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CONTRIBUTIONS TO WSF 2024 BOTTOM UP PROGRAM *as of dec8* - using data from https://wsf2024nepal.org/activities  ( sorted by day- start hour- size) proposed from APSF facilitating team fg-asfp@riseup.net - POSSIBLE TO SEARCH with page search in a coputer expression "TCS1" to "TCS13" in this text and see which are the activities that can be promoted in a given TCS ( join more TCS here  https://bit.ly/49TfMFf )

*Activity title Activity Link (may differ from title if edited) -1st organizer - coorganizers - theme(s) &TCS - modality : physical/hybrid - Language - Sug.Day Slot start hour - - Duration Sug.Size Interest(click on "participate" button - Venue(?v) Sug.Room(?r) - - image- Text size - Reldocs (downloadable) -multiact (if activity is longer than 90mn) - intended statement? (?s) - promotion in TCS (?p) - Contact - 1st organizer link - country*


*Voices Unveiled: Empowering Women for a Social Justice* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/voices-unveiled-empowering-women-for-a-social-justice Beyond Beijing Committee - Nocoorg yet *TCS13* - physical ?Lang NE 16Feb ?h 90mn 1000p 1000 BM ?r noimage short text no reldoc *2 act?* ?s ?p info@beyondbeijing.org https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/200 Nepal

*World Youth Assembly On Climate Justics* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/world-youth-assembly-on-climate-justics Youth Initiative - Nedi *TCS7? TCS13?* - physical/hybrid EN NE HI 16Feb ?h 200mn 1000p 1000 BM Rastiya Sabha Griya? flyerimage notext no reldoc 2act? ?s promoTCS7 wsf.worldyouthassembly@gmail.com Alisha https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/664 Nepal

*High level panel discussion on economic and gender inequality* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/hight-level-panel-discussion-on-economic-and-gender-inequality OXFAM in Asia - SAAPE *TCS2* - hybrid ?Lang NA 16Feb ?h 90mn 500p 500 ?v ?r noimage short text no reldoc 1act ?s ?p mustafa.talpur@oxfam.org https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/180 Pakistan

*World Assembly on Democracy and Civic Space* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/world-assembly-on-democracy-and-civic-space NGO Federation of Nepal - Nocoorg yet *TCS5?* - physical ?Lang NE 16Feb ?h 120mn 500p 496 KTM Rastrya Sabha Griha (City Hall) flyerimage no text no reldoc *2act?* ?s promoTCS5 kiran@ngofederation.org https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/500 Nepal

*Feminist dialogue on inequality* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/feminist-dialogue-on-inequality OXFAM in Asia - SAAPE *TCS2? TCS11?* - hybrid ?Lang 16Feb ?h 90mn 300p 299 ?v ?r noimage short text no reldoc 1act ?s ?p "

mustafa.talpur@oxfam.org" https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/180 Pakistan

*Dignified Menstruation: Decolonized the menstrual movement and Reimagining Feminism* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/dignified-menstruation-decolonized-the-menstrual-movement-and-reimagining-feminism Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation - Nocoorg yet *TCS5 ? TCS11? TCS13?* - hybrid ?Lang NA 16Feb ?h 90mn 100p 100 BM ?r noimage short text no reldoc 1act ?s promoTCS11 dignifiedmenstruation2019@gmail.com https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/477 Nepal

*Agroecology* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/agroecology Group of Helping Hand (SAHAS) Nepal - Nocoorg yet *TCS9* - physical EN 16Feb ?h 30mn 14p 13 ?v ?r noimage notext no reldoc 1act ?s ?p none https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/157 Nepal

*Foreign Trade Balance* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/foreign-trade-balance Relativ-Konservativ Sozialliberale Plattform - Nocoorg yet *TCS2* - hybrid(fully online?) EN DE 16Feb ?h 60mn 10p 9 online lecture ?r noimage text no reldoc online? ?s ?p none https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/629 Germany

*Rights To Natural Resources* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/rights-to-natural-resources Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal (FECOFUN) - Nocoorg yet *TCS9* - physical EN NE 16Feb 11h30 120mn 60p 59 WSF ?r noimage out of visiblity no reldoc *2act?* ?s ?p https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/611 Nepal

*Education* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/education Group of Helping Hand (SAHAS) Nepal - Nocoorg yet *TCS3?* - physical EN 16Feb 11h30 30mn 25p 25 ?v ?r noimage notext no reldoc 1act ?s ?p none https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/157 Nepal

*CIVIC SPACE OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/civic-space-of-children-and-young-people Hatemalo Sanchar - DEESSA SDG *TCS4 TCS7 TCS8* - hybrid EN 16Feb 14h 90mn 100p 100 ?v ?r yesimage notext no reldoc 1act ?s ?p pradeep.hatemalo@gmail.com https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/59 Nepal

*Book Discussion: UNEQUAL* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/book-discussion-unequal Westland Books - Nocoorg yet *TCS2 TCS6 TCS8* - hybrid EN 16Feb 15h45 90mn 100p 100 wsfnepal noimage text no reldoc 1act ?s ?p rightsbodhi@gmail.com https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/553 India

