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GFMX May 29 evaluation in the GFMX of the background meeting with the CI history of the fsm of May 22 



@ 001 Rosa share an agenda proposal to get your reactions to how you see the processes that we lived last week at the meeting with the CI on May 22 The questions that the challenges posed to us as a Social Forum, better said as GF and watch the next session for June 12. 

I don't know how they see the proposed agenda. Someone would like to moderate how they see how you are doing tomorrow, how you are doing, their mood, how their heart is doing.

@ 002 Daniela my heart is sad, the agenda seems fine to me and I would agree.

@ 003 Pink; I would like to take up what Daniela said, the world is very bad, the ruling class, the rich class do not want to leave their space of power, and the murders of young people, women, girls, the dispossession is terrible, and this fills us with much anger, indignation, sadness, not hopelessness, and I believe that we do not have to give that pleasure to the dominant of the world, because sometimes, we get tired of course Carlos Núñez and Freire would say sometimes hope is tired, but a hug dear Daniela.

Daniela Thank you Rosy.

Rose ; So I don't know if they wanted to share, what does Daniela say about sadness, pain, surely some more of her friends and family have left in the context of a pandemic. Many of us have lost their friends and family and it is super painful because there is no possibility of saying goodbye, there is no possibility of hugging, it is such a rare thing that we are living. 

Well, we have to give ourselves these virtual hugs and @ 1 also implies thinking about how coherent the process that we are wanting to build in Mexico is, to revolutionize the world, to revolutionize processes, and then this to the idea, it is perhaps best to collect from you .

How did you see this meeting? What learning did it leave them? What questions did it raise? What challenges does it bring us as a facilitating group? 

Would anyone like to share your word? go ahead Pedro.

@ 004 Pedro alapymes - thank you Rosi, nice to be with you again. I appreciate the word of the companion. We are crossing, we lost loved ones in January precisely because of the pandemic and logically the representative also of above all of the micro and small business since 1986.

 Then for some time slowly without stopping fighting we abandon communication with international unions and we want to share this experience with the facilitating group, in order to continue with this demand, and indeed we do, from the micro and small business sector, that it basically merges with the working class , @ 2 because the micro is basically founded on the worker, and a very strong criticism that has distanced us from the unions, because it speaks of the experiences that if it considers us as exploiters as microentrepreneurs.

And giving an account of them in that all governments, not only the Mexican, the microentrepreneur has been mistreated in the common sense of collecting taxes, as if we were a large company, and in this sense sometimes the economic volume or the profit that We should have are very short, or there are none, And it is where the worker, the worker, the partner complains, and it is where in some way the predominant complaint is "the boss exploits me", when in some way we carry the same load ,

And logically, the cost of all public services, including the Tax Authorities, are very high and effectively that accounts for not reaching the economic budget that a small company has, to be able to supply the needs of the worker, and that forces them to pay less, and this It becomes a vicious circle, because we make them pay them, and they make them work, and that makes a damn circle, I would say, that we believe that we are a family, because the small business develops with 5 or 10 workers, and now Small businesses are a little bigger, but the problem is very similar, that is why since 1986 we have found ourselves in this struggle, in which we have made very little progress, especially if boredom and abandonment come to us, and @ 3This is a great opportunity for alapyme because we have ventured into up to 15 countries and now we are in only nine, so we are going to grow again.

@ 005 Rosa Thank you and what learning or questions arose for you - now I ask the questions: what learnings did I leave to you from the last session of dialogue with the comrades of the International Council of the forum and from the history of the forum? 

@ 006 Pedro bueno it is very important that we actually exchange information with them, since they are the creators of the forum 20 years ago, and that their experiences are rich, because they supply us with precisely that accumulation of knowledge, and the listening that They also want to have from us, because this set of ideas and work that we have developed, if we come together in one truly in a line of action, it will be productive, not only for Mexico, but for the whole world, and mainly for Latin America, that we have resumed that work, and that those that are going to deliver us will be an experience, 

@ 1 Precisely so that the forum is more interesting, deeper, and not only about complaints, but also about a proposal that we have to make to the World Social Forum, the World Bank, the governments themselves, to change or to change if it is possible a little, with a 20-30% cultural, economic and social change , which they can implement, it would be a great help for all citizens, since that pandemic came to an end, precisely with the line of action that we had been walking, very badly , but that we can review it, without walking go this deep crisis came to give us in the tower let's say no?

@ 007 Carmen Excuse me quickly, to finish concluding, part of the information that we are like downloading, from what was seen in the last session with the International Council, @ 2 also obviously rescue the importance of creating commissions, which are specific, of topics, as they well said , different thematic weapons, where each one is coordinating a commission, and working groups can be created precisely, but not only on how bad there is, but also on creating actions and proposals. 

So we out there , based on this, we are also directing some activities, which have to do with the small and medium business by 2022, because in Mexico more than 500 thousand MSMEs have died, so our proposal is just the economic reactivation in the small and medium micro sector.

E ntonces how we create these working groups, these commissions where not only are integrated associations of Mexico, but others internationally who can enrich these proposals, the final will do activities that will develop not only the event but After that, it would be important that the other colleagues, when creating a commission, @ 3 could also schedule activities that they could carry out after the event.

Rosy; thanks you remind me of your name.

Carmen: I am Carmen Salcedo

Rosy 11mn thanks Pedro and Carmen now the word Ricardo who raised his hand. Richard.

@ 008 Ricardo: yes, good morning everyone, I'm Ricardo from the newspaper El zenzontle and from the house of the peoples of Mexico. I have been working in the last 2 years, directly with the team that supports the thematic space and the axis of the struggles of native and ancestral peoples . I want to comment that I found the interventions of all and all the colleagues of the IC of the WSF about history to be very valuable, however, I want, in this first intervention because, according to the people separated the questions, I bring some questions that we have debated with colleagues of other groups , and also that they are to some extent proposed.

Look at you, I think that you tell us about each of the world social forums, in each country, it is rich, but it is especially important for us @ 1  contributions of how the protagonists created their own spaces of their own ways of intervening in the WSF. A key case is that of women and the interventions that took place on that. Another key case that seems very important to me is the @ 2 self-critical mode, and at the same time very rich in the contradictions that were experienced, for example, in India. This intervention was very rich, because things are not simple, governments, parties, NGOs, different cultures, etc., come to confront each other in a World Social Forum, things are not smooth, and how to achieve, however, that something goes well , this was also very important.

