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@ 1 1235

Oscar If you think that the people who arrive will be incorporated

First as not all of us have been in this group before, maybe if we present a first pass very quickly

Jose (de ??) Miguel (autonomous environmental network) Mauricio (inter-American congress of native and migrant peoples) Ignacio (nacho) ecosystem dialogues Ana Paula (CEAAL CEE) Mariela (supporting Lety Cleta) - Beatriz (council of native peoples of the CDMX , president of eveduz AC) - Felix (ceaal flacep and center of strategic studies) Ricardo? supporting Jose Antonio in Uriel migration axis (supporting UNAM Aaron migration axis of common media and technological cooperation May 1st Pablo May first

Rosa (CEAAL and CI), Heida UACM supported Professor Óscar (ecosystem dialogue, UACM and almost nowhere), Francine Belgium represented NGO tricontinental center at CI Yvette (movement ??) Héctor (CILAS new central of workers,)


Gaby (CPOOEM - native peoples thematic axis) - Tatiana (ciranda) that Rita cannot participate) Pierre de Caritas International CI-Luis de Pastoral ESS Caesolh, collaborating in an EX039 regional process for which thematic echo we are

David of the cooperative Acapulco sustainable México Xochimilco

Sheila Paulo Freire Ceaal Institute


Oscar if you think we could immediately see from the people who have a circle hello you have proposed that there be about this, decide two things one how it is rotatably coordinated if this agent we follow it or modify it if they think we can proceed like this

Miguel: first the agenda


@ 2 Oscar :: The agenda is the agenda? what I am considering that agenda we take it as is or we modify it

Miguel: Of course it deserves debate

Happy: the proposal that we once constitute our discussion table

Who takes the time Who takes the agreements

The first point before reading the agenda who goes

Felix: I propose that Oscar continue coordinating that someone take the agreements

You haven't eaten still crowning the

Miguel every hour a new coordinator

@ 3 Beatriz: for those of us who haven't been, a little context would be interesting to me. Jose Antonio invited me.

Felix: I oppose, because time debate the agenda

Pablo: maybe we can recommend some documentary references with confidence to share

Rosa: we pass you the information and it has been

Oscar: if you think

Miguel: Tomás's two notes and time care are missing

Felix: in the first half of the meeting, I take the agreements, not the rapporteur. There is the video recording (and this transcript)


Nacho: agree how much everyone talks 3 minutes each

Miguel: 3 minutes is the rule

Pablo: I can help with time, indicating a minute before I give an indication

@ 4 Rosa: two suggestions there is a little thing that must be returned may not take 5 minutes

Those of us

Miguel: every time a presentation is made do not limit time

Pablo: interventions are 3 minutes


@ 4A Rosa: the second question I think we have lacked a lot in our assembly minimum rules of coexistence such as not being aggressive, put our phones in vibrator respect when talking on the other side

Pablo: agreements so that we have reference where we can write the agreements

Miguel: Anyone who noticed that something is failing puts a point of order


@ 5 Óscar: if you think we can go ahead if you agree, this is the first part of this coordination and I agree

The next step would be on the agenda if we release it as proposed or if there is any change

Miguel: read the agenda

Oscar: Pass mates here are chairs ahead, give your name and introduce yourself


Elías of the Ecoactivistas Civil Association Gloria de eco activistas

Severe collective rhythms ??

Javier Eduardo, from colpaz

Rosa: Companions who are online put a microphone subtle and say whenever they want

presentation of attendees we have already done


Agenda http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-reunion-15febrero20

@ 6 Oscar, two of return and there several subtitles who participated in the main debates that Mexico presented CI commitments, framework of the facilitator group, tasks and challenges and then as a third point facilitator group commissions: Who The tasks conform later would follow the route General of Labor from here to January 2021

5 agreements and tasks

If there is someone who wants to say something about the agenda, it seems a bit broad

@ 7 Miguel: there is a topic that is to my liking is the issue of how its thematic axes are being organized. The issue of what are the priority issues, I am of the idea we want to deal with global issues mainly, there is a group that has to be given local priority, it can be given priority to local when this place becomes thematic world not to lose the matter world

The other point is that the convergence of topics that are specialized, instead of being only ecological, but ecology and education, billiards issues as there is thematic convergence of topics such as archipelago, as islands, each post I would like to know are not I know if they fit that


Oscar: I think it's part of what is

@ 8 Héctor: we have 50 points points missing so much for the forum I don't think we are going to do it today I have to mark a route that includes how we define that but I think this meeting and we are going to leave

Right now we will see it starting at the first meeting immediately after the International Council, where we are waiting for definitions and there is definition definition is going to mark the route to a large extent

So more than all the 50 things that we lack, I do not include these definitions that are indispensable, we have an order with 20 points is complicated

as well as this route it is possible to define when we address these issues and definitions that are fundamental to take and that we do not put them for today we will be detailing


@ 9 Nacho and then

Pablo: because we don't vent the second one on the saddle and in light of this.

we define if we need to define something else in this meeting if it is relevant or not

Oscar: look for who were there Rosa and Héctor give us a review of what happened there and then we go ahead

Then hector good Rosi says


@ 10 Rosy: I'm going to send for the whatsapp: it's something very simple that is missing from work

30 CI entities in person and virtually, staff Leo Alejandra we met on 25 and 26

What was the agenda of this meeting four points presentation context analysis we also saw what strategy to have for what comes the general route, we present what we have done of the Mexican collective that was presented in the session of January 14, that you they know


Rosy: Here are some things that we were asked to share here this photo you can see there there we are all the entities that we met in Porto Alegre the first day of the day List all the names there was a demand on our part and to know who they are CI We are an idea of ​​who is here is a first agusto some that I did not leave I was an alternative of Morocco where it is silent is ABONG IBASE rede Brazil and base lists forums (see presentation page)


@ 11 Rosy: On the context we said that we are concerned about the threat of life on the planet advances of the fascist right, the political dispute change is destroying human empathy strong dominance of organized crime

it is necessary to put life in the center

There is also a digital revolution, a cognitive capitalism disputes whatsapp social networks that demands a dispute of the senses construction of new narratives to change the economic system, and we say that capitalism lives from crises is an affirmation

@ 11A Also a debate that was very strong the Social Forum needs to define objective ah and we give a very interesting dispute what we bet several that the Social Forum has to contribute to contribute the global political subject, to make come great social movement of our countries of our region and we left with the commitment to mobilize associations of our continent


@ 12 Rosa: What we decided was decided that the entities that are part of the whole session related to the Mexican government

the progress that the facilitator group presented

A bit of the relationship we had with the government the possibility of space must be built

Segment of organizational processes until there was consensus

consensuses the conditions that exist

They were surprised because the sign still authorized the IC nothing sometimes we think they are already ahead

this meeting was very important is decision making

the date January 26 to 30 to make it coincide with the Davos Forum although it must be agreed again

It is proposed to have an extended IC meeting with members of the facilitator group what can I do between April and June of this year, whether it is to coincide with the Forum on transformative economies in Barcelona or here in Mexico, rather than in Mexico

we have yet to use it

When is the best date if several companions are going to come about 50 where we are going to host the many things decided to respect

We also committed those who were there to mobilize from each of the territories to social movements networks organizations of their country to promote

in fact some already got engaged I find it very interesting

A fellow Tcheco said we are going to bring from Russia 30 people are already committed to come with their own translators

@ 13 Rosa: There were others we said we are going to create commissions to work that cannot work alone, the CI only has an articulation with those of us here in Mexico

The immobilization articulation mission was created for this process forum process event

The communication also how we communicate you have to make a formal invitation letter to say and the forum is going, when it is possible that the movement can come to make a meeting prepared to not go alone

And also a Finance commission we will work on that to make the arrangements so that there are necessary funds for this process

And there is talk of a tradition that has been in the world forums if you create a solidarity fund I have little knowledge of how it is built, but we will learn together

generally who puts that of its foundation or same how we manage it

And this is also what we present, more or less, you would like to share something too

Hector would like to share something Francine also those who are online


@ 14 Héctor: I would like to highlight some important elements. I think that this meeting of the International Council was a good very defining meeting and if I take the decisions that were pending to define if there will be a forum and of what kind in Mexico

In other words, it was not a meeting from which a nurse came to see what happened, but it is a meeting that if I make some decisions and processes to follow, which implies that they already set us a guideline of what we have to do in Mexico

In the first place and that in spite of the fact that the first discussion that Rosi did not mention because there was a quorum or not a quorum, the International Council was a debate

it was concluded that there was choir to make decisions but at the same time that is a good elements many incredibly coincidence because I had made many more many coincidences many critical factors

Call that many absent org organ that have built the forum

It is with the United must move forward but the missing ones are missing and this I think was very important Council awareness, we will move forward but we must make a process to add more people go

Another coincidence was precisely to make the forum in Mexico is not, that is to say that I believe that the question is 20 years that will be fulfilled by the World Social Forum next year, but it is not about making the forum for doing so

let's make a forum because it's 20 years then let's break the cake

We are not going to make a world forum the IC commitment to push a forum seriously to make a powerful forum not favorite not an event to see how it goes, but a World Social Forum

If also the coincidence that is critical moment because if you can not make a World Social Forum the challenge not to make the forum in Mexico only you in The challenge that the forum serves for something, because things because things end, they end as Boy said, and I don't agree with Chico really, because sometimes things that end, it ends, and recognize when they end, and it can't happen to us is that it happened to us in Mexico with “space and unity” that we have built over the years it ends

as the deceased was not buried there, he still speaks the name of an acronym that means nothing

not in at all I really know if this is a space

@ 15 Hecto Therefore the other important point of coincidence the World Social Forum in Mexico has to be the moment the space for convergence, for a rearticulation of social movements worldwide

In other words, we want the Mexican forum to be a moment and a space for the rearticulation of the social movements of the world, it is what we want, nothing more, nothing less

The question of whether all international organizations will be able to build this moment and space for re-articulation of social movements worldwide when the planet is in danger when the right advances when everything else

Is the challenge

Sorry I am so emphatic, but it worries me that we go days in small discussions;

@ 16 Hector No the challenge we have is very big and what we have to discuss about that size

Then it was also very clear and I think there was agreement is my point of view

because they said good to see how it leaves Mexico to see how the Committee is doing

we pose them well they don't ultimately want forum

let's be very clear, we Mexicans do not need the World Social Forum to move forward or fail in our unit we have our own processes

We do not want a Mexican social Forum, but worldwide where we are going to be hosts and but it is worldwide and therefore the rest that we put to the IC and was accepted is that all international networks need to be involved to make a World Social Forum

that is to say if it comes and see how Mexicans come out with this forum

It is not an international forum and depends on the commitment of organizations that have a forum that has no forum

why make a forum for Mexicans that is very important

@ 17 Hector An agreement on all dates seemed good for the life of the end of January ending is necessary had it be with the World Economic Forum 26-30 for me it is not final and you seem to flood me if they should link to the best at the end but important that you act

what remained is the end of January, beginning of February here in Mexico, we have to define a great mobilization that can open or interact with the Foseado in Mexico but it is the 31st that is usually a Sunday

The most problem is that the trade union organizations say not to do it the previous Friday, which is 29 to say something on Monday, February 1st.

