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2011mvt and wsf - Global squareLink: /projects/2011movements-fsm-wsf/project-home

This english speaking space is about exchanges between participants in occupy process and social forum process

see here amessage from USSF News about influences between USSF and OWS


Nice symbol -Can we to get an explanatory note on the 15% in the symbol ?>> please refer to the article from chico whitaker edited here in that same space, and you will find reference to the "third part of 98%" , which is arbitrarily set to 15% : pls check the article here)

There is a need to create many links between Occupy and World Social Forum. Occupy and world social forum are decentralized processes and this modest space " occupy and wsf" can only be one of many places where a greater mutual understanding can be built between participants on practices and characterictics in those respective processes

A space similar to this one has been started in spanish http://openfsm.net/projects/acampadas-y-fsm/project-homeand one in frenchhttp://openfsm.net/projects/io-et-fsm/project-home

The Global Spring M12 M15 Actions and Alternative Solutions facebook pagewas set up on this past Saturday to enable all Occupy groups to list their visioning and objectives for overhauled governance that will enable accountable political and economic relations to be operating in the interests of the 99%. more info on OWS

There is also another facebook page called Reasons to Occupy. ( reasons to occupy.org ??) This group may try to assemble these pieces of information so they can be organized for action by May 1, 2012. >> idea is to gather in this space /page, and in the list associated to it, people, with practice of participants in either occupy and/or wsf, who are interested to share experience and visions , while keeping abreast of those processes , locally and globally