In the chat I put that in addition to the women, there is, for example, this effort that the migrant colleagues are putting in. 

And the colleagues from Social Security. They are not asking for a separate area, but rather, in each of the last forums, they come to @ 3 to talk about health and Social Security. From my point of view and from the comrades who fight for social security, and who are many in the houses of the towns, perhaps many more told us about the emphasis of public policies. Today the peoples and organizations, the health workers, the struggles for pensions so battered throughout the world, the precariousness, makes this point a central point. Hopefully that contribution that colleagues are making will have more visibility.

Finally, I would say the same in the case of the @ 4 contributions in terms of collaborative learning in the field of communication . It was, he is also being very rich, we would have to stop to learn more, especially those of us who know little about it, and it is another contribution. In a following intervention, when the agenda gives, I will present two questions that follow the sense of self-criticism, we hope we have not only the IQ, but all the participants, because we talk about the cool successes how we say the vulgar ones here, @ 5  but also you have to talk about the fights, the difficulties, the obstacles. Thanks

Rosy 15mn thanks Ricardo. we give the word Socrates who raised his hand. If you want to talk, you can write in the chat or get up your hand Socrates good morning.

@ 009 Socrates: Good morning, I really liked it, I put it very briefly, which I think is an excellent session, I found it very illustrative, all the illustrations of the colleagues. I say there are discussions between everyone, then there are discrepancies, but beyond this, the participations seemed very good to me, because it gives me an idea of ​​how this event has evolved, how it was built, its origin, and then the experiences they have had.

I believe that there are many things to rescue, and there are many things that we have to learn, because of the same failures that were exposed, and watching so as not to make the same mistakes. 

So then I think this has been a success, the way I understand it, is that this forum came out a bit true in contrast to the Davos Forum, no; to the forum that was said of the rich; from rich countries; At the end of the account of the transnationals, not that they are the ones that the rich countries are also a euphemism, no; it is a way of saying things; but then they have their agenda; The companies, the governments of their countries have their agenda, and the idea was precisely, @ 1 as far as I have understood is that the World Social Forum was going to raise the peoples ' agenda, the workers' agenda, the women's people , that is to say, the issues that those of the Order, those of Davos, that of the organizations, will be focusing primarily on yes. 

This is what we have to keep in mind with the topics discussed, and perhaps the topics that have not yet been discussed in this forum, will have to incorporate the truth, incorporate topics here. 

@ 2 Now there is an issue that has been becoming more and more visible to all, it is that of precariousness, right? We could say from not only to Mexico, but to the planet, society has been turning into a precarious society, precariousness is becoming universal, it covers more and more sectors, workers who previously considered themselves with the position, suddenly already They are not, in our case true, the case of the SME, who were not rich, but had their benefits, suddenly they sent 40,000 families to unemployment, and almost absolute precariousness, for example, as soon as possible they had their collective contract, and all their benefits if they were not extraordinary, but they had a solvent position to satisfy their needs. 

So that's how it happens everywhere, in the academic sector , in the sector of university workers of the Nation, I for example, before the figure of the true professor, in our time it was like that a true elitist figure, no, a professor university, but today the vast majority of public and private universities are precarious, said comrade Pedro Salcedo, @ 3  I have questioned this concept of microentrepreneurs, especially small and microentrepreneurs, I think it is a concept that does not It corresponds to them, they have accepted it, but we would have to start by questioning that point, because they are also in the same line of precariousness, the buses now with the pandemic. 

I know hundreds of small and even medium-sized companies that went bankrupt, one already passes through the streets of Acolman, businesses that no longer exist, before you and "you know we had to close, we gave each other", then they were very harmed, they have been launched to precariousness. The pandemic and the economic crisis have sent a lot, I think a lot of Micro and Small units. 

In reality they are domestic units, in some cases with entrepreneurs who practice values ​​of cooperation, I say that sometimes they are cooperatives, without having formally, I know several entrepreneurs who treat their workers well, almost a family although not by blood, it will be necessary to reflect about this @ 4. There are many topics that will have to be included here.

 To close nothing else, for our challenges, because the fact is that now, we have to see from all the colleagues, in terms of what we are talking about, in the difficult situation and the challenge that we have that hour that @ 5 goes a lot to be virtual . As a member of the academic slopes union, we have an income of 500 members, who can involve up to 10,000, because we can make 50 rooms out of 200, so if we multiply it is 10,000 people. I put them at the disposal of this event, if there is a need, we are in the best disposition to support in this part, and another that is necessary, because that is what we contribute here.

Rose; Thank you very much Socrates for your contribution and disposition. Daniela

@ 010 Daniela 22mn I found the last session very interesting. I believe that the history of the World Social Forum greatly enriches all this accumulated of the systematization of the struggles of the peoples of the world. 

@ 1 So it is very important that many of the youth, who today are participating in this process, get to know the youth and people in general, not only the youth, I think here, all the people who in recent times, especially in the case of Mexico, who have participated in the thematic forums in Mexico, have not been interested, and at least it seemed very It is important to listen to these different voices, different experiences as well, because it is very important that those experiences, which show us because it is the resistance of many peoples in struggle, and I believe that at this moment it is also an opportunity and a very strong possibility, that the Thus, in order to truly consolidate an important force, we have to be able to consolidate an important force, let's say, at the level of leadership in the struggles, which at this moment is very important.

Because in reality we see how our world is, and I believe that it is one of the spaces, @ 2  from my point of view, it is one of the international spaces, which has the greatest presence in various territories of the world, and it is not easy , Because the international work that the forum has been building has not been easy at all, there have been, as the colleagues said, who participated with their contribution and experience, there have been stumbles, there were problems , but nevertheless the most important thing is that it has maintained , the efforts have been maintained and, on the contrary, more spaces have been opened, more work, and well that is the most important thing, I think.

And something that is also fundamental, is that how is it that also, since there have been debates inside obviously not, and the most important thing also @ 3 that the forum has little by little taken back the leading role directly from the peoples , I believe that it is also very important, and fundamental, that it has to continue in this way, and it has to continue to deepen. 

