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Palestine & WSF - فلسطين والمنتدى

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Mashrek & WSF2016 @ Maghreb - Mashrek FSM2016 -مشرق مغرب @ p.fs3M Migrations- الهجرات


palestineandwsf activities placed in dynex1WSF



 WSF is a process started en 2000, 17 years old, regulated by a charter of principles that some of you may knowhttp://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm-wsf-en 

  • First article reads" The world social forum process is  an open meeting place for reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and interlinking for effective action, by groups and movements of civil society that are opposed to neoliberalism and to domination of the world by capital and any form of imperialism, and are committed to building a planetary society directed towards fruitful relationships among Humankind and between it and the Earth".

 So there is a clear and broad ideological positionning  of this forum

 Social forum process as defined in this charter  can take the form of :

This Palestine & Dynex1WSF welcome circle  (on skype and whatsapp room) and this Palestine and WSF editing space  in www.openfsm.net are a place where to have mutual info about those two ways of participation

Welcome cricle is  not a discussion forum

Focused thematic /topic discussions can take place in numbered chat rooms that are associated to local meetings taking place in Palestine ( placed as activities in Dynex1WSF  by Palestinian CSOs feeling they are part of this WSFprocess) or anywhere else 

 Why participate?  it is not about selling anything , nor are you committing to anything coming in this welcome circle,   it is just relevant, if you are truly  interested by this world social forum process interlinking CSOs 

  • 1/  there is the benefit of meeting like minded persons who think another world is possible and act accordingly 
  • 2/ extension dynamics is a zero budget form of implementation of wsf , if you want to go to the face to face event you need to find the corresponding ressources , if you want to participate remotely it is costless ( except internet connection) 
  • 3/ the gains are  networking , new ideas , new contacts,  new alliances and cooperation between organizations  towards  actions projects struggles etc  directed to transition towards another possible world