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 From Registration in WSF process-event  to interactive groups –

(version 1  october 20th
A/ Context  and needs
B/ include participants as person
C/ directories – forms for formats of participation
D/ experimentation In whatsapp
E/ join.transformadora.org module in civicrm



Grossly simplified workflow

Below is a summary (by Jamie) of the workflow as described in more detail below.

1. User fills out a form to indicate that they want to participate. The form asks for their name, relevant contact info (e.g. email), and either an existing handle (username/phone number/etc) for a social network/chat platform or their preferred username/password to grant access to an alternative chat platform. If they provide an existing social network handle, we have to verify that it really belongs to them. We also verify their email address.

at the moment   user fill a form ( step 1)  and next thing they know is they are invited in 3 whatsapp groups and can start interacting  and be welcomed- (so far 99% have whatsapp already) - they have nothing to do - http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo116/#D - 

Note Technically speaking  (not politically )  ideal would be having an emulation interface generating orders in the human interface of a dababase phone and making steps for create contact and including them in welome grups ( part B)  -  or precreate  groups associated with participation format  ( part C) 

Note This manual  whatsapp system can be continued up to a certain scale (2000  people?)  and feed  welcome encounters that can be under the responsibility of specific  (self organized or facitlating ) groups acting along  FG  ( facilitatign group) guidelines 
currently , in order to limit spamming,  people are ushered in max 3 welcome groups ( 2 thematic  and one geographic) -some groups have three version per language 

if we use civicrm join transformadora,  newcomers will have much more steps 
A/ register (step1) with a confirmation email ( step2)  ( test to see how handy is it to regsiter using a smartphone) -
B/ then ( step3)  they should receive by mail an invitation to download  ( step4) an IGAX  (interactive group App  X in their phone , create their user accound  ( step5)  and  when done make contact  in IGAX with one or more  contact point to search for ( step 6)   and be automatically  included in some  welcome groups depending the contact point  ( an issue is  automatizing this inclusion  an at the same time giving limited number of access to IGAX welcome groups to each newcomer - ( see point 2 below) 
They could also receive an invitaion to fill  the inclusion form for the whatsap welcome group ( step 7) 

Note :  if i am in a whatsapp welcome  group and  easily   invite a friend,  to join the welcome group then i can call her and advocate and guide the 6 steps above   which can help greatly 
i can also call my friend on whatsapp and explain her without us being in a welcome whatsapp group 

Note   we have to imagine what could be the same  situation in an IGAX group - no resorting to whatsapp help context -  i know the telephone number of my friend  and  could send invite message  but this incurr costs 

2. The user then chooses from a list of existing groups they can join. Perhaps some are on by default. Selecting a group automatically triggers their handle to be placed in the given group in the chat platform, so when the login to the chat platform, they are already in the group.
To avoid large scale spamming , idea is
1/ propose access to IGAX welcome groups through a form  offering to choose a limited number of welcome groups(as is done currently  3 out of 40 possible  )
2/ leave up to the persons responsibles of the participation format - i-e those having filled the form (  activities/ iniciatives  see part C) to decide
A/ to activate  or not  the default groups that the civicrm-IGAX interface would have generated ( see part C  the mention of the  A B C  group links that would be generated after the form in civicrm have been filled
B/ the "access method" to the interactive groups to those organizing the activities/initiatiees  to which the interactive group relates  ( there can be  field for this added  in the  civicrm form -as mentionned in part C
3/ make clear that the  persons responsibles of the participation format -  who are also admin  and moderators of those generated IGAX groups   see  2A just above

3. The user is able to create new groups, which will then be automatically created in the chat platform and also made available for other users to choose.
This  possiblity would come   case by case after the standard groups created by the  civicre -IGAX interface have been actived and used -  in order to avoir meaningless proliferation of groups 

4. Users can return to the web site on which they originally registered and modify their selections at any time to create new groups, or change their membership in existing groups. 
no so open  :-) -  standard participants would access a directory of participation formats ( eg  a IGAX  complemented dynamics  copy of  https://join.transformadora.org/?q=activities) where the existence of an active IGAX group associted would be mentionned in a column ,  and they would have to  acess the descriptive form of the activitiy /iniciativ/organization to enquire about the acess method decided by the responsoble of those group and follow the corersponding instruction