@ 4 On the other hand, some aspect that I see as some of the fundamental aspects, is the communication part , I believe that in the communication part, the communication work that the World Social Forum has done in these years, it has also been very important because? Because it is truly a very hard work, and very important, most of the social movements in the world and it was we have put aside that part , and I think that from the communicational field it is also a fundamental fighting tool for our processes, for strengthen the resistance processes, the world social forum It has done a very important job, and well, that must be strengthened, we must continue to strengthen, and well, I believe that it has to continue advancing  @ 5 here also how we could say we integrate in this process some commissions or some jobs already in a more specific way, 

I believe that this also corresponds to the organizations that we are here today, but that we could also go and we will specify in these next meetings or assemblies; because I believe that the future of the forum here in Mexico will also depend on this.

Rosa thank you Daniela

@ 011 Rosa 27mn I am going to read what María Luisa writes us that says that public transport is coming and she cannot, I am going to read only what she has learned from “to point out that it gives us the impulse of what a world network with interests can generate own legitimate policies implemented not only by governments but also manipulated by capitalists, @ 1 learning is to articulate not only a discourse of action but also accompanying strategies from civil society, it shows us that change from the local to impact globally .

 So I don't know Miroslava, do you want to share what you wrote in the chat? or do you also come by public transport? or do you have access to Miroslava?

@ 012 Rosa 29mn well Miroslava writes to us: @ 1 I consider it important to include the right to culture on the agenda, since a people who do not know and do not preserve their history can hardly have critical and alternative thinking, which can impact the transformation social towards a better world. The IC session was very enriching in the knowledge of the history of the forum. The experiences can show @ 2  innovate the direction that the true articulations of a front that counteract the current neoliberal and capitalist world system can take in the future . OK thanks. 

I do not know if anyone else wants to share their learnings, what did this session leave you?

Rosa 29mn Sara can you open your microphone? 

@ 013 Rosa: I share; I thought it was a very interesting session, there are things that I learned from the voice of its participants, I liked it a lot, as Ricardo says, the presentation that Meena made about how complex it was, that's what it was about, no, the session too, @ 1 of what it means to prepare a World Social Forum, not only in terms of logistics or infrastructures, but also of the political negotiation that takes place, with the different actors, with the different regions, and that implies organization, disposition, openness to dialogue with the different actors, and I think that those things are what we have to bring about learning for the process that we must do.

I was very impressed by both what those from Brazil and those from India said, @ 2 of the number of people who got involved to organize the forum in India there were already 500 people or organizations and from Brazil as well as 300, and here in Mexico I think we are missing! 

We still lack the body to push this process, and especially how the different actors from all the territories are involved. There are things that were not said of course, more details, @ 3 but obviously there are tensions and Meena said that they ended up exhausted, and that they are not encouraged to do another forum for the same thing, right? 

I was very involved in the preparation of the FS World s virtual world and one ends up very exhausted, because there are a lot of work, when one prepares an event and more virtual world, everything that implies, translations, infrastructures, @ 4  but also the part to take care of relationships, and that we all understand each other, because sometimes the language plays tricks on us, doesn't it? . We say one thing and we understand another, well I think that one thing that seems fundamental to me, what he said, everyone said it, @ 5 what the Leo said in the national forum in a certain way I wrote it down here to create a space for the movements of the world so that they can meet, and tell what they are doing, and what is happening in their territories

I think that 20 years ago we did not have the technology that we have today, now we can connect more easily with another part of the world, just a click away , but and the question was why @ 6 what can we do together that we can do together to cope with this system.

All the struggles of the women or impressive what Gina said that she wishes we were 52% of women participating but only 11% We were at the tables, that is, how was the daily dispute in the territories, 

And then the other thing that was mentioned, @ 7  impressive also the organizational structure, of how it is always necessary, such as the role that the facilitating group plays as an instance that encourages and facilitates, not that it coordinates the forum but it facilitates it, AND the need to create various commissions, I wrote down some communication, project, finance, mobilization, volunteer commissions, the State Relations Commission, culture infrastructure methodology, youth, telematics committees, monitoring of women .

 Each one has its particularity, and apart from how we are going to articulate it worldwide, I think it is a fundamental thing to talk about things not

@ 014 Rosa good Sara can you open your microphone? He says he can't let me see if something has to do with technology. They don't want to shut up. Try to open the microphone but I'm not going to read what it says: It also has to do with the massiveness, in the case of the first forums , @ 1 is like feeling lost among so many face-to-face activities, and it caught the attention of the last ones, the thematic forums such as the health issue, then it would be necessary to see how the thematic issues are structured, but at the same time the movements much broader.

I am going to copy and paste your comment, if obviously it is something to attract attention, no, one thing a point that has been in the debate I think we can put it as a question, about the tension, @ 2 is that of the tension between thematic , the movement and the social forum as a meeting space, I think there is a tension there , but it certainly gives us a general overview of the process. 

 Sara if you click on your mic maybe?

@ 015 Rosa 35mn Anyone else who would like to comment on learning

@ 1 Something that caught my attention that Meena said that I found it very nice that she said we must leave space for the youngest , on the one hand she spoke of the young, and we also said that we have a long way, we can stay like council counselors, what can we accompany, and contribute with our experience, but not to decide, we must also leave that strength to them.

@ 016 Lidia I wanted to give an opinion, give Lidia 36mn

What @ 1 said was very extensive information, everything they were sharing, it was not very easy to assimilate all that work they have done, it is a lot. 

And well, what makes me @ 2 think about the responsibility now of those of us who are involved, and what we would have to do with this work that is already there, which already has all this precedent, but now, for example, where to guide it.

I see in the case of feminisms, here where we live, there is not much articulation, suddenly there are some marches, but with the pandemic everything is already very disjointed, I live here in the north of Mexico, Mexicali.

So @ 3  I don't know how from the forum you can try to reorganize territories or spread these activities that you are going to see in the forum , here the work that the forum has done is not much known, some that others know about it, older people who are in movements, but I think it's like, one of the pending questions to do, spread, and make known what he has done to the forum, @ 4 many people really do not know that they exist even if they are in movements, so I am also how to articulate Right now we are very few , and more people had been participating, well, yes, these doubts arise, and I was also moved because it was a very important event for me.

