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APRIL 17, 2021 * 10:00 AM - 13:00 PM  
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APRIL 17, 2021 * 10:00 AM - 13:00 PM



Welcome and presentation of organizations that are incorporated. (5 - 10 min)

Quorum verification (5 min)

Reading of agreements from the previous session.

Progress reports and agreements.

@ 1 . Tentative date of the WSF in Mexico - 20 min (@ 001- @ 016)

@2. Tentative place of its realization - 20 min (@ 018 - @ 030)

@3. WSF Background (Define date) - 10 min (@ 031 - @ 036)

@ 4 . Objectives and Goals for the WSF in Mexico / General and Specific Objectives to be achieved. - 30 min (@ 037 - @ 059) 

@5. Work tracks and commissions: / Principles of Work and Structure - 20 min (@ 060 - @ 64

@ 6. General coordination space (Criteria) - 30 min @ 065- @ 067

@ 7 . Link with IC - 20 min @ 068- @ 077) 

@ 8 General Affairs - 10 min (@ 078 - @ 091) 

Closing - 5 min @ 092 -


 VIDEO    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzbY4igK5Ac


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@ EA001 ---

@ES Rosy- We want to welcome you, we remind you of the agreements we reached and where it was agreed that a telegram group will start, the preparatory session was attended by more or less 30 organizations. A proposal will be presented today, everyone, everyone, welcome, we would like those organizations that have not presented themselves, to raise their hands. In this session we invited members of CI FSM, they will participate as observers. 

@ EA002 ---

@ES Alonso - Good morning everyone, I am the secretary of a group of distributors, we are building a union and we are interested in cooperativism. 

@ EA003 --- -

@ ES- Miriam Ivon- Good afternoon, I'm from women for indigenous dignity and Sr. Junisima , I work on the multiculturality of languages, I work on the dissemination of languages ​​and anti-colonization, we move for a better planet, a better world that better platform that the WSF 

@ EA004 ---

@ES Rosy- The previous meeting we worked with various organizations (Rosy presents the list) 

@ EA005 ---

@ES Socartes- The coordinator groups 50 university unions grouping together the Chapingo autonomous university, we want to work on various issues on ecological dignity and etc. 

@ EA006 ---

@ ES- Rosy we are going to share some important points that were left flying the previous session , the points that we will review 

Forum Date It was asked when we could do it and it was ruled out that it would be 8M because it was a date for the comrades, it was also commented that March 22 and April 10, April 17 and May 1 or 5 June as the day of the environment 

@ EA007 ---

@ES Oscar I belong to the UACM I have participated in various actions, what we have achieved with the contact in 2008-2009-2010 I give a bit of this data, there are other actions that I have carried out around the WSF, now that it has been decided to do it in 2022 We still have to see if it will be virtual or face-to-face and what will be the best way to make an agenda for debate on the changes that will be necessary for the future of Mexico to advance. 

@ EA008 --- -

@ES Martin Here is what Oscar proposes, we believe that May 1 could be a start date for mobilization and we do not rule out that we can start with a small panel , organizations can build. 

@ EA009 ---

@ES Ernesto- Thank you colleagues and greetings, we agree that there is climatic comfort, either April 22 or May 1st and we think it is important to carry them out at the CMDX

@ EA010 ---

@ES Hector- Respect what we propose moderators, because if we do what Oscar does, let's go with what the moderators propose, we will let them do their work if they proposed and there is no general disagreement , well on the subject, just tell them There is an inclination for it to take place around May 1 and today it would be important for it to take place on these dates. It is unclear whether it will start, end or fall in the middle. We would have the advantage that some of the workers' organizations participate with us in the WSF unless there is insistence on something else. 

@ EA011 ---

@ES Alfonso - I am concerned if the demonstration would affect the activities, but if there has already been a previous meeting and the unions, it would be good if the first of May is at the end.

@ EA012 ---

@ES Miriam- It worries me because it is the mobilization of the workers because we could go unnoticed, it would be better if it was the day of the water or the day of the earth 

@ EA013 ---

@ES Moises- The miners continue in the proposal of May 1, we mobilize within. 

@ EA014 --- -

@ES Rosy- The majority is leaning for the WSF to be held within the framework of May 1, we could say that it is around this date . Let us remember that the WSF begins with a great mobilization. 

@ EA015 ---

@ES Carlos maybe we should define if it starts on April 22 and we close on May 1 I don't know if there is another proposal outside of that. 

@ EA016 ---

@ES Guadalupe we must take into account the vote to make it clear 

@ EA017


@ EA018 ---

@ES Héctor- It is not about wishes and conditions we must see that it is a forum where we are going to receive many people and we need a meeting space, we need a place where we can meet and have a worldwide impact and where do we get that, which we do not rules out having activities in other places, also to see conditions and if possible. 

So that we do not get into big discussions, and think that it is not a question of wishes we would like but of which conditions that we are not talking about can also be made, I already said it last time forum where we are going to receive thousands of colleagues from all over the world of the Republic we have to choose a place where conditions exist, they need many spaces, there can be 300-400 simultaneous activities, great acts and others, we need a place where that can be done, where conditions exist and also that it is used have a global political impact where we get

 That does not rule out that there are activities in other regions, a city says I want to do something simultaneously, then go ahead, the best one is virtual too, another city can be made from a city where there are other conditions before, it is not contradictory 

but if we need to decide a center was the epicenter outside the Zócalo, use many auditorium facilities in the historic center, many organizations, etc. 

