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 CI FSM & GFMX MEETING JUNE 12 CI-FSM experience 2 

video    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVvwtxn-pGY 

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transcript http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-reunion-22mayo21 


transcript   http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-reunion-29mayo21 

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  • 1. Welcome. @1 
  • 2. Reflections from the FSM GF in Mexico carmen daniela  questions from mexico  @5   carmen    @6  ricardo   @7   lidia
  • 3. The Virtual WSF tiburcio   virtual forum @9  carlos -
  • 5. The international context and challenges for the WSF (francine) (ian?)   Future of the forum  @10  francine     @11  Gina    @13  ian  
  • 4. The IC Secretariat, the International Council and its relationship with the Facilitating Groups    secretariat   @14   Hamouda    @15  damien
  • 6. Challenges towards the WSF in Mexico. group work (open discussion rosy) @17  Rosa      groups    @18  Group 1 -    @19  group 2 -  @20  Group3 -  @23  group 4 -  @24  group 5 -  @25  group 6 -   @28  group 7   
  • 7. Close.    @30  Rosa      @31   carmen - felix - daniela - mario - josé    @36  damien  what we want with the forum   @37   Pierre  mixed  event  virtual & physical    Oscar Rosa



@ 001 Rosa

Well, we have prepared an agenda here that was pending from the last time on May 22, we hope that we can conclude it, that it be a fruitful meeting, that we continue to nurture ourselves as a Mexican facilitating group of this story, of this experience. 

I'm going to share right now the agenda that here in the chat, so that we all have it in mind with this technique with this welcome to all and everyone, even if they want to introduce themselves they can do it in the chat, so that we can see who we are from which organization of what condition; What country.

And the last time it was agreed that it was suggested that in this session we could start with the reflections that the Mexican facilitating group had regarding the previous session of may 22.. It is a small commission that is going to make a return of the reflections on the part of the GF, something brief to later enter with the pending issues that is the virtual World Social Forum that yesterday we had requested from Carlos Tiburcio, on the secretary of the International Council and its facilitators It is important for a bit to see what the procedure to follow in Mexico will be, and then I closed with the international context and challenges, for the World Social Forum in Mexico, and the World Social Forum each for the forum for reflection It is the forum and the Secretariat, each one is going to have 10 minutes, and Francine who is here, we are going to give her more time about 15 minutes, we are going to come not enough or 20 minutes, and the challenge stick of the forum.

Well, we would see the conditions in which we are, to see if we do a round in plenary or if we go to some groups to do a round of reflections


What is going to be there is not something defining, it is about bring the points that we have left and continue walking of course , because the work will continue.

So then I leave Daniela in the floor to coordinate the first point, Felix, what were you going to comment on?

Daniela about a minute but what is it now that it takes and I think Francine also wanted to comment on something. 


@ 002 Felix 

Perspectives, and challenges is very important, in that I want that it still does not translate into analyzing the objectives of this entire process from here to Mexico, because @ 1 there will be a session going to work on the objectives, already in detail, and a little so that the levels do not move.

But if the challenges serve us in one of the antecedents the objectives apart from the ones we bring them forward, it was only so that the session does not go much to the concrete things, but the challenge style in the process is only thank you very much.

@ 003 --- Francine

Thank you, please trying to put point 5 before point 4 of the agenda,   that is, it is a part of the balance, before discussing very specific things, to finalize the balance then 5 before 4 if possible, thank you.

Daniela: there would be no problem if everyone agrees, it can be accommodated within the people, lower point five to point four, if they agree, we would leave it

@ 004 Pierre; 

Yes, thank you Daniela about the agenda: who is item 6 on the agenda, is someone making a presentation or how is that? is it a discussion or is it a presentation? to understand if it is an open discussion.

Daniela: companion Rosa is in charge of this part. She was going to take that part for coordination on her part.

Rosa It is an open discussion, a document or anything, it will be based on what was reflected in the previous points, @ 1 a round of dialogue is opened that is not conclusive, and it is not to carry the objectives, but to bring some general perspectives.

Daniela Yes, please, if you can put the agenda with the change and we are going to pass point 2 that is reflections, and well here we are going to have 3 minutes for each colleague who participates, then at this point colleague Carlos begins. .

 I saw you by phone right now it would be rather the reflection that we made from Mexico to very well forward company of colleagues who like to participate.


@ 005 Carmen  

Hello, good morning everyone, we as part of the Council, we made the facilitating group Pardo that we had a meeting 2 weeks ago on May 29, some reflections were practiced here, some questions if some challenge based on the information that the companions have left to International level then a brief summary were asked three different questions we give. 

We are participating as Alapymes Mexico and other colleagues who will be there the first time, it was learning we were the history of the World Social Forum, see 

transcript May 22nd and inputs http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22index/#I 

transcript May 29 http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-reunion-29mayo21

 and part of the information that is analyzed at this time was the importance of sharing the information the experiences that the International Council gave us on the development of the previous forums.

Above all, something that was taken as important points, @1  were the good and bad things you had, and the development of conflicts had during planning , it is that for us they are obviously important issues. 


@2 Also the importance of creating commissions and thematic working groups, the creation of actions and work proposals during and after the forum to follow up on the global transformation process, overcome errors and experiences, 

As now that we have to talk about the planning, coordination, the importance of the Communication Commission, create a world network against neoliberalism, seek political negotiations, internal pronouncement, order to involve different actors in the territories, you enter the proposal international solidarity, and some thematic groups.

(activities after the forovirtual event  https://wsf2021.net/gtagora-1actividades2021/

This meeting was mentioned, which are only proposals, because obviously during the course of the development of the work, and from the Mexican associations, @3  more themes will come out. But of the points that were mentioned as important are the area of ​​health, the right to original and ancestral culture, migration, social security, unemployment in the hermitage sector, tell me about the economic reactivation worldwide, communication international, the academic sector, effect of university workers, youth groups that can participate in the table forum, to work on the feminist struggle and the emphasis on public policies, and in just to mention a few.

So the first part of that left us what were our reflections about what was said on may 22 

And with Daniela we would go on to question number 2, what were the questions that arose from the information that our colleague Ricardo gave us from the International Council. 


@ 006 Ricardo 

Good morning everyone, there are a series of questions that were collected from the Mexican organizations, meeting here to pose them to the International Council of the WSF, part of what we heard from the history of the experiences of the compañeros and compañeras.

In the first place he will say it very quickly, I asked Rosi to put it in PDF in the chat it will be said. 

Before the massive number of attendees and breadth of topics, it would be necessary to see how to structure the thematic excursions in the forums, at the same time as the movements, the tension, thematic clock, the WSF movement, as a meeting place, to have a panorama of the wound of the process, @1 that is to say the question of linking thematic issues at the same time as movements.

The second observation or question from Lidia “ what is now the responsibility of those of us who are involved, and what is it that we would have to do with you work that has a history, where to orient yourself, how from the forum you can reorganize territories or disseminate those activities that will be included in the forum

The question was fundamentally to the idea of ​​concrete articulations between participants.

The third question is followed by comrade Daniel. Daniel basically raised the issue of communication: how we can move @2 forward on the issue of the communications of the peoples themselves , and of response to the dominant communications, in what ways we can work, so that we maintain that communication, when the dominant excludes us, or manipulates us. 


(communication references: https://wsf2021.net/referencia-comunicacion/ produced in the communication group at the CI http://openfsm.net/projects/cifsm2021/cifsm2021-comunicacion 

Another colleague added to this question with the observation; @3 How does the WSF, through different aspects of art, increase the possibilities of alternative communication? .

Then come a series of questions that Ricardo presented. 

The first: @4 why did it take so many years to be recognized at the World Social Forum, as a thematic forum, the role of ancestral indigenous peoples , was before this in broad themes, but did not look like reaffirm the identity, history, push the contribution to life, the defense of it, the biodiversity that indigenous peoples have made. What happened in the heads of us not to be cared for in a specific way? This was Ricardo's first question.

The second : we know that many and many artists and cultural workers have not been considered as another axis of articulation of creativity of actions, @5 What does the current international committee does in order to turn the culture of the peoples into a thematic axis, and do not turn artists and cultural workers into mere entertainers, animators of events. 

The third within the great work that the International Committee has done, @6 how to pass the baton to new generations , how to convey the forum and that a new, more youthful environment is generated, since young people have been ahead in practice, how to manage to face the challenge of these learning experiences and new generations that facilitate the management from the FCM and the International Committee itself with new faces, new ideas.

(An example of the active presence of youth Laura present at the meeting see below intervention @018,   

his collective sembrartes de personas jovenes presents https://join.wsf2021.net/organizations/11584 , he was invited to the virtual social forum 2021 by a Mexican organization POBLADORES that already had experience of the forum  https://join.wsf2021.net/organizations/9019 , and they formulated an initiative  https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives/13352   and held a colloquium in March https://join.wsf2021.net/activities/9196   and then their collective already visible among Mexican organizations that participated https://join.wsf2021.net/?q=%2Forganizations&display_name=&country=1140   received and accepted the invitation to come to the meetings of the facilitator collective) 

Afterwards, María Luisa, for your question,@7 what will be the strategies so that we can promote this brotherhood that exists from social struggles , what are the tasks; how we can go articulating actions that we have from civil society; from social movements; from the social struggles.

Well, Rosi adds this question that is somewhat linked to communication, but not only; @8 how we make digital sovereignty possible; how to build other spaces; also the digital terrain as it has already been tested in the virtual World Social Forum 

In the end, it is simply not a question, but it has to do with the relationship with perspectives, but it was raised there by several colleagues and I summarize it as follows: 

The World Social Forum @8 is a process that must be permanent, but when it is mentionned to be permanent, sometimes it seems people refer to meetings, continuous dialogues, and not to the organization of campaigns of struggle , which do not remain in the complaint and in the chain of regrets, but rather that they are proactive, that harm the enemies of the peoples such as predatory and militaristic capitalism etc.  

