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    from facilitfsm on Jan 20, 2014 12:09 PM
    Hello in the list
    This is a message by casablanca report group
    The list decided in casablanca about evolution of secretariat is technically ready (see below)
    Some people who are in newci group are in this list see their list
    Maybe others will join, when the general newci discussion will be more active
    The discussion  is not yet formally started
    Extract from report 
    http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/casa13-report/#18%201%20EN - part 18-1  topic2 proposal B
    Create a group with at least one Brazilian and one person from Maghreb to monitor change of secretariat Tunis agreement to move secretariat to country organizing next WSF 2015 was recorded – It was confirmed that Brazilian minimum secretariat supported by Grap, who has dissolved, is scheduled to stop operation end of 2013
    (The project of memory of wsf in porto alegre see below part 2 cannot fund IC secretariat operation) –
    >> this group will be a mailing list “newCI-secretariat” in the newCI space : chico + those from the group below in topic 3, who are interestedhttp://openfsm.net/projects/newci/lists
    Chico informs IC that Brazilian ic members will meet in 14 de janeiro with the perspective to create a larger collective to support wsf process and IC secretariat