@ EA019 ---

@ES Jose Antotio, ask that the time be even for everyone, I agree that it is CMDX but that it has an impact on other spaces.

With time being even for everyone - acting locally thinks globally clearly that there is the possibility of self-management events of marches to break with that centralism that has been traditional in all forums. I questioned the Zócalo how I think it is a subject to be discussed yet

@ EA020 ---

@ES David- Let the commission see the possibility of seeing international situations 

The general sense of the previous meeting was Mexico City, the proposal that a colleague made that was the state of Queretaro, it would be good for the Assembly or the table to ask him if he continues to ratify his proposal. Mexico and finally the Commission responsible to see if there is capacity to derive parallel events in other entities or in some sectors outside of CDMX

@ EA021 ---

@ES Aarón the proposal that activities be carried out in other spaces, but people and groups that want to carry out activities in their spaces must have all the facts and clear actions. If we should consider technical and logistical aspects. 

 I wanted to comment, it would be good to consider the proposals that are in the dynamics That not all this concentrated in Mexico City Mexico City is very well because we need to concentrate the efforts the collections that can support the proposals to carry it out in your entity must to consider that they must also have translators, they must have people who will be in person, we will also be working online simultaneously

 There are many factors that are involved and to reach this solution we must consider all these aspects and be very clear about them 

I do not know if it will be defined at this time but even so I think that we must consider many technical and logistical aspects for each of the meetings and with that it could be defined whether the organizations are able to support this process

@ EA022 ---

@ES Martin, following the logic of David that the colleague from Queretaro manifests to know if he ratifies and in that sense we must see the axes they will allow us if some topics can be carried in other spaces depends on each of the spaces, define the place general coordination, we say it for the @ youth camp, clearly see the central panels and we can have a space to support the needs we have. 

Following the logic of David de Descartar, if the partner from Querétaro is present, since he manifests

we had indicated that we have to rescue the spirit of the World Social Forum we have to be self-managed and coordinated

 In this logic, when the World Listening Forum was decentralized and went to the continents, in this sense, it was managed as a point epi center, some continent, and in this logic we are today If it is right or wrong that is something else

What we consider is that we have to see that the transversal axes that are seen when the discussion about the axes

 They are the ones that will allow us to see if some issues can be carried out at the regional level, suddenly the axis of Solidarity Economy also spoke out some organizations or cooperatives or tianguis in some part of the north of the country, or in the south, as you will see this axis 

The important thing is that Define if more than the epicenter the place of General Coordination 

We had reiterated that it could rather be a corridor in the historic center reform towards Chapultepec 

If we are concerned about the youth camp, which is where we can give strength, and creativity, symbolism, how playful young people help us in this regard.

 and on the other hand, see the central panels with great clarity already at the time and there we do have a very giant city with infrastructures accommodating a thousand present and if we are fortunate to have Noam Chomsky or whoever it is, we do not limit ourselves, we do not shrink and we do not we feel offended in regionalism

 little by little we are seeing with those responsible for the axes

@ EA023 ---

@ES Maria Luisa- If the regional thematic axes have to be made and therefore we will have to make a collective effort for @transmissions on the virtual pages and make a visual impact, these axes can be reached by the collectives, whatever can be done do in other spaces depending on the thematic axis and that they have the inputs. 

To keep a little more short, it seems to me that generating this dynamic of global social impact, if it has to be done, as Martín already pointed out, these regional thematic axes, at an international level, and therefore would require collective efforts in where there is discussion of the various spaces, translations either through a page that is available to make the virtual transmissions and that from there also it is possible to make this impact of visibility, despite the fact that the center of the axes is carried out in the CDMX 

This seems to me to stand out, that r these thematic axes may be reached by the communities in their regions, regardless of whether there is also the proposal that no accompaniments in the states can be done under these same axes, in person, then there to close in a coordinated, depending on the theme on the day to be held, with the organizations that have the supplies to be able to do them in their spaces

@ EA024

(review) 53mn Rosa thanks marial luisa I sign up for news someone else is noted is that we agreed that the epicenter is Mexico City and this will involve us mobilizing at a regional level we are from the entire Mexican republic represented here 

at the same time, do not rule out the possibility of carrying out coordinated activities in other cities of the Mexican Republic 

As someone said, we must remember that we will also do the world social forum in a hybrid way, that is, face-to-face and virtual 

The experience we had in the virtual World Social Forum is how we promote the participation of other actors, who cannot come, who cannot travel for visas as much as they want, due to lack of money, lack of resources, * but that we can bring what we discuss and what we build

At the same time, it is not only about holding the event that day, but building the process for the fsm. We started the forum before, and at the same time, that this forum, as it was in the virtual social forum, is replicable in other countries then The logic changes and an annotation there are some things that are indicating that they are more of a methodological nature or of the content of the forum, that we will discuss at another time 

Right now is what the city center would look like with the possibility of carrying it out in another state, even in other countries, doing it in a hybrid way, and this will require different efforts. translations look for infrastructure, in short, a series of factors that we have to get, for this to be possible, I don't know if you agree with this 

@ EA025

Pedro L I was going to comment the same as you, Rossi, on the issue of virtual viability for the struggles that sometimes cannot be represented by the visa issue, and I agree with having the epicenter in Mexico City, I think the comrades have infrastructure, and also the great partner that can help us, because this is also going to be an issue, if we move the headquarters to another place we would have to see how many organizations we are to get places spaces permit

@ EA026 ---

@ES Pedro S- I agree that the epicenter of the city in CDMX with the participation of different places is an audience of unions, business chambers and the various organizations to be able to directly integrate all the work processes that we have to develop then in accordance with the rosy's proposal 

@ EA027 ---

@ ES- Oscar that a youth camp can be held in CU 

We go to the Zócalo as the central point but I would like to suggest that also in the concrete context the possibilities, especially for a youth camp, how the Salvador Bahia happened in the University City

@ EA028 ---

@ ES- Guadalupe- We can check if the Zócalo will be occupied on those dates to be able to make it clear and not deny the organizations spaces. 