We need the permanence of the WSF to be organized with an international campaign strategy that is concrete and clearly agreed upon . Thank you very much this is the summary.

Thank you very much. Here we go to comrade Lidia as well.


@ 007- Lidia

I would like to raise something also regarding that point forward

If I had to empty the part some parts of the summary, and for a second I can show the document, please what or what is being presented is being presented by Ricardo

I present it but Ricardo sent it, he wants me to share new ones and PDF, if it is the one made by the colleague who made the transmission.

What happens is that there is only the part that Ricardo sent Rosi; Rosi should be sent The complete summary to what good.

Here I personally had to share the last part, which is the part of the proposal, well it is little 6:00 and it is to think that 8, but since I am in the north of Mexico that is 6:00, earlier, and well , I only had to share what would finally be proposed, what were the things that we would like to do for the forum, what are the challenges, then here we must say what are the challenges of the forum . 

Comrade Alejandra said that the challenge of spaces such as the Social Forum is to articulate us all, with our protests, grievances that we have been the object of, and secondly, they will think and reflect on whether the World Social Forum, and all the efforts that exist from this, These spaces are nurtured and empowered by precisely the struggle of our peoples, and this is very important, even now when the Colombian comrades cry out for international solidarity. 

Well, on the other hand, María Luisa said that it is important to make a diagnosis of the antecedents that we have of the Forum, to see how we can support this situation, it is better than the current one that we are going to have this next year, to be able @1 to make diagnoses not only of what can be promoted, but of what is intended to be done, and which could not be done, in order to plant new strategies. 

New, chores, new actions @2 that allow us to solidify the action of the forum united in the cause in the social struggle precisely against capitalism, neoliberal policies, and to be able to implement actions that are convenient not only as a focus of action, but also as a focal point for the articulation of strategies and alliances of social movements in the public sphere.

looking for proximity between actions between initiatives in a calendar of actions https://wsf2021.net/gtagora-calendario1-fechas-de-accion/

The organizer Rosi commented that a process must be carried out, an articulated work, which generates training, reflection, movement, which can make optimizing our assemblies a very interesting challenge. 

Socrates already commented for B, two elements must be highlighted, 

One is that it has failed to incorporate the theme of young people and students at the tables in the discussions, but also in the way of inviting student and youth organizations of all kinds, so that they are the ones who are directly in charge of these tables,

see intervention @018  

Two that must continue to be a space for the construction of alternatives, of all kinds in the field of the economy of culture, and all popular sectors. 

the functions of the forum process spaces for its participants summarized in principle 1 of the WSF: intensify reflection, carry out a democratic debate of ideas, elaborate proposals, establish a free exchange of experiences and articulate effective actions 

That is the final summary of the meeting of the meeting of 29, (transcription meeting 29 http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-reunion-29mayo21 )  and well I hope that a lot will be planted in the articulation and inclusion of young people, and also think that the forum should be a process, it should not be just an event, a meeting that does not have an impact beyond an encounter between movements, but should be an articulated process with a diagnostic strategy, to that may have a greater impact and that is. thank you so much.

Daniela: here is the summary of what seemed important to us. If there is something important we could send you this complete summary ; so that you know it, put together the summary of companion Lidia and Ricardo and send it to them; So I don't know if there was another participation to this part.

Carmen: only comments that the generated summary has already been sent to Rosi so that you can share it in the chat so that everyone can download it.

Daniela: then we leave the overall moderation to our colleague Carmen. 

@ 008--24mn

Carmen We will pass point four so now we are going to give the floor to Francine mestrum dc-tri Centro Tricontinental.

Rosa, sorry, it would be Carlos Tiburcio first, so if we are going to give the word jail types of national consequences.

@ 009 - Carlos 

Thank you very much Carmen, good morning Pedro, your colleagues, I will speak slowly in Portuguese and then I will publish the exhibition in Spanish in the chat. 


Carlos in SPANISH

I appreciate the invitation to make this presentation at this meeting with colleagues from Mexico and a member of the Forro International Council on the experience of the virtual World Social Forum that we held in January. Speak very briefly.

commerce saying that my colleague from Bahia highlighted for me @1the importance of the international composition of the facilitating group of the important virtual World Social Forum as an important differential from other forums in other sports beyond

(In addition to the damien of the other members of the CI of Brazil they interacted with the preparation of this report, I add)

He added that being internationally differentiated, it also lacked both the unprecedented nature of this first virtual, as well as the meetings of the expanded International Council with facilitating groups, including the national regional thematic social forums, which were held in 2020 before the virtual Forum.

(see meeting notes here http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/

http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/online-202009-ampliado2-extension   and http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/online-202010-expanded1-extension   

This was also a facilitating group that had strong support from the International Council: @2 practically all the organizations that were part of the WSF "articulation committee" (created in porto alegre january 2020) participated in the facilitating group of the virtual World Social Forum. 

(articulation group in 2020 http://openfsm.net/projects/cifsm2021/cifsm2021-articulacion

The working time of this facilitating group was, however, very short, very short: it was installed in the group as of November 4, 2020 to build a virtual forum in about three months, and then there is the end of anus. of this period.

@3 Another important difference is that it was an open facilitating group; All organizations at the organizational level that were connected with internationals and agreed with the principles of the forum, and declared their interest in participating, were included in the facilitating group.

Face A facilitating group with a large number of participants 80 or 100 organizations not with their exact number, certainly Hamouda or Rose have this number and in practice we worked on the basis of working groups, and sub-working groups, in space groups Thematic groups, it was then a group group that had the support of a series of working subgroups.

The facilitating group then worked intensively, on average, they held one meeting a week from November 4 until the virtual forum was held.


We will highlight three important characteristics in such an international composition, to comfort the door of the International Council, a facilitating group open to new members and a facilitating group based on practice in practice @4 groups, working groups that define carrying out the tasks of their areas, with commitment. . and autonomy, fulfilling the objectives of the general guidelines defined in the facilitating group.

creation of functional working groups and panel preparation groups (one panel per thematic space defined in the GF that serve to categorize the activities http://openfsm.net/projects/gf-fsm2021/gffsm2021-groups 

internal for a greater political evaluation, We can say that this facilitating group well fulfilled the objectives that were proposed, and made decisions somewhat below the necessary ones, to build a forum that is up to the challenges of the forum situation.

The forum was a relative success, because we were able to do it in very adverse conditions, because we innovated in various topics that could be developed and expanded, and finally because they were strong, which also helped to drive that course, towards Mexico.

@5 However, the definition of a clear and relevant political approach for the current situation and, as we know, a chronic problem, which is still debated in the World Social Forum process, was lacking .

The mobilization, despite various efforts, also fell short of what was necessary and possible. We can say.

@6 Communication does an extraordinary job; It formed more than 10 subgroups in the most varied areas, carried out essential activities, created new conditions, new situations that should be explored in the future, but also fell short of the needs that the forum has today in light of the current situation.

texts in the group http://openfsm.net/projects/gf-fsm2021/gffsm2021-gt-comunicacion and texts from the 10 subgroups of the communication GT   http://openfsm.net/projects/gf-fsm2021/gt-comuincacion- fsm2021-input5
references and communication facilitation tasks produced in the CI Communication WG https://wsf2021.net/referencia-comunicacion/  

There @7 was practically no financial collection despite the efforts of the Finance working group, the call for contribution practically did not have an echo, even in the organization of the facilitating group, it is a serious problem and the little that was raised was channeled to cover expenses. Ceaal Mexico, which played a fundamental role in sustaining the entire process in the virtual World Social Forum, has financial limitations.

 Despite the large number of voluntary human resources, which are essential but not sufficient, this lack of financial resources compensates for the serious problem, if it is a virtual process of the World Social Forum.

Well, these are the lessons that we managed to systematize, and the problems that we must provide for today, and for the future. Thank you very much everyone for your attention, Grace.

32mn Carmen thank you very much Carlos, it is always nice to share with you, that you can give us a lot of information, about the experiences that you had, it is also important for us to be aware of these conflicts, which could happen and that we look for a way to solve them. I thank you very much and say hello

We will now also give the floor to Francis Mestrum Tricontinental Center based in Brussels.


@ 010 - Francine-

Thank you good morning and good afternoon. My friends from the International Council say that I am very critical. It is true that in my analysis I always want to look for the bottom of the problems, to try to solve them, and I also have to say that my astrological sign is Sagittarius. The Sagittarius, as you know, have their feet on the ground very firmly, their feet on the ground, but their heads looking up at the sky. That means that I know I am very critical also I always try to be constructive, positive, to once again try to see the options that are presented. It is a bit the context of my presentation.

And we even discussed the problems in a renovating group, the group with Boaventura, with Roberto, Óscar González, Norma Fernández, I hope that no one myself has forgotten. 

This group was present in the virtual forum 2021 https://join.wsf2021.net/organizations/3582 

@1 So, a bit of a general analysis, because everyone has to know that the forum and the International Council do have problems, and that those are not new . They are problems that have existed for years, at least 10 years, I know that we are discussing these, at least 10 years, they are still there, because there is a group that wants changes, there is another group here that does not want changes, and I am not going to criticize to person nobody, to nobody, I have the greatest respect for everyone who is in the IC,

(The IC has had a little more than 50 meetings in 20 years see here http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/cifuturg2-age-and-presence-in-ic   and entered dysfunction in 2011/12 with the stop of its various commissions (with spaces visible via the right menu at  http://openfsm.net/   There are notes of its meetings here since 2011 http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/  and publications here from http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/   

But we have problems, we have to know that, and I think that the most important thing to say at the beginning of this presentation is that the facilitation group in Mexico will have to find its own path, and I think that @2 this discussion that we have now, and that We had 2 weeks ago on May 22 on history , are very very important to know this history, and to also know where we come from, and try to know how to come where we want to go.

transcript May 22  http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-reunion-22mayo21 

But that is your task, right? To make a forum, it will not be an international process to say "that is the way, that is not", @3 then it will be the mexico facilitating group that will have to find its own path, direction and decide its objectives and strategies .

