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This input comments on a scheme that proposes a visualization of the "span of time 2021-2022" of the "WSF process", in the sense "sequence of 15 WSF world events from 2001 to 2022"   https://wsf2021.net/13-eventos-fsm/

@1 image for an overview of the wsf  process in 2021-2022 -  @2 blue ribbon of the facilitating groups - @3 yellow ribbon of events and continuities -  @4 the main thing the self-organizing processes of articulations -  @5  relation of this visualization with objectives GFMX possible for wsf 2022




1-General overview image of the WSF process in 2021-2022

The scheme proposes to visualize “the wsf process” and its continuity over time, which is a concern formulated as an objective in the discussions of the facilitator group GFMX with the IC to date (see discussions - it is reflected in the words "continuity" - "permanencia" - "process"  in the index / lexicon of the conversation of June 12   and  indic / lexicon of the conversation of June 26 ) 

  • From left to right of the diagram is the course of time
  • In the vertical dimension from top to bottom, it is the construction of articulations  , dialogue activities and initiatives of action with a possibility of relationship in the space of agora of futures with a sequence of forms of participation, panels, activities, assemblies, initiatives, agora of futures, which was concretized. in the virtual wsf 2021 event see the left column of the diagram and the site  https://wsf2021.net/programa-evento/
  • The geographical dimension is not shown, it comes as a third dimension perpendiacular to the page : at any moment of the process, local activities can be anywhere in the world and there are dynamics of connection to the process, whether thematic or geographical, that unfold




2-Blue layer/banner of the succesive facilitating groups "on duty"

The top blu layer of the page, in blue letters,   shows which is the facilitating group in charge of animating the section of the process  

  • It begins with the  GF of the virtual WSF 2021  that was finished at the end of February - Then comes the GFMX that was started in March but which has to be issued an international invitation signal -  The blue rectangle   shows the   visible GFMX responsibility period,  let's say it is September to October 2022 - so you can take care of the post-event period 
  • The rectangle highlights the role of an  international facilitating group    (which can be encouraged by the IC-WSF) that would be more particularly responsible for the international connection and the virtual + local moments of the mixed event wsf 2022 (see second yellow ribbon plus down ) 
  • Then another facilitating group would come in charge of the next stretch of the process (is it visible with  question marks?)
  • In the present case of the WSF world events process started in 2001, the facilitation of the process stretch is done "in co-responsibility with the IC-WSF",  more so to the extent that this IC (internacional council)  fulfills its role as a contributory "facilitating community" WSF process in its section 21-22 with tasks of linking and stimulating international participation, tasks of creative exchanges on the methodological accumulation (in which this text is located), task of stimulating articulations with a proactive role of member entities of the IC)




3-Yellow banner/layer of the events and platforms for continued participation

The second tape shows in yellow the dates of the events (which are concentrations of activities and common moments) -

