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1 - Welcome to openfsm.net , an open virtual social forum territory !openfsmintroEN1.JPG

2- Here is a main analogy to grasp the decentralized and horizontal concept of this site , which is just a gatheting of  idenpendent  "spaces"



3 - This image is a view of the top black banner ot the site , with description of each zone and item

it contains some tips to master the main menu more rapidly...... 

 ---see the 2 little  grey triangles upper right of the screen ?--------------they are entrance to  some menus

--- look for some orange figure sometimes appearing to the right of your user name  in upper right of the screen , these are  indication that a message  is waiting for you - click on it






4 -  asking to be invited in a space ( on the left  ) , or receiving invitation ( on the right )  two ways toward participation in spaces wich brings "mailing list" membership and capacity to edit "pages" in the site   - yellow and green rectangles are button in the main menu


5 - this is a trial to describe the four tools  available in each of the hundreds of spaces of the site 

--- mailing list  ( note that  as the little blue characters you can be in a space mailing list without being in the team


---pages ( see the menu "view  edit history" menu visible on each page of the site  upper right under the black banner  - when you click on "page" you are led to the "home page" of the "arborescence of pages" of the space

---tasks (this is for advanced users ....)

the views  "summary" , "team", "contents"  are giving you different information