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invitation to the meeting


see also  the october video and notes

2h30mn of live video 

chat input in the chat room

 Video and chat transcript of Dhaka preparatory meeting august 5th  - looking to SASF november 18th in Dhaka


Start of meeting – inaugural session. 1

Pause. 2

Presentation of concept note. 2

Comments on concept note. 3

Invitation to inputs from remote participants. 3

Acceptation of concept note. 4

Pause. 4

Suggested inputs about sasf extension – and  a quick verbal input in the meeting. 4

meeting resumes. 4

discussion on funding criterias X. 5

Information on ic meeting held in dhaka 23 25th november . 5

After the meeting. 5

Note: Text in blue refer to practicalities of distance particpation

Start of meeting – inaugural session

[11:07:51] sasf bd extension: hello everyone !the broadcast has started



This is inagural session

Mr. Shahidul islam from Dhaka University is speaking now

Mr. Sharafat Ali from Pakistan, Amit Sengupta from India briefed earlier

Mr. Shahidul speaking about communality at South Asia. He is arguing against to free market

He breifed about he labour conditions of least developed countries

Now Mr. Udvab from Nepal is speaking. Mr. Udvab said, 40 Lacs Nepalese resides at India. So, South Asia together should fight to visa free south asia

[11:14:21] Pierre: hello! thanks  forthe info musfik

 [11:20:48] sasf bd extension: thanks !

Another Friend from India is speaking now about Hundreds of people participated in the meeting. He is speaking about terrorists attack in people in south asia. He said, terroriest are common enemy of the people of South Asia

 [11:25:01] Pierre: i still do not see your inputs in the chat room musfik, but i know there are here ! : … now they arrived to me and  i see them !!

(there has been a lag in the skype chat  - inputs made in blangadesh were stuck for a long time)

 [11:25:39] sasf bd extension: Mr. Vijay Protap from India is speaking He hoped, South Asia Social Forum will initiate to create soverign south asia

Now, Ms. Dev Kumari Gurung from Nepal is speaking .She said, We have to have a strategy solution of regional problem

Dr. Professor Rashid e Mahbub from Bangladesh is now speaking : Within the region of South Asia have some common problem, so we need a common platform to solution these problems, he said

[Mr. Hilal, the Moderator talked about the Freedom Figtheer Measuam.

[11:32:27] Pierre: with your help Musfik the meeting it easy to follow , thanks

[11:32:45] sasf bd extension: He is asking Tarek Ali, Freedom Fighter of Bangladesh is now speaking

He said, subcontinent divided in two part in 1947, and later another part in 1971. But we have the common culture.He said about Rabindrath Tagor

[11:36:38] sasf bd extension: According to tagor, we need to explore the self-realisation produced from this region, which is really solution.Please do the social forum with the essense of self realisation

 [11:38:39] sasf bd extension: Now Ms. Farah Kabir, Country Representative of ActionAid Bangladesh is speaking. She said, we are searching something.South Asia divided and we made some problems. So, we are searching some solutions: We are all separate from our own integrity.So, iife and livelihood became difficult of south asia region

[11:42:56] sasf bd extension: The ingural session is now end. Now it is break for 45 minutes


[11:38:12] Pierre: hello taofiq!

[11:38:35] taufiq: yes pierre, Silently i am flowing the program - pierre

[11:40:34] Pierre: great.. musfik is helping a great deal  thanks

[11:43:26] sasf bd extension We will come again in another session at 12.30 pm

 [11:46:30] Pierre: thanks for the good following ..it helps a log and keeps a summarized memory that can be copy pasted in a document along with the video so it is quite valuable

musfik can you accept adama, from Senegal , he has asked for contact wit sasfbd.extension, please usher him in the chat room .adama says he has contacted you...: ok i invite adama

 [11:48:50] *** Pierre added Adama ***

 [11:50:02] Pierre: hello adama the video link is http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sasf-bd-extention

Presentation of concept note

[12:06:43] sasf bd extension: We back again after tea break

now Mr Asad will present concept note of SASF

SASF Preparation Meeting Dhaka, Aug 05, 2011SASF Preparation... August 5, 2011 8:10 AM 63 mn  concept note of sasf


[12:11:44] Pierre: the sound is better because you are filming closer !

