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From Registration in WSF process-event  to interactive groups –

(version 1  october 20th)

@A/ Context  and needs - access methods to IGs

@B/ include participants as person

@C/ directories – forms for formats of participation

@D/ experimentation In whatsapp

@E/ join.transformadora.org module in civicrm



WSF is an horizontal space process of encounters – participants have at their disposal “formats of participation” corresponding to “acts of participation”, filling forms for editing descriptive files they can reedit and feeding directories, through which to make themselves and their participation visible


(see  the various link to forms available on line in  part C)

Role of “from-fillers” in creating and animating “ interactive groups” linked to what they propose in the open space

Those participants filling these forms( part B) beyond the personal inclusion form ( part A), can be called “form fillers” : they are active participants. Normally they should be interested by the idea of setting up “really interactive groups” to develop interaction with other participants about what they propose


“Really”  is comparing with  low userfriendliness of buddy group implementation in www.fsm2016.org and www.wsf2018.org


Access methods in interactive groups : indications can be given in the public descriptive files edited from the forms by the form fillers

“form fillers” may be given in the various act of participation form, possibilities to develop ways to create comparatively secure access to “their” groups using software of their choice

Entry points in groups during self organized Public Interactive sessions ( a public link allow to coincide in time in a same room – but there is no continuity) - in those session some links can be shared giving access to groups or to way to ask joining the groups-

Permanent entry points in Interactive permanent groups ( chat + going to call anytime) the link to the group may or may not be made visible

Public links to interactive groups …. until arrival of Spamming and trolling

Giving links to entry interactive groups can be straightforward and useful in a first period - after some time, spammers will detect and use the link and send spam or trolling content - they will be expelled and the public link will be cancelled

Specific form access to a permanent interactive group : this empowering the from fillers but requires specific work and technical environment to master

Public Contact mail or phone number for being contacted – i-e preliminary direct contact making before including people in

Entry point through clear “invitation link” or information given in an “insiders” context in the welcome encounter groups - this information is not accessible to those who are no in the welcome encounter groups  the welcome encounters can be a minimal common space – where to resort during the first period of participation and when needed – they may be over populated -



Which system of interactive groups?

Free software  interactive group available on smartphone system

Mixed - whatsapp for “welcome encounters” as entry points with outside world and a free software system default proposal for other groups ( see part C)



Those of an interactive group system/ derived from whatsapp  telegram ( to be developed)

Base or not on telephone identification

Possibility to have written chat and minimally audio conversation

Possibility to create new rooms automatically through a file ( out of the forms)  with a “naming discipline”  from the forms  and a centralized numbering scheme -

Possibility to send invite to join one of my whatsapp/telegram  contact

Possibility to Assign  Quit group  admin role


Capillarity of WSF related  interaction

The interest of having some groups in crowded commercial social networks is that people in a group can ask to invite some of their contacts  and then  convince them to open a new system

See illustration in part D/

Mutual knowledge about contacts in groups

Every time a new person is centrally included in a group, their number can be announced and their public profile shared ( see annex) - in the group. Also people can take the habit to give reference to their personal public profile


In whatsapp and telegram - coexisting in a group with other – leads to know each other phone number  - is there  alternative if we want this to be available at hand in a smartphone?

Attention effort for following groups

WSF Participants have a variable personal ability to follow several groups - some stall at 5 groups, other live up to 100 – the group software could give them an overview of the groups they are included in so they can choose which to leave if they are overwhelmed


90% of WSF on line participants have a whatsapp account ( in the experimentation the number is in fact 100% on 200+ cases  ( X% have a telegram account) and x% check it daily - They can integrate the WSF in their daily monitoring - having  two or three group system to follow is more effort -at the same time having a group system  dedicated to WSF


Giving access to the groups : decentralized option

Inexistence or limited number of centrally administered groups ( limited to entry points?  There can be also self organized initiative to sustain entry points ) and  all other groups with creation and access defined in forms by form-fillers






This is like stepping in the social territory of a face to face event

Each participant joining the WSF process / including herself in it , is given an identifying number
Each participants is/ can be ushered in a series of midsize groups (250 people limit whatsapp ) serving as entry point of the open space - thematic or geographic , where they can meet persons with same interests-

Of course, being in a group exposes to be receiving daily some documents from other WSF participants - and info about next interactive session in the welcoming encounter


Directory of participants including themselves in the space-process

participants may have a public profile – which they can or cannot customize and a participant number

“welcome encounter” groups in social network can be proposed to those including themselves  ( by general facilitation or by a local initiative ) where those recently self-included people can join and discuss with “welcomers” why and how participate (access “through” inclusion form)