Thank you very much colleagues for telling you not to forget that for 2019 we already had a coordination of agendas with Mexico City, with the government, right? what will be necessary and also now 

But just at that point, what I want to highlight is that the mobilizations like May 1st, the Zócalo grid is occupied. 

That is why my previous proposal had been that either we leave before or after that after the forum or vice versa and that we agree to know if on these dates Mexico City will have occupied the plate of the zocalo before and after the first of May 

And regarding the youth camp, to tell them that it had just been agreed that the Bicentennial Park would be the place of the let's say massive event of the young people where they will be able to camp also taking into account this situation is that they were already being resolved at that time

@ EA029 ---

@ ES- Rosy, on the part of the assembly, it is agreed that the headquarters will be in CDMX, 

resuming the date more words there is a consensus although the vote must be made so that it is the epicenter of Mexico and with the possibility of other states including the details how and where to find everything, we can refine it later in the Zócalo, how it moves, where it is move 

And regarding the youth we would have to ask the young people to see how they are going to organize themselves. I would say it there, so if we agree there we could go to the vote Carlos

@ EA030

Carlos suggest that the vote be done directly in the chat the proposals which rosy commented, then our vote would be to write down the word yes or word no directly in the chat please

@ josé antonio * what is this complete proposal to be clear 

@rosa the writing that I put there we agreed that the epicenter is Mexico City And how to carry it out in other cities of the Mexican Republic in a hybrid way and in other countries is the idea

@carlos please write down your vote, your sense of vote with the word yes or no. Well, the vote has been affirmative, mostly pink

@Rosa then this is agreement

 @ EA031

Rosa passing the third point or this we are not going to debate now has to do with a debate that we had within the last meeting, both in the first assembly and in the preparatory meeting, it was important that the civil organizations these Mexican movements and those who have joined the facilitating group, know firsthand what has happened with the world social forum 

So, we made the proposal, in the group that met to prepare this day, to make an invitation to members of the International Council is that they do not share a little history, and we said that it was important to listen to those who were, those who founded the forum, how this forum was born, that we invite members of the different world editions from different continents, in Africa, in Asia, in Europe, in North America, and of course Latin America has been in various places, so that we share, we said at the beginning each 5 minutes but we saw that it would be a little incoherent

Let's dedicate a session, and when would this session be the date

We could think the only thing you can say now is when we want this to happen , we can ask that the next assembly be exclusively to know the history of the World Social Forum and dedicate about 3 hours for this dialogue, perhaps start earlier for world dynamics and we have to have interpretation, because surely they will speak in other languages

 So it is the idea, I would propose if it were like this within the next month that is to say on May 15 more or less, the idea thinking, that it was the following month, but if they have another date, they share it

@ EA032

Rosa - now at the next point, @ we made an invitation to the CI to share with us a part of the history of the WSF and to invite the different members in different cities . The idea is that this talk takes place, we propose that we do it on May 15 or 22, we invite all the members of the council, but we will take points to identify who could talk to us, it is important that we invite more people to nurture them 


Let's see, I'm not following here what they say in the chat

 Well, that's the idea, the idea of ​​this point is that we invite members of the International Council of the World Social Forum to share us to have a dialogue on the history of the forum that we invited someone from the group to founded in the World Social Forum. bay, someone from Africa, someone from Asia, someone from North America who made the forums 

May 15, which is Teacher's Day, is a historical date, maybe we can defer it to the next weekend in May, which would be Saturday 22nd.

@ EA033

oscar: looking for ladies a question would be to invite all members of the Council in general,

@ EA034

pink: We would invite all the members of the council, but we would make specific invitations to some, so that they will tell us the history of the forum, because of course not all of them will be able to speak, we think of someone from the founders, someone from the following Social Forum World is from Africa to Asia

@oscar: make sure they are from the different regions true

@rosa: Exactly, how you go through May 15 is the teacher's party in Mexico, and there are mobilizations and it is the date of the fight 

It could be May 22 if they agree because we stay like this to say yes or no

@ josé antonio: in a single session

@rosa: yes, it would be a single session, a session dedicated only to that

 then let's vote let's say yes or no

@ EA035

Sara: If we could invite more people, of course you can invite more people, because the Mexican ones because it is important for us to recognize that we have to be so that we can get soaked 

 I do not have it, we believe it and we participate

@Mario: only that we had raised two people share a second date

@ EA036

Rosa: I think that here maybe those of us who are members of the Front have a point we must talk about whatever it has to be in the relationship with the IC we can make this direct invitation we want to share as a destination the experiences reconstruction of world social forums learning challenges and what we have learned in these 20 years of the Forum share statements that a bull has made, video the virtual World Social Forum, inform what is already in process I am a bit share infographic, but only from the forum considering the interpretation, we talked

And we could invite someone from the first forum of the Bay Mumbai forum, maybe in North America Africa and you can ask that they do not share a document with learnings and challenges 

That is more or less the framework in which we are going to invite and I think there is room by the majority approved point 3

@ Martín ahead of me and I'm going to put 22 now, I say that we do it at the logic of 7 hours of difference with Europe where there are more members of the committee, I propose 8:00 8:30 or way to get up early.

