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  • Monitoring Committee of the Maghreb Social Forum meeting in Morocco

    from kamal on Jan 27, 2015 02:32 PM
    Dear (s) Friend (s)
    Following the decisions and recommendations of the various meetings in
    Tunisia, Morocco, Europe, calling for the need to re-launch the Maghreb
    Social Forum process and the preparation of the maghrebian participation in
    the next WSF to be held in Tunis from 24 to 28 March 2015, the Monitoring
    Committee of the Maghreb Social Forum invites you to the meeting to be held
    in Morocco on :
    *13-14 and 15 February in Harhoura (near Rabat)*
    Taking into account the various proposals and since time is short, the
    meeting will focus on three major issues
    1. *Discussion on the WSF 2015 maghrebian Village* (architecture,
    socio-political content, mobilization, financial resources, and the
    prospects for the post 2015 WSF). Papers are prepared in order to
    facilitate discussions and decision making
    2. *Maghrebian observatory on migrations* : in the continuity of
    discussions and meetings already realized,  How to move from projects to
    achievements, taking into account the current challanges in the field of
    migrants rights, the important changes taking place in Europe, conflicts in
    the region, rights for free movements and open borders. The Friend (s) of
    the Observatory Monitoring Committee has already sent documents on the
    Observatory to many of you.
    3. *Technical International Meeting*: On the proposal of the WSF Tunisian
    Organizing Committee, an international meeting will be held on February 15
    for an update on the state of work progress in the field of preparation:
    methodology, mobilization, communication, logistics, finance .. . (A
    programm will be sent to this effect by the Tunisian Committee)
    Organizations are requested to confirm their participation in the following
    comsuifsmagh@...  and  fmas@...
    I'm looking forward to seeing you again
    Kamal Lahbib