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Invitation to continue act534 wsp dynex1 group as "on line encounter #17" in WSF Mexico initial process


To present participants in the act534 group 

Context :  This act534 group has been created in the Dynex1 WSF extension dynamics  to take advantage of the effort made in Norway to bring together in the frame of seminar "from crisis to change", facilitators of existing  national scale social forum processes  (Iraq Nepal Norway Zambia).


Our Norway friends have broadcasted and recorded video of the public session of 21st september and will send later notes. This material will be helpful.

What to do next in this group? Our proposal for next steps is threefold

1/  Continue this group and make it a lasting space for exchange of experience between national scale English speaking  social forum facilitators who all have practical experience of what it is to sustain a social forum process.  

Beyond the whatsapp group, there is the possibility to have teleconferences sessions and have collaborative editing using pad internet pages where participants can draft collaboratively texts about their  facilitating experience  related to a series of questions that we can agree to discuss  

For instance "what do we expect from discussions in this group?"   “ what is the diference between facilitating the forum process and participating in it? “  - “ what is the “process” ongoing  beyond the “events ”we regularly schedule and prepare”  “how do we relate to WSF charter in our facilitation work”  etc.

2/ Place this group as an online  encounter in the  preparation thematic space #4 : “use and development of WSF process Mexico, which is  scheduled late 2020 at this point. The group becomes  EX017  that is the 17th online Encounter created in the preparation of meXico process  

The list of those thematic spaces is here  http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-ejes-tematicos-en - the "scope" of the encounter would be  «exploring the issue of exchange of experience between facilitators of national scale social forum processes ( thematic scale process faciltators are also welcome) 

For information there is presently another encounter EX014 starting in that same thematic space  about the perspective of restarting a social forum process at european level  where norwegian social forum faciltators are also involved  see here http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20autodoc/ex014-autodocumentation-doc1 

Here you can find some information in english related to mexican process  http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20//#EN


3/ Additionally to 1 and 2, it is possible to use the group for contextualizing information in English about the participation of national and regional thematic  facilitating committees in WSF international council, as a support in the implementation of a decision confirmed in Salvador de bahia last march 2018.   

An International council whatsapp group has been set up recently, where many persons are oldtimers of the council and speak spontaneously Spanish or Portuguese, so having a English speaking information place for newcomers might be helpful  http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci

We invite you to  tell in the chat of the act534 / EX017 wsp group if you, as active participants in one ot those social forum processes, are interested to stay in the group with those three above perspectives. Should you not be interested, you can comment and leave the group 


  • Ali  from iraqi social forum  facilitating committee 
  • Uddhab from nepal social forum facilitating committee
  • Pierre Caritas network  representative in WSF International council