We have less than a year to make a super grand forum that can also influence our dates

So I think we still have the flexibility which January day begins and which February day Einstein ends

I think that is the definition we have a year already to make a Ford

@ 18 Hector second issue that effectively the Council made the decision to make a consensus to make the call

Notice that the International Council said on those dates

But the final call is not going to be this council said "the call will be made once we upload a set of international social networks" that appears in the call calling the forum

In other words, the council of Portoalegre approved a process in which it will make a letter of convocation to the forum, but we will see that they are invited to another organization that is not in Porto Alegre to do a summation process

This is pending even what Rosi was saying, let's make this process a meeting in Mexico of the expanded International Council to see who is coming, we have to invite Via Campesina, international trade union centers, global coordinations, some representatives we are going

Then, but there is a debate that is not defined and to see if in this year we focus or not focus there is a doubt

The meeting can be held in April May, to push, or is in Barcelona in June is a very important meeting in Barcelona and they said well we take advantage that many people will be in Barcelona and there we make the consultation the international glue

and there are those who said that we both go then *

An issue that we have to define here if we push for a year in Mexico is understood to be a representative meeting that helps us advise and push with large networks

and something in and that to me that means to start that we act that same with the International Council

In other words, how okay we have parcisa participated and pushed and such, but all the others are missing

our main challenge in Mexico is how we are going to add as much of the social movements as possible II social actors of the technician here who come to build the forum

It seems to me not of what ah then that she met 20 times, but you are not missing the missing ones

Our challenge in the short term, just as the International Commission will be as short as possible, convene and get the social actors to say now we are going to cook the forum

@ 19 Francine

Very briefly to underline some aspects that Hector already mentioned

The first thing that effectively for the World Social Forum that is 20 years old, is the last chance: If we do not achieve this forum, it ends up dying, because we already had a crisis maybe it is a word a bit a word a bit exaggerated

So this last chance we have for the Forum to survive

Two: what Héctor says, the decision of Porto Alegre the direction is provisional and depends on the support we can have internationally, and there the challenge is first of all we

and it won't be easy, because here I see very limited enthusiasm and motivation very limited people

That is why the Barcelona meeting that a world conference also on transformative economies

And we had already decided to organize a day in Barcelona with all the movements to see if there is enough support from the international movements, because if that support is missing, it will be a Mexican forum

Luck! but it is not going to be a world forum and also still difficult difficult African Asian movements, in recent years the Asians met the North Africans yes but the sub-Saharan people did not meet

That then Barcelona is a date

A very practical thing also to answer what he said in Porto Alegre, three commissions were created

There is first work on thematic axes, it will be necessary to merge, because the Porto Alegre commissions do not yet have members from Mexico

The Commission from here still has no international members

and the facilitator Committee has to be a Mexican committee but it has to coordinate with the International Council so we have to see how to merge these initiatives


@ 20 Rosi: a little detail as an aggregate has to do with the last meeting we had here the importance of recognizing recognize that those of us here have the task of organizing the forum to do those tasks

And another thing is to build the forum process, does the forum process involve putting the debates on each person's own agendas? that is the contents of each one

We organize and those who participate in the process in the different axes that are going to be built put the contents And we have to be very clear about that

The other issue before I forget it is that the forum the IC comrades said: this list of axis that defined the mexican Mexican in some of the meeting are too many they have to harass and this we are going to limit in this meeting we want to have with the expanded CI where we are all in this construction


@ 21 Oscar: if you allow me

Felix: naturally it is related to something that I have been insisting for a long time, and I am pleased with Oscar's emphasis on highlighting that what does not appear at all if a strategic objective of the Forum was defined, because I always felt that it is necessary

My intention and the dynamic events and movement but not necessarily put it as an institutional objective of the council

I think that yes a series of implications after this what are the implications for me is a challenge some implications as the tasks I want to emphasize it and also progress that we have been taking both commissions and issues

There is a whole series of challenges in the issues that will come out right now in the tasks in the work plan some is the articulation but there are more things


@ 22 Oscar: What I wanted to pay attention to you after we saw a review was discussed at the IC in Brazil, this is how we understand this whole process and the results of the meeting

There are those who have been insisting, and I think the occasion is good for now and later, to be able to discuss in greater depth, how we are understanding the process of the forum, both in the IC and internationally, as in Mexico.

We have had few occasions to get to this point, for this reason, when we convened a round table that is entitled "World Social Forum present and future", we had the opportunity to, in addition to Leo and Francine, to have Boaventura

Just as we invited the Whitaker boy in 2010, we who have the initiative to accompany us, now we take advantage of the invitation to Boaventura

Right now, it seems that if we do not look for the way for all of us to express ourselves about this, what we think, what we know, what we want today, and what we see ahead of the World Social Forum, we will be very truncated, in giving our time and our I work more to the logistics organization, than to the ideological debate

@ 22A We must not leave it aside, we all have our own ideas, and in some we agree on others, not and not so much the methodological and procedural part, that this has to be adjacent, a way to give the facility to go to the substantive issues

@ 22B So what do I mean by that, I wanted to suggest that from now on, and then all that, nothing more to that, as we see each of us the present and the future of the forum,

what objectives do we consider that it can have so that it is not like a forum to a Mexican forum, but a world forum

May we express how we agree on what to think of the World Forum in the way it is organized from what we think of the International Council, what is there, and then how are we reacting and acting for it?

So concretely, I would like us to dedicate with an intervention maybe 3 minutes each here, we see a first expression each and every one of what we are seeing, and what we want from the forum

@ 22C Obviously, there are differences, I would say that there are two main currents, not now, but since some time ago, one that would somehow lead the view of Whitaker, and another that would lead the view of Boaventura, what is in short

I even spread around there at some point, a very tight synthesis of how we can conceptualize the vision that they have two and other people who have a relevant participation in the forum

And I would say that fundamentally the difference points in the sense that it remains a meeting and exchange point where self-managed affiliates of organizations continue to exchange in each forum

@ 22D And the other position that would be that of Boaventura is basically “how we build a global subject” l that has a power with a precisely global impact after 20 years

There are articles, there are interviews, there are conferences from both of them, but basically in these two positions 60 what what is the debate update the debate what is, what is not, what can be

So, if we don't get into that; we will be involved in matters only, which are important; but that are somehow adjacent to the main

What do we want from the forum, how do we go forward with the Forum?

There are two people who are already asking for the word and 3


@ 23 Pablo: if you want we can extend the time, but we are passing by I made several interventions of 3 minutes or we used it

Nacho: on time intervene quite successful, almost everything we respect, a round who

will give the word Oscar

Hector then


Ivette: It makes me a little bit to repeat it please


@ 24 Héctor: I would like a proposal that is taken into account in the round I missed landing say in 20 seconds

From what we said now that we present, from my point of view it means objective the immediate horizon that we should think about in this meeting would be to convene a large assembly in the shortest possible time, I do not know which one, an assembly with much diffusion, a call for make a very large assembly, of reconstitution or what we want to call, to say leave with all that is necessary policies, ideological, logistic to have a more jet

We should now think about what is not going to vote today, nor do I think that it is only the head of Chico and Boaventura regardless of what we think each one, we lacked a lot to build that discussion because we have to do them with everyone who is missing

If saying is not just a Boy and Boaventura depending on what we think each

Therefore, the immediate horizon is a 3-week assembly on a Saturday, within 3 weeks, or something like that, one where a call is made with a very extended call Oscar: only to debate

@ 24A Hecto: for Mexico not to debate, for Mexico to reconstitute to be the launching platform for the forum, we already have the definitions we organize the largest platforms to meet


@ 25 Pablo, I wanted to ask what I was in the IC what reading they say the forum is in crisis

Francine that exactly that that (alluding to what has just been said?)


@ 26 Miguel: I did attend the center vlady and discovered this other vision of Souza that contrasts greatly with Pierre's position, with which we have been very close, has been on top of us rather, has been harassing us for months (Oscar : as much as that?) and @ 26A pierre insist that the facilitation organization is the center, and we, forget about what you think, just think about organization, and of course we wanted to talk about it, @ we want to develop issues and we can't develop it, because we just have to develop processes and procedures to organize.

