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APSF,   which is presented in the pamphlet (see  below image  in this page) ,  is a regional social forum process part of the Global WSF family , along with  ISF process and WSF process,., and other social forum processes that are existing accross the world.

APSF has a facilitating committee ( APSF FC )  and as social forum,  is an intercommunication process between civil society organisatiions and movements  generically described here.

APSF facilitation  committee  ( APSF FC)   has organized  an on line event with 40 activiities in february 2022  . Originally  the event in Nepal was conceived as an APSF event in end of 2023 , and was turned  into a WSF event  in february 2024, andAPSF FC  is liable to organize other events in the future

APSF FC  is currently  stimulating the  development of national proceses  for participation in WSF2024 event in various counties of Asiaru towards participation in WSF2024 , (some of which may be also the building of national social fom processes)  and is  fully supportive of the build up of WSF2014 event  in Nepal