The big problem, let me say, @4 the big problem, is that at this moment the forum and the International Council are sclerosed , all intellectuals no longer have their own dynamics, there are almost no young people, all intellectuals left, and they are missing large organizations, then that will also be your task, to try to revitalize the council, the facilitating group.

And I would like to illustrate this point. Funds points that were mentioned in the facilitation group meeting on May 29, listen to the recording and two questions that Ricardo mentioned and that illustrate perfectly well what is not going very well in the forum at this time or in the International Council.

.(Tasks of international council as described in casablanca in 2013 http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/casa13-wsfic-tasks-tareas-taches-cifsm/#EN

@ 5 The first point is that of the ancestral native peoples, and the question "why there is no thematic axis on this". The answer is very simple: the forum is self organized, the Forum itself does not invite anyone, we do not decide which groups will be present, or not, that is, the forum, as a forum, almost does not exist, it is the groups that come who present themselves, who position themselves, who organize, yes, the forum does not decide, no one can decide on a thematic axis on indigenous peoples, then it is a very serious problem for me that could change.

The other point has to do with communication: we have already discussed them many times, once again, I have the greatest respect for the people who are in the Communication Commission, they are very, very valid people, who deserve everything in the first place our thanks, and our respect. 

@ 6 The fact is that we do not communicate, we have the communication commission, but we do not communicate, why? because we have decided that we do not want our own voice. The forum cannot speak as a forum, and that is a very big problem , the forum wants to be an open space, a meeting of social movements, but it cannot speak as a forum , and those other points that I think would have to change

So, speaking of challenges, in my opinion there are two things that we would have to change, if we want a success for the future of Mexico.

( this is related to WSF principle 6  no one can speak in the name of the forumhttp://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm-wsf-en)

A first change at the institutional level. @7 look, I think that the forum does not need an international council, if it needs an analytical potential , it does need a group that can think and reflect on world problems, which can be discussed in the forum, that seems very important to me . ,

So, you have to invite again a number, you to decide, but a number of intellectuals, to help define those problems , because the world has changed the world, it is no longer the 20-year-old, we must live in another world , @8 and it is no longer enough to say "we are against neoliberalism", when fascism is threatening, when is threatening the crisis, a climate crisis, then that is the first thing we should think about.

@9 4 months have passed since the virtual forum, and we were told that "we don't have time to talk about reforms, we have to start organizing the forum in Mexico." Ok, but 4 months have passed, and seems to me that we are still not really in the preparation of the forum.

The second point is that effectively for you, the facilitating group will have to define the objectives and strategies as precisely as possible,   if there is no objective, no strategy can be decided, then you have to see how to do it, 

Because once again, the world has changed, and @10 is not about inviting or having 100,000 participants in a Forum, that is not important. It is about bringing together a number of large organizations representing world movements.

These organizations are not there yet, but it is very important, because we know about all the mobilizations, especially in Latin America, at this moment, in Colombia but yesterday in Chile, and in other countries. 

see @ 013-8 the "functions" of the forum for its participants are summarized in principle 1 of the WSF: "intensify reflection, carry out a democratic debate of ideas, elaborate proposals, establish a free exchange of experiences and articulate effective actions" 

@11 Social movements are mobilized, but they are very, very fragmented, and it is a task, it would have to be a task for the World Social Forum to really bring them together, to seek a common interest, to seek a voice to speak to the world, and to to act, to act in the world, because we haven't done that yet, and that seems like a very important task to me.

The potential is there, the forum is a fantastic invention, it is something that has potential. I firmly believe in the potential of the forum, and I hope very, very much, that we will be able to do something very concrete.

@12 The forum in the past had almost a monopoly of world scale organization, now there are other organizations that also play an important role , I am thinking of "progressive international", I am also working in a forum in Europe and Asia, ( https://aepf.info/ ) I do not know if Meena is still from India, with Meena we are responsible for the thematic axis of social justice, and this forum has a slightly different methodology, because it is working between two forums in a continuous process, in groups thematic, and the forum is the result of that work that was done during two years, and of course, it is a much smaller forum, it will be much easier there, but it is something that could be a bit of an example.

So I'm not going to say more, only that @13 I think that the forum really has, and the International Council has to democratize, you need very clear rules for transparency, for decision-making, but it is the facilitation group that will have to decide about the course, about the objectives, about the strategy, 

And I very much hope that they will be able to avoid all the problems that we have, had and still have @14 because there (in IC) there are some people who do not want changes, it is so, we have lived with that for 10 years , but I hope Much that it will be possible to avoid the mistakes that we made, and that they will be able to organize a very interesting forum, very relevant in this period of world politics, 

(There is a DIBCO1 initiative collecting to date more than 100 inputs on problems raised in the IC, or around the IC, on the social forum and on the IC, through self-organized “activities”. The inputs are visible here https://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/  there are also notes or transcripts of IC meetings here http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended 

@15 but you will also need some intellectuals to help you analyze the problems , which will have to be discussed in the forum, and I wish them good luck.

(Francine's written input circulated after the meeting with some additions that she contributed, is available here and can be discussed in the framework of DIBCO1  http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2021-discusionfsm-input114-en

Carmen: Thank you very much, Francine, for saying and using the international context very well, and obviously what are the challenges that come for us within the facilitating group for Mexico, we appreciate your words and your advice. Gina who is asking us to speak. 


@ 011 --- Gina 

Ah well good morning, let's see, I would like to add some things to what Francine said, I think that if there are problems in the International Council in the forum, it has been a long time, but I get the impression that @1 is not the problem of those who want a change, those who want us change, it is a matter of what kind of change we want, 

It is a discussion that we have had in many ways in this process of the forum, I believe that if we decide that the forum speaks for itself, who defines within the group of movements that are in the forum: @2 where is this movement? Who is it given the voice? Who are those who are going to speak?

It is one of the points that we have said discussed a lot, in the sense that the forum is not one, it does not correspond to an apparently group or party structure, which can have a * voice to speak in relation to the rest, right? 

( this is related to WSF principle 6  no one can speak in the name of the forum:  http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm-wsf-en) 

I think that the forum urgently needs another international council, but it is an International Council, for me, which has, I already said in some way, a Mexican partner at the beginning, of course new, not only the great movements that are at the beginning, which They are not at this moment, at least they are not active as they were before, but many other movements, many young people, many activists, not necessarily belonging to the big movements, @3 but permanently forging the processes of change from their local spaces.

So, I think there are the emphases, the one we want to change is important, the emphases to change are different, but @4 I wouldn't want to have a World Social Forum where some people are the ones who speak, and the rest are left out , right? I think that the richness of the forum has been that each of the spaces and movements that have been in the forum have their own articulations, they carry out actions over time , in which the lining does not develop,

They are not simply people who come to the forum, to the international council to show their face and disappear,

This is not the case, at least, for all the feminist expressions that we can find at different times within the Forum.

an example of articulation between feminist organizations in the virtual forum https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives/14131  

I believe that the presence of intellectuals has always been important, it is fundamental, but I do not think it is the only thing. @ 5 The problem of the future is not the lack of intellectuals, it is the lack of a ways and a methodology for discussion among ourselves , in relation to some of the most important issues , which we think are the most important, which have to do with the climate, with the presence of ancestral native peoples, with the issue of racism, with Feminism, with many issues that they are the ones who are in the fore at this moment. 

(the forms of participation proposed on the occasion of the virtual forum allow to show in the forum space 

- "activities" that are articulation for dialogue,  https://join.wsf2021.net/activities 

- “initiatives” that are articulations for action  https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives   that can be discussed in a space agora  https://join.wsf2021.net/agora   and feed a calendar of actions https://join.wsf2021.net/actions-calendar  

 - "news from the forum" https://wsf2021.net/news/  

 This is still accessible in 2021 towards Mexico 2022 https://wsf2021.net/proceso2021-info1/ 

@6 I want to tell you that the World Social Forum that we held in Belem 2009 had a very important presence of indigenous people from different parts of Latin America.

I also want to say that there is the Pan-Amazon forum that has a permanent presence of indigenous people , both Amazonian and Andean, because it has been one of the things that have been composed in this way at this time, and that they want to have an active presence. in this space of the International Council, or in the relation of space for future forums.

(The Panamazonian forum fospa is visible in this WSF events calendar where the next event of the fospa 10 process in belem in 2022 appears in discussion http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2021-calendar/#lista

So, I simply want to exist that @7 we need change, but I want to do it from this other point of view, from this other perspective , which we have already discussed with Francina at other times, we have had different positions in different ways, and this is what we interchange. they may be for the moment. That's what I mean there are more things but hey.

 Carmen: Thank you Gina for your comment, we give you your word, Felix.


@ 012 Felix 52mn 

Thank you Although I know that there will be a debate on these interventions at the end, if in particular I think it is important to add demo to comment initially, that although I am not a member of the International Council, I have been fully involved in the work of the facilitating group (renovating?) that Francine mentioned, I have been there participating and following, 

I think we should highlight the international context at this time, although she mentioned it, but I would say that for we are responsibilities in the Mexican process, it is very important, it is that although the international context is changing, a change in the In recent years, on the occasion of the wear and tear of the neoliberal phase of capitalism, due to the presence of the pandemic, the vast majority of the population has made evident, especially those who are in concession that @1 a force is needed that can give action to global level, as well as in global state or global level that have imposed neoliberalism, I would say that this awareness is needed from alternative antisystemic emancipatory efforts, the presence of a subject, this is in the air at the moment all over the world, and initiatives have been emerging and others have been strengthening, right?