And that is the underlying debate, because one thing is facilitation, others is participation and we are the same person, at the same time I want to be an organizer but also to be a facilitator

Then Pierre creates a schizophrenia, we are in two groups working for a year, fortunately there was Porto Alegre, because it seemed that we are sailing in a vacuum

@ 26B It was a thing of who knows if it will happen; really, we couldn't move forward last year in meetings because it didn't look

and fortunately 3 people came to see in the flesh that there was a Social Forum

That was an excellent thing that could be present, to contrast that and give security to those who right now who do not have here

@ 26C Of course you have to go deeper into this topic, maybe the Assembly proposed by Héctor serves to get into the topic, because so that we are going to do it, and on the other hand we are working on a lot of things below, that people are already waiting to know what to do


@ 27 Mauricio I think it was yours

Felix: motion of order you proposed I understand that it was accepted that the round was made

Miguel: it is not a consecutive round


I am Mauricio, I am very pleased that the Council has welcomed Mexico that I am very happy that we have the confidence, that we ourselves have confidence to be able to develop this, because it is an international event and Mexico is in between more seriousness more professionals, let's conclude very well

Something that I did not understand very well is that how other commissions have already been implemented is that as more commissions were already implemented

@ 27A I understood that Boaventura said that we are self-managing, that is, they cannot impose “commissions have already been created” when they are not agreed? That everything we do is agreed upon in this assembly, and not because it comes from the International Council we have to adapt certain commissions or forms of work

Maybe I understood that we are self-managed and we organize ourselves as long as they allow us to work, and not that they impose on us, as friend Miguel said, that they let us work and we are doing very well, and thank you very much everyone


@ 28 Ivette: what is there to clarify, what are we here, what do we want to do, if we are facilitators of organizing the Forum, summoning more people and doing a series of tasks or what we will be doing eventitos and foritos that do not have what to see

It is what Pierre was saying, he is proposing a communication dynamic to operate international communication on various topics, and that seems fine to me, and I don't think we are being told how to do things

We do what we can, like, we can but we are not doing what we should do as facilitators of the Forum, which is to convene more groups, more organizations groups of people who are, on these issues,

So, I think it is important that we do not deviate and do not get confused, and if we want to be on the side as a participant, do not put ourselves on the side of the participant and it is very valid and that takes away the responsibility of the facilitator

That we have clear, because it is a confusion from the beginning and splices with each other


@ 29 José: I was thinking that obviously Mexico is suffering from the worldwide conflict, this difficulty appears

Or that conflict does not sound difficult you have to analyze this, and discover that they are not endogenous causes, that it is there at stake and the difficulty of understanding, but also a context that has never had it

It is also necessary to record in Mexico the worst time to be the host of an event of this nature, with a change of government could have given something of a respite because, some respite in any aspect I feel more optimistic what the opportunity can be

It is not the objective but it is the opportunity

@ 29A It is framed so we have to assume that we work on several strategic organizational operational clues and for that purpose we give strength to that from a political ethical clarity that until now we have not had much confusion that is this forum what perspective

So, let's think about how three roles give it shape giving this organicity as Hector says very solid, diverse, complex to the complexity involved in this process

Two: bet on the rearticulation which movements basic work begin to weave that there is what quantity that the one that we need from the fight and the subjects

@ 29B Siri we had an exercise to recover that we have not done in the past, a very concrete and clear route, which implies joining this process, so that they are not yet can be said and say "what happens here" @ a little hand a little leaf, and can we add more agility and assertiveness to those it is?


@ 30 Pink

Take back this question that Mauricio asks about the commissions that were created in the IC and are commissions that are created to advance in the preparatory part

It does not mean that they are the only ones, and we have to be in dialogue, immobilization articulation that involves all of us, here on the whole planet, social movements and struggles for justice against the inequality that this call implies, which coincides with what Hector says: make a great assembly where we commit to spread that meeting to make that debate

@ 30A And also, another thing is the Finance Commission we are here steam and we are going to put money and we are going to manage that another is encouraged to put money the federal government of Mexico is not going to give us money because it is in austerity

We have to activate other

@ 30B The Communication Commission, to do what Hector says: the international invitation letter to the specific movements, so that they join and then dialogue the date, this is one thing

@ 30C The other thing that creates confusion: In Porto Alegre we thanked Pierre to Sheila, Rita, Carlos Tiburcio to those who are involved in the preparatory process, which was not yet approved in the different days

We have tried to make a process of online meetings, because sometimes we cannot mobilize with our finances to talk about our own topics

@ 30D And there we are facilitators of an axis, where we invite who to do a task like about 3 to organize self-organized events with activities, where we are going to enjoy

putar to build what we are disputing in the territories

@ 30E And at the same time, we have not called facilitated collective? no facilitator group how in Brazil where there is a facilitator group

They are called that, because they will coordinate and who this facilitator and trainer collective form, entities of the CI of Brazil, social movements unions, location

In Mexico, we need to invite more movements than are here, in the unions, the environmentalist women, in short, the indigenous peoples

So, we have a great task to do and decide what we are going to call ourselves: facilitator group, facilitator committee, organizing group

@ 30F Finally in the work group commissions commissions that work operational things by the logistics part the organizational part here in short a series task continue in the next round


Pablo: motion of order proposed to rotate the Oscar table when we are with her we do everything


@ 31

Felix: in the understanding that the informative part is over, and we are looking for the consequences, action plans, tasks, I could make one of the tasks precisely give content to this strategic objective of building a collective subject, you can understand in many ways, capture, caricature, collective measures, to carry it out you must have the strength, so that you get to achieve your projects, your plans

@ 31A Not only part of the organization then, it would be the proposal that if a space and a working group be formed to start advancing this line, and of course, that I would always aim to stop, a collective subject that is closely linked to the subject of the process, when we say it must be process they say yes but it must be a preparatory process, not the event and we say no, if it is a process, it implies sustainability and permanence, beyond the face-to-face meetings, and this is not yet not sufficiently agreed, this would be my proposal


@ 32

Elias: I attend a meeting of this type for this event, right now the first thing I have left is that we need people to insist, it is when we are forming an army, not but how we do so that more people come, the same is being invited

I see those who are trained, the soldiers who are trained are also going to end, we have to invite new people, there is a partner who is a type of leaf with ABC and I am always in this same line, with pebble apples and not everything?

@ 32.A If we cannot reach those who are forming, suddenly there are those who do not know what is 4T or gender parity, or gentrification , all that we need so that the majority know what we are talking about in this forum

I'm sad there, when they say this is going to end, and that's how we all are, it looks great this is over, no, so now I come with the Mixchuca companion, this 3 minutes gathering signatures and I assumed that sign ban pure chavitos pure oldies, chavito signature does not know what he signs, maybe there is a chance to talk explain one @ if there is a kind of little fly, I ask someone to answer me with simple words what is the WSF no, if that we can do it in a small flyer, they are sharing signatures, it is more what we do as an activist eco 30 years and it works very well in this way, we can bring me one minute left -

@ 32B then we can if they make me a little flick as I do with me collected llorica signatures confirm if that is surely distributed and we can have new people who come to relieve us no thanks


@ 33 Oscar: We give the word to Pierre, not without saying before, regardless of what we think, how this whole group has been working here in Mexico, I would like to make a clear specific recognition , both to Rosi's task as Pierre We may disagree on what you want, but who has carried the weight of the activity is something that must be recognized that the differences of views are maintained forward Pierre

Pierre (the horn does not work Pierre is not heard)


@ 34 Nacho: they realize what I wanted to say collectively with me, things that change the dynamics of how we make decisions, it is too deliberate and we have little time, right now there are commissions decisions

There are commissions have been made international, and those of Mexico are going to the decisions of the Commission is here, but how to take it? it is not based on proposals, it has to be unproposed commitments who proposes something, this would be the form of decision making,

@ 34.A I set an example, that we are interested mentioned @ that the forum is not so academic / divided all by topic, that there is transversality

And in fact we are doing and we will follow but not with everyone but with who is left, we commit ecosystem spaces we want that there is now a space in this way, and to this we commit

@ 34B One thing that is an important novelty is territoriality

On Friday we had a very important discussion, some of us were, about the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the Mayan train, the macroprojects that are very important territorial programs before, we are the same territorial organization that, a thematic, actions go with the territorial support as much as possible, some things that are indispensable for me for this meeting, one @ Territorial Commission , in each territory are all the issues, many groups that are doing something concrete

@ 35


Do you hear me very well thanks for including us, we who are online wanted to take (is it working? tell me if when the conditions are given)

Okay well, then I wanted to take some like 6 points, but I will be very quick

@ A first element is that there is a big difference at the moment between the organization of Brazil for example, and the organization of Mexico: that the organization of Brazil rested in a closed circle of 24 organizations that formed the facilitator Committee, while in Mexico we end up agreeing on an assembly organization, which is not limiting the number of organizations that are involved,

We have barely agreed on a text on September 21, which I invite you to examine, ( http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo76 ) 
because there can be the basis for building an organization with commissions and so on

There are a series of 8 sheets worth examining

Then, a point of internal organization showed a very large and formal difference between Brazil and Mexico, and we tried to do something to propose something, and we agreed to it in an assembly on September 21

yes I want to refer to that

@ 35.A Second: about what has been said and I thank Rosa and Ivette, acknowledge it and we will have to continue to discuss with Miguel, because I think there are things that we have to clarify, but the idea is that if there is many thematic spaces, but that these thematic spaces were never announced as the event spaces

and there I am referring to Francine, and that precisely the meeting, which is in Barcelona or Mexico, will be to agree on thematic spaces of the event

@ 35B The current thematic spaces in Mexico are precisely for people to understand the process, and to be trained in the process

In other words, to explain to them that as Nacho said, it is not an academic forum, where intellectually it goes from top to bottom, topics are defined, and then you can see who is going to speak in the boxes of the topics

It is the opposite: great issues are opened, and then the facilitation says: "Who gets the water to take on a self-organized discussion in his own name, in his topic how he wants it and taking this responsibility?"

And I believe that so far, and it is a challenge, there are very few organizations that have been put in the water to do so.

