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  • D-40 to Tunis WSF 26 30 march - tele participate - organize a WSF day in your bangladesh city

    from contact.extension@... on Feb 14, 2013 12:36 PM
    Hello participants in the SASF and  WSF process www.fsm2013.org 
    We are 40 days before WSF2013
    Here are 4 ways to participate in the WSF from "outside Tunis»
    may be of great interest for persons and organizations that will not be a Tunis March 26 to 30
    thank you for circulating the message
    Why not set up, to the extent of your means and your number, through cooperation, a "WSF day" in your city?
    where to  have face to face discussions , comment wsf website,  and tele visit tunis campus , tele participate in activities in tunis , tele encounter with groups in with, by internet,
    Here are some suggestions
    Make your activity outside Tunis visible , register on the WSF site as an activity (by selecting "out of tunis" option in the extended field)
    Contact us:
    skype contact.tunes
    maill  contact.extension  at fsm2013.org
    Information on extension
    We will be greeting you in tunis, on line !
    Tunis Extended Team