A/  series of welcome encounter groups

B/ Interactive groups for concerting facilitation between welcomers of one welcome encounter (coopted access-informal)

C/ Interactive group for concerting facilitation between welcomers of the various welcome encounter (coopted access-informal)  Connexion commission

The group system can be in a free software interactive groups environment.  Or some initiative may continue proposing  whatsapp welcome groups  to make the leap to fre software system more progressive and collective Assuming civicrm as the form system - this requires an interface with the selected common interactive group system

The group system can be in whatsapp - manual handling ( which limits the group system to a few thousands people

This schemes should be


Generic common software access option – centralized option

All participants including themselves. The website where the “act of participation forms-” are proposed can generate from those forms “somehow interactive groups” using a standard common software - through which “form-fillers” are admin of those groups –

In massive social network ( whatsapp)

in a software for which 99% of participants will have no experience and no contacts

Inviting your “contacts” to a group you are in

20 geographic welcome encounter – in whatsap  groups as a first step/implementation– the two options can be proposed in the inclusion form

then moving to a interactive group software / social networkgeographic-encounters2.png


The base inclusion form

https://framaforms.org/contacto-inclusion-proceso-fsm2021-1582471657  and the resulting public profiles http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-participaciones/#100 

In the lower part  this form  there can be an added option question

 “ I  wish to be included in whastapp welcome groups then will move to  xxxxxxx free software interactive groups

I wish to be included only in  xxxxxx  welcome groups  so from the start will be in the xxxxx free software  context

I wish to be included in both  so I can get familiarized with xxxxxx free software  interactive groups  contextand at the same time can invite my relevant contacts  in the whatsapp welcome group context


C/ DIRECTORIES are being updated through a series of on-line forms which correspond to “act of participation”

1/ Directory of participating entities including themselves in the space-process



A/ interactive groups for internal concertation about participation of the entity in the WSF space ( (coopted access- informal- or started “through” the online form announcing the entity with three minimum participants already included personally)

B/interactive group for “public contact with the entity” (public access-moderation by entity - with three minimum participants already included personally)

After filling the entity form, the form fillers person, and maybe the 2 other persons mentioned in the form, receive the 2 access link to the 2 groups A B, and can

Reedit the entity form to define the access method to group A

Edit the 2 groups as admin

Start sending “invites to group  A and B to other members of the entity ,  and invites to group A to contacts of the entity

2/ Directory of “multisession encounters online”, placed by one or more organization in the space-

FORM PAGE IN PROPOSAL BASIS WEBSITE https://fsm2021.mayfirst.org/actualiza-tu-encuentro



A/ interactive encounter group with a chatroom as permanent collective link between those willing to participate (public access – created through the encounter announcement format with three minimum participants already included personally)

B/ welcoming contact group about the encounter with two minimum participants already included personally ( optional)

C/ interactive group for animating this encounter group A between corganizers(coopted access- informal) with two minimum participants already included personally)

D/ other working groups possibly created later along the work roadmap of the encounter (to be created later by form fillers/admins )

After filling the encounter online  form, the form filler person, and maybe the 2 other persons mentioned in the form, receive the 3 access link to the 3 groups A B C  , and can

Reedit the encounter form to define the access method to group A B C

Edit the 2 groups A B C  as admin

Start sending “invites to group  A B C  to other members of the entity ,  and invites to group A to contacts of the entity


3/ Directory of mono session activities

FORM PAGE IN PROPOSAL BASIS WEBSITE > https://fsm2021.mayfirst.org/preanunciar-una-actividad/

CIVICRM REGISTRATION MODULE ADAPTABLE > https://join.transformadora.org/?q=activities

same as for 2 A B C groups


4/ Directory of description of initiatives

FORM PAGE IN PROPOSAL BASIS WEBSITE > https://fsm2021.mayfirst.org/preanunciar-una-iniciativa/ 

CIVICRM REGISTRATION MODULE ADAPTABLE > https://join.transformadora.org/?q=initiatives

A/ interactive group with a chatroom as permanent contact group collective link between those willing to discuss the initiative ( public access – created through the encounter announcement format) with three minimum participants already included personally)


B/ promoter insider group on going with three minimum participants already included personally)


After filling the initiative  form, the form filler person, and maybe the 2 other persons mentioned in the form, receive the 2 access link to the 2 groups A B , and can decide

Reedit the initiative  form to define the access method to group A and B

Edit the 2 groups A  B as admin

Start sending “invites” to group  A and B  to other members of the promoting group ,  and  send invites to group A to contacts



5/ Directory of news form WSF

news are not generating groups  ( but they are issued from an entity – or a group promoting a form of participation : encounter  activity initiative, that may lead to a contact interactive group ( see above)


