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 "Situation in Iraq? /  Iraq social Forum?  EN "  

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globe-logo.pngEncounter in EIXT07 thematic space

Encounter EX033 - EJE: ET07  Demcoratization   @3 TITULO  About the citizen movement in Iraq     15/09/2019 - @1 RESPONSABLE impulsor : Ali 00044 - @2 COANIMADORXS:  @7 CITA: ??  - @8 UBICACIONES: on line  - PART EJE: - PART OTROS : - @6 GRUPO WSP: 2/ we need a wsp group- @5 PERSPECTIVE: T1/  explore a topic in depth together  @4 QUE Y PARA QUE: see doc 1   @9 AVANCES: -   link espacio autodoc    INIVITATION

Encounter  EX033 has 3 tools in its  base digital workbase   

See links   The links to those tools are un the item description of the  group info menu of the WSP group EX033 

  • a grupo wsp -  search  "EX000EN/inicio" in the  search box of openfsm/net
  • a tele conference room  https://meet.jit.si/
  • a collaborative pad  en el grupo wsp  

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ex033 autodocumentacion doc1 Invitation to this EX033 encoute