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Osaka sf-Expanded  


March 21-22  2010


­March 21-22  2010  

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Join Us In Osaka Social Forum 2010

Greeting from Osaka

This is an invitation for all peace-loving, human-rights-oriented, environment-concious people to actively participate Osaka Social Forum (OSF 2010)to be held on March 21 – 22 in Osaka through internet.

The main themes of OSF 2010 are as follows:

1. Peace and Abolition of Nuclear Weapons in Asia and the World

2. Financial Crisis, Debts, Poverty, Labor Rights and Our Life

3. Global Warming, Environment, Biological Diversity

4. A Challenge for Another World from Osaka - Citizens's Alternative to Neo-Liberalist Local Governance

The Organizing Committee of Osaka Social Forum is inviting you to join OSF On-Line.

We will broadcast the plenary session (Day 1).

To see the live session on-line, just access:

Ustream URL

during the time period above.

You can also discuss with the on-site participance by connecting to:

Skype Name

The detail of the program of 21st march  is here  21st timeline

Also at http://osaka.socialforum.jp/2010/02/osaka-social-forum-2010-en.html, which will be updated from time to time.

As a forum intended to be linked with the likeminded people, the organizers of OSM 2010 expect guests from any country on-site as well as off-site.

At this moment we are finalizing the plan for off-site participation ( see broadcast and video chat possibilities) .  We will announce the details soon. - the best time to participate is sunday 1pm 5pm Osaka time  ( see the time difference with your country here : 

If your are interested and want to be informed about the development, please contact us at   osaka-expanded-team [at] lists.openfsm.net 


As this is the first joint efforts to organize a Social Forum in Osaka and we don’t have much time left, we will be implementing the concepts of "expanded event" at a modest scale.  However we are looking forward to welcome you on line and will be trying our best to arrange the  necessary logistics!