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ideas for local activiities outside dhaka during sasf

de la part de sasfbd.extension@... on 02/11/2011 09:47
hello there

following our earlier message 

you can see here a glimpse of what is being prepared with 20 organisations willing to enlarge their activities in sasf dhaka ( among them many are from bangladesh and in this list ) 


This schedule  could be enticing to local groups in bangladesh  , so they self  organize locally in some cso premises small group meetings ( 20 people)  using a computer and video projector, and browsing sasf website, and choosing some of the activiites in the list below to remotely participate in them through skype video chat, and or adressing any ohter local topic related to making possible another world

in this case , they can start organizing now and register ( free) a local activity in the www.wsfsouthasiabd.org website , and thus make their organisations visible in sasf broad process 

Maybe you can help make this kind of local activities happen  in your organisaiton and around you, in your city, or your networks

what do you think? 

kind regards
sasf extension team

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