@ 35C So the idea is to differentiate the fact of facilitating, which is to try to make space grow, more people are interested, and so on.

And the fact that organizations assume their discussions, trying to invite others, to make articulations and exchange visions.

That is a capital point: if people are appropriating the idea of ​​the forum, and that it is not “representing a thematic axis”, it is not known what it is, - but it is assuming its discussions, looking for articulations with the others, in a self-organized way, and that there is the diversity of those discussions that make up a thematic space

@ 35D Therefore, I say that the question of an assembly, as proposed by Héctor, it seems to me that this assembly would have to focus, on what "as we see the Forum", "what forum we want to facilitate", but that it is not a fair of issues, because discussions come from below, and there is no problem in this preliminary period (of having these issues)

Me before the meeting, with the IC to go see what are the issues that the discussions are

@ 35E Another point that I want to talk about is what he called “methodological insecurity”, that is, in Porto Alegre if we have had some discussions, - and I will make a transcript of Porto Alegre and we will see them, - some presentations by some participants who have focused on the challenge of a good political-methodological point and dealt with

Rosa Your time is up you can continue in the next round

Okay well I see that the issue of time is very rigid for me, but that is fine, with the difficulty of participating from outside, it is fine

You want Héctor and Nacho himself to take the coordination *

Is Felix Rossi


@ 36

Héctor: because there is a lot of talk these days and today about the seminary that was like Buenaventura, in the table thing I threw a lot of the round table at Buenaventura is a round table

There nothing was decided, because there are many events whatever, the decision is that what is taken in the International Council goes and the events can be said is the idea of ​​Boaventura Boaventura said so

@ 36.A Two I can see that perhaps it is not my intention to be irreverent, but frankly we take the attitude that in reality everything is yet to be defined everything is yet to be defined

Because it also happens later they also talk about Pierre and others, it must be clear that the international council never appointed anyone to represent him, or Pierre or Leo, or anyone and everyone acting on their own and we add or add

@ Let's not take the word of God, which says who knows who, everything is in discussion or all in discussion

@ 36B third When it comes to organizing work in commissions and all this, everything is really to be defined, both for the international council and for this committee, the experience of the forums in India, in Brazil, wherever, it is an experience that must be taken, the way in which the Council has been organized, of this or that commission or facilitator committee is something that must be taken, but it is not the law of God

@ 36C The work we have developed so far is here, with inputs that must be taken into account, because progress has been made but everything can be redefined: commissions responsibilities both the international council and here, that is, the discussion as it should be, not as we adapt to what the Council says and if I did so it has to be or what was already said no

@ 36D Actually, once the International Council said “if we go to Mexico” and the international commitment to ratify it is missing, we are going here in Mexico

It is already confirmed that he is serious and let's go

@ 36E Therefore, we must resume all discussions including commissions

A question that is self-managed, Self-management is very good but in a moment you have to formalize how it will work, but such flexibility that allows everyone to fit, that we go, if someone says it is not so, this speech of this axis, already turn around because we don't all fit

Simply @ my emphasis is: everything is about to be defined or redefined rather


@ 37 Now Felix had asked for the word you can also coordinate no or if not Rosi

Hector could you coordinate the next part

José Antonio: where is it going? in the first!

@ 38


I think that indeed we have to reflect more on the tasks of the International Council and so on.

I say this because we had the Porto Alegre meeting, we have a round table with Boaventura, good meeting last week, @ and letters arrived

There was a discussion on WhatsApp, points that I never disagreed with, but there is a lack of clarity it seems to me here, and so does the International Council

So it seems to me that it is very important to clarify knowing that you will do what

This facilitator committee is a Mexican committee, which will have to organize the forum, there is no illusion that 10 people will arrive from the International Council to help them

@ 38.A So, it's you and some more I suppose but it's a Mexican committee that has to decide on its own rules of operation

That is, everything he told him several times, about the Letter of Principles, about the forum, is not relevant for this committee.

The committee has to have its own rules

@ 38B The commissions: it is evident for example the thematic axes, it is evident that from an international level they need to coordinate

The point of the territories: it seems obvious to me that from Europe there will be people who say “we are interested in the territories, we also have problems

So, this commission is going to be completed with people, I think

@ 38C In Portoalegre, we decided on three commissions: communication, that seems to me to be easy to coordinate, finances too, more or less, and “articulation” is already a bit of content Articulation has two tasks: one the call, not for your hector assembly, which is necessary except for an international assembly, and the thematic axes

Of course, that has to be coordinated with the international council


@ 39

Héctor: According to this Oscar threw me the towel, and many are acting as if I had grabbed it, they agree that I grab it, (Sii) I already have

Miguel to Nacho to Ivette

Héctor the 20 seconds says francine who wants one more phrase

@ 40

Francine: about the crisis, about the conflicts, I consider it the past

Conflicts were about politicians, not political ones, open spaces with more political actions. Finally, after several years in discussions, it seems to me that both are valid, what is all this is part of our diversity.

@ Some want political actions others do not, then the forum has to allow both positions, it seems to me

@ 41

Hector: Nacho Félix José Antonio Beatriz Mauricio Luz Ricardo Pierre Óscar, there are 11 people

if we walk to the issues, but colleagues, a procedural motion, we could cancel the participation and pass it knowing that some will not

Rosa Sheila also signs up

It is a very large round, and I would like to see if they agree with the procedures, that even in the interventions we were moving forward, maybe in a practical way and then we see how we landed

Even the classmates who have been systematizing in the past, maybe they can help, because some drawers can surely be passed to me, which should not be opened and closed, but, yes we can move forward on the route

@ 41.A Not only what we think of what we are saying in general, everyone is free to say what they want, but if we are landing, that is, if we assume, if we agree that the immediate horizon of assembly, this broad assembly to give it a boost, then let's think about what date, how, such, and perhaps the rest of the missing puzzle pieces, what are many: commissions, axes and so on,

we are also accommodating them towards, for example, a commission "nomete"? I should prepare a good assembly that has advanced "hear to see here we are 20, of the other 100 who arrived, look at these 20 we have built that, what do you think" right?

In other words, the work of the commission of axes and others, should already be articulated towards this assembly. So there disparenso (? ) For example no

Then, I would ask those who are going to talk, that in addition to giving their opinion on what they want, we can already move forward in the construction of a proposal on that route, let's say, so that we can compress the agenda, hear because many of the things what do we say connect

So if we can land how to build, the route, maybe later we summarize and return to specific definitions of issues, right? So to advance in the round out? because there are 12 who are targeted right now and if we finish the round and do not advance in concrete things , can it be more difficult to get out?

well then the clock is in service

1H49 30

Nacho: if something mercury for 10 minutes priority to those who have not spoken is that

It is already second round first those who have not spoken, in reality the rounds are why


@ 42

Miguel: I think that there is a question that if I am fundamental: “why a World Social Forum is needed right now”, which is going to have to be resolved as a priority and in other spaces,

Perhaps it is number one "so that a world social process is needed" and then "so that in Mexico s", that is to say it makes some sense without some sense like that - these two questions become central to me

@ 42.A Then, there is another aspect that what Souza pointed out and I do not know if Francine there, that I see worrying "because the Social Forum was degraded?", And among other things why many people were introduced to the forum that had great trends of neoliberal right and that totally degraded the forum

In this sense, it means that principles were not fulfilled, that the organization did not respond to the principles, and that any people arrived, and anything was done that did what they wanted.

@ 42B The Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum is probably good, but it should be clear that everyone should say if they agree with it, and if they thought about it, if they think that something should be changed, because Well, obviously we have to reinforce the principles to think about it because it shows and sees ideas, which then have a neoliberal tendency, so when organized, it is something that is not liberal in individualism, and individualism has precisely to demonstrate that it degrades an organization that It does not respond to what we want.

@ 42C And this sense also the fact of "what we understand by self-organization", because good self-organization is not to be an autonomous autonomous entity, but all these decisions are linked to the International Council, we are allies, and when we are allied, our freedom is restricted to an agreement, then what we have to negotiate with the International Council, take it into account, and they take us, this does not mean that we are limited, but if we do not like something of the Council, we ask it, and if we have to accept things that they want and that obviously need to be done, that is to say that: @ what do we understand by self-organization?


@ 43 Nacho

The decision making process is not every point

It must be said that it can be done at the moment, that it can be done, I will give an example: in the group of “we must change the system not the climate” we think that here in Mexico there have been meetings, if there are international connections, that can be defined now

And if there is someone in the international forums, who connect and not anymore?

that is to say that we do not try to decide every point, the one that is ready to say it, but it is the one that will do it, not because it proposes it. It's a difference

@ 43.A As for Miguel's question (what is the forum for) I give my personal answer

They remember that the world economic forum is linked, that is, corporate governments of states or companies

We want world government but alternative, then @ the goal is to make a government of the peoples, and for which, for me, it is indispensable in all governments, in territorial governance, all governments are territorial, in each territory all topics are provided

Nacho did not fill his time with an example Felix and then José


@ 44 Felix

Again, already in terms of proposal, I propose that we dedicate a space, hopefully at the next meeting, because it conditions many things; to define the opinions that have been given here and in the report of the meeting in Porto Alegre, about the precise relationship between the International Committee, and who we are in Mexico organizing

I would say that the interventions are not so clear, it still has as a dilemma, and that it is necessary to specify the most, and on all occasions, sometimes there were partners here, not the critics, but mentioned it, that they have had proposals and vision, how to make a meeting

I believe we are not just looking for a great meeting: Be a sequence of the World Social Forum. It must be clear that there is a background, that there are achievements, that there are challenges, that there are tensions, that you are located in this

@ Then, the autonomy of the Mexican group can never go, it is my consideration, it can never ignore that, because then it is another event, and this is no longer the World Social Forum

If you have to take it, but you are not conditioned to that trajectory and only do what the International Council has, so that its autonomy is full, in the logic of this framework, and of these general proposals, but there can be two different things neither good nor bad but two different things and it is not optimized what brings forum presence and World Mission

So, my proposal is that I believe there is still confusion, and that this confusion must be resolved in the short term, because if it is not going to have an impact on many other actions. This would be my proposal.


