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Saturday, March 14, 2020 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


To all social organizations and movements in Mexico,

To the civil society in general of our country,

Since its creation in January 2001 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the World Social Forum has become the largest space of global confluence for a great diversity of organizations and social movements across the globe in search of building alternative, local and local alternatives. global, under the motto of "Another World Is Possible".

Emerged as a social alternative from below against the powerful from above gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the WSF took such force that it “became independent” from the appointments of the powerful and has been held on different dates and in different regions of the world both in America and in Africa and Asia, with the participation of tens of thousands of people from all continents and hundreds of simultaneous activities of the most diverse social causes in each edition.

The next January 2021 the WSF will turn 20 years old. It will coincide with a moment in which the world is experiencing a new wave of ascents of the neoliberal and even fascist right, of coups, attacks on the rights and living conditions of peoples, wars and violence, feminicide , of destruction of life on the planet. And, except for some exemplary popular struggles in some countries and booming movements such as that of women, it finds left and social movements in bewilderment and again in a great dispersion, and consequently to many international networks and the WSF itself with significant wear.

Therefore, the 20th Anniversary of the WSF represents again a great opportunity to provide a meeting place that helps to reverse this course in favor of the peoples. And the WSF International Council has resolved at its last meeting in Porto Alegre that the best place today for this reunion and to celebrate its 20th Anniversary is Mexico.

That represents a great challenge for Mexican organizations. In the first place, because of the dimensions of the forum, but mainly because the WSF in Mexico is called to provide an effective space for the international rearticulation of social movements to deal with global alliances, strategies and actions the calamities that plague the world. And because it should also serve to strengthen the social subject in our country to face the enormous challenges that are presented to us.

A group of organizations have long been working on the promotion and preparation of a possible WSF in Mexico. Today that the IC has confirmed that it will take place in Mexico and that it will be on dates coinciding with the 20th Anniversary of the WSF and again with the completion of the Davos Forum, that is at the end of January and possibly beginning of February 2021, it turns out It is essential that the organizations and social movements of the country in the widest possible way join this enormous task and responsibility. That is why we are making this Call to participate in the Assembly of Enlargement / Formation of the WSF Facilitating Collective in Mexico, which will take place on Saturday March 14 at the Breña Alvírez Auditorium, Antonio Caso 45, almost with Insurgentes, Col. Tabacalera, Mexico City, under the following:


  • 10:00: Registration of Participants
  • 10:15: Presentation of Participants 10:30: Installation of the Assembly (election of moderator and rapporteurs, among the organizations that have already been participating)
  • 10:45: Information on the WSF Process
    • a) What and what is the WSF for (7 min)
    • b) Letter of Principles (7 min)
    • c) Advances in Mexico (7 min)
    • d) Thematic and Geographical Spaces (3 min)
    • e) The decision of the IC of Porto Alegre (10 min)
  • 11:15: Objectives, Why and Why, of the WSF in Mexico
  • 12:00: Dates and Place
  • 12:30: Work in Tables:
    • a) Expansion / Linking (link with more organizations and instances)
    • b) Methodology (including thematic axes)
    • c) Logistics d) Finance
    • e) Ecosol Services
    • f) Culture
    • g) Communication and Technology at the Service of the Forum
    • h) Organization of the Committee and Interrelation with the IC
  • 14:00: Lunch Break
  • 15:15: Rapporteurships of the Tables, discussion and approval thereof
  • 16:15: Formation / Extension of Commissions
  • 16:45: Work Route
  • 17:30: End of the Assembly


Participation in this Assembly is free, the same as of course during the WSF of 2021. However, to be part of the Facilitating Committee it is necessary to meet three very simple criteria:

  • Manifest the agreement of the organization to join the Committee
  • Recognize the general framework of the WSF
  • Assume concrete work commitments for the construction of the Forum


If you can follow the Assembly Online by the following means: (Facebook page of some of the participating entities or YouTube channel).

The address to follow the transmission live will be informed by this whatsap group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JVL41jEibSaAtIjwmKSDlI

To participate online you can connect by this means: https://meet.jit.si/ColectivoFacilitadorXIVFSM (No password is required to enter. Headphones with microphone are required. Very easy access from a computer and with good internet signal. If you connect from a cell phone you must download the Jitsi application)


Fill out the following form: https://framaforms.org/respuesta-a-convocatoria-asambleade-ampliacion-cfmex-fsm2021-1582751835 you can do it from the reception of the call.

With this you can:

  • Confirm your participation in the Enlargement / Formation Assembly of the WSF Facilitating Collective.
  • Include yourself in the thematic spaces, confirm yourself as a participant of the WSF (with this form: https://framaforms.org/contacto-inclusion-proceso-fsm2021-1582471657
  • Prepare your participation in the Assembly, reviewing the documentation that has been generated (see below)
  • Explain to your organization how to include you in the Facilitator Collective, even before the Assembly. To get in touch and / or register in advance to the Assembly, you can also write to: colectivoprofsm riseup net


This reference documentation of the WSF is sent together with this Call to facilitate the preparation of your participation in the Assembly and to avoid times in it.