So I think it is an important feature of the moment; This awareness that there are global actors, that not if the unions are strengthened and if the original groups are strengthened, or if the emancipatory or gender equality struggles are strengthened, but this articulation vision is present, and I emphasize it, because As he said at the end, I think we all see the space, the history, and the word that I do not like the "brand" or the concept of the Social Fund is very powerful, but we have it with feet of clay , since in front to this need that exists in the world, of many people and organizations, @2 that a global subject is needed. The forum could very well fulfill that role. 

In addition to the articulation and greater commitment to this idea, what would you say we should maintain as part of the challenges, which is now setting the context for us, and not just a debate that we bring to the interior, for years or years, feature within this point of the agenda, subject to intervening globally, thank you.

56mn thank you We give you the floor Rosi who is going to read a document sent by Ian Vidal from attac France.


@ 013 --- Rosa / Ian 

 Well I did an automatic translation of the text of Ian I could no longer open the translation that you sent Pierre, I don't know why, Intervention by Ian ATTac france, on the occasion of the presentation of the history of the social forum for the IC and the Mexican facilitating group. 

As Gus and others reminded us in our last meeting May 22, the world is changing, the WSF must respond to new challenges: the current evolution of capitalism, the growth of inequalities, the globalization of finance, the fragmentation of the left, (the left in France or in the world?) The multiplication of fields of social struggles, and surely I am forgetting some. There are struggles that have obtained some victories and that are being heard among the new generations, anti-racism, feminism or even ecology. 

Thanks to many of you here, these struggles are part of the very DNA of the WSF, @1 and we must continue to remember that these are struggles that the WSF has led since its inception, but we also have a lot to learn from new forms of mobilization that sometimes They have achieved more than us in defending these causes. The WSF is no longer at the center of international solidarity, other forms of international collaboration, groupings and associative coalitions are formed outside of it and it does very well without it.

Would the WSF be obsolete? Despite what many say, especially in Europe, we are a small group within Attac France to think that no, and to be persuaded that the WSF by its age, its international character, the imagination that surrounds it and its actors, it still has a role to play with peoples and associations in the coming crises. It is still an incredible tool for exchange, action and inspiration, but we are at a key moment, we must innovate and adapt, to respond to this new state of affairs and not become obsolete, inaudible or anecdotal. Otherwise you are in danger of disappearing.

Of course, as Francine recalled, and more broadly the reforming group, the debate between the WSF "political space, or actor" must continue, in fact many IC members want it and think that a reform in this direction is the key to the future.

 @ 2 While waiting for the issue to be resolved (or not), this debate should not inhibit the activity and goodwill of other WSF sympathizers and IC members and prevent the goals that the charter establishes and allows from being met.

(the functions of the forum as summarized in principle 1 of the WSF: 'intensify reflection, carry out a democratic debate of ideas, elaborate proposals, establish a free exchange of experiences and articulate effective actions') 

The virtual WSF 2021 provided some ideas on what is possible to do and on @3 what the near future of the WSF could be outside of this debate ; Despite its flaws and its relative impact, this virtual edition had the merit of showing us two things.

see the site https://wsf2021.net/programa-evento/   -    Initiatives, panels, march, agora of future, and action calendar… https://wsf2021.net/gtagora-calendario1-fechas-de-accion/ 

 @4 First of all, there are new tools to reach more people, among others outside our regular audience, and the WSF has not exploited them effectively so far. Then, it is possible to work daily together with an international team to build something concrete in a short time.

@5 It is, therefore, in this context that a small group met after WSF 2021 in the desire to maintain continuity in the forum process . This ongoing process can have multiple goals, although this remains to be discussed, I will summarize it in two main goals. 

1 / Organize, solidarity and strengthen the visibility of the WSF so that the face-to-face @ 5B forums are strong and important international moments at the popular and media level.

In the first place, to forge links, to strengthen the communication tools and the visibility of the WSF so that the next face-to-face forums are strong and important international moments at the popular and media level. 

We want to resume the dialogue with groups or struggles that have a historical link with the Forum but that @ 6 by force of circumstances have moved away from it. We want to strengthen our link with popular movements and civil society in Asia, Africa and Oceania, which are much less represented than South Americans and Europeans, and create links with youth so that the event in Mexico and the following are strong moments of encounter. of international struggles. There is no miracle solution, we must build relationships of trust, and it takes time but also build joint projects. 

note the existence of a forum connect group that also focuses on stimulating participation in africa and asia  https://join.wsf2021.net/organizations/3387 

We also want to facilitate the @6B link between the forums, which, as Felix said, are sometimes not very connected. @7 We lose a large part of our production and our means of communication from one forum to another . Therefore, we must create tools that facilitate the transition between one forum and another, increase our communicative strength, better organize and strengthen our communication tools, create archives and link them to keywords to flood the web with our struggles, and get them out of the invisible to fill the imaginary of peoples with images of victories and possibilities. this WSF calendar of events show past and upcoming manifestations of social forum process one can refer to http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2021-calendar/#lista

2 / Exchange and fight against the cultural hegemony of neoliberalism and its consequences

We must not only unite, we must also be active together, the WSF is one of the best placed to oppose "neoliberalism (and especially its aftermath after more than 30 years of hegemony) and the domination of the world by capital and any form of imperialism ". @8 The charter of principles has its flaws, but, despite our debates, it is deeply political since it is clear about one thing: it speaks out against capitalism, patriarchy, neoliberalism, imperialism and extractivism throughout the world .


see interventions @ 035 and 036-1 ( generic goals values and actions of forum participants described in the charter are described in the charter) 

 So here is the second objective of this ongoing process in my opinion: to show, despite what some have hammered us, that of course there is an alternative to the unequal and ecocidal system in which we live and that "another world is possible" . @9 There are many of us who strive to build a planetary society centered on the human being and the Planet ", and it must be shown .

 @10 Davos or the G20 or the G7 communicate every day on their social networks and on their site without involving their participants, so why not us? Our world today is being made day after day, our imagination too, and not once every two years. @11 Editorial engagements, without adding confusion to our message, are possible with a few simple rules and a little goodwill. 

references  and tasks of communication facilitation in the IC communication group  https://wsf2021.net/referencias-comunicacion/ 

It is in part our responsibility to accompany and arm the children of the world on a daily basis who do not understand why the world is unfair . We must tell them that they are right to be indignant, show them that we can fight daily to improve our living conditions and those of our loved ones and that, if we choose this path, we are not fighting alone.


So those are the many goals and some examples of what the ongoing process could look like. So yes, everything that we have all said and wanted at one time or another and of course it will not be easy, and up to now it has cost us a lot to do it. We hope that new communication tools allow us to change that. But technique is not everything; @12 This is also why the proposal of our group foresees to take root much more in the field of the concrete and in the daily work than in the debates on the form that the forum should take. 

This debate occupies a disproportionate place in the discussions and requires a lot of time and effort and energy from the IC members (again, of course, it is necessary, but sometimes good will slows us down and scares us).

@13 We are motivated to bring the discussions that unite us to life and deliver a tangible result. @14 We are convinced that we can continue to work concretely and build a history together despite our contradictions, our disagreements and our differences .

 @15 It can be learned, it will take time, it will require concessions, and we will have to ask ourselves in the long term, the question of financial means, but with a little organization and good will it is possible

@16 Everything is yet to be built, the form it can take, the teams, the organization, but as you may have understood, this group will be a production group that has a strong desire to give quick and concrete results, but also to learn from our common work experiences

(The input Ian read at the meeting, is available here and can be discussed in the framework of DIBCO1  http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2021-discusionfsm-input113-en

Carmen: Thank you Rosi, well we are going to follow the poor point to talk about the secretary of the International Council and his relationship with the facilitating groups that there we are going to give him the word blue love and why do you want the part of the secretariat and it is based in Morocco.

@ 014 Hamouda 1H06MN ENGLISH

I have a little thinking about this meeting. I thought this meeting was to have a discussion with the facilitating group of Mexico, to discuss how to organize, how to work together, like Ian in his last sentences, between your differences, and also making a wonderful world for social forum in Mexico, because the situation in the world is very bad, everybody knows this, and also that we need to be in solidarity between us with all our differences. and to build a new world social forum But the discussion with Francine, and Gina, and Felix discussing the IC in this meeting, it is not the place to discuss it,

Because this discussion, we have it from the first meeting of the international council, about what happened in the council, and a lot of divergence in this group, in this group of the international Council, there was everybody like francine, said there are two camps; people want an action, people want to let it like this, and this discussion we never had it essentially in the international council , and we need to have maybe in Mexico to have a real discussion on the charter; a real discussion on all what the world social forum can brign to us in this bad moment, and the situation is worse then ever; and also we in Africa and in other countries in Asia; we are working and talking about deColonization; 

Because in that time With this pandemic and all the northern countries had the vaccine or the technology; the group of the biggest medical companies at this lead and people of the South series still waiting on what happened to them; not this is not my intervention; but I want to say it; because, from the beginning, like Francine said, from 2005; there was a call from Samir Amin Boaveentura and other on the right to change this charter. the discussion is old; and maybe now it's time to discuss it; 

now it's about to discussion on the international Council secretariat. the history of international secretariat; was led by the Brazilian; and CUT abong ibase and those group; made in the operational administrative secretariat; for the international secretariat; and the operational secretariat; there was a lot of people working on the secretariat from the coordination to the communication; a lot of groups.