@ 45 José Antonio

A little along the lines of what has been said before, I did not attend but I listened to the conference of Boaventura, the companion of the International Committee

I think the facilitation was very critical and very indicative, constructive I agree with Felix, there is a whole history that must be taken, but also the circumstances are different

@ 45.A and very much emphasized a phrase that Boaventura: “the forum needs more from Mexico than Mexico the forum” did not say it privately, he said it with a connotation of the opportunity we have and it is concordance, which is probably the word with the role of the International Committee, and what we will have to do, for that, on a first day, we talk about an assembly we agree, it seems that the above is "blur and new account", it is not

For me, that is a process, so this is not preparing an event, that is a process, with a before, during, after,

@ 45B We have to have a methodology and systematization what we are agreeing, consensus that we are achieving. Consensus - What is also a term that I question Boaventura - and we have to rethink it to make decisions and be agile and take those things

And I think that much answers the concern that Felix marks very strongly some aspects that we see stated But that we have not done

For example, "for a forum" to agree but we must discuss from where, if what is happening in America is happening in America and there is a global contour, which not only has to do with climate change and many other things

But having a minimal platform, from where we are going to build a process, and whether we like it or not, this is political, it is not proselytizing, we are not afraid of the term, we have to make a meeting to discuss it, then we will surely walk to that

@ 46 Oscar: the Assembly is what Hector already proposes


@ 47 Beatriz

Now, from the point of view of someone new to this, if I see that the situation is a bit beheaded (laughs)

I do not see that there are two parts of the creation of a Forum: it is obviously the operative part, that is not discussed who are those who want to be, who put on the agenda, but there is the ideological part and the functional part where they want to do

What problem am I putting what is problem

And part of the problem is what José Antonio just said that the previous forum, what happened, and where they came from, what are the results, what was discussed, where it was taken, and what has been impacted in society ,, which has been consolidated in society

This is the big difference we have: an economic approach the Davos Forum that has a very clear objective

And we, society, are here for here, everywhere, but we never consolidate our problem

What is our problem? Therefore, what is our objective, to arrive, what steps to walk, that is, what bricks are we going to put in this order, where are we going like this, what Mexican issues in this case do I see very clearly this forum in Mexico why Boaventura said the other day : we are the gateway to the villain of planet n or Mexico is the villain of the planet practically

Therefore, as Mexico, the impact also on the rest of the world, that is, we are afraid to apply narco, it is about white, all the issues we know, this migration

What previous decisions have been made, and of those decisions which ones are going to go forward, what do we want to get forward, we want the planet better, which we are going to build

What are the commitments that we are going to make, that is, one is the organizational and logistic part with all the names that they would like to give it, and the other are ideas and concepts to consolidate, we are competing against the monster that is the economy


@ 48 Mauridcio

Basically three points

In relation to what Héctor says, he sees a perspective with which two different aspects in the International Council: If it is nothing more than a forum where the issues are relieved, or it goes down a path towards the solution of some.

From this point of view, to how the Facilitating Committee in Mexico, I propose to the table that if that point is agreed upon towards the solution, that it has a real impact, and is nothing more than a dialogue forum, and especially for the emergency that he emphasizes so much, and that Miguel very successfully says it

We are in an emergency, we cannot afford to create a tremendously difficult organization to develop worldwide, so that nothing else is a meeting place

@ 48A I believe that if we have to give it a guideline, there are some proposals already, I think that guideline can be well marked by the motto, a proposal has already been given in the Committee, a slogan, as a motto, so Lema, so if we define a way somehow seems important to me

Point 2 is the political issue: this is public, what we should get rid of is partisanship, maybe it is what scares many people of the International Committee and I totally agree

We must not give priority to any political party, foreign or national

But politics is this, do something for society, that's politics

@ 48B Third point: from what I see, we are still navigating in the general part, both of our interpretations of the general aspect, what should be reviewed first, see what we think, and good in relation to what I am seeing, is that if these two groups exist, one whose priority is content, I think it is super important, and those of us who are addressing the organization as such

In Mexicanness, and since ancient times, there were these two councils the Tuartuani and Cihauacoatl, which was operative that is to say and did what he Tuartunao said

I feel that it would also be very healthy for us to divide ourselves into times and efforts,

light that they want to work on the content aspect, because they are issues to discuss and at the same time the organizational part then if it would separate

Two different rooms in the same place, I don't know very well; that we define very well each one where we want to participate as a priority, but if we mix content with form, I think it is one of the reasons why we have been very slow in the process. Thanks a lot


@ 49 Light

I am a good light here, in the organization of the World Social Forum, this is one of the first with you, I have worked with social movements below, and if I see the problem that if he is partisan, that if he is leftist or is not left

So, I approached especially for the emergency indeed, the emergency is the earth, more than anything why right now, how I put it in the chat, there is a forum on the Mother Earth of indigenous peoples that is in this moment,

we are not seeing what is going to be done and they are already concrete: we are going to do this in fact next Thursday, and on Friday there will be some relocation, to do as artistic actions in the street for Mother Earth, and on Friday also and there good to come from somewhere come from Standing Rock, that the Americans who are also how at that time, what is the moment of not just looking, because it is good to do the practices, the dialogue but what are we going to do outside, concrete actions, if I went out, that my neighbor knows, in the front in my work

why take it outside, what is happening as he says, we have less than a year no

@ 49A And to think that it is not a catwalk event of organizations and NGOs ”give me your card, I give you my card” et cetera no no, not in a strong weather emergency, that's it, we're already

So, I think that the main thing is Mother Earth, and she goes through everything: water migration, nothing more, and well quickly what Miguel had mentioned, why do you need a World Social Forum? because of this, because if there is no Mother Earth, I don't have a job, I don't have food, and I'm going to die. Mother Earth is the one that sustains us, what better subject than “why the World Social Forum is needed because for that, to rescue it from the earth, and why Mexico? Apart from that it is the door as you say to the great monster that is the United States, it is also at this geographical time and time, it is the country that has the conditions for it is not Chile, it is not burning, it is not Bolivia, it does not have coup, Latin America is on fire, Middle East in Asia are with viruses that are coming out and nothing else





I reject those who went to the IC in Porto Alegre for answering a bit about what was said there about the crisis the forum is experiencing

I have much less gray hair than many here, that also implies ... (is it critical?. Is not an excuse!)

And that's why I participated less in this space, first it seems to me that it is an intensely space, and the crisis that the World Social Forum is experiencing is interesting because I think it is being misunderstood


I do not believe that the Social Forum is in crisis, I think that the left is in crisis, because it means nothing, like this, I think that today what means something in the world is the right, and the left means only one thing like that “resistim os” and the debate of the right and the left is coming, it’s getting a little behind,

I think it is very interesting to reflect it in the light of Mexico, not today we have a government like the one we have, and we say it is a leftist government, it seems to me a very interesting thing, to think about it in these terms

And if so, if my thesis is correct, then I think we should ask ourselves why the left are in crisis, and how we have to change the left, and it seems to me that we would have to understand that, and even what I have heard. of the criticism that is made to the forum, or that @ this false dilemma, between who organizes and who participates, has a little to forget and set aside, and understand who organizes participates, and what is impossible not to be so , that this distinction between who participates and who organizes is totally artificial, and only exists in someone's head, but does not exist in reality, without hitting someone (Pierre is the culprit!)

I think that the way to understand that you can start what kind of flags the left would have to mean , and give the content to someone who comes the forum, I would think that this is the relevance of the forum

In other words, the relevance of the Forum is precisely to recover flags to, from these flags, be able to set an agenda that has to be assumed

Which does not mean that it falls into this anger that there is a correct agenda of the left, and an agenda that is not correct, means that bundles agendas, that mean something to people, because if not, we are stuck, and this is going to die even

Just as I will say that participated in the forum maintenance there is not much of yours (?) Thank you


@ 51


I resume the continuity of what he said, but it's on the subject

I would say to Francine that I disagree with her approach in the sense that there would be politicians and non-politicians

It is not the question: the question is how we do politics;

That is to say, to go to the thought to which I refer, is a thought of Popular education, of empowerment of the people, so that civil society makes its policies, from its articulatory capacities, and it is not that it is a political discourse that would necessarily be centralized.

So, the vision that I am always trying to propose is a vision that gives its meaning to politics completely

And the question I say that I will give you information in a cheerful way, is the question of the methodology in the political sense, that is to say that we just have to separate the form and contents

@ 51A What unites us as an international council or facilitator committee, is that we want a Forum process, we want to keep it, and we know we are different, right? And that this will never be an extraordinary convergence (between us)

But we know what it is that we do not want, that it is all those of the values ​​that are in the letters of principle, that if it gives us a kind of identity

@ 51B So, the idea of ​​separating, not necessarily different people, but different roles

Role of facilitating, where you are interested in the forms of participation, where you can live or coexist and make joints,

And the role of participants, where, through voluntary articulations between organizations, these famous political subjects are built

@ 51C I give an example: 20 years ago there was a campaign against the FTAA. I think it was one of the few that was victorious, because good. So that campaign, if you see it in the Forum, is not the forum, it is a great articulation within the forum

So, the idea is to act to stimulate these articulations, which are articulations from below, from the movements, and that emerge as great initiatives, precisely with proposing planetary action dates, such as the great demonstration against the war in Iraq in 2003.

@ 51D So, we have concepts that allow us to get over the famous forum-space and forum-actor conflict, because precisely, the political subjects are the articulations, they are the participants in the forum, The forum is not a political subject as such Why else, who speaks in his man?

