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This editing space is for documenting exchanges  in the  WSF2024 FG/IC <> NOC  support groups 


 APSF/WSF infopages (while APSF website is unaccessible) 

Bottom up program  wsf2024 in progress
wsf2024 bottom up program inprogress 


Apsf website replication-thematic spaces APSF/WSF2024

wsf2024 apsf pamphlet  

wsf2024 apsf calendar

wsf2024 apsf wsfindia

wsf2024 perimeters

wsf2024 using wsf platforms  

wsf2024 call for interpreters  

wsf2024 apsf wsf tcs

wsf2024 using tcs

wsf2024 apsf howtouse thissite  

wsf2024 presences in apsfwsf tcs  

Documentation Prepa WSF2024


Meetings and messages in support groups 


IC meetings  

Contributions in IC list and group