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Road to May 2012

Throughout this period  of civil disobedience, from Iceland to the latest uprisings in Russia  and Hungary, if anything has become clear it is that not only have  political systems reached advanced levels of disintegration, so have  their methods of representation (they do not represent us!), as well as  their subservience to demands of current crony capitalism (rescue the people, not the banks!).
In  2011 we took to the streets, we regained our voice in public spaces,  got together, opened up dialogues and shared our dreams. We came  together to make it clear that we are not goods at the behest of politicians and bankers who instate austerity policies making our lives precarious. Instead, we declare, as our fellow Greeks have already declared, that "We owe nothing, we will not pay and will not sell ourselves!"

However, what is far more important is that we also share a desire in re-appropriating our lives and the common good by means of direct participation, joint management, and ultimately the desire for a true democracy in the service of everyone.

After  international forums as well as online and face to face discussions, it  has been decided that May 12th should be made as the next Global Day of Action, and May 15th, as a (new) Transnational Day of Mobilization.

Saturday, 12M has been proposed as a global day of action in which we will once  again take to the streets, to the squares, or wherever we can in order  to carry out specific actions that will empower mass demonstrations.

Instead, 15M is intended as a global day of action, to intervene on capital  flows and mobility, while simultaneously coordinating actions are  launched in order to bring awareness to the world to move in a new  direction. It is about building a new imaginary in order to define new  human, economic and social relationships and will provide us with that  transformation of power relations between governments, capitalist rule  and societies.

Call for #GlobalSpring for #GlobalChange on #May Revival #GlobalMay
Fellow humans,
People from the Indignados and Occupy movements from across the world call for a Global Spring, beginning this May. 
1st May, 12th May,15th May and the G8/NATO summits in Chicago from May 19th- 21st, will grab the world’s attention and escalate the global movement for economic and social justice.  We invite you to join us in our fight for freedom, equality, peace, justice and real democracy across the world by joining the Global Spring.
We exist not simply to protest our indigence but to work together to build alternatives. We will not merely demonstrate to demand change from those who rule us but will pursue the creation of our own alternatives that promote justice, peaceand sustainability.  
We are committed to a system of inclusive participatory democracy so we call on all organizations, movements and individuals interested in participating to join the planning andcoordination of the Global Spring. 
Our principal method of organisation is the regular international voice conference we hold. To access information regarding these meetings please see:http://international.democraciarealya.es/12m/
We invite you to join us in pursuing alternatives to create a fair and free world and we ask you to spread this invitation. 
In love and solidarity.
We connect through voice chat, 

Next Global Spring Assembly: saturday 3rd of March

This is the agenda for our meeting on 3rd March: http://titanpad.com/agenda12m15m03-03-12 please introduce
your contributions to the agenda during the next week. 

Please use the text of this doc:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gYCOx15lqujdInNwwNxPrgidrGp9iM5QRMcIbXf1qNI/edit?pli=1   to spread the invitation to your contacts and mailing lists during the  next 10 days an also to learn the protocol of the assembly. We are  working to improve the overall performance of the Faciltation team, your  participation is very welcome, the email to get complaints and  contributions is dinamization12m15m   gmail.com

Label: Takethesquare 15M
Server:  Takethesquare.net  
ROOM/Channel  #12M #15M 
Port: 64738
Name: {yours} please add the name of your country

The time of the meeting depends on where is your assembly located:
11:00 (UTC-8) West Coast of USA
12:00 (UTC-7 MST, Arizona…)
13:00 (UTC-6 Chicago,Texas)
14:00 (UTC-5 New York/DC)
16:00 (UTC-6 East Coast of Brazil)
19:00 (UTC+0 Canarias and UK)
20:00 (UTC+1 Europe)
23:00 (UTC+3 Western Africa)

Minutes of past meetings:
AG. 12M15M11-02-02: http://titanpad.com/lPkZl7pE88

If  you have no experience using mumble, please show up at least one hour  in advance, we all be happy to help you with the set up/config/ sound  check, and give you also some advice on basic participation rules. This    way we will not be interrupting the assembly.

Talking  about the assembly: it would be great if we keep our interventions   short, as we are almost a hundred, we all need to have the chance to  speak and the GA can not last too long (2-3 hours tops?).

All  the process can be improved as we keep working, please join our next  facilitation meeting next week (wed 29F) if you can add improvements, or  have any complaint. You are welcome also to join the team (we always  welcome   help at dinamization12m15m@gmail.com ).

See you all there!!