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nov 3 update sasf extended - invitation letters

de parte de sasfbd.extension@... en 03/11/2011 10:50
Dear all

A/ kindly consider that this mailing list is for information about the development of extension of sasf event  i-e

1/ enlargement of activities in dhaka 
this is starting to take shape with 20 Organisations willing to broadcast their activities in sasf 

2/ local activities to watch the enlarge ones in any place of south asia and beyond , and distance encounter activities to video chat 
this is moving slowlier, may be YOU PEOPLE TRAVELING TO DHAKA and connected  like you COULD INFORM people that are NOT travelling to dhaka about this possiblity

see the www.wsfsouthasiabd.org main page and the green line in the welcome articule  indicating it is an extended event - click there for more information

any questions and comments welcome on this list

main orgainzers of sasf are on this list ,and will certainly note your requests
also registering as individual on sasf website shoud be triggering the sending of an invitaiton letter to you

kind regards
sasf extension team 
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