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Some elements about the use / functions of a social forum event related website.

function 1/ make mutually visible those who come to participate, so they can interact relevantly according to their perceived proximities (in profile interests goals et), and prepare hold self organized activities (moments of dialogue for different purposes(*) relevant to them and other participants, gathered in bottom up program of the event (** see acts of participation 1 to 10 in the table)

(*) purposes : “reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and interlinking for effective action for another possible world, as pers wsf principles)

function 2/ Produce of a calendar of public actions, assumed by self organized articulations of participant organizations gathered in initiatives for action , spanning over next 18 months to come after the event (that can be updated in a decentralized way by those assuming those actions/ initiatives at least for some time) ( **see acts of participation 11 and 13 to 18 and 20 in the table )

function 3/ Stimulate a decentralized irradiation of messages from the participants in the forum event about what they do in the forum and how they see the forum event as a way to irradiate diverse messages about why and how another world is possible ( **see act of participation 12 in the table)

function 4/ Constitute a searchable memory of who said what in activities ( self-documentation of the activities popular education university) (** see acts of participation 19 in the table )

(**) table of acts of participation available to participants in the event website http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-insumo14-en

The event website in WSF2021 has been composed of 3 websites

  • wsf2021.net – event website - for communicating the forum methodology and build up “towards” participants ,
  • join.wsf2021.net acts of participation platform - for making mutually visible the main “participation acts” and foster interactions “between” participants ( presence of organizations, description of activities and description of initiatives ) and
  • wsf2021/news, as news repository , exploratory stage- for showing content of news produced “from” participants in the forum)

The repository of acts for participation ( join.wsf2021.net) will be adapted and improved into a joinwsforum.net used for 2022 WSF and vision is to separate what is permanent process info, and what can depend on the context of an event, such as the event thematic axes, which is a categorization of activities, among many others accessible to participants-

How functions are implemented

  • Function 1 and 2 are stimulated by the facilitating group, through invitation to participate, circulation of participation narrative and build up progress reports, and making available to participants “proximity” searches”, among the contents that participants produce in the platform ( description of organizations, of activities , of initiatives, news), making available interactive more or less focused spaces where participants can interact ( such as broad welcome in the forum spaces, , or more focused spaces around expressed interest for a given activity or an initiative
  • Function 3 is stimulated by the facilitating group inviting participants to produce news with equitable visibility in the forum site and channels, besides news they produce through their own sites and channels
  • Function 4 is stimulated by the facilitating group inviting participants to self-document their activities and update their initiatives for some time after the event

Implementation of those 4 functions is a shared responsibility between

  • A/ facilitating collective  for the event, that design and use the websites for their communication “towards” participants about why and how participate, and
  • B/ participants in the social forum event , that use the website for communication “between” and “from” participants, according to the participation narrative and their own participation goals, experience and creativity