*Youth Leadership* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/youth-leadership Group of Helping Hand (SAHAS) Nepal - Nocoorg yet *TCS13?* - physical EN 16Feb 15h45 21mn 20 p 20 ?v ?r noimage notext no reldoc 1act ?s ?p none https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/157 Nepal

*INTERCONTINENTAL YOUTH FORUM-2024 AND YOUTH CAMP (several activities)* https://wsf2024nepal.org/youth-forum YouthAdocacyNepal - Nocoorg yet *TCS13?* - physical EN NE 17Feb ?h 600mn 1000P? 1000 ?v ?r noimage page in site no reldoc 1*0act?* ?s ?p naren_0777@yahoo.com https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/506 Nepal


*Assembly on Universal Social Protection* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/assembly-on-universal-social-protection HomeNet Nepal (HNN) - SPCN *TCS6* - hybrid EN NE 17Feb ?h ?mn 750p 750 BM ?r noimage no text no reldoc 1act ?s ?p ed.homenetnepal@gmail.com https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/70 Nepal

*Something Like a Film Festival* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/something-like-a-film-festival Documentary Open School (Docskool) - LOOM *TCS3?* - physical ?Lang NE 17Feb ?h 90mn 90p 90 Law Campus Law Campus Auditorium? noimage short text no reldoc *2act?* ?s ?p docskoolnepal@gmail.com https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/445 Nepal

*ECSA2024 - EUROPEAN COMMON SPACE FOR ALTERNATIVES - Our Way to Unity* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/ecsa2024-european-common-space-for-alternatives-our-way-to-unity Attac Germany - Nocoorg yet *TCS8?* - physical ?Lang NA 17Feb ?h ?mn 20p 20 ?v ?r noimage text no reldoc 1act ?s ?p braun@attac.de https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/104 Germany

Engendering Political Leadership and Women’s Representation https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/engendering-political-leadership-and-womens-representation All Nepal Women Association (ANWA) - Nocoorg yet *TCS5 TCS13?* - physical EN 17Feb 11h30 90mn 200p 200 ?v Putalisadak noimage short text no reldoc 1act ?s ?p anwaoffice@gmail.com https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/201 Nepal

*Global Feminist Forum : “Resisting Systemic Biases”* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/strengthening-community-voice-social-movement-for-change WOREC - Nocoorg yet *TCS8 TCS11?* - hybrid EN NE 17Feb 11h30 90mn 100p 97 BM noimage longtext+detail Related documents https://wsf2024nepal.org/storage/activityDocumentImage/1783329791707033.pdf  - https://wsf2024nepal.org/storage/activityDocumentImage/1783336478541090.pdf *6act?* ?s ?p prabha@worecnepal.org https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/326 Nepal

===============18 Feb==================

*People's Economic Forum* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/peoples-economic-forum Nepal Development Initiative (NEDI) - Nocoorg yet *TCS2 TCS7* - hybrid ?Lang NA 18Feb ?h 240mn 1000p 998 BM ?r flyerimage text no reldoc *3act?* ?s promoTCS2 pef2024nepal@gmail.com https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/273 Nepal

*Reimagining A Feminist Human Economy* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/reimagining-a-feminist-human-economy Oxfam Novib - Nocoorg yet TCS2 TCS11? TCS13? - physical EN? 18Feb ?h 90mn 200p 200 ?v ?r noimage short text no reldoc 1act ?s ?p rachel.colbourne@oxfamnovib.nl https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/627 Netherlands

*20 Years of the Right to Food Guidelines: Past, Present and Future*. https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/20-years-of-the-right-to-food-guidelines-past-present-and-future FIAN International - BDW *TCS9?* - physical EN Translation (Spanish and French) will be provided 18Feb ?h 90mn 50p 50 ?v ?r noimage text no reldoc 1act ?s ?p tang@fian.org https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/559 Germany

*Reimagining A Just Feminist Agricultural Transition* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/reimagining-a-just-feminist-agricultural-transition Oxfam Novib - Nocoorg yet *TCS7? TCS9? TCS13?* - physical ?Lang EN 18Feb 14h 90mn 200p 200 ?v ?r noimage longtext no reldoc 1act ?s ?p rachel.colbourne@oxfamnovib.nl https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/627 Netherlands

*Assembly Towards the World Social Forum of Intersections 2025* https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization/activity/assembly-towards-the-world-social-forum-of-intersections-2025 Katalizo - Nocoorg yet *TCS8?* - hybrid EN ES FR 18Feb 14h 90mn 50p 50 ?v ?r yesimage shorttext no reldoc 1act ?s ?p info@intersectionsglobal.net https://wsf2024nepal.org/organization-registered-in-wsf/281 Canada


*SQUARE OF STATEMENTS see https://wsf2024nepal.org/schedule * - booths/tables are provided in big halls in BM venue, for participants to *make contact there with movements and organizations sharing statements outcoming from the panels, activities and assemblies* in the previous three days ( See program above . Simultaneously Cafes and Chautaris are set up outside in the open for informal meetings in relation with those statements and contacts (or not). Statements can be made accessible in "more detail" section and with links to online signature form - they can also be put as related documents in the activity description