@ 017 Daniel 38mn good morning. This progress that the forum has been making seems very important to me too, this work that we are proposing ourselves, I participated in the forum playing in the zócalo in 2009, with the group Barricada Sur , it was a job It became very, very emotional, very important, I believe that this effort continues to be important as well as many that are being made, in the face of progress it has already been commented on in the forum and it is defined, defined, discussed, analyzed.

The comrades who know much more about this matter of how the development of capitalism develops, capitalism continues to advance and more and more, more and more, and it is showing itself more and more predatory, because it is destroying nature, it was ending the planet, and it is necessary then for us to unite, unite if we unite, with that very important slogan that says "a united people will never be defeated", if we are able to do so, you will be able to move forward. 

So this forum is one more effort of many that they do in all the towns. I see it very important that we could move forward, and that in this forum we could make efforts as much as we could, @ 1  in terms of how we can do to move forward on the issue of communication, of communication. Because capital has everything controlled, everything is controlled in question and the empire has everything controlled in a matter of communications , if they want to isolate us, they do it,As for example they are doing it, they have done it, they ended up that the building of a press agency in Palestine, they destroyed the whole building, in a single blow, they are finishing, they are doing what they intend in Colombia, for example, that There are some areas where they have already been cut off from the internet, now the colleagues could only send messages, and well, they don't spend them, they have all the capacity to move forward in this regard. 

So I believe that this is one of the issues that are also very important, that we should insist, that we can see @ 2 what methods we can work on so that we maintain that communication , because today what is happening in Colombia this very difficult situation, not nothing More in Colombia, in Mexico itself there are situations that happen, and as it is so big, they are also not known, or they are known but we do not have the ability to define and support them, for different reasons.

@ 3 So I consider that it is very important that we progress in this element, which is communication, so that at a given moment we can act, act to spread, to report, to cover .

This did not happen in Oaxaca in 2006 when the uprising against the tyrant of the butcher Lice Ruiz occurred in Oaxaca, it occurred in a natural process where the same people decided to occupy commercial radio stations , and this became the only means of communication in the people, but it was converted, it became possible for the people to defend themselves, because through that communication, they called to defend the different spaces, where there was an aggression by the caravans of death and that is what is happening.

(Rosa 43mn the Internet left me) to occupy in this forum, to give a very precise place to the struggle of native peoples who are an important part of the development of the struggle and of life, they are extremely important processes, I think we should aim more on this aspect , and @ 4 on the question of culture, it also seems fundamental to me, because culture is in all areas of life , and we are all interested in a specific activity, which has to do with the culture that is the art, then it seems to me that it is important to delve into this forum in these aspects thanks colleagues. 

@ 018 Rosa thank you very much 44mn Daniel. If Sara comments here in the chat she does not have a microphone connection, she says that "some of us participate in broad feminist networks, the issue that we have not managed to get her attention, @ 1 maybe the forum will decide a broader call to call Mexican organizations to this process ; @ 2 the other thing is that we must not drop the articulations that emerged from this year's International Forum ”.

Yes Sara, what I want to confirm is that the call is open, that is, we have the call to the telegram chat, when we have the session, they can invite them to the link the data of who they are, we have that task and responsibility each and everyone.

Rosa 45mn well, if you want, we can go on to the next question, if there is another comment, we can give it to the drink. I think the hand is raised.

@ 019 Ricardo 46mn well, that is the second point on the agenda, that of the questions to the International Committee and other collaborators in the next meeting of the 12th, I want to highlight a question, in particular in us in the space of native and ancestral peoples, We have maintained a relationship before, during the Virtual Social Forum and now later, not only informing what these meetings are, but the other way around, fulfilling an approach made by some of the participants, and that was left in the declaration of the original and ancestral peoples: @ 1 reciprocal support for days of struggle 

We have been attentive to the constant work of the Amazon and of the Mapuche people, for example, also of the Palestinians, which is also happening in Europe, including the growth of the Roma struggle, and we have sent part of it to them, not all of them, for example the video or some elements of what happened, how the story was told, therefore, I present here two questions, which are not only mine, or from the house of the Mexican peoples.

@ 2 Ask why it took so long, so many years for the recognition in the world social forum as a thematic axis of the leading role of ancestral native peoples. If they were there present in the activities, even en masse in some places, why do the peoples themselves have that, however it was within general themes, and it was not seen how to reaffirm the identity, the history, the struggles, the push, the great contribution, for example, to the defense of life, of biodiversity.

So because until now, they were only attended to in their specificities in the virtual social forum in January. what happened to the heads? It is true perhaps, this is not in the question in the chat, but I share it with you, what happened in our heads does Eurocentrism predominate? is the first question.

The second in the same self-critical sense, we are not spokespersons, today Cleta's colleague Melissa told me that she had not received the invitation, a little because she is not on telegram, but like Cleta with a partner like Daniela, with Alberto daughter and many artists and cultural workers, we are seeing that @ 3 it is necessary to overcome something that Enrique Cisneros and we, several years ago, called “the work that of the left mariachis”,That is to say, get to throw a song and goodbye and it's over, then the second question is: we know that many and many artists and cultural workers have not been considered as another axis of articulation, activity, action, you are not going of their role in solidarity, which has been great, they have encouraged but sometimes they have only been considered to entertain to set the mood , @ 4 they need to have their own space , the question is what self-criticism does the International Committee make in this regard to give value to the cultural works of the peoples in struggle in a thematic axis.

Finally I do not have it in the chat but I could write it down, Daniela already said, Rosi remembered it. it is in the matter in the Great work that the International Committee has done; A question that happened in the last meeting where they told the story, @ 5  is the problem of how to pass the baton to new generations, I say it in a self-critical way, for example in the same area of ​​native and ancestral peoples said: when it leaves to do work with children with young people in this sense, how are you going to participate in that, but now I say it in the sense that the people fought it precisely and the women achieved it, that young people exceed this number possibly of millennia that make up the ages of the comrades of the international committee, not only of them, of many who are hereHow to make it be inherited, transmitted, that a new, more youthful environment is generated because in the practices the young people have existed, the great youth camps demonstrate it, thank you very much. 

