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Documentation on What happened at Rio+20  

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Rio+20 - Stockholm+40 

Here you find information about the Rio+20 - Stockholm+40 conference and material and links to movement and official sources on the coming World Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil 4th - 6th of June 2012 and earlier UN Conferences on the environment in Stockholm 1972, Rio 1992 and Johannesburg 2002 as well as climate summits in Copenhagen 2009; Cochabamba and Cancun 2010 and in Durban 2011. You will also find material on the history of the climate justice and environmental movement and struggles from a broad global long term and up to date perspective. Please contribute by becoming a member of Rio+20 project team.

Rio+20 - Stockholm+40

International project and conference in Gothenburg May 18-20 initiated by Friends of the Earth Sweden.

Rio+20 June 2012

Movement initiatives, social forum material, stakeholder and official material, comments from organizations and individuals from all parts of the world.

Stockholm 1972, Rio 1992, Johannesburg 2002

Earlier United Nations conferences on environment with main focus on movement building and resistance but also official material.

Environmental movement history and present struggles

The history of the modern environmental movement and some historical and present struggles to resist environmental destruction and to construct alternatives. Also material on greenwashing, social movement theory and national examples.

Climate justice  

International Climate Action Days, Climate Justice movement, climate summits in Copenhagen, Cochabamba and Durban.