@Rosa I agree if I do not come for my 8am 


@ EA037 --- . 

1h09 Rosa For the next point, it is a debate that we have already had for a long time, even within the IC, which has to find the definition of objectives and goals for the FS for the World Cup in Mexico 

If he made a reflection , they delegated Félix and me to make this reflection to collect what has been built In this section of the assembly and in other spaces regarding what this forum would be like, we talked about how the forum can have an emancipatory impact, how can rearticulate global movements, and strengthen the Mexican social subject 

I would ask Felix to share with us, let's go

@ EA038

photo felix 1h10mn - 1h17

Contributions have been collected from a long time ago, And we conclude, in what we are going to present to you right now, but understanding that it is the basis for a discussion an extension is not so much that it is approved but that what I am presenting is the basis for entering we could all improve and adjust it

The first thing was to distinguish two dimensions in the objectives 

1 / those who look towards the World Social Forum process and 2 / those goals in Mexico

We first worked with Rosi a specific wording and then we opened it in sections on specific objectives if we want to see it like this

1 / The first objective towards the global process of the World Social Forum is to contribute with initiatives and we emphasize that they are above all projects, with short and medium term goals to make the World Social Forum a permanent process, with greater articulation in global agendas that achieve an effective emancipatory incidence and thus advance in building a global subject

 now to Mexico

2 / define project initiatives also with short and medium-term goals, which achieve the various aspects of the previous objective in the space of Mexico, but also in connection with those of Mesoamerica and North America, favoring that national organizations are nurtured, and the Sometimes they contribute to these processes of course in general to those that are carried out, in the different regions of the world where the fsm is present 

Now I was telling you these objectives, it is not really that they are good wishes or that it is a statement, so that it is there on a page, but that they really help us to guide and evaluate the progress of this facilitating group

 So that's why we open it, we could call it specific objectives or itens

A / The first 

1 / that the Social Forum is a permanent process 

here the insistence that we put the last name that is a permanent process and we continue the same because right now it is not a permanent process 

already has many many advances

 But here in this group we think as the great moment of the forum in 2022 that once again there can be exchanges of learning, but not necessarily a line of continuity, in that if in the coming year, it will be a mooring, a synthesis of progress, but not expecting that we are all the time that we are preparing for this date So if it is an objective that has not been achieved, that we can move forward, there is space where a lot has been achieved right now I will comment on it that it is part of a proposal at various points in reference May 1st

2 / second: make it a process with greater articulation of visions, initiatives and commitments

 It is not enough that we send a declaration of solidarity on March 8 with women, or of solidarity with the workers organized on May Day, but if we have articulated the actions we try different dimensions of global struggle, and how the initiatives are articulated and lead in commitments 

So I think it is an objective that we still have a lot of work to do, and consequently 3 / to achieve greater unity of action that is reflected in common global agendas both temporary 

and we had hoped some organizations that in the January forum, we would have left with a 5-day agenda for this year 2021 in which all of us who identify with the objectives of the World Social Forum will express ourselves throughout the world. 

Very little progress was made and precisely in several points we would comment on this progress, we can do it in Mexico by the first of May 

and you are not only giving testimony, you are expressing complaints, you are making complaints but 

4 / these agendas achieve an effective emancipatory advocacy a implies enhancing our ability to achieve it, 

Also the powerful of the world continue to advance if they continue to exist singame already putting the post-neoliberal model, and we often do not have the capacity or even sufficiently understand what is happening 

For this reason, what is one of the dimensions that the objective has to be specified and that finally 

5 / a global subject is gradually constituted with these emancipatory commitments and capacities (different from what is written that the fsm is constituted as a global subject) 

B. in the case of active Mexico, see

 1 / define initiatives and projects with short and medium-term goals that achieve the general salinera objectives this, that we specify projects, reflected in the space of Mexico

2 / but also because of the historical geopolitical role that Mexico plays, that from now on we seek influence because it is advancing from organizations that are members of fsm in Mesoamerica, especially for migrants, in South America the Amazon Forum and many others and the United States and Canada as well 

So this would be the contribution to open debate that we wanted to make

So Carlos Rosy here would be what I would leave, to give an opportunity for you to have other contributions, and in all cases if any of the items, there is no clarity, intervene to clarify the truth, but the expectation is that we will enrich them and that Let's agree on what our objectives would be to start 

This is naturally within the framework of the principles of the forum, right? In this way, it seeks to have a programmatic weight that declarative aspects remain well, I am shutting up so that we can do the debate

@ EA039

@Rosa Thank you Félix come I don't know if it was my Internet that I lost your voice a bit but I do believe we continue talking together I do not know if everyone heard there are raised hands here José Antonio, María Luisa, Sara, Martín, and David, oscar until now that I have annotated

@ EA040

José Antonio would suggest that you leave the presentation on the screen because it is useful

2-point wording and background precision 

1 / Initially, nothing else is talked about, with enough imprecision I think, of Mesoamerica and Central America and no one talks about South America or the Pan-Amazon forum is discussed or the Pan-Amazon foem is discussed I think it should be more open, we have many things coinciding with the processes that happen in South America, indigenous peoples , issues of power, etc., and without forgetting that this is an international forum, it is not regional, it is organized in Mexico person international edition

2 / the second I totally agree with the emancipatory element from a personal point of view, it is essential to also specify the counter-hegemonic position nothing else

@ EA041--

Maria Luisa It is fair that I pointed out in the chat, then you could understand the general or global objective of the permanent process is to articulate or of the global social struggles that affects the emancipation of humanity, and if together I pointed out who preceded me from this point against That, then, this seems to me to be the right thing to do, as well as the particular objectives of the regional agendas because of this emancipation and these struggles. about what?

