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Calendario : fechas acciones a futuros

This page is the calendar automatically ensambled from action dates defined in each initiative presentation page 

It is a "particular view" of the initiatives tabs -  https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives directory   which have two other views: the  calendar     and the Agora Guide    

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Action name A- Declaration  (1)

Description Action A (link)

WSF2021 virtual ( national)

Initiative T (link) declaration)

ET/Clima - Agroecology - empleo



Action name B- launch of process (1)

Description Action B (link)

WSF2021 virtual ( local)

Initiative title U ( link) (transformative process)

ET Econmic justice - Futuro of forum - Finance  è Markets


31/01/2021 -12hUTC

Action name C (1)

Description Action C

WSF2021 virtual ( international

Initiative title V( link) ( common agenda)

Health- citizenship



Action name D (2)

Description Action D (link)

Latin america - decentralized ( international)

Initiative title  U ( link)  (transformative process)

Right to city


08/03/2021-8h UTC

Action name E (1)

Description Action E

Europe-Africa decentralized ( internacional)

Initiative  title W ( link (struggle)

Women – fair trade – Other (xxxxxxxx)

20 (+ T)

08/03/2021-12h UTC

Action name F (2)

Description Action F

All East Asia and world  decentralized  ( international)

Initiative title V( link) ( common agenda)

Women – labor rights


08/03/2021-14h UTC

Action name G (1)

Description Action G (link)

Zimbabwe and southern africa  ( international)

Initiative title X( link) ( struggle)

Women- against racism

16 ( +T)

15/04/2021- 14hUTC

Action name H (1)

Description Action H (link)

Brasilia   (national)

Initiative title Y( link) ( struggle)

Mining – degrowth – Other ( xzzzzzzz)

9 ( +T)