  • On the left, the virtual event from January 23 to 30, 2021   with 1300 participating organizations and 700 activities visible on the join platform  https://join.wsf2021.net/organizations
  • Then a period of possible inter-event continuity , which at the moment is not cared for by a facilitating group. Due to the absence of collective stimulation that a facilitating group could promote the flow of new participating organizations and self-organized activities, it is modest. It is visible here: https://wsf2021.net/organizaciones-participantes-2021/   and https://wsf2021.net/gtagora-1actividades2021/ . The GFMX collective and other initiatives linked to the WSF can popularize this possibility from now on. ; and work on the problem of adapting the join 2021 participation platform into a join 2022 or a more generic join if they so decide.
  • Then there are the dates of    3 moments of the mixed-format event fsm 2022 -  - In this sense, this scheme invites a specific look at “a truly mixed format” of a WSF event in 2022,  different from the previous practice reduced to a modestly extended face-to-face event , and at the same time in continuity with this experience (see a previous input6 on extension and mixed event ) 
    •       A virtual + local moment "on the way to Mexico"  starting on April 7 (indicative date), with virtual activities as in the virtual wsf of 2021 and extended local activities, that is, open to remote participation. This moment would culminate the processes of linking to the WSF developed for months before / heading to “Mexico 2022”. This moment would be quite similar to what was already done in the 2021 virtual forum event, it can be taken care of by an international facilitating group, encouraged by the IC, linked to the GFMX.
      • At this time, the right to participate would be the same between people and organizations around the world, as facilitation looks for ways to limit the "digital divide".
      • At this time, people with the capacity to physically travel to Mexico could make themselves known to others, and to some extent receive the role of delegates  from some organizations and local groups.
        They undertake to take a leading role in certain activities in Mexico and to support once in Mexico the extension of the activities in which they will participate.
    •       The face-to-face moment concentrated in Mexico, starting on May 1 (indicative date)  with face-to-face activities in the center of Mexico and some other places, each with an effective outreach effort assumed by the organizations responsible for each activity, an effort stimulated by a group of work "extension" of the GFMX - to offer inclusion of remote participation in the activities in Mexico.
    •       A virtual + local moment of “return from Mexico”, starting on May 21 (indicative date) where the dynamics of each action initiative can be made visible with virtual and local meetings that could again be facilitated by the international facilitating group for  wsf 2022.
    • Suitable words will appear in practice to qualify the virtual moments before / "road to Mexico", and later "return from Mexico" in relation to the central face-to-face moment in Mexico.
  • Then a period of continuity post WSF 2022 event assumed from the GFMX  until a facilitator collective in charge of the next section of the process is agreed and manifested - be it a decentralized section, be it a section with an event or another formula that is agreed upon in the IC - WSF





4-the main thing: the dynamics of self-organized articulations from networks and territories

After the two upper tapes described in point 2 and 3, the rest of the scheme reproduces at each moment the same generic sequence specified in the virtual event March - Panels - activities - assemblies - initiatives - Agora of futures

In the reality of participation in the process, the use of the forms of participation, activities and initiatives by the actors of a certain process / dynamics of self-organized articulation is diverse and its manifestations appear in the course of 2021 and 2002 from left to right. right in the schematic.


In brown, exhilarating moments: marches and panels

  • The marches are common moments of self-visibility, the participating organizations bring their struggles and are stimulated to formulate initiatives and activities where they can be pursued and articulated.
  • The list of panels is agreed in the facilitation group and  they are inviting didactic expressions aimting at motivating participation , with expanded visibility, without claiming political leadership in their content.    https://join.wsf2021.net/panel-activities
    • They can be considered as self-organized activities like others, proposed by training groups , initiated in a self-organized way through groups formed within the facilitating group.
    • You can distinguish thematic panels and geographical panels linking to the process “ for what and how to participate in the WSF 2022 process from a region or a topic. ”Can be programmed in periods of continuity between events or at the time of events


In red, dialogues between participating organizations; activities and assemblies

  • Self-organized activities are the fundamental engine of dialogue - they are articulations for dialogue, the entities that organize them are responsible for the material organization by the methodology for the documentation by the extension   https://join.wsf2021.net/activities
  • The assemblies are self-organized activities that meet objective criteria such as being co-organized by more than X organizations and have greater visibility and less parallelism of programming in the face-to-face event. These are the ideal times to launch declarations agendas that will be promoted as action initiatives   https://join.wsf2021.net/assemblies-activities
  • There are activities that are of dialogue of experience and visions, without having connection with an idea of ​​action -There are activities that are related to an initiative of action that are articulations for concrete action


In green, visibility of joint actions between participating organizations; initiatives - calendar - agora

The initiative form of action allows to make visible    narrative - goals - strategies - promoters - organization of public actions . For the same articulation dynamics worked between participating actors, activities and initiatives are intermingled in time  https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives 

  • The formulation of an action initiative can come in parallel with the dynamics of articulation in the forum if it is to reinforce through promotion / linking / organization / etc activities in the forum, an initiative that already exists,
  • Initiative formulation may come as a result of dialogue activities and, once started, return to the previous case. For example, an initiative that is the promotion of a declaration made on the occasion of an assembly already prepared with various activities.