So, nothing more to say that there is a need for a discussion of the concepts, of the visions we have, but there really is matter and if they talk about the Amazonian Social Forum, it is going from the side, of creating that notion of initiatives, ( http://www.forosocialpanamazonico.com/iniciativas/ ) and go to the Equal Transformative Economy Forum ( www.transformadora.org )

In other words, this form (initiative) allows us to solve (interruption of sound in Mexico and laughter) the artificial political-non-political dilemma or forum-forum-actor space, because it gives political autonomy to the groups (articulations) that are created. I finished


Oscar: Nacho supported the button!

Héctor: we can make an electric cramp

X: it's a smart phone

Hector: Oscar goes and Javier prepares


@ 52

Oscar: Well, I think that after it has been proposed, after a major debate in a well-organized assembly, a well-consulted and structured agenda also includes an evaluation, and then a definition of objectives, and then a definition of work and action mechanisms

So, that's where we would have the opportunity to expose widely enough, in plenaries and at work tables, as it usually is, there is a good amount of experience in that

but it seems to me that it can be very useful at the moment in Mexico

@ 52A Now there is the central issue of whether we can move forward in terms of a new definition of the forum's objectives: Is it just to talk, to exchange information and communication ?, or to “build a global social subject” that has its own power,

That is to say, this would imply explicitly reviewing a letter of principle, so that the forum is an entity that can make decisions, as good as there is to discuss, there has to be an assembly, that we say is a deliberative body, and an executive body that it could be a renewed CI

It has always been very difficult, when we have talked with Héctor with Francine about this, as it comes years after years after years, without being able to go deeper into this

I think it’s a great opportunity for us to do it now

@ 52B Now, there will be opposition to that, well it doesn't matter! What we see openly exposing our points of view, and looking for some areas of consensus, and others where there is no consensus, as in any other "set", is taken democratically

What does that mean? by majorities in certain things that are defined, where the voice and rights are guaranteed and the position of minorities

So, everything is a review, to go to a more democratic forum.

We know that some people like Pierre, like Chico himself who have very taken positions and their reasons have, well we have to discuss them, argue them and not argue against them?

I think it's time to do it in Mexico

@ Let's make a good assembly

Javier and Sheila


@ 53


Well, it seems to me that, at this moment, we have entered a dynamic that, with all due respect, comes from the International Council

There are difficulties, some problems within the International Council, and that which had been reflected in structure, or in the work we are trying

So, for me, I think it is a priority if that proposal that a great assembly must be convened, first to appropriate ourselves, and assume the autonomy of this assembly, including @ he is listening throughout the day that this is a committee when we are in an assembly

So, we are changing the processes out there, because there is no communication

There is no unification of criteria, so if it is important to convene an assembly as soon as possible

@ 53A The other: through this assembly, rethink as they say, the functions of what the WSF would be towards the world. What we want the WSF to be

And they already said it too, right? an encounter to come to make catharsis and to pat us on the back, and man and, if all poor, and chao chao chao, and we share very rich, and we give our countries where we come from, and continue in the same crisis

Or the WSF could be a tool, a muscle, to support the internal processes of each of the countries that come

We think this has been because after the WSF they are not coming?

Then I leave it there, and there was simply the proposal, Hector's question about the date (of the assembly) I would suggest that the second week of March would be fine

Oscar: the 20 seconds he had taken is just an example ...

Héctor: anyway, that is how we are going to end it is already 1:00 pm now we see what we do

Sheila goes and then Rosi


@ 54


I can talk?

It is the first time that I participate, so I introduce myself, I am sheila, member of the International Forum Council, represented Instituto Paulo Freire and he CEAAL together with Rosi

Would like first question was placed: Relationship of the International Council with the process of organization in Mexico

I think they are very pertinent questions

How far was it inside

One very important thing that we highlight: we want is that the World Social Forum is not an event, it is a process that has continuity, that has principles, that need to be respected @ 54A So, I understand that it is a fundamental role, launch of the International Council, that the face-to-face editions of the World Social Forum respect the Charter of Principles

From there, the role of the Council is supportive, it is support for the process, the protagonism is undoubtedly from the country that assumed to carry out this edition of the forum

In relation to the letter of principle, I think that some questions that were placed today are answered in the Letter of Principles

@ 54B That question, for example of "what is the forum for" "what is the profile of the forum" is very clear in the letter of principle: it is a non-confessional, non-governmental, non-partisan space, it is exclusively of organizations and movements, articulates movements committed to the construction of another possible world, and when talking about left or right movements, the letter is very clear and she says - lets see article 10 “the Social Forum opposes any reductionist totalitarian revision of the economy and all forms of domination of subjection from one human being to another ”there are no right-wing movements, neoliberal reactionaries

Then something that greatly facilitates the process, I would like to make a suggestion a small suggestion

(sound is interrupted)

Héctor: sheila sends a message with her suggestion


Rosa: Sheila: we lost your connection, and the interventions are 3 minutes, and you can continue in the next round, we can hear almost everything

(can the companion who just entered (Freddy) silence his microphone?)

@ 55


Do I make a small synthesis of what Sheila said? (no! ...) did you understand everything? Yes

I just emphasize that the World Social Forum is not organizing a congress, it is organizing a process, in which we are going to get involved, which is very important, which Sheila also said,

(Freddy can you silence your microphone?)

The other thing is that I believe that if it is important, as sheila says, retake the Charter of Principles

@ 56

Oscar: to modify it! (laughter)

@ 55A Rosa: we have to retake the letter from the beginning, and in fact we had an assembly where we all by consensus said: “we accept the letter and we will work on that” (in August http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/ pfsm20-taller-10y11august19 / # letter ) this is done, I think we have to reread the letter to be clear

@ 57 Yvette; the principle letter cannot be changed, this is an international consensus

Rosa: Yes.

@ 55B Rosa: not so it was all that, I agree that we make a larger assembly where I said it

@ 58

Hector: Helena and Elena nothing more, because then we see what we do, I know that several asked for the word for a new round, but it's already more than one in the afternoon, now let's see what comes out?



I am new to this forum job

There are two questions: the purpose and global projection of the Social Forum

why mexico? I said it previously, is that Mexico has the non-cyclical possibilities

There is an international emergency, not only in Latin America, in the alignment of the right, no and me and Mexico can not increase it no

Regardless of whether it is a low intensity war that exists in Mexico, it does not

and on the other hand, it worries me, since we were at the forum at the round table in the Vladimir center, Francine said that there were two axes: fascism and climate change

But I think that, to talk about climate change and fascism, we also have to ask how the capitalist model is operating, right? we have to talk about exploitation of world crisis capitalism, then I think that if the World Social Forum forum would have to be very precise, in terms of its ideological political approaches, to say it is an anti-capitalist, anti-neo-liberal forum, in principle

Precisely, because I am concerned that we are not considering it this way, not that we are only talking about ecological crisis and political crisis, humanitarian crisis, when, after all, it is a model operating worldwide, through exploitation of people's natural resources, right?

And I think that an important point, also for the forum, should be the young people, because he, a long time ago, the young people signed without knowing what he was signing, but in the end, what they started moving in Chile, currently that have taken UNAM, and it is the girls who are on the streets, and for example in Argentina also of the women's movement, it is the young girls who are posing a world strike on March 8

@ So if we should be working with this logic, to take young people into account and pull them, not because in the end you tell me, are they going to take all this if? There is a Social Forum after in 19 years that has not been able to be structured through social organizations and movements, I will have to reread what is not working in the 19 years right?

@ 59

Héctor: well there are several people who are signed up for a next round, and it is already 1: 001, which we had marked to finish, then and we cannot leave without landing some concrete things

I propose that we no longer give the floor to anyone who asked for it in the next round

if we don't stay as landing

So, let's say, we have to get out of here with a concrete assembly agreement, because it is our immediate horizon, and much of what we discuss today, as well as things that have been built in the past, are inputs to take to this Assembly.

This is where the Felix Rapporteurship lands, because indeed things have been said here, it is essential to move forward in the Assembly

The so that the World Social Forum for Mexico, that is the objectives

We have to go back to that

And several things have been marked, things have been marked assemblies there are ideas there are several various inputs, but you have to land them, put them in writing, because we can't be infinitely seeing no?

Then, perhaps in the Rapporteurship I do not know only in today's, but in others if previous, there are inputs to carry, to say “here we have discussed that the objectives are those”

Also, there are other issues that we are not going to solve right now, I don't know if we are going to solve it in the Assembly

What are the organizational and procedural issues, that is, the link between this committee or what we call ourselves, and the international, but it is essential to resolve, not to tie

@ 59A We would do that as the question is that many are discussed: consensus or voting decisions, to what extent centralization? How about resolutive ?, How many political actions bells?

I think that has a way out, but I will not give an opinion, because that is not the case, but it must be resolved between this committee and the International Council

@ 59B Say how centralized the Forum is going to be, or how many resolutions it can take, how much flexibility, and what does consensus mean, because consensus is not unanimity, and the discussion is linked to this, of course as a global subject, how the global subject is built

This is an objective, but the global subject is constructed in many ways, not necessarily with an acronym and a new structure, isn't it? It is built in many ways .... well

@ 59C that is part of the discussion, and along with this, the issue of facilitators and participants in the methodology, it seems to me from my point of view a somewhat false discussion because it can be resolved

Of course, all facilitators, he is a political and social subject and he thinks, but when his job is to facilitate his work, we will assume: there is an axis, a union tent for saying something, because I am not going to impose what I think, I am going to invite all the trade unionists who think differently from me now that is my facilitating role, I have to give it space and I have to ..

Now, I as an actor, because I am going to give my opinion and fight with them, because I do better as an actor, but if in my organizing role I guarantee everyone, even those who think differently from my et cetera truth

@ 59D Then look for how to move towards the Assembly?