From 2013; the Secretariat are now in Morocco and Tunisia, and we don't have a lot of work to do with it, but because we have not a lot of money, like it was in the beginning, and we don't have all its stAff to work on this, and that's why Discussion we had before, To have this secretariat to have more time, an international secretariat to work altogether to be an homogenous secretariat, with a lot of people working in each country in each continent 

The history of the secretariat, helped all social forums from 2001 untill the last one in Salvador de Bahia, the secretariat help what it can do; the communication, with international groups, the facilitation with the IC, looking the fundraising for the world social forum, helping the meeting of the international council in the country where the forum was held, and like I said, it is the history that secretariat helped to build and to facilitate with the local group, this connection between international council, and the world social forum, and all the committee or the facilitating group was preparing the world social forum, and this is the reality of the secretariat help, helping and stayed in the country by three or 4 months, to help with the local committee, and to facilitate, like I said, financial, logistics, l translation,and other contacts with international groups

This is my intervention. it's not really structured, but this live, my intervention, and maybe salete is here to continue, because salete was one of the most member of the IC will help the lot with a secretariat thank you



@014 Hamouda

I'm thinking about this meeting a bit. @1 I thought this meeting was to have a discussion with the facilitating group from Mexico, to discuss our organized work to work together, like Ian in his last sentences, between our differences, and also to make a wonderful social forum in Mexico. because the situation in the world is very bad, everyone knows it, and also that we have to show solidarity with each other, with all our differences. But the discussion, with Francine and Gina and Felix discussing the IC in this meeting, is not the place to discuss it.

Because we have this discussion since the first meeting of the international council, about what happened in the council, and there is a lot of divergence in this group of the international council, there were people like Francine, she said that there are two camps; the people who want an action, the people want it to remain as it is, @2 and this discussion, we never had it in person at the international council, and we need to have perhaps in Mexico, to have a real discussion on the charter of principles; a real discussion about everything that the world social forum can bring us in this bad moment , and the situation is worse than ever; and also we in Africa and other Asian countries; we are working and talking about decolonization.

Because at that time With this pandemic and all the northern countries had the vaccine or the technology; the group of the biggest medical companies leading and the people of the South still waiting for what will happen to them; no this is not my intervention; but I want to say it; because, from the beginning, as Francine said, @3  since 2005; there was a call from Samir Amin, Boaventura and others about the right to change this charter of WSF principles. the discussion is old; And maybe now is the time to discuss it.

(This call from 2005 Porto alegre is reconsidered here http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm-input26-en by boaventura and its text is accessed, it comes with a systematic comment from pierre here 


It is now about to discuss the secretariat of the International Council. the history of the international secretariat ; it was led by the Brazilian; and CUT abong ibase and those groups; carried out in the operational administrative secretariat; for the international secretariat; and the operational secretariat; There were many people working in the secretariat from coordination to communication; many groups.

@4 Since 2013; The Secretariat is now in Morocco and Tunisia, and we don't have a lot of work to do with it, but because we don't have a lot of money, as it was at the beginning, and we don't have all its money. staff to work on this,

And that's why the discussion we had before, having this secretariat to have more time, @5 an international secretariat to work together to be a homogeneous secretariat, with many people working in each country on each continent.

@6 In its history, the secretariat helped all social forums from 2001 to the last one in Salvador de Bahia, lthe secretariat helps in what it can do; communication, with international groups, facilitation with the IC, seeking to raise funds for the world social forum, helping the international council meeting in the country where the forum was held, and as I said, it is the story that the secretariat helped to build and facilitate with the local group, this connection between the international council and the world social forum, and the whole committee or the facilitating group that was preparing the world social forum, and this is the reality of the secretariat to help, help and stay in the country for three or 4 months, to help with the local committee, and to facilitate, as I said, financial, logistical, translation and other contacts with international groups.

This is my intervention. It is not really structured, but it is “live and direct”, my intervention, and maybe leavete is here to continue, because @Salete has been one of the members of the IC, who will help more with the secretariat, thank you.

Carmen 1h14 Salete part of the Brazilian organization clacso 

I think it comes out that it is not there I do not see it she asked Mauri to replace Mauri or Damien

Rosa: Damien, can you talk? 



@015 Damien SPANISH 

I did not prepare any speech, I do not know if the focus, as Hamouda said, is the international council, or is more the dialogue of the Mexican facilitating group, together with the international council,

And I think that anyway we need the idea of ​​having a secretariat focused on Morocco, and it is very important that it be articulated, with the facilitating groups, let's say with the main group, which is organizing the event, @1 but also the secretariat, here it has a role, it serves as a link with other groups and other countries.

@2 So, within the fsm 2018, for example, the association of the facilitating group of the social forum 2018 was essential with the secretariat, even to mobilize and indicate other regions, other movements, which are more represented.

And also the secretariat, in fact, it gives an international dimension to what the FG talks about, right? ,

@3 Many times what the facilitating group says from Brazil or Mexico, it can be considered that it has a somewhat "local" discourse, and that the international council and the secretariat give this more international dimension

So the association between the two, the articulation seems fundamental to me.

There is a real challenge, that many times we should have an articulation that only passes through the secretariat, and then extends to the rest of the world, but that we can have direct relations with the continents, @4 more in fact the international secretariat, in a polycentric, manner plays a fundamental role of mobilization, articulation, in a certain way, of the political construction .

@5 With all the defects of the IC, I am not going to talk more about the IC, and it is the IC that we have, it has an important role of political articulation, that well done or badly done, it is playing its role. 

So that everything can improve, that within the process of building the World. Social Forum, that there are possibilities of overcoming the challenges, which are pointed out, the challenge of the lack, as Francine said, @6 of the people who have been in the IC for a long time, the difficulties sometimes to integrate the issue of indigenous peoples . 

@7 But as also mentioned, the social forum in Mexico, or any other will be with who will be building it . that's my impromptu speech.

Thank you also 1h18 


@ 016 --- hamouda  

only one point En Español The secretariat since this year to help I can we can help a lot of work together with this facilitating what you want to say we are here to help thank you very much

only one point in English The secretariat from this year to help I can we can help a lot working together with this, facilitating whatever they want. To say we are here to help ! thank you very much 

Carmen Thank you Hamouda And well, we would go to the last point, which would be the challenges towards a social forum in Mexico Rosi

@ 017 Rosa

Rose ; We have an interesting challenge left: we have almost an hour for what follows, I think a series of reflections, questions, questions about where are we going? Where is the World Social Forum process going?

There is this tension that I mentioned first, to thank Ian (for his presentations today), @ Ian is one of the youngest members of the IC, and he is there with many ideas, contributing to us, and he was super active in the World Social Forum virtual l. Thank you Tiburcio, thank you Damián, thank you Hamuda for all this that nourishes us, 

And now what comes? What is the focus? I think that here we could give, I would say, we are thinking with the compañeras, @1 to make working groups in such a way as to be a rally about what challenges do we have? 

There are things in tension that have been raised

On the one hand, say @1, the World Social Forum is a meeting space, it is a space for the articulation of movements, who gets involved and how they get involved in the World Social Forum process

I think we have the challenge of saying: how do we build the World Social Forum as a process? , that is, @2 assume that the social forum is a permanent process, as Ricardo said , with the questions he was asking,

the are some possibilities for keep continuity of the process between events  that are opened with the participation platform https://join.wsf2021.net/  they are proposed here https://wsf2021.net/proceso2021-info1/  and can be explored by organizations in the mexican facilitating group and other groups willing to build up participation towards wsf 2022  in other parts of the word

@3 is not about preparing everything like when someone comes to dinner, and preparing dinner and turning to dinner, but how is this preparation process done? Who gets involved? How do you participate?  

Obviously, as Ian also points out, @ 4 there are many spaces that are being mobilized. In Asia, right now, Francine pointed out this well, this South South event in Asia that is super interesting. In fact, I will participate there too 

(SSFS8 event in calendar http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2021-calendar/#list 

In these dialogues, and this preparation that is being made towards Mexico, @ 5 are not waiting for us to tell them what to do, it is self-organization and things are being done 

(calendar of events in the fsm process: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2021-calendar/#lista   and self-organized activities throughout 2021 visible on the virtual forum platform  https://wsf2021.net/gtagora-1activities2021/ 



I would invite those of us who are here now present, we are going to make some teams and talk for about 20 minutes, which is a short time of course,

 And of all this that we are doing here, what challenges does heading to Mexico pose for us? What challenge does the World Social Forum pose? What perspective do we give? 

As an appetizer to continue the dialogue, because from here we would have to give after @5 as a facilitating group of the social forum in Mexico, and together with the IC, say how we advance towards this construction of the social forum in Mexico , what we want it to be in May 2022, 

So, we are 45 people who are here, we are going to do 7 groups, so that they are small groups , we are going to give a space of little time, 20 minutes, I add it here. and then see each other in 20 minutes, you agree? We are going to see how this discussion goes, so that we do not do a plenary discussion round,   of these groups that were created.

@ 018 

Gina: and how do we get into the groups? Well, we started with the presentations, we are all there 

Liege: I did not understand that there were the groups that there was a group today

Rosa: You must have received an invitation, we must all go in then We will be seven groups I am in group 4 

Hi Norma ? Are you coming I'm seeing you too I don't know what's wrong with the microphone there it is I'll be back wait for me a little Mamadou?

Pierre: and how do we return Rosy

Rosa: we come back alone when the 20 minutes have passed, we returns automatically Tell him to accept hello, we need here, analba Van norma Adriana, well, here we are from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, someone escapes me. If you want to start commenting on Alejandra Annalaba, what challenge do you see? What are the challenges? And if someone can take notes, it would be great, I'll give everyone a little message.

Sara: could you go to your group? Hi Sara


Rosa: Leonardo? Leonardo do you hear me

Rita I came back because in room three there is nobody nobody

Rosa, I'll send you another group, I don't see you for a short time, as it comes back to you, I'm here with you, here, I see you Thursday, I'm here in a mask, I don't play on camera, if I can assign you, tell me to see if you can assign Rita.

Rita: I wait here for your guidance

Which one will Sarita be in, I don't see you Guadalupe Ponce Sara pierre mina Mirna vacalia

 let's see here it is also if

Mike: come back because they don't understand English in my living room

Rosa: to send where I can have mine to see where you are Mike I already saw you Mike I am going to move you to Group 4 there is an interpretation to come Mike here Adriana for you to help with interpretation Maybe you can help in the chat so that he understands me agree,,?


