23 GMT+02:00
    Subject: [Wsfic_fsmci] about next ic location /lieu du prochain
    CI/localisation del proximo CI
    To: FSM-WSF - International Council
     English below/espagnol abago
    Cher(es) membres du CI,
    je sais que le temps passe vite. Jusqu'à présent nous avons reçu une
    confirmation du Népal pour l'organisation du CI, en mai. En ce qui concerne
    le Canada, le Brésil et Sarajevo. Pour Sarajevo, ils sont prêts à le faire
    pour début juin mais ils n'ont pas d'argent. Le Canada et le Brésil, pour
    août, nous répondrons cette semaine pour dire s'ils peuvent organiser le
    CI. D'un autre côté lors de CI de Casablanca, il a été décidé que Raffaella
    et Chico allaient nous proposer un texte de discussion. et que moi-même
    j'allais suivre l'organisation du prochain CI et de créer un comité de
    travail. Jusqu'à présent la seule personne qui a confirmé son désir est
    Hugo d'Attac -Allemagne .
    Dear members of the IC,
    I know that the time passes fast. Until now we received a confirmation of
    Nepal for the organization of the IC, in May. As regards Canada, Brazil and
    Sarajevo. For Sarajevo, they are ready to make it for the beginning of June
    but they have no money. Canada and Brazil, for August, we shall answer this
    week to say if they can organize the IC. On the other hand during IC of
    Casablanca, it was decided that Raffaella and Chico was going to propose us
    a text of discussion. And that myself was going to follow the organization
    of the next IC and to create a working committee. Until now the only person
    who confirmed his desire is Hugo d' Attac - Germany.
    Kind regards,
    Queridos miembros de CI,
    Sé que el tiempo pasa rápido. Hasta ahora recibimos una confirmación de
    Nepal para la organización del IC, en mayo. En cuanto a Canadá, Brasil y
    Sarajevo. Para Sarajevo, ellos están listos a hacerlo para el principio de
    junio pero ellos no tienen ningún dinero. Canadá y Brasil, para agosto,
    contestaremos esta semana para decir si ellos pueden organizar el IC. De
    otra parte durante IC de Casablanca, fue decidido que Raffaella y Chico
    iban a proponernos un texto de discusión. Y esto yo mismo iba a seguir la
    organización de siguiente IC y crear un comité de trabago . Hasta ahora la
    única persona que confirmó su deseo es  Hugo ' Attac - Alemania.
    Saludos cordiales,
    Le 14-04-04 13:47, « Rita Freire » <ritafreir@...> a écrit :
    Dear friends
    The WSF process in Brazil has booked a meeting for April 9 focusing the
    brazilian process itself. Also we intend to debate a possible common
    brazilian position on  the proposals for the next IC meeting on the table.
    We'll send the results concerning our position, just as a contribution,
    after that meeting.
    On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 1:46 PM, Francine Mestrum <mestrum@...> wrote:
    Dear friends,
    I am afraid this is the consequence of not having a secretariat anymore. No
    one feels responsible for responding to an interesting question. Sad.
    But I remain hopeful. Surely, some people will think this is important?
    In solidarity,
    *Van:* wsfic_fsmci-bounces@... [
    *Namens *Jennifer Cox
    *Verzonden:* 03 April 2014 15:24
    *Aan:* upyakurel@...; Pierre George; FSM-WSF - International Council;
    FSM-WSF - International Council
    *Onderwerp:* Re: [Wsfic_fsmci] progress of exchanges about next ic location
    Hi everyone
    I also am wondering about this. Us Social Forum organizers would like to
    know to see if we can attend. Is there any further information?
    I have looked on open FSM but dont see anything, but maybe I dont
    understand it right.
    I am willing to be on a team to help, if that is helpful.
    Jennifer Cox
    US Social Forum International Committee
    On Wednesday, April 2, 2014 10:58 PM, Uddhab Pyakurel <upyakurel@...>
    Dear Comrades
    I wonder if there is some discussions going on about the date and venue of
    next IC meeting? As Nepal WSF Process also send a proposal to host it after
    Nepal WSF event in May, we want to know your views so that we prepare
    On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 3:42 PM, Pierre George <pierregrg@...> wrote:
    hello uddhab
    you have seen that a working group has been set up to discuss about next ic
    your comment on the situation welcome
    Pierre1/  we will get back to you with other details after the Danghadi
    thematic forum is over.
    2/ any interactions with people who are in the working group (formally
    decided in casablanca which am trying to technically sustain ?
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    From: *Feroz Mehdi* <feroz@...>
    Date: 2014-03-07 16:28 GMT+01:00
    Subject: [Wsfic_fsmci] Fwd: proposal to organise next IC in Nepal
    To: IC WSF <wsfic_fsmci@...>
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    *Subject:*proposal to organise next IC in Nepal
    *Date:* Fri, 7 Mar 2014 06:23:02 +0545
    *From:* World Social Forum Nepal <wsfnepal2013@...> <
    mailto:wsfnepal2013@... <wsfnepal2013@...>>
    *To:*hsoubhi@..., Uddhab Pyakurel <upyakurel@...> <
    mailto:upyakurel@... <upyakurel@...>> ,
    wsfic_fsmci@..., Bhola Bhattarai<nafannepal8@...> <
    mailto:nafannepal8@... <nafannepal8@...>> , Arjun Karki <
    akarki@...> <mailto:akarki@... <akarki@...>> ,
    Dear WSF comrades
    It is our pleasure to share that Nepal WSF organizing committee has decided
    to organise Nepal Social Forum during May 23 to 25 (Jeshtha 10-12, 2070) in
    Kathmandu. The main theme of the forum will be
    *Deepening Democracy in Nepal: an Endeavour to Ensure Dignity, Diversity,
    Justice and Equality.  *
    Here, we request and propose before the International
    Council members of WSF to consider our invitation and willingness to tie-up
    this forum with the next IC meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are ready to
    organise  it before  or just after the Nepal Forum is concluded.
    A Youth Social Forum is being held in Dhangadi, Nepal from tomorrow, and we
    will get back to you with other details after the thematic forum is over.
    With Warm Regards
    Nepal Social Forum Secretariat
    Sanepa, Kathmandu
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