Maybe Felix on the story, will help us are contents, which we will take to the Assembly

They are contents that we are going to solve, if we can take them before, resolved means, how good We are going to say seriously, is what I mean

So, I would like us to resolve the issue of the Assembly in the first place: how to do the Assembly

And maybe, retake some commissions and others, to prepare what needs to be prepared, if there is anything to prepare before the assembly

We checked it at the time, but I will do it very practically, it comes out?


@ 60 Hector then, I don't know if we first go to the Rapporteurship of Felix forward Felix and then we resume the concrete landing

Felix: with precision and today I took notes not from rapporteurship but from agreements

In fact agreements, we just had a today, what was hearing the report, and from the report express

There were no agreements, but if there was as a principle of agreement, that I quickly relate it, that we are almost going to agree, that we agree on what they would do much of the agenda of the next meeting

In case of missing one, I found five proposals

1 / why Mexico and for what

Miguel because a social forum is needed and because in Mexico

2 / the other that we will understand as content to “build the strategic objective”

3 / resolve the dimensions as regards functions mechanisms and processes of the International Committee

Miguel: of relationships

@ 60A 4 / what Oscar says, which I think is very important, and will condition the Charter of Principles, we need to redo the letter of principle to guide us in the forum of Mexico? Or will the forum in Mexico provide inputs to recreate the letter of principles? But we have to get some option on this too

@ 60B Héctor: or we make the Mexican interpretation of the letter of princes (laughs)

@ 60C Felix 5 / and the other about deadlines and their consequences, could also be a matter of having an agreement: If we walk to push the meeting that is spoken in June in Mexico, or articulated that of Barcelona. I think I say it does mean deciding soon because there is a consequence

@ 61

Miguel ; missing "how to convene", because not only those who are here are going to attend, but surely, we must write a call

Hector: this is what we are going to do now

Felix: no, it is that precisely, these are convocation tools, we agree, but these are convocation tools

Oscar: the normal call will leave the Assembly

@ 62

Héctor what Felix sums up is the kind of problem that must be solved, and taken in the Assembly under discussion to be solved there or what ok

Now we go to the Assembly, to land on concrete things

First date so we know

Then one Saturday in March, first Saturday in March on March 7, the second is 14 on 21 not true 4T I don't know what

Óscar: search saturday sunday 7 or 8

Hector; we can't take that long

I think it's between seven and fourteenth of March, whether it extends to Sunday or not depends on the people

Since it is a full day well done, I think it is enough, but yes because then the non-people


Oscar: you have to do it big

Hector: we are going to do an economic vote on the 14th

Miguel: I'm going for the 14th, so he needs people to meditate well, and they write for that very short term of day 7

(also representativeness) and diffusion

Hector It's consensus, except in opposition (laughs)

@ 63

José: a boundary these inputs how happy he has summed up are initiative, they are not limiting this to see me wait a little while, we are going to socialize

Now I have an absent point what is “where are we going to advocate the forum”

the political discussion that .... then. you have to check it


@ 64

Hector It is understood that what I recover Felix is ​​indicative, that is, everything can be enriched portal such sale?

Then date is already 14

We are going to see a little the agenda and others, it cannot be half a day, minimum full day

@ 65

Óscar: how to advance to the organization of the Assembly, to make an outline of topics

It is the agenda for the Assembly, how it will be formulated, well here in this group, the proposal is made, and reviewed, and concentrated on one


@ 66

Héctor: it seems that he doesn't have a discussion that is going to take us a long time

Let's make a commission of one or more people to make an agenda proposal on which the agenda will be based, on what we have just summarized

It has to discuss its objectives, it has to discuss how it is organized, and it is linked to the International Council, that is precisely what we rescue today, it will somehow compose the agenda

All are proposals and we can all refuse to accept them OK?

Oscar: make an agenda response in which people are going to do precisely what we discard from work with setting the agenda what Felix

Felix do the

@ 67

Richard ? Two quick questions the first time, we have to define the character that would have are the character of assembly: is it deliberative or is it resolutive?

@ 68 Héctor is decisive, I think it was the consensus of what is an assembly of constitution or reconstitution of the committee, or what is going to be called: collective, facilitator committee, what is resolutive

Ricardo: here see the deadlines for commissions when you have commissions that bring results

Rosa: do you want to talk Pierre? yes of course because

Héctor: we go things for things, and let's not talk at the same time they think

Then the date is already there is the character of the Assembly

@ 69 and a proposal for someone to make an agenda, someone wants to join with Felix

Felix does not circulate an agenda proposal based on what was resolved today

Felix: send an agenda proposal Wednesday of the next week is the deadline For Felix not to circulate a proposal

Héctor: the deadline can be a week or another week, more for people, but that does not limit that we do not call for the date

Felix: about the call

Héctor: if it is not already clear, what is the proposal, and such of the real date

Now calls then


@ 70 José: I want that we will not forget about the Letter of Principles, it is not to give it space in the assembly, or to put an element towards the Assembly, to say that everyone who wants to participate has read it at least, in which it leaves as if not

and what route the Assembly is contemplated, that we are more than we are here, we go in minutes

Oscar, much more

Héctor, if we are less, we don't do the forum anymore

@ 70A José, the call has to be very inductive so that those who are in the process can know what they are coming from, and everything that it will imply, if we are not going to get trapped again

@ 70B Héctor to see then you can send with some annexes such as the Letter of Principles and so on, we are not going to examine anyone if they read it or did not read it, right? I wish they had done

Miguel Rosi Pierre Felix

We are on the agenda, call, how, no? One minute of intervention


@ 71

Miguel: in the call, you have to say how to participate, it is in the sense that a dense matter, which you have to take in writing, that does not have written, does not have priority to speak, it takes priority that I keep the record an initiative, if something is not written, it is carried improvisation is strict, and improvise and time is wasted, you have to work without it, people have to articulate their ideas by writing, if you do not bring it in writing, you did not think

It must have priority for the one who brings a letter to appear

He who has a writing has the ability to speak for 7 or 10 minutes, because he has to touch many topics

Héctor is the proposal right now we solve


@ 72


Just to consider for the Assembly: the different commissions that already exist should also present the advances that are made

We will not deny what was built, there are working groups that are participating and commissions there are documents and so on.

Oscar: that's part of the agenda, isn't it?

2473 2

@ 73

Pierre a minute

Yes well I wanted to point out two agreements

One in August seems, that we are in an assembly-type process, if I say that we have reached two agreements in the history of that committee which is

In August, we reached an agreement with the Charter of Principles, http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-taller-10y11agosto19/#carta

and September 21 we have reached an agreement where we mention the co-responsibility with the IC, and the way of organizing that was a lot of work will come that 8 sheets http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo76

@ 73A On the other hand, in Porto Alegre, the discussion never called into question neither the Charter of Principles, nor decisions by consensus regarding the facilitation of the forum, nor the co-responsibility with the IC

(Then I consider that if that is put in question in the Assembly, there is a trap I say that we are leaving the framework of the decision of Porto Alegre to put everything in question) (sound interrupted in Mexico)

Rosa Pierre says that in Porto Alegre I don't know the Letter of Principles was not questioned, nor what has to do with consensus

@Rosa: Pierre, your time is up, you will be part of the Assembly debate

Héctor, it's another thing to see Felix

@ 74

Felix: I propose for the Assembly without any disqualification moose at all, but that if we did it as we began to make the meeting in the telephone operators union, for 2 reasons 1 first broader for second to make emphasis and commitments with them of what is in some way involved, and give more push to the farm people

It is a suggestion to do so, and that we also commit each one to at least invite an organization or a group with some background, that we are twice as we are today, especially those who have come that did not come, which was a 60 70 people organizations

Oscar: we accept it we can vote now

Héctor: Right now I am going to put to the vote each of the things that have been mentioned


@ 75


I think that we have to prepare in another sense, the one that is already defined, that it sends us what Commission they are working on, that I added, that it does not copy Commission, I understand that there is some progress, before the Assembly is given since it is defined, He who already knows what he wants to get in touch with someone wants an area by mail, and we get in touch and start working


Héctor: we are going to go piece by piece

@ 76

José: logistic point: we must not trust that the headquarters will solve everything: it does not give coffee or anything, do it from here to have everything is necessary I do not rule out the idea that there must be very precise criteria for participation if you arrive with something concrete José (chignon) And I would not discard the basic idea there must be very precise criteria for participation


@ 77

Héctor: yes, but we are not going to put it to anyone: if they come from a peasant organization, I don't know anything very important for the first time, and will I tell you, did you do your homework? All organizations are invited, let's try to encourage them to be prepared, to have methodology to take the Assembly

Yes because we are going to put fellow requirements to assist

Miguel: yes they must have priority to speak first

Beatriz: To some extent, I agree with Miguel you are saying that we are responsible for bringing more people, he is also responsible for telling you what are the

minimum requirements to participate

Because otherwise it becomes a question a 10-minute participation

Héctor: we are very advanced, I will not give the word in general, we will go out solving aspect by aspect

So, after date, we need a large place for many people where they are in good condition right?

