• OpenFSM known bugs and important recommendations

last modified October 9, 2008 by fsmsite

OpenFSM is a tool that's being constantly developed. For a better experience using the site, see below some know techincal bugs and important recommendations:


- It has been detected a bug on using accents in space names and/or usernames. This bug is being corrected, but by the present moment, we recommend users not to use accents (á, é, ã, ò, etc) when creating Spaces or registering usernames.

- This bug doesn't affect regular pages, blog posts and other site sections (only usernames and spaces names)


Using external document editors:

- It's strongly recommended the usage of OpenFSM internal documents editor, and not external software as Word. External editors usually insert hidden codes in the documents and sometimes this codes interfere on layout and formatting of OpenFSM content.

- If you want to paste some document previously edited in one of this softwares, we recommend you to use an intermediary "plain text" (Notepad, or Notepad ++ for Windows, Gedit, Text Editor for linux). Follow this steps:  1) open the file you want to paste in your regular editor (OpenOffice, MS Word, etc), 2) copy and paste the content in the plain text editor (Notepad), 3) copy and paste the text from this plain text editor into OpenFSM, 4) use OpenFSM to format the text layout  (bold, italic, tables, colors).

- Pages in OpenFSM use HTML code, allowing advance layout editing. If you are familiar with HTML, you can use it by clicking "Toggle HTML source" icon on main menu of every page you're editing (it's the second icon, from right to left).