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YOUR REPLY BY OCTOBER 30 -preparation of enlargement /broadcast of your event /activity in sasf #1

from SASF Bangladesh Extension on Oct 28, 2011 07:20 AM

Dear SASF participants

You are receiving this message because you have registered an event/activity
in Dhaka during sasf  - * and you have answered "yes" or "maybe "  to the
question**: *

*Do you intend to ENLARGE YOUR EVENT/ACTIVITY ON INTERNET in order to allow
REMOTE PARTICIPATION of your networks or the general public in it ( video
conference & chat )*

Your event/activity is visible here The right column of the table  "enlarged"
shows your intention of enlargement


*We, sasf extension team are now making contact with you in this perspective


*Through Enlarging you activity, you will be *

-MAKING REMOTE PARTICIPATION POSSIBLE to your event/activity of people that
cannot come to Dhaka during SASF

- getting from us YOUR OWN INTERNET ACCOUNTS for enlarging other activities
of your organizations DURING SASF AND AFTER

- creating a PUBLIC VIDEO MEMORY of your activities held in Dhaka  that can
be replayed in your networks


*We are now entering the concrete  preparation phase with you *

Your activity is listed  in the working page here

Here are  indications on the first  preparation steps  we will follow
together . *Let us make this AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE because of tight

   - 1-WE *make contact* with you with this message TODAY

   - 2 -YOU *confirm  willingness to enlarge by* responding to
   sasfbd.extension@...  (or on this mailing list )  *and giving us
   name, telephone, and if possible ( www.skype.com)  **a skype **account,
   of one person in charge of enlarging your activity with our
support,*coming to Dhaka with one laptop computer

   - 3 - WE  *create  and send to you the enlargement video channels and
   chat accounts for your organization* – they will have a common format and at
   the same time will be specific to your organisation. So you can use them as
   you wish after sasf to enlarge other  * BY NOVEMBER 1ST *

   - Next steps will be indicated soon

*We look forward to your prompt response, *as we need to progress
significantly before Eid holidays which will slow down things here in
Bangladesh, between 6 and 12th November

Greeting from Sasf extension team


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