• Registering in OpenFSM

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How to register in OpenFSM?

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OpenFSM is a tool to promote WSF participants communication, to gather people by interest and to facilitate the work of International Council Commissions and Working Groups.



Visit OpenFSM home page: www.openfsm.net




To register and use the site, click “Join OpenFSM” button in the homepage.




Fill the registration form:

1) username (the name you'll use in OpenFSM)

2) full name (optional)

3) your email address

4) choose a password for your account

5) repeat the password you chose

Click Join button (6)




The following screen shows that your registration is almost ready.

To conclude registration, open your email service or software.




Look for a confirmation message send by OpenFSM (1). (Note: If you don't find the message, check your spam folder or wait a few minutes. By no special reason, some email providers took more time than others to deliver messages).

To confirm your registration, click the link shown in the received email (2).




Done! You're already registered in OpenFSM.

To make your login, visit www.openfsm.net and click on 'Sign In' (*) button.




Fill the login form using your username (1) and password (2). Click 'Sign In' (3).

In case you have forgotten your password, click in “Forgot username and password” (4).