@ 020 Rosa 51mnThank you Ricardo, I don't know if anyone has another question, what Ricardo raised is very important, notice that something we discussed with feminists was that there is no feminist World Social Forum, or rather a feminism thematic space, but @ 1 Feminism is an axis rather, so that all the different thematic spaces of social forums assume it, it has not been easy of course as the comrades have pointed out and the fights continue.

And what do you indicate about how to build and @ 2 generate the conditions to be able to make more inclusive participants of young people, childhood, indigenous peoples, in short, migrants, many more actors that are missing, Alejandra López?

@ 021 Alejandra 52MN I would like to complement the presentations that have been given, I believe that in the case of culture, and that @ 1 culture has to do with the struggles that are registered from events of their own in each territory, and that It is very important, it is a very important point, the question of what happens in our peoples, and above all taking into account that ancestral original culture, what day by day has been lost, because it always exists in memory, in thinking, In people's minds, there is a Mexico, as Bonfil said, battle,  do not take into account the deep Mexico, which really exists, and we take this self-centeredness with which we are educated generation after generation.

@ 2 In this sense, it is very important to retake that culture of our ancestral native peoples, because that's what we are from, that's where we come from , and it turns out that this is not it.

@ 3  and I believe that the World Social Forum is a space for meeting, for reunion, very important, like a great assembly, imagine me , where everyone gets to say what is happening in our territories, we share it that, @ 4 there is pluralized, yes, and building a culture of struggle, based on the events that take place in our territories, is something very important. 

Because right now in the whole world, there are many voices, we have many voices, saying what is happening, what we are experiencing is a global issue.

@ 4 At the moment the challenge of these spaces like the World Social Forum is how we articulate all those protests, all these grievances that we are the object of, first how we articulate them

And second, to think and reflect, @ 5 the World Social Forum and all the efforts that exist from all this, who nurtures and who empowers these spaces, are precisely the struggles of our peoples, and that is very important.

Even now, for example, when the comrades from Colombia ask with desperate cries for international solidarity. Okay, but it is only Colombia, the situation in Palestine, in Cuba, is also right now in a very terrible way, in short, @ 6 as We are not capable of articulating in a single event all these requests for help, which our brother peoples are giving us.

and it is not done, because there is no such culture, there is not this learning of our ancestors, so this sense is very important that a space can be built that apart from being transparent about all these problems that exist, @ 7 we can be able to be raising the existence of the voices of our peoples, which are the ones that will give an even stronger potentialization to these spaces. 

And that is why I am talking about building a culture of struggle, yes, from these spaces. Well, this is what I wanted to raise, @ 8 and say that all this experience that we heard about what has been the journey of the World Social Forum, is something without a doubt very important, very good, I feel part of it

Because in 2007, when they opened the space to us and we were women from the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca, there we carried our voice, there we said as women what was happening, there we said that we were able to go take this television channel, where from there they were attacking us daily, attacking the government in turn, and that we took it up again, and there we could be expressing our word, as women, and we also offered that space to all the people of Oaxaca it came, and it was our means of communication.

And as the bell ringers who preceded me say, @ 9  talking about the people's own means of communication is a super important point because this is the experience that we bring from this movement of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca, because it was our eyes It was our voice, it was our thought, it was our media arms. 

When they cut it they managed to a large extent to stifle this movement, so the question of communication is something that we have to reflect on and that we have to be looking at how to build our own means of communication for the people, thank you.

1h00 Thank you very much Alejandra, for your testimony and your experience now we give the floor to María Luisa.

@ 022 Maria luisa I already left the transport, thank you very much for reading the previous comment, it seems to me that part of the questions that arise as a result of the historical background that we have, in what was the World Social Forum, is precisely, as you point out Also and the companion who preceded me, what can be the strategies so that we can promote that brotherhood that undoubtedly has from the social struggle @ 1, it seems to me that when we talk about this forum only as an event in a plan of something annual, or some strategy only sectioned to different years for a general action, it seems to me that from there the strategy is poorly planned.

We should be doing this accompaniment from the forum, and pointing it out as from the Forum of these calls for help from these calls attention to what is happening in our brother countries, as well as what is happening in our current context.

So, it seems to me that this would also be an opportunity so that we will not just leave the forum to act in a single event , @ 2 that we could establish these alliances of these communities, for the objectives of the accompanying organizations and discuss the events that arise so that sister countries feel accompanied , right? 

Precisely to be able to contextualize and capitalize as much as possible; capitalize, in the sense of making real use of what we are going to have as a predominance of our culture, no, in the sense of power @ 3 i r articulating and gaining spaces, where the forum has a more tacit, more real, more accessible to any community , where the participation of the context that it already had, and that now, from the energies that are added, it is more effective, no, so that they are not lost. 

Part of the questions that I pointed out was precisely because of this, how we can articulate the actions that we have, from civil society, from social movements, from social struggles, a real impulse.

That is what feminism does, without a doubt, we can now say that @ 4  feminism has these solid articulations, because it does not seek to magnify a person, or a particular objective but to magnify the different feminisms that are understood , to eliminate the prevailing patriarchal system, where we all take each other as sisters, and we are in solidarity before the social struggles.

And we make a call precisely in that sense, @ 5 in which we mobilize ourselves from these aspects, as brothers and sisters, with our struggles and with our day-to-day events, where we are strengthening ourselves, feeling accompanied and embraced and sheltered, these phrases where we say that the world is seeing it, the world is knowing what is happening, and that this is not going to happen, it has to be accompanied not only by a speech, but also by facts.

So here what I think may favor these conditions, is that with this forum, @ 6  we will be able to unite more solid actions for the immediate future , so, regardless of the challenges, it also seems important to me to keep reserving, to make a kind of diagnosis From the background that we have of the forum, obviously that these talks are not going to be of much use, to see how we can support, so that these situations improve in our environment of action that we are going to have next year, to be able to make diagnoses, and not only to say that it was possible to promote @ 7, but about what was intended to be done, and that cannot be done, in order to be able to propose new strategies, new tasks, new actions that do not also allow the forum's performance to be solidified. 