… .The challenges are the lack of articulation for the anti-racist bull movements, sorry specifically to find the black populations is signaling the growth of the Armed Forces and precisely the government is allowing these groups, I think the point to the anti-racist movements (A person speaks in Portuguese) if your microphone is failing in Alba now you can hear it if I hear a little but give it again ……… ..





Rosa: Well well we did magic with this moment in groups that seem to have been good 

Well, we started with the presentations, we are all and everyone Number 10 remember who he is

@ 018 --- Laura group 1 

Hi, nice to meet you all, team one was Gina, Rita, a little water school in Mexico City, and Mamadou, but we couldn't hear him Well between the three of us we reflect on the challenges that we envision, right? For this new forum, and we were talking about information, undoubtedly as this type of communication that has been taking up since @1 these reflections and letters that have already been shared with us at the beginning, (see @005 to @008) 

@2 we saw that the information has been a bit fragmented to be distributed in different WhatsApp groups even from the platform because there are many people, groups, organizations, who are not familiar, who are new, who are also adapting to these dynamics

Then, Rita commented that the future for Mexico in mind the organization has to be in a balanced way, to work with respect, distributing the tasks of different commissions, and then deep dialogue is not very important, because she said that in previous years , when these accesses to the platform were not on the Internet, they met in debate to even @3 analyze from which axis they were going to work, 

Then, as well as not reproducing that everything is done from an international perspective, but rescuing the local perspective, because @4 in Mexico, then, there are many movements and organizations that have been made invisible, as in other countries , well, how not to continue reproducing from the organization, @5 this international perspective of information hoarding, or the distribution of organizations, but also, from the local, thus also taking up many movements that have been made invisible here in Mexico, and if you doubt in other countries,

But as Rita commented that it would be good  @6 as well as to involve them in terms of the organization, so that they also feel familiar, and well the little water school and I mentioned that we are new to this forum; in these initiatives

see the intervention of ricardo @ 006- point 6

but well, with my collective @7 I was sharing in the initiatives of the Agora of the World Social Forum.

(input from the May 22 meeting on ways to show articulation for action by participants in the forum http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-insumo7-en

see the futures agora  https://join.wsf2021.net/agora and  https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives and the video https://wsf2021.net/gtagora-tvagora-sesion1/  

So @8 I'm also some subgroups of information ; and sometimes I have felt that the information is as very fired; how it is shared. It is shared but @9 there is no reflection on why these initiatives are being carried out; And because we are working under these themes, and well, that was like a summary of what we were able to address there, in our space for reflection, thank you and excuse the speed. 

(The topics in the virtual social forum with definition of topics  http://openfsm.net/projects/gf-fsm2021/gffsm2021-groups   and the introductory panels on these topics https://join.wsf2021.net/?q=panel-activities 

Rosy: Thank you Laura, team number two, who was on team number 2?



@ 019 --- Carmen group 2 

Good Carmen even partner Tiburcio who gave us a very good proposal, I want to talk or I comment

Part of the information that was shared and one that was made today, that Carlos gave us good information on obviously the subject of challenges that there are two important issues that have to be worked on.


@1 One of them is how to make the forum permanent and some of the answers or things that are being built, so that it can be so in the first place that it is permanent and also that it is a forum where the intervention and participation then to form this structure,  

and also @2  to be inviting new organizations, business groups, young people and others,

It would be important to create activities and events between now and precisely 10 months left for the holding of the forum in Mexico, in which of these 10 months five to six important events can be held for issues that have to do with the of sensitive policy issues, which raise awareness and call for participation, mainly also political issues, and some thematic proposals , also the American facilitating group such as the International Council make proposals on these possible issues, which can be generated as events,

And in this way we involve making the invitation in a generalized way for participation, and that a joint work be done, from here to the next Forum, and that obviously, from there, organizations will come out and nothing will arise, and possibly new important issues, which are going to have to be involved, and giving him the participation in which Mexico has. 

And colleague Felix also wanted to be a contribution. 

(On the topics the point is more how many topics are shown in the communication see the topics of montreal https://fsm2016.org/en/sinformer/axes-thematiques-2016/   the topics of salvador https://wsf2018.org/en/todos-os-themes/   the themes of the virtual forum  https://wsf2021.net/espacios-thematicos/ 

@ 020 Felix:   

It was good in relation to the emphasis on which subject @1 in the world, the essence of collective subjects has diminished as a result of the crisis of neoliberalism. Precisely this emphasis is on the action of individuals, discrediting organizations. 

And what I see, and in the relationship that in the challenge we have in Mexico, is that @2 right now in Mexico we are also an aspect, especially from the government, to limit support and discredit everything that is social organization, intermediate structure and the organic forms in which it was traditionally acted. 

So it is a challenge that we have right now in the case of Mexico, that @3 we are very busy, in our internal moment of transition, within the global sphere, and that this initiative of the Social Forum will be competing with, or will be linking with if we make it well, with the concerns that many peasant union organizations etc.are having in Mexico It was therefore something that I wanted to complement, thank you.





@ 021Leo going to present? Group 3

I read I don't know, but I just wanted to say that, on what we have reflected, given the case that as a consequence of the pandemic, democracy is everywhere, truncating, not to say disappearing, that there is a proliferation of dictatorships in the world, I I just came, that's why I'm late, from a demonstration for myanmar in Asia dou coup d'état and that @1 we would need to develop an idea that brings together the social movements of ecological Peace etc., around an alternative in the construction of the State,

Assembly example declaration of peace and ecology movements in the virtual forum signed by many organizations see the initiative here i https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives/13998 self organized assemblies in the virtual forum https://join.wsf2021.net/?q=assemblies-activities   self-organized assemblies in world forums http://openfsm.net/projects/convergences  

Because you already know that neoliberalism half denied the State and the role of the State, but neither to a vertical state, where the President decides everything is, well that was also said by the comrades from Mexico, 

The proposal is to promote following the example of some countries, where great movements are taking place, without great struggles, for a new Constitution that should set the rules of the game in the other way, giving rise to grassroots democracies, democracies in the participation of the communities, if we see around the world they are already in the streets everywhere, in Chile where they made an important victory, but also in Colombia,

This is seen as one of the primary objectives in Central America, there is somewhat in El Salvador where the vice president has been in charge of making a proposal, on the Constitution in Mexico there is also something of a fraction, let's say, of Morena, 

Not to mention the Middle East, where the story of Syria has been taken up by the United Nations, the proposal to draw up a new Constitution, in Palestine this is also being glimpsed within the negotiations and in Myanmar, where I have just been, too.

So let's go for a content that could have @2 the result that the World Social Forum really becomes a global actor, with the ability to influence the different processes that are taking place around the world, and one of the common denominators, no I say that it is the only one, but certainly one, where all the social psychological peace movements that could be found, is a constitutional process in all countries for a radical reform of democracy.

Rosa: Thanks to the team, encourage the three of them something else to close.

@022 Lucila:  

Yes, Rosy about violence in Puebla, especially in relation to women who want to assume public office, they attack even our neurons, to be a very cynical and shameless thing, which the parties that since 2006 have allied to commit fraud do electoral at the national level, but now they were counter-taking of words and actions against the female gender. Only that thank you.



@ 023 Rosa. group 4 

Now we would have team number four where it was in this group, we were from several countries Norma Fernández from Argentina, Alejandra Marlene from Mexico, Mike Davis from South Africa, Alba from Brazil and Carlos Andrés from Brazil, Adriana Collado from Mexico, and I from Mexico.

We had two interpreters, they are very good because they helped us in the chat so we do not understand English and Portuguese, and what we were saying will be the weather was good 

To discuss that it was important that the World Social Forum be nurtured, get involved in various movements, especially the feminist movement, the anti-racist movement, the Africa @1 movement , and also that there is always the possibility of having interpreters that allow colleagues from Africa, on everyone who speaks Swahili can participate. 

There was also talk of the need to give the forum a more global touch, with the participation and integration of more movements, and @2 balance, so that there is not, but it is perceived that there is, a majority presence of Latin America, 

That is, it was more generally what was commented, and of course it was to bring to the debate all these flags of the antiracist feminist movements, to say black lives matter, and that can be proposed as a flag in the World Social Forum that is what we said .




@ 024 --- Karime group 5; 2h01mn

Yes, good afternoon, in team 5 we were Daniel, Óscar, Edgar, Alejandra and their servant. We comment on the challenges that are presented towards this social forum in Mexico. 

Damien first commented that @1 there could be a balance between IC the organizing group, that it was more horizontal, that there was not so much coordination, but rather support ,

Try to involve the members more, unlike the previous forums, the IC members in the mobilization of all kinds of resources, not only financial but also human and material.

@2 We talk about virtuality and face-to-face the possibility of doing it “mixed,” and that it would be required to do it "mixed" , perhaps from different places that more face-to-face activities could be carried out, and some others more in virtual mode.

(input from May 22 meeting on physical virtual mixed forum AND intervention @ 037): http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-insumo6-en 

@3 We also talked about this challenge that the forum is a process rather than having an event as a final result, and we commented that in fact, I personally consider that these meetings are part of the process, that it is necessary to systematize this process. 

Comrade Óscar also commented on reflecting and rethinking a bit the substantive issues of the forum, @4 proposed the, or proposes to review this Charter of Principles that Daniel says are like 15 principles that could form a commission in this regard, and also define a bit the objectives and prioritize them.

refer to @035 

Commented Oscar already have talked about some major theme, such as social justice and psychology peace but missing @5 take up some other more political issues, and issues such as access to vaccines cover, private property and so on , and another point that we also talked about, integrate more voices that some comrades to the movement already commented, but also with indigenous communities, and well and

@6 Try to form groups, create groups or commissions, to deal with their thematic axes. I don't even know if someone else from team 5 wants to add something.

Rosa: Thank you very much dear and very good your contributions now the team 6.



@ 025 --- - Daniela group 6  

In team number six, we were participating the companion Mirna Pañero josé Martín, Pierre, the companion María and I Daniela.