@ EA042--


1 / My approach continues, maybe it would be if there would be a minute where the proposal that Felix is ​​making is included, or that at least the proposal that he is making would be sent to us by mail 

2 / second I think that a fundamental aspect is the agendas or the articulating axes In some way through them , whether we are in the north of the country, whether it is Central America or South America, we are articulating through the agendas. So I think which is a point of identification, be it axes of work agendas as such, and I think it is important and of course around this comes the whole part of articulation, cetera projects,

 but that we are accommodating ourselves as in drawers in some way, I mean a little with starting to articulate the proposals, not only on the agenda, but also on articulation proposals , so I think that we could move forward there

@ EA043 ---

@ EN- Martin 

Well, as I see them, it is also in the logic of the conjuncture, the World Social Forum appears, and it reminds me of a text by Don Miguel Concha, when he referred to the Montreal forum

And it reminds me a lot that it is a process of articulation, and also about the joints

In other words, I am surprised that we are not in the objectives naming where we are from the pandemic 

The World Social Forum also refers to and sets the international conjunctures, and in this sense, I believe that our objectives, we would have to see how we see this product of the pandemic, because of the rich North that has generated devastation on the nature, as we countries of the South have also generated part of this 

In other words, the objective is in forward logic, starting from an idea of ​​what generated the looting phenomenon - and in this sense, see all the phenomenon that it generated with fights and there resume the agendas, migration, world unemployment, the abuse and sometimes the UZ with the fights with Trump at the ICT level, in short, I believe that the objective has to be one more situation of the conjuncture, and in the sense that we are a continent and it will be carried out in this continent, but nothing else is very much the Latin American vision, but I reiterate, why is the movement of the Afro-American population in the United States gigantic? Latin America and the logic of the coronavirus

@ EA044 ---

I just want to make an observation 

The proposal is fine but since it seems to be a bit disembodied, I think that methodologically it is correct to incorporate a perception of what the world historical process that we are experiencing is, 

we have an international environment where, for example, there is an over-accumulation, but we are paradoxically experiencing an economic recession

 there is a failure of neoliberalism there is a delegitimization of capitalism, there is a crisis of domination and planetary hegemony of the United States, we have, for example, there is a spatial displacement of the world especially in the economic ones, there is a world in dispute 

This I think methodologically has to fit within the document , and the other one has already been announced by this Felix: the specific process of Mexico 

Mexico has a role assigned by the United States to contain migratory flows, it is the platform for Latin American domination, and these elements must come in the document, because if they do not have no case because if we build a subject it is a permanent process, but for what? A colleague already said it a moment ago because I mature well, because nothing else is an important basis, that methodologically incorporating this reality there is a very complete reality that we are seeing not

@ EA045

1h27 Ivonne I missed some things but reading roughly the teacher's text I would remove the word global because imperialism already implies globalization cetera

 and also as we are by the current of decolonization, we would think that foreigners money to name the American continent

 I would think better, it is my proposal that we return to our way of naming them: the abya yala is the south from Patagonia and that the Anahuac is the north the continent of Abya Nahuac what is our way of naming us I do not know I am still connected?

 and also the continent, we are neither East and West we are the lands are between the two great seas Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific 

That is to say, to move all this that they made of us, they told us and they crushed us and so on. 

Then I would remove words that are terrible here in the text such as "global" of "America" ​​I would mention a little more history and who well know the work of the forum is at the regional or cell level, and that our work will have been reflected there in the background

 That is, if we can articulate with other regions, central countries, etc. or is it better, but that the work in reality in our region is personal, individual, and collective, the work that we help our regions is in our places that we will develop, and that in the forum it is reflected 

for that reason we can only present all these articulations and those works within the forum and I wish we could have an exchange that's all thanks

@ EA046 ---

@ES Ricardo-  I believe that it is surely implicit in the intentions of you who wrote it but it is not clear that the objectives should be expressed
1 the purpose is to say the common purpose is the defense of the dignified and free life of the peoples in harmony with nature, the wording may be another 

2 / against what? some said: against the capitalist system oppressor patriarchal racist colonizer predator 

3 / The WSF is not a subject, it is the space of concrete subjects, the protagonists, actors or forces, must be clearly expressed as the peoples organized in movements, communities, networks, collectives, thanks

@ EA047 ---

@ES Oscar I am, of course, aware of what Ricardo said a moment ago, and it seems to me that it is necessary to return not only this time but several times, to be able to break it down, giving it content, giving it meat, giving substance, precisely to a debate of how the main world problems look, how we can prioritize them, from Mexico in this framework of the World Social Forum 

So I think we should go on specifying or naming some of these problems or issues that will be the subject of further debate or what 

How can we go against, for example, capitalism without even talking about private property that kills us if we don't end it, right?

 the big issues of the economy, the issues of migrants and so on

 then in favor of what? And against what are we going to demonstrate , it seems to me that it is just the beginning of a debate, so that in Mexico a contribution of greater weight is really made, and this obviously has to do with the way that the Forum the International Council and a kind of operational secretariat just for now, thank you

@ EA048--

Rosa note just to point out some things obviously this is a construction as you said team that is just beginning and that is going to be nurtured that has to be nurtured with you with what you are bringing 

It seems essential to me to make visible what is happening with this systemic crisis, the civilizational crisis caused by pandemics, and other pandemics that we live, such as femicides, it is important to address all the environmental problems of dispossession that we live in our territories,

 and to point out that these objectives would not have to be elaborated only by the Mexican facilitating group, but rather starting to work on them and dialogue and construct them with the International Council of the World Social Forum, and at the same time with the international facilitating group. 