Many of the times we wonder how the neoliberal capitalist machinery can implement actions even where it blurs the discourse of a different geopolitical vision, no, and that is why, @ 8 my opinion is that because they are united by the interest they have in common, of make the principal prevail over any other interest 

So here what should be united to us and to be able to prevail in this version of the forum is precisely that: to be united in the causes and in the social struggle, precisely against capitalism, against neoliberal policies, @ 9 and to be able to implement actions or actions that we they weigh not only as a focus of action, but also as a focus of strategies and alliances; alliances of social movements and alliances in the public sphere, right ?

Since then, it seems to me that these are the perspectives or the questions that we can ask ourselves, just now with one or the next meeting to ask @ 10 what diagnosis they have had in relation to the tasks that you promoted as an International Committee when acting as not now , those parts of the questions that I bring. thanks Rosi.

Rosa thank you María Luisa now Sol.

@ 023 Sol 1h06mn I am from Oaxaca, good morning everyone, a Mixtec greeting, good as CODEM Observatory of Human Rights of the Peoples, because we consider that in this ignition the current situation that we are living in the world, it is important then @ 1 that Give the role that the World Social Forum is assuming in the face of the events that we are visualizing, mainly what happens in Colombia in Palestine, the Garifuna peoples flights, there are many repressions where the class enemy is unified and is repressing the brothers of other peoples of the world.

@ 2 And I believe that the forum has to be pronounced, and not necessarily wait up to a year to hold an event and reach an agreement , but I believe that the world social forum has to walk on the path of events to consolidate an international movement group that @ 3 can become a benchmark, truly a political approach that counteracts all the grievances of neoliberalism of capitalism that we are currently experiencing, and in this sense build popular power, as colleagues who preceded me already participated in, what is important to work on a integral project, I consider that in the cultural aspect it is very important in the sense that they can be made moral. 

For example, if there is a @ 4 Committee on Culture in the World Social Forum, it has to make a work plan, like this one through music or another through painting or videos, initiatives that counteract all this can be done grievance of human rights violations that the peoples of the world are experiencing, and that the World Social Forum has not spoken, I say that it is important that the promotion resume this initiative, and that the World Social Forum truly recover the objective that they were bred from the start. 

In 2008, for example, I participated in the World Social Forum in Mexico, representing CODEM and part of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca, regardless of whether we arrived at the forum, we participated, @ 5 but it is as if you arrive, give your opinion, and so far it remains, it has felt like something alien, it does not feel like being part of the World Social Forum, like a real organization has been lacking, an inclusion, a plurality, a horizontality of decision-making, and what is important I believe to change this sense of the role that the World Social Forum must assume: to build a true space, of transformation of true struggle, and that in this aspect I consider the native peoples that we therefore see as territories of resistance, territory of a whole culture of decision-making, of dialogue, that we are included within this voice that we have not had, and that in this aspect we can truly walk, with a struggle international then.

@ 6 Because right now I say that the World Social Forum has to make a statement of international solidarity. What is happening in Colombia is very serious, if everything is silent, each one is not totally silent, but I mean that some pronouncements are being made, but in isolation, I believe that today the World Social Forum has to make an international statement, and demand that international human rights organizations in this case, the IAPA made a request for entry to Colombia, and it has not been allowed, so make the call to That the UN human rights organizations make a statement where they demand from the government of Iván Duque to make this review of the violation of human rights and stop the massacre, the murders, the total genocide that the Colombian people are experiencing. 


 We are on time because Rosi, our colleague Rosy, we know her, and she has been assuming an important role, but we really need to build a work from the different countries, so that an initiative is recovered, a global action to say it, @ 7  that the Forum World Social could take an action at the UN, I don't know , to stop this repression that the people of Palestine and Colombia are experiencing.

It would be a very humanistic initiative that the forum will take up again, because the truth, what I have observed, @ 7 if the forums are held every year, they are held in different countries, and that is until there, as it has not specified a truly fighting proposal , I believe that this is the path that the concrete objective of the world social forum should trace , so that it really is a proposal of international solidarity, that there is this initiative of struggle and that we were able to join forces, in that would be my participation and greetings from Oaxaca from the original towns. Thanks for listening colleagues.

@ 024 Rosa 1h12mn thank you very much Soledad. Ricardo, do you want to say something about your question? In the good Chat Ricardo says: how will we be able to face the @ 1 challenge of giving experiences and learning to new generations that manage, Coordinate and facilitate the world social forum and the International Committee itself. Ricardo go ahead.

Ricardo 1h13mn had already told him, it is rather the third question, he has flaws in the chat but the idea is that Daniela had already raised and I think that you are the issue of the new generations also participating in the management the driving that is the idea and let it be put into practice thanks.

@ 025 Rosa, thank you Ricardo, we listened to you a bit choppy but I think the idea was understood. @ 1 With what you have pointed out, it seems to me that many challenges can be emerging, both for us as a facilitating group, and as organizations that have a presence in Mexico , as well as for the political task, the most process task of the forum.

This saying loneliness seems very important to me, no, like how @ 2  when we are in a forum, it is not that we only get to give a conference about how we are there, but to say how we build a process of denouncing what happens in the territories and we gather . someone said there to capitalize, but there is a word that is used in the network "saddlebag" that when we do a force correlation analysis, which implies how we accumulate force, how we do force correlation and how we generate processes that have to do with our daily life, with our struggle, with our dignity. 

@ 3 And I believe the idea, being part of this facilitating group, so we are the protagonist of it, there are two dynamics in both preparation: in preparing the conditions so that we have a space for dialogue and debate, but also from our own own flags of struggles.

Some of you mention there, I saw it as a forward challenge, @ 4  let's not wait for him to reach the forum to meet if we are concerned about how we add what we have as a priority, as an organization, as a collective, as a union, as a movement As we are, our organizational representation encourages dialogues that are part of a route, a route of political reflection. 

For example, I say: we are in Mexico and we are very close to Mesoamerica, very close to Honduras, very close to the peoples of Guatemala or Belize that sometimes we see it further away and that @ 5 we can intend dialogues of struggle, for there to dialogue or call those who are more linked to solidarity, I am thinking aloud no, to make this fight.

@ 6 But also how do we carry out these debates, as Pedro also said that they are other more fundamental struggles, of transforming actions or laws , of how companies are considered to be small companies that are actually cooperatives, as if large companies, and actually they treat them as such, that also implies a dispute with the different instances.