Well there were several proposals that were made and well we commented @1 that the World Social Forum should continue, reiterating that it is a space for meeting and proposal against neoliberalism at the global level, maintaining that libertarian spirit of generating spaces for meeting and proposals,


and Well, the specific case of Mexico, saying that we are living differently, then, different rearrangements within the government, and therefore we must begin to discuss what kind of future we want in the face of the current crisis that we are experiencing, @2 rearrange the debate versus what happens in the world for global alternatives.

@3 From the World Social Forum we already have and have tools that allow us to give continuity to the World Social Forum process . https://join.wsf2021.net/   In the forum it is proposed to do self-organized activities, they are articulations for dialogue, a space for reunion, for dialogue to generate articulations, https://join.wsf2021.net/activities .

@4 That is, the articulation for organized action, and there is also an important question that arose is how we can strengthen the networks to consolidate the work of the World Social Forum, 

And something very important is that the World Social Forum, which we also said, that the World Social Forum, as one of the most important references worldwide, which in addition to being this space for meeting proposals, dialogues, @ 5 is how we can do and generate a process beyond, and that it always has to be starting from the processes from below, with the protagonism of the peoples, 

So, well, there, also, colleague Pierre and go to a page where there are activities and they are the same articulations to dialogue between several many organizations, there he also placed himself in the chat. 

https://join.wsf2021.net/   the participatory platform  https://join.wsf2021.net/activities activities = articulations for self-organized dialogue between several or many organizations

https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives initiatives = self-organized articulations to act among several or many organizations

Example 1:  https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives/9140 TOWARDS AN EXTRAORDINARY MOBILIZATION PARALLEL TO THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM IN AUGUST 2021 between unions 

example2: https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives/14278 ARTICULAÇÃO DE MULHERES ÁGUAS DA AMAZÔNIA 

possibilities of practicing the forum from now on with the tools that were created in the context of the virtual world forum  https://wsf2021.net/proceso2021-info1/ 

And also well, I would ever say my partner if a teammate wants to contribute something forward.

@ 027 Jose Martin 

Quickly, I just want to reiterate, well as comrade Daniela points out, that in the face of the world situation that we are experiencing, and taking up a bit about Leo Gabriel, I would like to emphasize, there is a rise before a neoliberal crisis that has not stopped since 2009, there is a crisis of credibility of the States, of the neo-liberal state, even of governance, so there is a replacement with very authoritarian overtones, I would not say all of dictatorships worldwide but with @1 authoritarian overtones of authoritarian governments, which endanger self-management, participatory democracy, direct democracy, the autonomic proposals of peoples worldwide.

And that we as a World Social Forum have to be very attentive, even at the narrative level, @2 there can be very subjective narratives at times, which gives the impression of ascending authoritarianism, and in the case of Mexico they are beginning to be presented , and I say it openly, they are approach elements that are being presented, disqualify by disqualification, in the world of the World Cup it is also happening in the case in France, in Hungary it is very clear, 

So I think the World Social Forum has to start looking at this discussion, what kind of state we want in post-neoliberal times. The Social Forum here in Mexico would be a good pretext to start those discussions. Nothing more to add this.

Rose. Thank you very much to team number six, very good reflections to team number 7.



@ 028 Aaron group 7

Aaron Team 7 we were Lidia, Liege, Guadalupe who connected at some point, and we did not listen to her, Ricardo Landa and me.

Some of the challenges that we were discussing is that, on the one hand, @ 1 must take advantage of a "mixed format online+ pysicial forum to learn to combine virtual forms, used in the Social Forum with digital sovereignty and simpler procedures, that allow integrating people to registries, and through more effective communication.

(input from May 22 meeting on physical virtual mixed forum: http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-insumo6-en )

As a second, @2. a permanent process of construction of forms of solidarity links, of the fight against the advance of transnational corporations and the fascist, patriarchal and genocide rights These are specific points that, although we address them, must be taken as an important objective in this fight, In order to be able to @ 3 make clear how these objectives are together that we seek.

(input for May 22 meeting on ways to show articulation for action of organizations participating in the forum http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-insumo 7 )

@3 give space a collective participation   As a third point with their reflections and initiatives to an art, culture, and communication worker, this is for a broader debate if it can be carried out,

On the other hand, we see @ 4 another challenge, which is the unity of those who participate in the social forum, because we must recognize that there are groups of people with divergent views, that there is not much talk about it, 

But there must be a space that they are listened to; In order to understand that @5 we must see some respect towards the objectives that we seek together, understanding that we will not be able to fully agree on everything, but that we must fight together , for more now than ever, because the challenges ahead are beyond us, and an example was the issue of the pandemic that also led to the opening of the virtual forum process. 

Then as a fifth point we said although the issues of peace, war, feminism, were issues that concentrated the realization of a very positive virtual forum There are also those who think that @6 we should invite in the facilitating group those who have had previous experiences

That means that the Mexican facilitating group could open the possibility that there are other people, who are not necessarily from Mexico, and who can strengthen that process, it is also something that must be discussed of course.

 there is also the issue of an international facilitating group mentionned in  @030-4  

As points 6, we also mention that "all latitudes are in tune". What does this mean? Sometimes it is perceived, some of us in this group perceive  that suddenly there is a vision where it is said that America must promote, must have concrete actions , and sometimes we are not seeing them elsewhere either, no? I think that also leads to something to be discussed, the subject is open to talk later. 

Then, on the other hand, there is no repetition, but it is important to talk about @7 reducing the technological gap , when we say this, it is not only the issue of the pandemic, it led us to many people who did not have knowledge about technology or for whom It was not the main thing , we realize that it is necessary to open that knowledge, and facilitate that others and other people, who do not have these skills right now, can have them in a simple way, they   can find space where from right here they can have processes of learnings about it, and above all, it is very important to put your finger on the topic of trying to keep our platforms free of communication, in a free non-corporatist way and having to talk about it.

In general, these are the points that have been addressed, surely some things may be working for me, if some colleagues want to comment, please go ahead.

@ 029 Lydia 

I want to comment. I just think that it is all-inclusive seems to me a good summary of what we started in the team, but the intention of what Liege says was very important @ 8 to  build community and unity for the forum, because otherwise, we cannot generate a process, we cannot generate processes, and it could not be a successful event. 

So, I think which is are arrobio (?), But it seems important to remember that. nothing more . And listen to one part of the other as Aaron said  that there is a part that is not listening to what the other says

I do not know if someone else wants to comment on something and I enter what is like then thank you 

liege you contemplated what we discussed all ok.



@ 030 Rosa 2h15

Well, look, we are with the times that we raised these small debates, although a little time was very productive, because we were able to listen to each other, and we were many challenges that have raised such as here, how we build, how we build decisions more horizontally, more democratically.

@1 The important thing to be a mixed event is to describe it, as phhysical and virtual; so as not to exclude anyone

(input from May 22 meeting on physical virtual mixed forum: http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-insumo6 )

 and I present was more; the need to include young people, include current movements movements from all over the world not only give visibility to some; each one brings his flag and his fight.

Important as we think of here is the forum in May, that we have 10 months; I would not say a process only of events or meetings, but of @2 as we support ourselves, politically, from our organizations, and make visible the different struggles around the world, I think that is the plus of the World Social Forum, 

(input from the May 22 meeting on ways to show articulation for action by participants in the forum http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-insumo7-en )

@3 and you have mentioned it, how we denounce what is happening in Myanmar, in Palestine, in some on the Moroccan border, in short, a series of movements.

Liege or who is answering in Brazil with this thing called bolsonaro)

Declarations of the complaint or solidarity type here http://openfsm.net/projects/icmembers-declarations/   with mention of CI members and / FSM participants that can take the form of initiatives with first signatories and then an evolving list of signatories example https: / /join.wsf2021.net/initiatives/13998   

It is happening how we are in a movementist effervescence and not be left out as, obviously,  there is a debate that we have to continue giving, how we accommodate the different voices @4, how we build an international facilitating group , because we are preparing the World Social Forum what is it? world, and that I will have to have presence of the different movements. 

The issue of an international facilitating group was mentioned at the April 24 meeting  http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/online-202104-extension2  interventions @033 to @046

And that @5  we would have to think about what the objectives are, what is the political commitment, 

I think this has to be a "north", the political commitment is to say what are the debates , as Martín also said here, that he is, what is the reality that is happening in our territories, what is happening with the indigenous movements , the environmental, cultural feminist movements or how we do and here we return to the questions we ask from Mexico,


@6 I think we have to say how we give strength and shape to all this

the generic functions of the forum (principle 1 WSF):  intensify reflection, carry out a democratic debate of ideas, elaborate proposals, establish a free exchange of experiences, and articulate effective actions

These are debates and questions that we are not going to solve here now, but that we are challenged to say how we take the next steps, by then. 

@7 begin to move forward to establish and strengthen, on the one hand, the facilitating group of the World Social Forum in Mexico, which is going to prepare the territorial conditions , infrastructures and others, so that it can take place.  

@8 also who are these allies, so that we prepare the digital infrastructure, and that they be this to reduce digital gaps

@9 And at the same time as we mobilize, and we join the current global movements today, so that their struggles, their flags are present , so that no one is left behind, and that no one lets go of anyone's hand. 

And as Francine said, I liked that, let's see @10 or at least one of the teams (group 5) said it, we need to have a commission that reviews the Charter of Principles, and updates it after 20 years of the Forum, 

see the charter here https://wsf2021.net/fsm2021/340-2/   and @035

And that we also be very forceful, as an international council, and as movements that are part of the preparation of world forums, @11 a strong word, regarding the need to build democratic processes, liberators of the peoples   and that it is not present fascism, in our territories, death, murder, our holders of the main flags, that we need you to have in our struggles and movements. 

