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invitation  to participate from out of tunis: http://www.fsm2013/org/en/node/6493


Extension of WSF2015 process as can be seen from the local organizers

 WSF process participants that have decided to be active in announcement and preparation of extended activities in WSf2015 can be friendly called “Extensionners”

Here are some considerations expressed from a proposed generic point of view of extensionners, that can be assessed and commented. The “We” has been only used for making the expression more direct.


1 - Extension see from one local organization

1 - In our organization we have assessed that contributing to extension  of WSF through local activities , and tele-encounters activities, or activities enlarged on internet from Tunis is a good “investment” for three reasons.

a/ The effort of sending delegates to Tunis is better used, as they can help and support a lot of extended activities taking place in many places before, during, and after the WSF event, and this strengthens relations inside our organization, and puts more people in situation of external contacts and in the role of co-organizer

b/ Extension allows to better include everyday and local actions from our organizations into WSF process. We can place “in” WSF process some of our already planned local activities giving them another dimension (cooperation with other local organizations, international contacts and information). This widens the vision of people participating in them.

c/ Practising extended participation is a good training: Inter-communication with other organizations, locally and worldwide, simulates creative practices and collective use of internet, which are an asset for our organizing culture, and our capacity to act in public space.

So our participation in WSF becomes a good combination between “center participation” in Tunis with delegates, and “extended participation” from a great number of our members and beyond.


2 - Everybody in Tunis?

2- Personally, many of us would want to go to Tunis, the center of WSF2015, the start of 2011 movements worldwide, where the heart of WSF process will beat strong, and we know only part of us will go.

Some of us have already lived a WSF central event, some not. Some others have participated in smaller scale social forum events,that are now listed in the WSF calendar. Some of us participated in extended activities in former edition of WSF in Belem and in Dakar. We know it is not easy to find the time, and travel and accommodation resources for a  participation in a far away WSF event.

And we know that bringing everyone in one place, is not a realistic perspective. It is breeds frustration, and is not sustainable, nor politically realistic, since the struggles and alternatives are primarily local and national  with international connections. We want to collectively evolve another perspective, a  mode of worldwide network cooperation among WSF participants, that would be sustainable, efficient, and permanent


3- Linking with Tunis

3 - Practice of Extended participation, away from the WSF center location,  gives us information, contacts, experience for collective tele-inter-communication, and stimulate our local organizing creativity. It includes us well inside of WSF preparation dynamics.

a/ When we prepare extended activities, and are active to announce them on the WSF website, and to enlarge them in internet, we will find other extensionners as our partners who live a local experience similar to ours, and we will establish relations with them through a series of tele meetings, and cross enlargement of local activities, combined if possible with encounter of  our respective delegates in Tunis.

b/ Also we will be in contact with extensionners dealing with facilitation tasks in Tunis and online, such as general overall communication and logistical issues of extension, or we can be one of them.

After this experience, we will be better placed to organize local social forum with internation dimension


4- Practice and disseminate WSF at home 

4 - Whether we go or not to Tunis in the end, we will all get through preparation of extended activities, to a rewarding level of creative and contributive participation in WSF2015

We have learned, in ten years of WSF process, to make the best, in our on line communication, of the face to face relationships that each of us established in the events and actions we could participate in.

a/ Through preparing extended activities, we intend to create local mobilization processes, fed with information flowing from WSF website. At local scale we know how to make things happen without financial resources,

b/ other extensionners will make it to Tunis, whom we will have met during preparation, and we can be reasonably confident that they will be reliable delegates in Tunis for other fellow extensionners and not only for their own communities . In Tunis, they may support the tele encounters that we have planned, and the enlargement on internet of activities that interest our local groups, so that we can tele participate in them, or view them afterwards

We know that, through anticipation, interaction, and day to day preparation and facilitation tasks, we can provide conditions for quality of participation for local participants in the extended activities that we prepare. This may bring WSF spirit, culture, and message of solidarity and hope to many people especially those who face most hardships linked to neoliberal order and see no way out.

5- Develop inclusion of extended participants

5- we are willing  to support the organizing effort of the committee that decided to promote extension of WSF2015 which give us occasion to participate. Part of us intend to participate in an extended way to commissions in Tunis and contribute to logistics of extension and mobilization

a/ this implies that commissions participants in Tunis think of us who are away from Tunis , in regions of Tunisia and abroad, and use actively mailing lists, and enlarge systematically  in internet the meetings in Tunis, so we can tele participate in them

b/ As extension is relevant in many aspects of WSF2015 facilitation, it is suggested that extension could be better facilitated by a inter commission group with extensionners and people active in other commissions and groups communication, mobilization, methodology/program, logistics, volunteers, website,..

c/ we can mobilize and stimulate many organizations to participate in WSF2015 locally and in Tunis. First level of participation is being involved in preparation of local activities proposed by us, and then through organizing activities by themselves, and then interest developed for WSF may induce them to send delegates in Tunis

Dear organizers in Tunis,  keep thinking of including us !



In conclusion – Extension of WSF2015 breeds a favorable context for long distance cooperation, stimulating a wide and locally rooted participation in WSF. It strengthens a worldwide community of local activist /organizers practically stimulated to use WSF process. They can keep developing and deepening it, through local activities linked to a succession of extended events from various places across the world, that can be seen long enough in advance in the WSF calendar