 As we dispute communication, no, it is an important task and how we generate what is our task that will not remain after the session of the 12th, we as the facilitating group, what we have to see in the assembly, because @ 7 is meeting right now it is not an assembly , It was a meeting, we say we are going to reflect on the session of the 22nd, I wish everyone had arrived, but they did not arrive, and on June 12, take these debates, these questions, to the same IC and even some members of the facilitating group, to say that commissions we need to create.

 Here we see a need to create a communication commission , I do not know if communication and culture, or just communication, to generate conditions and there is noted AaRon who has supported us with the calls, but also @ 8  not only to do them flyers but to make debates, in-depth debate on what how we do digital sovereignty, how we build other spaces, like CEAAL we have in articulation with fellow rhizomatics, who even have their own communication line, well in Oaxaca their own telephony, who have created them, and the radio, how we do a process of action.

What the comrade in Tijuana was telling her, here the feminist movement has not met, but @ 9 maybe it is our turn to invite comrades to make a broad invitation to the feminist movement, and we women from Mexico who are involved in the feminist movement: comrades, how do you see it? Look at the forum, we will share with you what has happened with the story and that they come to the facilitating group, and that we encourage this in-depth debate. 

They are like many tasks that must be done and structured and that we are not going to solve now, now we are only bringing questions, reflections that cannot be used for the future, no, I think this is it, that is my reflections that come right now.

@ 026 Here I see in the chat that some are commenting to see let me see I think Lilian: 

I support the proposal of the comrade: the forum must pronounce itself and have immediacy before the acts of violence against humanity. 

Ah well I tell you that as CI , @ 1 good like some CI organizations, we elaborated a statement to support the resistance of Palestine, and also to denounce the violence in Colombia, I believe that only the one from Palestine will pass them in the chat and I am also going to share so that they have it and we sign and mobilize.

@ 027 Rosa 1h19mn Miguel Vargas says of the house of the Mexican peoples: in agreement with the sun, the social forum must have a permanent presence in constant transformation actions.

@ 028 Rosa Sara: at least make closer pronouncements like n Columbia 

@ 1 Of course, even we as a facilitating group could say good companions, let's sign, let's make a demonstration, or let's make sit-ins, that it is seen that we are denouncing what is happening in Colombia, in fact today I wrote it to Mariano Jabonero of the American States organizations pressure them, to tell them, comrades speak up about Colombia, they can't just keep quiet like that.

@ 029 Rosa Lilian says; @ 1 we must socialize the coordination mechanisms to speak out and demonstrate in a unified way with a Press Commission

Exactly Lilian, we have to make a press commission, @ 2 the press commission is going to collect, I don't know, complaints that are in the process, and help us ... there is a task if we need the press commission.

@ 030 Rosa 1h20mn and Miguel I'm reading your chat but I don't know if you want to say it too, or if you don't have a microphone, why does it say: in all aspects we must structure. movements with constant and effective movements, only @ 1 mentions the execution of a mural this goes from artistic to cultural when it gives rise to the formation, not leaving it reflected on the wall, but giving it ideological expression.

Rosa: Of course, I think that doing an @ 2 articulated process is not, and that it generates movement reflection formation, which is going to be an interesting challenge that we can also print on our assemblies.

 iSócrates I do not know if someone else wants to bring as a challenge we see Socrates here.

@ 031 Socrates 1h21mn listening to colleagues, many things have been said that has been and can be, can be further promoted at the World Social Forum 

I want to highlight two elements 1 / one is that perhaps it has been necessary to incorporate more, it is an occasion to incorporate the theme of young people and students to the tables, to the discussions, but it can also be the way to invite student and youth organizations of all kinds, so that they are directly in charge of those tables.

I think there are, @ 1 I know several, and I can invite them to join this facilitating group, and in this way we have the presence of these youth organizations, and also these issues, incorporate them into the work of the Forum. 

2 / And another element is that we will also have to consider the search for alternatives, because everything has been a criticism of social movements and organizations that sometimes we remain in the complaint, although the complaint in the communication is necessary, but it is not enough if we don't build alternatives.

So @ 2  the World Social Forum from the beginning has also been a space and it should continue to be a space for the construction of alternatives of all kinds in the field of culture, the economy, all the problems of all popular sectors, That is the two points that I wanted to highlight: the need to build alternatives and the issue of young people.

Rosa 1h23m Ok someone else wants to point something out, Ricardo.

@ 032 Ricardo a reflection that hopefully can be dealt with in a meeting if the Assembly of Mexican meetings is the following: it is the following and I very much agree with what was raised by Sol Miguel Daniel about the fact that @ 1 must act in an articulated manner from now on , but there have also been interventions that speak correctly that the World Social Forum is a process , second that it must be permanent. 

@ 2 But when it refers to the permanent, sometimes it seems that it resembles continuous meetings, and not the organization of campaigns, of struggles, as Socrates says so well, that they do not remain in the complaint, the chain of regrets, but That they be proactive, that they do harmless, no way, the situation is not like tenderness is for the peoples, but that with a predatory and militaristic capitalism @ 3 we need that the World Social Forum its permanence is organized as a strategy of concrete campaigns, This is an idea that should be discussed in an assembly, rather than just spilling it out on the fly to see if it hits.

@ 033 Rosa, Ricardo, what you say is important, @ 1 it is not about remaining in the analysis always, you have to take action, with concrete campaigns, and that they allow us to be in contact with the base with the peoples with the struggles , to make them visible, and bring them present. I don't know if anyone else wants to comment.

1h26mn well, look, we have the task, to those who told us about the last meeting, the CI colleagues will pass the number to point number four, which is the next session, but what does it have to do with the previous three points, @ 1 it  would be important that the comrades from Mexico to give us a return, regarding what they saw they felt they thought about this that was shared, and then, with all that we have said, it would be good if some of us, two of you are here, could share these reflections that we have made here, make a small commission that works on the synthesis of what we have discussed today, to make this return, with the questions, the reflections, regarding those three questions that we have been there.

1 / What learning is not leaving the forum 2 / What questions has not been generated, 3 / What challenges does it pose for the facilitating group.