One would not like to, it seems like opening the word for more colleagues, but I think we can continue discussing this, I do not know if we can consider meeting in 15 days, and I think that to empower us to think, to see and focus, to carry out this international collective construction , recognizing the task that Mexico has to do, the construction that we have to do globally, to carry out these dialogues

 If so, our next meeting would be on June 26 

So I don't know Daniela, Carmen, who have been accompanying us in moderation, how do you see it? How do others and others see it?



Carmen: It is important to do it in 15 days -I think that each group, that a lot of the groups works, we had more participation and among all of the groups we touched on different topics where not only was the facilitating group from Mexico, but also this interaction with the International Council It was very valuable and I think that proposals and activities that we can carry out will come from there, and I thank you for your participation and that we can generate good proposals and activities among ourselves.

Daniela: in my case I would also agree: in 15 days it would be important that we meet again, and also very important all the contributions, and well, once again we thank you Rosy for the systematization of all these proposals, of the work teams , which, like me, seemed very important meetings, because there we were able to have a broader and more collective participation, so if we agree, go ahead.

Rosa felix raised her hand? 



@031 --- felix    

Just to specify if the meeting in 15 days, was seen within the general agenda, and now to discuss the objectives, or if it is a meeting as you said at the end for what came out today, do it more and assess it more mature the most, I am left in doubt 

and meaning in the other to say. @1 Make the meeting for the objectives, I would say that maybe it is a very short notice, towards making the effort to summon many of those who study this meeting many of the organizations, who were attending the previous sessions in Mexico, or were And I explain it to me because they were very busy with the Mexican elections, maybe we should leave it a little more time , but if it is the meeting so that we will put together what has come out today, I think it is very good that in 15 days we can do it. This is doubt.

@032 Rosa

 Thanks, Felix, I think, I say that the meeting that would come in 15 days, this on the one hand, believes that I have to start tying up what came out here, which was what came out here, starting from that meeting, @2 as a working meeting, which continues with the route that we are going to build perhaps this route. :

Let's say: it  is a session, say, for the objectives, a session to debate global problems, and maybe we can invite, depending on what comes out, someone else, not only intellectual, but members of the social movements, 

And that this dialogue be held and that we intend it from the global space, and see the possible tasks that have to be done, for that there is a working commission that prepares the session , it cannot be that we arrive like this, we have to think about that who we sign up for.


@033 --- Mario

 Good morning good morning everyone. I have been following the meeting, I just returned we were in the queue for the vaccine, here in Tehuacán, they touched us and vaccinated us. 

The whole process of the meeting seems very interesting to me, I think there are things that we have to reinforce, and I think the initiative of meeting 15 days ago seems good, which allows us to continue preparing and giving continuity to all these elements of reflection, and above all the fact of being able to encourage all movements and organizations in Mexico, to join in , and that we are generating a whole synergy, which allows us to participate. 

We have been following it up, after the virtual forum, we have been following up on all this the process of the agora of futures, and they should, @1, all the dynamics that have been created of movements, exchanges, is very interesting, and that we gives certainty that we can do things very well Mexico ,

Then count on us, the Mexican Network of Community Trade sEPIC AC and the Mexican Family Agriculture Network.

(input from the May 22 meeting on forms for participants to show their articulations for action in the forum  http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-insumo7-en

see the agora of futures https://join.wsf2021.net/agora and the video about it https://wsf2021.net/gtagora-tvagora-sesion1/ 

Rosa: excellent Mario 


@ 034 Jose Martin 

Quick I think there may be three tasks left for 15 days, let's see if I can synthesize them, 

@1 a series, That the Rapporteurship of the tables is present, synthesize it and have a working document for the next meeting   , that would be important, to review if someone wants to contribute there it would be sent to the post office.

The other is to see if in this framework, we can @2 generate some more organizational form,  with according to how we are giving the discussion, the reflection, of minimum commissions, perhaps not the large Commissions, but if something that allows us to organize some chores.

And the other that he wants to have as a task for everyone, @3  is that the charter of the 15 principles we have to take it from homework to read;

 and at this time maybe open a little bit or if we divide again into tables, start commenting on it, commenting on it, not making it into a discussion of cumbersome politics ,

But if at least as a national international facilitating group and to have him in mind, because I do believe that for the social forum Mexico, already 20 years old; It would be very fundamental to have a new proposal for a Charter, and above all that we come from a pandemic , that we come from a very complicated situation worldwide; so I think it is @ 4 time to enter and discuss it, even if it is little by little Thank you. Change. 


@ 035 2h27 Carmen

I was only going to comment @1 on the objective letter that it would be important to retake the Because from there obviously they will come out which are the ones that Mexico requires in general, not then Damián wants to speak, but if it would be important that we could know what that era is letter.

Rosa the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum I already put it there  https://wsf2021.net/fsm2021/340-2/ 


(on this page a "colored version" is proposed http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm-wsf-en-colorized 

and a version that shows principles and their implementation in the forms of participation 

http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm-wsf-en-table3 ) also here a transcription of a workshop on the principles in Brazil http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/ event2021-fsmjd-notes7-en



@ 036 Damien - SPANISH

Very quickly we visited Salvador bahia we did a job. @1 We know that the charter is always a problem, and that the letter of principles is always controversial.

(Since 2002, after the approval of the letter of principles by the international council in each world social forum in the registration of organizations or activities, the participants ratify that they respect the principles of the WSF as prescribed in the preamble of the letter http: // openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm-wsf-en ) 

What we did, more or less eight months before we did City System much discussion, let us also continue sliding a text, @2 which was “what do we want with the WSF”.

It was a process of three months of discussion with the participation of the National and International, and all those who wanted to participate, and this text of 2 to 3 pages, more or less 25 points, gave an idea, right?

He is from a very Global direction about the forum we wanted, and then he helped to circulate, mainly to define the axes, Defining the axes the next step, But it is a bit of a systematization of what was put, and then he forgot the text ,

He managed to bring people, movements, organizations, and contemplate the various indigenous struggles, agroecology, the solidarity economy, the black movement, people with disabilities and put some principles, truth,

see here the resulting document " what we want with the fsm of October 2017 " that talks about "what we want" and does not specify "how we are going to try to achieve that")  http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2021-discussionfsm-input116-en 

It will be organized and planned, but at the same time it gives room for improvisation, right? @3 without denying the contribution of previous editions, but at the same time being open to innovation and creativity, right, is the inclusion of Youth, tradition? peoples, women and the Artists of the intellectuals of the Universities.

So all this was later, @4 this does not replace the charter of principle, but in the difficulty of carrying it out, reevaluate the letter of principle, sometimes a more operational parallel test is made, closer to reality,

This for us was a gain within the construction process, which in my opinion does not prevent us from reviewing the letter of principles, but which are two parallel and complementary paths. Is that. Thanks.



@ 037 2h31mn Pierre  

I just wanted to say about the shape of the event what is a horizon to be confirmed. If I understand correctly it is May 2022, @1 the idea of ​​mixed event. I invite you to have a more elaborate reflection on this, because, as I have tried to explain in the document to share on May 22 about the intervention I made then, the notion of face-to-face events is very strong in terms of dialogue situations. .

You can "extend" an event, make remote participation easier, but that does not mean that it is centralized in Mexico

So, @2 the suggestion that I opened, is a provocation to evaluate, it is that a "mixed event" may perhaps have a fully virtual moment 3 weeks before the face-to-face event in Mexico and perhaps one 3 more afternoons, after the face-to-face event in Mexico, and that it could be conceptualized like this, and think the imaginary like that ,) 

(input from May 22 meeting on physical virtual mixed forum: http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm22/pfsm22-insumo6-en )

I do not want to develop here, but it seems important to me, that we specify what we collectively have in mind, as a facilitating group Mexico, as an international facilitating group, that there is still a pending issue , and as CI, that we have on the horizon (with this notion of mixed event

 and obviously, I replicate what I have commented in group 6, that @3 we now have participation tools that we can practice, as a facilitating group and CI, to get closer to reality, that the “ways participation in the forum ”(activities, initiatives, news from the forum).

(practical instructions to use the participation forms available in 2021 https://wsf2021.net/proceso2021-info1/ )

Rosa OK thank you pierre 


@ 038 2h33mn Oscar 

It was nothing more in relation to what Damien proposed: this two possible way to advance in a revision of principles and objectives. Among them, I would like, from now on, to point out the convenience of, among the central points, what refers to property and democracy, we speak again and again of being against capitalism if, and @1 we never refer to the nucleus or the heart of the entire system, which is private property , which is practically limitless today. 

 So now that they are giving constitutional revisions, and it will surely have an impact on international law, it seems to me that it would be very timely, that within the forum, when speaking on the subject of principles, and the letter, somehow this is addressed. matter, what is property in our days, what are its limits, and what is the sense in which you can review and raise an issue like this . Nothing else, thank you


@ 039 --- 2h35mn Pink

 Thanks Oscar look then, I want, to close, we agreed that the second meeting 15 days, on June 26 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., for those who live in Tijuana it will be 6 o'clock, for Brazil it will be 10 o'clock in Morocco, 1 am and 6:30 am . So we have different schedules, and taking up this interesting proposal that Martín made say, that we prepare a report of Las Mestas with the synthesis.  

I think that Daniela, Carmen and I, we can work on the document and then send it before the meeting, so that we can bring our reflections and debates more refined, and also make a reflection on the matter of a minimum structure, as Martín said, 

and @ 1 that we take the members of the collective, the Mexican facilitated group to read the Charter of Principles, not to debate it perhaps in the session, but to think about who could, and how would this dialogue that we are going to initiate in this regard, to conclude it together with the CI when we meet in person in Mexico, and we hope so.

view @035 

Well, I think that this way we will be closing this meeting, and I thank you for your presence. We thank the interpreter Adrian Carlos Andrés Sonia Amadeo. There is one that did not arrive. Thank you, it helps us to be closer. A hug, have a nice weekend and the struggle continues, long live the peoples of the world and their struggle. 


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