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Images about WSF event and process cronograms 

@1 macroprograming - @2 macroprogarming - @3 layer and phases - @4 caring for wsf - @5 caring plan




A simple scheme to show the similarities and differences between several editions of the WSF reflecting evolutions and methodological differences





2/ more detailed macroprograming with turns/shifts and some possibilities 

  •  The notion of Programming Shift is introduced (each day divided into 4 shifts)
  • Several proposals are introduced to provoke reflections
  • important to understand that a person will be able to participate in 1 to 2% of the 1000 activities - the parallelism is great as 100 things at once
  • The parallelism of assemblies is usually smaller
  • Common moments such as march, opening and agora are in the care of the facilitator committee and are carefully prepared



globe-logo.png3/ Generic frame  with layers and phases - pyramid diagram 

    This framework with 3 layers and 4 phases is the result of observations and methodological elaborations -

  • The last 3 phases are common "pre - during and post", and layer 2 event preparation on the website, 3 face-to-face event of 5 days is also common
  • The novelty is the first layer and first phase that corresponds to what happens well before the event website opened - it usually does not have a concretization device like the one described here see also layer1 below
  • Hence the idea of ​​a layer that is permanent and "below" the layer of prepracion and post event website is constituted. while this is now not usually have something structured until the website comes into service
  • Thus, the generic framework that has a 2-story pyramid shape is completed in which you can place information on annotations dates on the 2016 and 2018 FSM and on the WSF XIV perspective
  • Of course these annotations are personal and can be completed or nuanced. It is a presentation whose objective is to share vision and practice a vocabulary





4/Caring about WSF process

   Points on which  make other WSF workshops in the next 10 months ... making sure we face the challenges




5/ E