It seems to me that it is a construction that we have to grow and obviously has to be a subject, we are talking about a global scope, in the sense that our movements are global, it is global and that we have to make the struggles visible. 

of course as Ricardo says the defense must be for life because they are killing us they are killing us in our territories 

this reflection would have to go there, and I think this does not end here 

As you say, several of you have done, what we are going to build we have to nurture and expand and consolidate 

Well I'm going to give the floor to Humberto and Jesús and Felix too

@ EA049- 1h34mn--

@ES Humberto Bueno is also to emphasize the need to characterize the current situation at a global level 

We are not facing a situation of a cyclical crisis, we are facing a situation of structural crisis of the system, with the possibility of ruptures, with many contradictions deepened by the economic and health crisis worldwide, which if we need to place the forum, it is necessary to place the forum in this context and from there also derive what alternatives, or what is the forum's proposal in the face of this systemic structural crisis 

that we are raising in the face of it. That is where we believe that this characterization and this reflection of purposes is essential, as the previous colleague has done, in very simple terms such as the defense of life 

locate well against what we are. capitalism wants to recycle, right? If you see how a trend is reaffirming the succession and a series of concepts that the European Union brings between eyebrows with the intention of overcoming the crisis, so that you see the same 

And the social movement has shown that there is the capacity to present alternatives, but these alternatives do not flow like a knife in butter, because we do not have the capacity to make all our platforms converge, and I believe that the forum should become an instrument of convergence of the platforms, that the social struggle already raises, but that we are fragmented, dispersed, geographically geopolitically, and I believe that the forum should aspire to become an alternative global platform in the face of this structural crisis of capitalism

@ EA050 ---

@ EN- Jesus

 I believe that, today more than ever, the forum is called to respond to an urgent global need, above all to do politics, a kind of governance Parliament, open plural without prejudice and agile

 I consider that for the care of the earth, of Mother Earth this is prevailing, but not for that but for the health of all the beings that live in it

 This is a call but super urgent, because some of our prejudices, especially political, prevent us from thinking about it 

I consider that the effort towards this objective, that there are several initiatives, should not distract us from that task of local power , those tasks that have been weaving us from below, sowing seeds, perhaps we will see ourselves the trees that give, planting and caring for the environment, uniting with local groups and strengthening that local power, which invites us not to speculate, but at the same time invites us to open ourselves to the other, it must be horizontal, it must be participatory 

All these values ​​that we enunciate, but that only in practice, only concretely, we did some initiative between brothers, we lasted 15 years without private property, and I think that well, if it is possible to transcend in situations as difficult as those of today, that The exacerbated individualism, selfishness, fanaticism, all the fundamentalists that the pandemic has sown us, especially terror, can be overcome, because here the fanatics of the vaccine, and what is natural they will not be able to see it. Thank you

@ EA051

Rosa_- the idea is to continue nurturing this reflection, we are not going to finish it now and we have to go back to everything that has been said and well, let's hear the last words about it. 

there is Felix Antonio and Hector

@ EA052--

@ES Felix precisely with what Rosi was saying, I apologize because at the beginning I said it very quickly, but the purpose of this document was to present itself only as the seed, the skeleton, as the matrix wants to be called , where the objectives are enriched and nurtured Right now we intentionally did not make any major development, first because of the time, secondly, why major developments at best aspects gave aspect and language for discussion and did not go to the essence 

David rightly says, methodologically we have to present, now that we have a finished document, we have to present the whole diagnosis of the moment in which we are, in front of which these objectives have a meaning, otherwise they would not be a catechism 

But that's why I mentioned that I took into account the advance of the January forum 

A large part of that work was done there and now it has to be put back into writing and shared with colleagues who have joined. 

and effectively you have to put that part of the background a 

there are three observations 1 / one of the antecedent 2 / I have been taking the observations because what we present here we return to another proposal 

Carlos Felix we have to close

Felix, I am reaching an agreement: the agreement that this work that Rosil and Lo started, the proposal of the previous group, we will continue if they want to stay incorporated to see the observations that were made, including those mentioned here, then

 this would be my emphasis 

This is the skeleton if you have to add, give body and everything, because it is a job that is missing and that will give rise to important debates, right ?

 Simply to face the situation in Mexico, the country is divided in two

 just talking about the diagnosis of Mexico is going to take us a while, this propositional part

@ EA053 ---

@ES José Antonio- 1H42

The line of what you just said, what Felix has needed to congratulate them 

First of all and thank you for this document, I think that we should give feedback with the comments that have been made and socialize it above all, to reach a next meeting with a document of this nature. 

