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    from facilitfsm on Apr 10, 2014 03:22 PM
    The successive messages related to mid2014 IC are visible here 
    Since this group has not started to work by end of february (see the casa report) and several messages passed on ic list since end of february   ... the discussion is now understandably made in the ic list 
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    Date: 2014-04-10 12:41 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Re: [Wsfic_fsmci] about next ic location /lieu du prochain CI/localisation del proximo CI
    To: FSM-WSF - International Council <wsfic_fsmci@...>
    Dear all,
    because the time is running and a decision is urgent some remarks from Europe about the three bids for an IC venue. The problem is that nothing is prepared. We are still waiting for the text of discussion from Chico and Raffaella. In addition we need a confirmation from all that solidarity support for some participants is guaranteed.:
    1.    To go to Kathmandu would be from the political point of view a very important symbolic step and support for the movement in the region. The date of the Nepal Social Form (May 23rd to 25th ) implies an immediate decision. For the representatives in Central Europe it would be important to meet before – that means 21st to 22nd. As it was offered by our comrades in Kathmandu.
    2.    To go to Québec would give a good opportunity to investigate the possibilities for a World Social Forum 2015 in that region, to meet the activists and their allies. That could be helpful for the preparatory process.
    3.    Their offer and the bid from Brazil  for August would give more time to prepare the meeting properly and to have a constructive debate in forehand. For August we should have in mind the European Summer University in Paris from 19th to 23rd.
    Best regards