held in Ismailia, Egypt, November 7 -10

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  • 1/ Understand how ESFY- "Egyptian Social Forum for Youth" -is organized ( organizing committee, preparation committees, contributive organizations) and access to the full program ofESFY , with over100 activities and 150 organizations participating ( egypt and international)

  • 2/ Find invitation to participate inESFY directlycoming to Ismailia or remotely through internet and a form to get in contact with us about direct participation -

  • 3/ find indication about ESFY "extension" : howyou can participate from outside Ismailia through internet, and how you can help from ismailia those who are not in ismailia to participate : fill up a form to get in contact with extension team , communicate through mailing list before ESFY days, propose to tele-attend/participate in some activitiesheld in Ismailia during ESFY, and / or propose to co organize a teleencounter activity with a group in Ismailia (with support of your organization delegate in Ismailia if you have one ,and extension team)

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International Relations Committee & Extension teamfor Egyptian Social Forum for Youth (ESFY)

Egyptian Social Forum for Youth, ESFY is a great opportunity for the social and political movements to meet. The youth forum helps the movements to exchange experiences, coordinate with each other, and discusses alternatives.

This framework is not a substitute for the political parties, syndicates or the non-governmental organizations. The goal of this framework is to connect the movements, the organizations, and the youth regardless of their orientation. Its value is in its richness, and its richness is connected to its strength, and its end is linking the activists together, making them think together and exchange experiences

. During the first days of NOVEMBER , the activities of the Egyptian Social Forum for Youth ESFY on its second tournament will take a place in Ismailia city for four days. There will be an open discussion about the economic and social rights of the youth in particular, and the relation between it and the revolutionary movements in general.

More than 200 movements from Egypt and the world will participate, and present the experiences they got from their struggling through defending the social and the economic rights during the revolutions and the political changes in the past few years. ESFY will hold on the sidelines special meetings for the youth from the syndicates, associations of agricultue and young fishermen.