The WSF 2022/23 public action calendar of participating organizations   https://join.wsf2021.net/actions-calendar

  • The public actions announced in the initiatives to ratify a character of action are ordered by date in a permanent calendar of actions of participants in the WSF process, a calendar that is fed without the intervention of third parties and evolves over time if there is a horizon of 18 months that progresses with time
  • These actions can be situations of public dialogues with voluntary participation assimilable to activities, or things that are not such as marches, sit-ins, blockades, door to door, media actions, and many others, 
  • There is a variety of types of public actions, and the practice of using the initiative participation form will allow the concrete organization of this diversity of actions for another possible world to become more an object of exchange in the forum space.

 Agora of Contact of participants with groups promoting initiatives: projecting themselves into an active future for another possible world

  • The spaces and times provided for the “agora of futures” are so that participants can informally come into contact with groups promoting initiatives. They can be specified in various ways
    • Be virtual and activated during temporary periods , with moments of public appointments. https://join.wsf2021.net/agora 
      • It is obvious that participation in the virtual agora is more interesting for participants and promoters of initiatives. if it is very crowded - noting however that once the operation of the agora is appropriated by participants, this can be somewhat diluted, since each group can make their informal appointments in the agora https://join.wsf2021.net/agora  see column "presence of the group in their agora virtual room" 
      •  In particular, agoras can be organized at the virtual + local moment " road to Mexico" / the virtual eve and at the virtual + local moment " return from Mexico " and at the face-to-face moment in Mexico. These moments can be communicated live through a TVagora session (see the implementation of agora  in the virtual forum  )
    • Be in person
      • Obviously, a space / time  agora of the face-to-face future proposed by the GFMX very mediated in Mexico stands out on May 7   (indicative date)  functioning as the final moment of the face-to-face event Mexico WSF 2022 that the GFMX is concerned with extending it on the internet. It can also be supported by a virtual agora space operating between May 1 and 7
      • It can culminate with a closing media moment with the presentation of the live WSF 22/23 calendar or the march of the initiatives 
      • It would be followed, 3 weeks later, by the virutal moment of future "return from Mexico" 
      • Be local,  which raises the possibility / perspective of future local agoras facilitated by ad hoc groups based on recommendations from the GFMX and IC




5- Relationship with the formulation of specific objectives of GFMX for WSF 2022

 GFMX= Group of Facilitation from Mexico


Relating to the April 17 discussion  


Felix @038 presentation of objectives (video transcription) 

 The first objective towards the global process of the World Social Forum is to contribute with initiatives and we emphasize that they are above all projects, with short and medium term goals to make the World Social Forum a permanent process, with greater articulation in common global agendas , that they achieve an effective emancipatory incidence and thus advance in building a global subject

…… .Then for that reason we open it, we could call it specific objectives or items

  • 1 / that the Social Forum is a permanent process 
    • here the insistence that we put the last name that it is a permanent process and we continue the same because right now it is not a permanent process it  already has many many advances  but here in this group we think as the great moment of the forum in 2022 that once again there can be exchanges of learning, But not necessarily a line of continuity, in that if in the coming year, it is a mooring, a synthesis of progress, but not expecting that we are all the time that we are wi
    •  on March 8 with women, or of solidarity with the workers organized on May Day, but if we have articulated the actions we try different dimensions of global struggle, and how the initiatives are articulated and lead in commitments  So I think it is an objective that we still have a lot of work to do, and consequently
  • 3 / to achieve greater unity of action that is reflected in common global agendas, both temporary 
    • And some organizations had hoped that in the January forum, we would have come out with a 5-day agenda for this year 2021 in which all of us who identify with the objectives of the World Social Forum will express ourselves around the world, right Very little progress was made and precisely on several points we would comment on this progress, we can do it already in Mexico for the first of May   and not only is it giving testimony, it is expressing complaints, it is making complaints but 
  • 4 / these agendas achieve an effective emancipatory advocacy a implies enhancing our ability to achieve it, 
    • also the powerful of the world continue to advance continue to exist continue to impose the post-neoliberal model, and many times we do not even have the capacity to even understand what is happening sufficiently  because of this, what is one of the dimensions that the objective has to be specified and what Finally  
  • 5 / a global subject with these commitments and emancipatory capacities is gradually being constituted
    • (NOTE this verbal formulation in the meeting is different from the writing seen in the video "that the wsf is constituted as a global subject") 
    • this has been mentionned discussed and will be changed from  augist 7th meeting xx 



