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Results  and outputs in wsf : From thematic forums  to assemblies 

Creation of "final day assemblies" has been an innovation in wsf2009,   


reading a statement of one of the 30 final day assemblies in UFPA stage on february 1st 2009

in 2005 in Porto Alegre

There was no specific arrangement for the last day


in 2007  in Nairobi

There were 24  thematic forums on the last day  whose topic was decided by organizing committe

300 proposals were presented in those forums, ,from small or big groups of organisations  

You can see their 300 titles and contacts   here  http://wsfprocess.net/2007p in www.wsfprocess ( a site that keeps good part of nairobi memory ) 

 Follow up of 300 proposals  required a strong facilitation energy lasting after the forum event , and no team was build up for that in the organizing committee


in 2009  in belem

Final  self organized assemblies were created as a tool to reflect "processes of convergence " at work in the forum, ( see methodological text )

About 30 such assemblies were self organized , with some agglutination between them

it is to be hoped that the follow up of such assemblies will be self facilitated

This way  they follow up on their own set of proposals contained or announced in their final declaration

Here is a table listing statements from the 30 final assemblies 

Preparation and conduction of such assemblies  has been variable

Accountability of such assemblies  declaration ( list of signatories ... or not  )  and the form of their statements  ( numbered proposals or not )  is variable 

Results from activities which had no visible stakeholding in  those assemblies are logically  not reflected in the assemblies statements , how to make them visible  ?   

There was a real space called "convergence square" , which few people knew about ,  and where some results were collected

and there is a virtual space  result-fsm  to publish  both declaration of assemblies and those smaller results 

Calendar - WSF

A calendar of dates and events 

mentionned in final assemblies statements will be updated by faciitation of wsf 

it would be good to have a virtual version where smaller proposals are included also