That it would be like a simple snack, because later we would have to continue with the listening that we lacked, on the one hand, what has to do with the virtual social forum, the relationship with the CI executive with the facilitating group, and later, the present the future with the conversation that Francine is going to present to us. 

And I say that this could take us an hour and a half maybe, for after this, I think it would be good to have, I don't know, @ 2 we would have to see, if possible, some work groups, with so many what We are from the CI that those of Mexico that we are going to be present.

It would be necessary to see who can understand English, can understand French, so that we can dialogue, or see if there are some interpreters, although we cannot create interpretation rooms in a working group, it has to be more in consecutive, and not simultaneously the interpretation, and we could investigate who can be in rooms speaking only English, in Portuguese they understand Portuguese to do that debate.

In a short time, we see the challenges pointed forward, the challenges, the tasks that we have here, some came out, and perhaps we can bring them when the Commission presents, and deepen with what comes out , and I think that these ideas that we are building can be of some weave a route, @ 3 because we would have to take action to prepare more, let's say the process of the forum in Mexico , let's see let's meet with women, with unions, with young people, with all culture.

We are going to mobilize children, peasants, universities, see an infrastructure commission in the logistics commission, a finance commission, which we need to start working in a coordinated manner, both that we are in Mexico, as well as the CI at the international level @ 4; that's where the task of getting involved in preparing the processes will come; to prepare the debates; But that's how I see it 

I do not know if you have ideas about it here or if someone says I would like to share what we discussed, I would like to be part of this commission that is going to return these reflections that we have made.

@ 034 Carmen 1h30mn I have a question, something that I have seen that we also need, as facilitators, is to have information on all the associations, because out there I do not @ 1 know if any form has been created, where they can see what they are The activities of each association have, and above all the issues , that each one is struggling in a certain way, because in this way, it will be easier, than whoever we are within the group, let us know @ 2 what those activities are, to make it easier to understand the tables, and in this case the commissions,So I don't know if it would also be important to create a mini Google version form, which we can be sending ourselves, where we are very brief and each one of the organizations say what is our corporate purpose, our activity, our struggle.

@ 035 Rosa 1h31mn in fact we have a form and we use free software, I am going to verify what question we asked, it has to do with that one, we can organize and present and be able to organize and also who we are , but if you remember in our assembly the previous one because The last we had was when we agreed to do this process, to make a parenthesis to know the history so that we need the Mexican organizations that are part of the facilitating octopus to know the history of the forum.

And in this session we talked about several points in that meeting of April 17 , 

We talked about the date of the forum that we said will be in May, we talked about Mexico City. 

We talk a little about the background of the forum where we open this parenthesis.

The next point was objectives and goals, we have it pending here with Félix who is here, @ 1  we agreed to resume the debate that took place in this session and in the meeting with the IC to make a synthesis to continue deepening so that the forum, with what came out in many things.

The other point. The fifth point that we did not delve into was on the work tracks and commissions, which commissions we have to create and what has to do with this, well first we have to know "what my expertise is", maybe we can make an equal table in group work in an assembly of the facilitating group, to better recognize ourselves, to see where I see myself, where can I contribute, what can I contribute, @ 2 and then give way to the creation of the different commissions, and generate commitments .

And at the same time we said we will need some facilitating group out there I remember that we mentioned some criteria that this great facilitating group that is facilitating the process, be national organizations, are organizations appointed by the different commissions, which are made up of Organizations of the host city CDMX, and Mexican organizations that are part of the CI, and CI organizations that will be following us, there are some out there.

It was this great agenda that we made on April 17 and that we have pending, so it is worth recognizing what our skills are, our areas of action, so that we can start thinking about what committees we can be in, where we can contribute better; 

In short, we cannot say that we are starting from scratch, because there have already been previous forums, @ 3 there have been commissions or thematic axes that were created in the World Social Forum and that continue to be present.

The question is how we articulate everything that is being done to keep moving forward

But if I can check how the form is that we originally sent to whoever is participating because there I think we asked the organization, state and what it was doing, @ 4 but we can modify it and we can make a new one and say to see what their task is in concrete what is your fight in that this is not? OK

Well then, to whom of those who were present would like to share this dialogue? I think it would be five minutes what we are going to do present, it can't be long, right?

@ 036 Carmen 1h35mn if you want, we can help to summarize what it is and later we can share, we already made annotations during the meeting, but if you don't get to share the recording, to complement everyone's participation.

Rosa OK also Lidia says that Lidia can join the commission, you and someone else? with Lidia. 

I propose it Ricardo very well Ricardo do you agree Ricardo? I wanted to propose to Sol okay.

I have meetings with communities and I have to go. I propose to comrade Ricardo who is practical and systematic.

Rosa, Carmen, Pedro, Lidia, Ricardo, do you think? I send the recording to the four of them and sent the mail so they can have it.

X I work with Meena.

@ 037 Rosa I send you the recording and on the day of the session we can give 5 minutes maximum 7 I think to give back a little what we were sharing here, and then we'll see each other. 

I do not know if for the session of the 12th that this proposal we are going to listen for an hour and a half an hour and a half. 

We started with feedback that Mexico is going to do, how we saw this process, and then I would enter the World Social Forum that Tiburcio presented us, the Secret relationship (the executives and facilitating group that Salete and Hamouda will do and then Francine and lán @ 1 van to share a question about the international context the present the future of the forum that this is going to be quite good to rethink the objectives.

@ 2 I proposed that after that we would go to work groups that could be 4 or 5, it depends on how many there are , and that we can organize it by language, so that we can divide, and then return in a plenary session, no, and here I don't know if you would like to propose someone to be part of the moderation for this day? or does someone propose?

@ 038 Carmen: we cooperate for moderation

Rosa 1h39 okay Carmen, maybe I'll see if someone else wants to sign up Sara, do you want to moderate too? We do not hear you, something happened with your microphone, can you write in the chat?

1h40 I don't see Daniela, would you like to moderate that session? (laughs) I say to change the faces too, that helps too.

Daniela; We are always going to need your help, as you already have, or in other words, you have all the threads and the experience, but yes. 

@ 040 Rosa vale guadalupe we can go for it we can prepare it between the three 

Daniel and Carmen were in moderation , we could agree on the agenda and we shared the day. 

They copied the emails to send you the video and we'll see you next 12 at 8