  • A / The specific objectives 1 to 4 of GFMX proposed in this discussion of April 17 are the mere repetition in bits of the formulation of the general objective of GFMX - 1 / contribute with initiatives and we emphasize that they are above all projects, with short goals and medium term to 2 / make the World Social Forum a permanent process, 3 / with greater articulation in common global agendas, 4 / achieve an effective emancipatory impact and 5 / thus advance in building a global subject
    • For the specific objectives it can be expected that there will be a step towards the “how's” and not the mere repetition of the specific stated objective.
    • Based on the experience of the forms of participation proposed in the virtual social forum wsf 2021 that are consistent with a methodological accumulation wsf and the possibility of continuity offered by the join participation platform initiated in the virtual forum  https: //join.wsf2021 .net /  you can propose a visualization of the WSF process section for 2021-2022 that is commented on this page
    • With the help of the visualization proposed on this page, it is possible to propose a formulation of more concrete specific objectives related to the forms of participation in the process (which is the methodology).  
  • B / target 5 is a mod / distortion of the corresponding bit -
    • it goes from “progress is made in constructing a global subject (a realistic formulation if it is better defined that this global subject is not the forum) to
    • a global subject is gradually constituted (verbal version) - or even the wsf is constituted as a global subject (written version written in the meeting)    that is not quite the same thing,  the word constitute is very strong and indicative of the constituent process of an actor forum /subject


Returning to point A, some first possible formulations,  with more "hows"    of specific objectives of the GFMX for wsf 2022          in   conjunction with point 4 above on this page -

  • 1 / Contribute to initiatives (echoes the specific initiative form of participation in the virtual forum), with short and medium-term goals - 
    • can be formulated:  value promoting this form of participation from the GFMX and make proactive use of this form by GFMX organizations as participants
  • 2 / to make the WSF a ​​permanent process, (echoes the image 2021 2022 on continuity of the process) see points 1 2 3 4 above on this page -

    • A narrative of participation in a process that is not reduced to an event can be formulated to propose from the GFMX and the associated international facilitating group, make available and promote the use of forms of participation, activities and initiatives and news from the forum ( that are not in the image and could be added) from before the event and until after the event

  • 3 / with greater articulation in common global agendas (common between articulated organizations that so agree not on behalf of the forum) 
    • , it can be formulated to gradually promote and make visible the use of action initiatives s stimulate that they are formulated and visible and propose and promote tools so that organizations can seek proximity in dates and objects of public actions in initiative goals etc. and can work articulations of initiatives 
    • Make visible and promote initiatives to build shared agendas between broad articulations of organizations that can be done by growth of some specific initiatives or articulations between initiatives that give rise to agenda initiatives supported by many specific initiatives
    • make visible, promote, take care of the calendar of actions of organizations participating in the wsf , formed from the initiatives and the space / moment of the future 
  • 4 / that  an effective emancipatory anti-hegemonic incidence is achieved (this refers to the relevance and strength of the public actions of the initiatives) this opens up on the problem of the strength and relevance of initiatives 2 and 3 and the problem of "articulating effective actions "Principle 1 WSF - what kind of actions?
    • It is possible to formulate    Stimulate that, and contribute to, through self-managed activities from gfmx organizations, that the forum also becomes a "popular university of exchanges on actions of all kinds for another possible world",
    • with the encouragement that from the initiatives / articulations that assume them, these actions achieve counter-hegemonic scale: for example, promoting the practice of synchronized decentralized actions throughout the world, etc.
  • : 5. a possibility allowed by progress in the 4 previous objectives
    • can be formulated : stimulate and mutual visibility among the initiatives of particular agendas of which they achieve a large size in the fsm, which are interconnected as far as possible in diversity and autonomy, through cross-participation of organizations, dates of shared public actions,
    • and that thus progress is made in practice in referring to a global subject understood as an intertwining of alliances / articulations / initiatives of interconnected agendas