I find that this is a central point, as much or more without weakening the other, the historical part that they are going to give us from the forums, I believe that we should dedicate a special meeting with these inputs that I have just indicated, to really discuss whether it's possible. point by point by. reach consensus and agreements, and have a plural, inclusive document that reflects what the forum's proposal is , I think this part is very important and relevant

@ EA054 ---


Only three things I think are raised in the one that Felix presents in some way, because in addition to everything that his colleagues and colleagues have enriched in the discussion, I would like to highlight or emphasize on three issues

1 / The World Social Forum in Mexico must be an opportunity and must have the objective of being the space for the articulation of social movements from all over the world, because one of the issues on which there is agreement is that there are many movements but unlike in past years, since there is no global articulation to build a global subject, insist on this

 and second

2 / In the case of Mexico effectively too, there is an opportunity to re-articulate social movements, and the World Social Forum should be aimed at helping to build the social subject in Mexico or, because, in the face of what is coming , to what he is walking, and to what is coming, it is necessary to have a very strong social subject to have an alternative in this country, I do not say more explanations because I believe that everyone has abounded there

 3 / but for what? effectively because to face resisting and have an alternative, everything that has been said, I do not repeat

And in fact, picking up a bit what Humberto said, we are in a crisis like few times, as there had never been, a combination of crisis, but the whole crisis has an end, and has its way out, and as Humberto said, capital is building your way out of the crisis of the pandemic, the economic crisis and so on 

We peoples must build our own way out, and I think that should be an objective, I would even put it as a slogan, perhaps for the forum in the future another way out, the Crisis is possible.

because there are going to be solutions to the crisis, right? , but also the peoples have to build their own, then "another way out of the crisis is possible" and the World Social Forum in Mexico should have the objective of building this alternative way out, it is way out from the people to the crisis, so that we do not return to the same 

not then I would only emphasize these three things starting from what everything that was said

@ EA055

 Rosa, thank you all very much for your contributions. It enriches, they nurture what should be the objective of the World Social Forum, and remember that this is a construction that we have to do globally, with other IC actors out there. I noted that who wants to be part of this commission that is going to work on the objectives put your name and your email, to meet again and prepare and move forward

 and to get it to the mail for everyone so that we can nurture

 and at the same time point out that we can also do this debate together with the International Council, evidently what Héctor points out is fundamental, in the place in the CI also as the World Social Forum contributes to the reactivation of global movements because everything in the world They are giving us up to the bottom of the tongue they say no? So I think we have to have the capacity, if we don't have the capacity to rearticulate, to meet, to define the strategies, then the Forum makes no sense. 

This is the clear political commitment of the forum, that is, how we think about strategies together 

Please write down there and we reconvene to continue nurturing this debate

As Sara said, if we do a little minute, maybe this was debated that there is not that much to say, let's vote or not vote, if not that there is a debate, perhaps we should make a transcript that is dialogue, so that we do not lose it sight on construction

@ EA056 ---

@ES Oscar rosa on this point I think that in addition to registering in this group I think it is convenient to leave a space as now to see how this debate evolves that we do something specific with greater amplitude nothing else 

@ ES057

Pedro Salcedo we incorporate the impossible jobs mento so many happy as you developed how much mail and give the experience of the micro and small companies that have to do with the workers or workers with the employees, with health etc. so we want to participate at that point, given the lifelong experience in this regard

@ EA058

Jose Antonia - I want to insist that the minutes record that in the request that is made and so that after this work that we do in a group, a special session is held for this point

@ EA059 ---

Rosa OK of course we would have and have a dedicated session I will agree on how 1 to resume the debates of today's session 

2 share the document that is built with everyone 

3 define a date to do this debate 

We have to make this debate broadened, not only among ourselves, but with the environment to the objectives of the World Social Forum, because it is not a Mexican forum, it is a forum where we include all global movements and world struggles, which we would have to think them together and how we push them and make it a reality together

 this would be the agreement


@carlos address point 5 

@ EA060 ---

@ES MArtin- We must not make a straitjacket , we must go little by little 

@ EA061

Rosa 1h50 regarding number 5 , various commissions should be created, for example the methodology committee would have to dialogue with the IC, also a communication group, also see which thematic groups are going to be built but it has to be a debate with the IC and another party more operational. Also look for the subject of resources and see the link with CDMX and Federal Government 

Carlos seems to have an agreement since

@ EA062 --- ---

@ES Hector we must have a method so that we can bring agreements from the associations, especially to present commissions or groups, these must be passed in writing and that there is an opportunity for each organization to decide. So that there is the decision of who joins and see what commissions come out and what can be organized and left. 

@ EA063 ---

@ES Oscar- From the experience we have, the subject of methodology always works a lot, finally that has to do with an objective is a matter of procedure, not all of them to be defined, a commission of articulation , communication and finances. now define the communication commission. Hopefully we can vote for it and see what we can achieve, share by email, define what tasks we have and see the possibilities

@ EA064 ---

@ES Alfonso - We want to know if we can propose to other organizations or people. -


@ EA065-- ----

@ES Rosy with the point approved for we will have elements for the next session in the May session I do not think it will be ready perhaps for June , another thing that remains for the discussion is that in previous facilitating groups a coordination group has been generated , they I am going to share the criteria, I would like to take into account the Bahian group of 150 organizations and then the host organization. We propose the criteria to constitute the facilitating group should be:


Proposed by the coordinators (commissions?) 