Naming of groups

Group number -  type of group  ( entity /encounter/ activity/ initiative – title of group )


Directory of Groups associated with participation formats activated/ accessible in the generic interactive group system

Each public group that is created can be listed   with its name - scope – access method - number of participants -  last activity  -

Example of directory of groups that can be used for facilitating the interactive process - http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20autodoc/project-home/#lista



D / Example of current experimentation with whatsapp

This is part of the groups currently set on – this is viewed from a reference smartphone (“Base”) , that is creating contact in whatsapp,  from inclusion forms and ushering them into welcome encounter groups of their interest  - 

200+ inclusions made ( reached 1200 in a previous forum)

See the inclusion form here https://framaforms.org/contacto-inclusion-proceso-fsm2021-1582471657 - -  while  there are also   online encounter self organized groups created  -

Participants are identified with a number and a first name -  each participant has a public profile visible here : http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-participaciones/#100

In each group, the telephone number that appear correspond to people who have joined by whatsapp invitation from admins  or invite link from friends etc and who have not  (yet) filled the inclusion form through which they would get a name and number-  this is the capillarity with big commercial social network effect

group name




AELReu ColectivoProFSMXIV

+44 ** !9!88-0234, Actimx*0, PARTIMX0*4*, PARTIMX04!8, PX0000* - Jesus , PX00002 Rosa, PX00004 Pierre, PX00004 Leo, PX0000! Benjamin, PX000** Anne, PX000*8 Teresita , PX000*! Adrian, PX0002* Félix, PX00022 Oscar, PX00033 Elisa, PX00034 Maria, PX00036 Jesus, PX00048 Lady , PX00042 Araceli, PX00063 Gina, PX00064 Freddy, PX00*08 Julio Cesar, PX00**4 Chico, PX00**6 Elsa, PX00**! Ana Maria, PX00*20 Carlos, PXXX Carlos Alfonso Tijuana, Pxxxx PARTIMX*039, +33 8 93 43 *4 !2, +3! 334 462 4984, +42 * 222 40* 6004, +42 * 222 680 4960, +42 * 33 2804 3244, +42 * 443 228 *60!, +42 * 44 *202 9!33, +42 * 44 3320 8920, +42 * 44 64*3 *08!, +42 * 46 2444 !304, +42 * 66! 20! 646!, +44 ** !!380-844!, Base



Comisión Cultura FSM XIV

Ametista Salvador, PX00002 Rosa, PX00004 Pierre, PX00008 Luz, Px00020 Arturo, PX00024 Koulsy, PX00039 Guadalupe, PX00**8 David Alejandro, PX00*60 Carminda, PX002*3 Alexandra, PXXX Carlos Alfonso Tijuana, Pxxx Jorge Trianon Comcult, Pxxx Vicko Comcult, Pxxxx Adalberto , Pxxxx Luis Cisneros, +42 * 44 3436 2426, +42 * 44 4!0! 440*, +42 * 46 2444 !304, Base



Comisión Metodología FSM

+44 ** !9!88-0234, Hector Mexico, PARTIMX*238 Nancy, PX0000* - Jesus , PX00002 Rosa, PX00004 Pierre, PX00004 Leo, PX00006 Miguel, PX000*6 Claudia , PX0002* Félix, PX00043 Jose Antonio, PX00063 Gina, PX0008! Daniel, PX00*04 Beatriz, PX00**0 Uriel, PX00**8 David Alejandro, PXxxx Raul Rueda, +42 * 444 *33 2!44, +42 * 44 *202 9!33, +42 * 44 3843 46!3, +42 * 44 9289 908*, Base



EX001T10 ArticuEconoTrans

PX0000* - Jesus , PX00002 Rosa, PX00004 Pierre, PX000*6 Claudia , PX0002* Félix, PX00024 Ana, PX00026 Fabian, PX00083 Demetria, PX00**6 Elsa, Pxxx Chucho Solis Ex00*, Pxxxx PARTIMX*039, +42 * 442 424 4*64, +42 * 44 *044 0434, +42 * 44 *498 9892, +42 * 44 *6!6 4!83, +42 * 44 3242 8866, +42 * 44 33*6 !464, +42 * 46 2444 !304, +42 * 942 *0* 4624, Base


EX002T16 InfoEjeTerritori

PX00003 Ana Paula, PX00004 Pierre, PX000*6 Claudia , PX00048 Ivette, PX00*06 Maria, PX00**! Ana Maria, PX00*9* Narciso Cuevas, +42 * 283 *34 29*0, Base






E/ CIVICRM  wsfte  registration module







here is the  directory of initiatives


This module will need some touch up in the form  - a  civicrm adaptation team will have to be set up