@ 78

Felix: make a proposal I can also get some places, Let's put together a commission, but we can have a deadline

I think that also on Wednesday at the latest of next week I should have the options of electricians another place (oil tankers do not have), then there are many premises

Rosa: in that commission would you be

Hector: we can move on to take the options, we have three options of suitable places, it is said by which one we already resolved on Wednesday

There is the question of the call, I sign up, we can make a commission to make a text that what the call must have to convene it, and it has to leave as quickly as possible, therefore from here to Wednesday a text comes out

Oscar: the circles and we feed them


@ 79

Hector in the call can be suggested, can be combined, Call

I do not think it is an assembly with presentations, that as congresses do not, is with presentation

I say that everyone has the exception that they are entrusted here to take away, for example if it is said the Commission should be prepared and present something

Rosa: the web devices Commission

Hector: the Commission must carry a written PowerPoint whatever it is to make its presentation

But organizations or individuals or individuals, if you have something in writing, fabulous than good, can be shared, but it should not be a requirement to make a presentation

If an organization of native peoples and without anything in writing, welcome, and have the same time as all

Rosa: that's right

@ 80

Héctor: So, I think that the first time we summoned it to many, then we can get tighter, right now at the first time maybe we have a year that

Rosa: we're going to be one year old

Hector: then let's be flexible, but if you can put in the call that organizations are preferably called to bring their contributions in writing

okay so enter the call very well

@ 81


on the subject of the presentations, I am very concerned that there is no floor on which to write

What are we calling people? it needs to be clear that we are moving people to a written floor

Hector: they are later discussions and we are that as the first time an assembly is open

Hector: Then there is the matter

Jose Antonio: you allow me a contribution, because this is what has failed us: we are waiting for the headquarters to have everything and we have to solve it

Hector: it has already been said that the options we are going to propose are adequate means sizes, conditions, etc. ok

@ 82

So now, as a call is going to circulate a text, everything is well worth cetera, and as we spread it

Of course we have our own social networks, I think we have to send the traditional press, maybe if we don't have wool, then a little card in the day, at least not? other spaces

Rosa: if we know several

Hector: In addition to our social networks, it is true, that is to say, we have to give it a lot of diffusion because if not then, this will not work, if it is not a commission strategy always communication

Rosa: adding that, we can send it to colleagues from Brazil who have this World Social Forum site idea, and we can share it

Héctor, already having the call by all means, in addition to the small invitation of who makes people organizations, we assume that we go if not for what

Anything else related to the act of summoning? do not? with that good

Nacho: if you are emphasizing invitations to others a lot, but I think you also have to start the organizational part, which is already defined to be signed up, and practiced before, and that has to have space, that is, since it is organized Even if you have organizational principles, bring your

Rosa: already included

Nacho: where is the mail of who coordinates this group

Héctor: now we are going to that, the call is already triggered, maybe it comes out and it is consensual, and if it is not already done second version with agenda right?

@ 83

Hector: what is essential date and place

Now then the methodology The methodology will be derived from the agenda, right?

Maybe someone would have to work the methodology a bit more, there are indeed some clear things, right? time equal time blablabla by rounds, but we will have to think how it will develop

The topic objectives can be a very free round

But maybe you would have to make tables as Oscar suggested to land to see a table on logistics, forum spaces, another table on the methodology of the forum, axes for example on et cetera not?

So, if we had to think about the agenda, the methodology of plenaries and tables during the days

I think that many will not be two days, but hey

So I do not know if from there, along with Felix, which is going to be the proposed agenda, there are those who can join to work on the scheme of not only the points, but also the methodology

Miguel: there are some things that are like assemblies, and others are from work groups

with the techniques, then for example by saying "because we have to make a World Social Forum" better invited to make contributions in plenary

Rosa: and we have to prepare the methodology route the most technical things can be in parallel tables

Hector then this

Rosa: the partner is noted

Oscar: you have to contribute a list of organizations and interested people: I still have 100 or 200 organizations of the previous ones available so that the invitation can be widely made

Héctor: there if they have those directories, and could assume to trigger the call by email

Rosa: Well, we have the mail with Ana Paula

Hector: Ana Paula you can stop with that directory then

@ 84

Hector: Now what commissions would have to prepare something, or could prepare something as an introduction to the discussion, either in plenary or at a table

I mean, for example, communication, "oh well, we were going that, maybe the Assembly says it doesn't work" Logistics

Rosa: communications and web devices

Hector: what commissions can you present as an introduction

(woman) It is also part of the trajectory (woman)

@ Therefore, it is a way of introduction, because the Assembly will be sovereign


Miguel: I know that all the commissions are broken up

Rosa: we have to retake the

Héctor: to see in particular some can prepare or could take something prepared for the Assembly, how introduction

Nacho: to be announced what commissions that mail

Hector Ana Paula?

@ 85

Ana paula: there is a topic that is under discussion, what is the technology issue, several bla bla bla workshops have been done, but it is a topic that must be put into the Assembly

Hector: it seems that this would be a table because we do not put a table "communication" and who prepares even for the expression of the differences that exist

A commission that can say "well there are two or three proposals"

communication and technology is the same, with an email, and there is the proposals that exist if there are differences

Then there will be a communication table and they have prepared something

What other commission

Rosa: there is the Culture

@ 86

Héctor: and one more, I want to know if there is any commission that we are going to do here to expand

Rosa: the commissions that are working that send something to the Assembly

Héctor: so that the tables and the plenaries do not start from scratch ok

There is no intention to have said "fellow Assembly members, we have cooked all that and now they eat it" no!

It is an introduction to integrate

ROsa: OK

Ana Paula: nothing more than procedure: there are spontaneous locations of if mail is not mail, I still don't know if we are there or not, if there are many emails that we are going to put

Héctor: what do the emails have to do?

Miguel: commissions are broken up


Héctor: let's see partner, s what is not resolved until now, we will not solve it in a minute, then the commissions or the axes that have been able to advance something, that are working, and can take something prepared to the Assembly as input to enter the discussion do

The ones that don't work won't take


@ 87

Rosa: I might also suggest that those who are in the Commission methodology, or in the same chat of the collective, inform how the thing is, to see if it is made plenary in the presentation the table is not made, without discriminate against anyone I see it as a way out

Hector: the commission that will work agenda and methodology can define that

It is understood as already said that the plenary will work on more general issues

What has more landing has to be at tables, because landing something in plenary is very complicated

Miguel: but those tables do scan a synthesis that they will present to the plenary

@ 88

Hector: I think we have the fundamental definitions, 1000 things are missing

We are solving them along the way

Hopefully if the Assembly works, a lot of people will be added to the work, and that there we will be able to take definitions: that we hope, what functions in terms of axes commissions Tal Tal Tal Tal

I think we can't move on here anymore, because in fact it's already going to be two in the afternoon

Rosa: No one missed signing up?

Héctor: thank you very much, fellow companions and see you

what they write down to methodology raised their hands

Rosa: and colleagues who are online thank you very much for joining us we are finishing the session

Pierre: If I write down in methodology how I get in touch,

Pink; Right now I write you a high hug Javi see you next March 14 Javi Sheila I want a hug companions, we are in communication thanks Tiburcio all who accompanied us all we meet later





Please I want to speak Leo


Tiburcio, we accompany the meeting here from Brazil, San Paulo. Thank you. Tiburcio

@ 89

Gostaria to contribute as follows: there is a consensus in the recent meeting of the CI of Porto Alegre that we must all concentrate efforts to politically revitalize the WSF process towards Mexico.

And strengthen and expand for that the networks, organizations and social movements not Mexico and worldwide. The main task seems to us to be this. And for this it is necessary to elaborate and urgently launch a politically strong text of pre-convocation of the WSF of Mexico, endorsing a meeting of the IC extended next May in Mexico or, if it were not possible, in June in Barcelona.

@ 89A In this priority process we can deepen the debate on the role of the Forum and the Charter of Principles.

I preferred to write that intervention rather than talk to save time. If possible, leiam-na for the collective. Thank you. Tiburcio

Oi Rosi, it is possible to read my intervention above. Um just a minute. Thank you.


Tati Hols



@ 90 Na mesma proposta do Tibúrcio, so that the sound fell during my intervention I wrote or commented abaixo. But Avalie, Rosy, shared with the group or contributed to the need:

Or FSM é um processo e não um event. In that sense, or International Council fears an important role, it seeks to guarantee that all of them have tenham by orientation to the Letter of Principles. Not according to the Letter of Principles will not be a WSF. No mais, or role of the FSM CI and supportive or Mexican coletive.

I would like to point out that at the realization of a WSF, it is an opportunity to strengthen civil society, raise and broaden relationships, potentiate incidents. In that sense, I send a suggestion: to list organizations and movements that would be important will be the process of organizing the WSF Mexico and, as we are present at the meeting, we will be responsible for agreeing. Thank you!

@ 90A The WSF is a process and not an event. In this regard, the International Council has an important role, seeking to ensure that all editions are guided by the Charter of Principles. @ 90B If they do not follow the Charter of Principles, it will not be an WSF. In addition, the role of CI FSM is to support the Mexican collective.

@ 90B I think it is important to highlight that the celebration of an WSF is an opportunity to strengthen civil society, create and expand relationships and improve incidents. In this regard, I send you a suggestion: list the organizations and movements that would be important if you join the process of organizing the WSF Mexico and, the people present at today's meeting are responsible for inviting. Thank you!


Pessoal, precise sair. Foi bom be with you. We continue in dialogue, together. Abraços


@ 91


On the growth of the facilitator group, the orientation after September 21 was to ask for a commitment letter to the organizations and go to look for them one by one.  http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo77 
Instead of activating this dynamic, the option of a refundant assembly process is taken today, it is important to discuss this point

@ 91A A point that was not specified in this discussion is the way to make decisions in this assembly, which was declared “resolutive”, while it is intended to invite many people who do not know the WSF process well

@ 91B I want to emphasize that the usual “framework” of a WSF process facilitation committee, when the IC decision is taken for an upcoming WSF, is usually 1 / build the process with the Charter of Principles, 2 / make decisions by consensus / consent on facilitation, 3 / be in Co-responsibility with the CI -

There is even a historical document that gives guiding principles to organize the forum:  http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/metcom-principiosguias-versao2011

@ 91C Then, it may be that, in this assembly of March 14, decisive and perhaps by vote (which would be in my opinion problematic) this framework, which was explicitly put into discussion at this meeting today, with some influential participants expressing explicit intentions to move away from this framework. This can generate unprecedented problems.





Pierre, write me down, Rosa, please in the preparation commission