Host city organizations

Organizations part of the CI 

How many organizations do we think is enough 

@ EA066 ---

@ES Oscar- I think that this group would then be the facilitating committee that is integrated in an equal way to achieve parity and that the activity is rotating , decisions are taken democratically.-

@ EA067 ---

@ES Rosa understood your proposal would be a space of the GF mex constitution of national organizations, others of the commissions, others of the host city, with at least 33% of women that is 25% of the organization that are part of the assembly 


@ EA068

@ES carlos could we go to point 7 link with the C

@ EA069-

@ES Rosa showing a text - when committees are constituted we will make a score - with those of the IC - those delegated organizations - it will be based on similar tasks - an important addition to include the IC secretariat in this process

@ EA070-- -

@ES Oscar- It is only an important point but perhaps it should not be defined now, it seems to me that it is important that it is clear to leave the relationship criteria that remains on the issue of parity and it would be a contribution to what is going to be done in Mexico But, if the type of relationship we have has to do with the debate that we have started as this organization the secretariat and there are various proposals there, in a previous meeting, Hector said not to be distracted by these issues , it seems to me that he is not opposed one thing with the other, understanding the review process that the CI itself has

@ EA071 ---

@ES Martin-Rather, if we must define the link we must define the criteria or what is the point at this time, 

@ EA072-- ----

@ES Rosa what relationship with the IC and what criteria for these organizations that would be part of the relationship with the IC 


@ EA073 ---

@ES Mario - martín - make this reminder about the 3 members of the IC - but when we talk about the relationship with the IC - first coordination to prepare a forum for 22 - what mechanism in the commissions - how would it be? a member of the IC in our committees - if it is representative - we would have - there it would have clarity - about this 

@ EA074 ---

@ES hector - there may be criteria - it is premature - we are not talking about an appointment position - it is a relationship of the GF as a whole that is assigned for this at some point - our communication commission has to articulate with the IC commission - let's finish to organize ourselves and then we do not relate to the CI

not only the relationship with the IC - but an international facilitation group will be formed with many networks that are not in the IC - there are colleagues like Valdez Tuna who said that we want to invade tenge where? 

in this GFI - this Mexican assembly or committee will have to interact, even more than with the IC with this GFI international facilitating group

no that we are going to name some

simply establish relationship mechanisms 

the first relationship is all with the IC a meeting of meican - and for not doing it you can be on May 22 a meeting on background would be the first step 

@ EA075

@ES Guadalupe- Look, I think that at this stage the objective is for us to have a communication channel with the IC, when we have our coordination of communication of transform, what better person to make their voices, we don't have to dig so much. 

@ EA076 ---

@ES Salvador de la Torre del MUP we try to integrate haiams had problems we will be here - there is time to define who will be the link - we come to tarlar or participate - 

@ EA077 ---

@ES Rosa - takes advantage of the 22nd so that the current secretary of the CI - presents what has happened - what we have to do in terms of LOGISTICS and in political terms the Mexican social movement and articulates at the global level - CILAS / NTI CEAAL oscar in the past - we are going to define it is movable 

and obviously take advantage of the 22nd to deepen 

they agree on the relationship - what has been the colleagues have to have a front door - there are members of the IC in this session we have English - we can nurture the debate on the 22nd and resume in later meetings 

@ EA078 --- ---

@ES carlos we need general issues -

@ EA079 ---

@ES Rosy - Let's take this debate after the 22nd after the meeting with the IC - tiburcio says goodbye - the IC will meet shortly 

@ EA080 ---

@ ES- Oscar How to propose a space for debate about what is, what is not , who are we inside? We need to review there is no taboo the need to raise, if not now, in the meeting with the IC, let us agree to propose these spaces for debate 

@ EA081- -

@ES Felix as a precedent in the economic justice axis (it was not possible to advance before but if we find other axes) it was advanced that we could have important dates, it was proposed that May 1 will be held on the day of dignified justice and vindication of work , progress was not made in all the axes but economic justice if it has been achieved, the initiative is to agree with the centrals so that on the first of May we accompany them not as solidarity but as articulation for greater strength .----- in which it is specified this hector NCT is david we propose that you put a paragraph , emphasizing that organizations present in this axis - they are twinned - we would send them - external unjust debt universal minimum wage is the proposed unitary process in Mexico if they agree to send them the text 

@ EA082 ---

@ES yvette the axes are not built - I find it disrespectful to talk about axes that are working

@ EA083-- ----

@ES Felix we follow the ones that were in the theme fsm 2021 - 

@ EA084 --- ----

@ES Yvette this final text we would see when it would be to build - go step by step 

@ EA085 --- ---

@ES FeLIx let's put the proposal to vote 

@ EA086 ---

@ESc carlos we are on this general business there can be no voting 

@ EA87 --- -

@ES martin world earth day - pending on average more than 100 first nobel initiative that we are closing fossil energies - usOtros as a collective - we invite from

@ EA088-- -----

@ES Ernesto- Venezuelan social organizations organize the bicentennial congress in June, there are various forums on the 22nd some forums begin, the proposal is that we make a report on the progress of the WSF, it should be noted that a meeting was held with 2000 delegates of movements with Maduro to carry out this forum. We could be part of this bicentennial meeting - From the international alliance of inhabitants, various forums will be held in order to have a greater dissemination 

@ EA089-- -

@ES pedro jovenes with escazÚ agreement enter into force this agreement socio-natural rights 

@ EA090 --- -

@ES josé antonio lack of respect

@ EA091 --- ---

@ES Oscar one of the tasks is to expand a network of students between universities throughout the country, it is on its way and I hope it will be successful soon.

@ EA092 --- -

@ES Rosa I have the agreements

1 May 1st


3 that CI share with us the history of CI 22 May (observation) not only the history but also the present and future of the forum


5 commissions share mail criteria

6 coordination space 

our next meeting will be May 22 with CI 8am

May 8 10 am mex to prepare 

@ EA92 ---

@ES Rosa thank you Hamouda - it was a good meeting we sent you what we built by mail 

Participants April 17 ( new compared to March 13)

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