[12:14:39] sasf bd extension: This papers contents 1. Background 2. Charter and principles 3. South Asia Social Forum 4. Objective of SASF 2011 at Dhaka 5. Sub theme(Key issues) to address in Forum 2011 6. Date and vanue 7. Targeted participants 8. Expected outcome 8. Program structure 9. Program schedule 11. Organizing process of SASF 12.Role and mandate of working group 13. communication 15. Follow up & Future cooperation

Recently we will send you the soft copy of concept note

[12:30:45] sasf bd extension: Mr, Asad has finished his presentation .Now moderation Mr, Hilal is talking . Mr. Hilal call audiance for their own contribution

[12:33:22] sasf bd extension: Mr. Asad thanks for the paper, and also suggest for include the fundamental isssue of this region, and emphasis on cross cutting issues of the region . Asad suggest for include a paragraph for on how we are define the role of Market , state  and civil society.

[12:34:41] Asad conclude his speech.

Comments on concept note

[12:36:38] Another participants suggest for communal hegemony in this discussion

[12:39:32] Vijay pratap reply- the conception of SASF is bring people to a one boat,  so technically we cant response like a radical organization as we have a open space to invite all

 [12:40:44] Shafi from Amar Adhikar champaign from Dhaka reply- suggest for a sub theme incorporating education and health issue

[12:44:39] Mr. Mahbub hasan, thanks asad for presentation. suggest for 1. in cope 30 SASF was attained so we can include the cope issue here

[12:46:27] Shamima Nasrin, suggest for include trade union issue, specially trade union rights and its role

[12:51:20] Mr. Awal from Dhaka- suggest for include a paragraph  for livelihood issue of this region and causes of poverty of this region.

[12:51:53] Mr. Ratan reply-- missing

 [12:56:32] sasf bd extension: Mr, Amit from India said, we facilated the process to come together to face the neo-liberal economics. It is not an organization . It is a open space of people, organisations, institutions. Where people share the thoughts

[12:52:10] Adama diallo: this is the summury of the meeting ?

[12:53:23] sasf bd extension: Ya

[12:54:09] Adama diallo: okk good because i ghave some problem with the audio


Invitation to inputs from remote participants

[12:58:13] sasf bd extension: If you have any opinion about the South Asia Social Forum Preparatory Meeting, Please convey us, we will try to convey your message to the participants.

[13:00:46] sasf bd extension: Abul Hossain from Bangladesh is speaking! He said about the public services of urban people. He suggested to include this issue in the agenda of South Asian Social Forum

[13:02:00] sasf bd extension: Mr. Asad from Bangladesh will now make a summary of the discussion

Somebody is asking about the activity about sub-committee

[13:03:08] sasf bd extension: Dev Kumari Ghurung is now speaking .She said about migration, forced migration.She said also about post migration situation .She also said about women migration and their situation at abroad .She said that it is a radical problem about south asia

[13:07:22] Pierre: Musfik now your recent inputs in the chat room  reach us in paris ! yoshihide is also following from Osaka, and Francine from Brussels , they may also receive them with some delay

[13:07:40] sasf bd extension: Now Mr. Asad is speaking He said, we will include the all suggessions and recommendations at Concept Note

Acceptation of concept note

[13:08:52] sasf bd extension: Everybody is accepting the concept note with big hand

[13:09:03] Pierre: we too !

[13:09:14] sasf bd extension: thanks!


[13:09:39] sasf bd extension: this is the month of Fasting in Bangladesh called Ramadan .So, people are asking to continue the programme without break. But somebody want a 10 minutes breaks for refreshing. 10 minutes break is allowed.

Suggested inputs about sasf extension – and  a quick verbal input in the meeting

[13:11:35] sasf bd extension: This is the break time. Hello, Pierre, if you have any comments, please pass it to us. We will try to convey your message

[13:13:25] Pierre: just may be to suggest that hilal or aaman  convey verbally  the invitation that was circulated , about sasf being an extended event http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended/sasfbd-august-invitation

 i guess it would be also good that hilal indicate that people interested get in touch with you and masha  - so we put them into a mailing list and start interacting with them

this meeting is a rare occasion to make contact with organizations that will send delegate to dhaka for sure , but also may want to develop "local" activities outside dhaka in south asia, and "connect" to dhaka venue

so the extension team can promote this idea in casual meeting with participants based on the ivnitation circulated by hilal


 meeting resumes

 [13:31:38] Pierre: now resuming the meeting  -

  •  (this is what can be grasped in absence of notes and with poor sound)
  •   (reading a paper) ( sound difficult to understand ) carry on  a signpost . concept note  of sasf initial concept   - international council in paris may 2011  after what  founding group?  -  group -   meeting in july  discussing  progress made so far  - accepted at university  - progress on program -  ....... - university - 1 preparation of program is in  progress,  events  communication  5-participant  19 to 21 november - applause
  • 3mn   now on behalf of finance working group  -  strategy - plan A optimized expectations  and plan B minimal expectations  -  i hope by next week we finalize  ...  international NGO  we should form a subcomittee  .hurry . very positive response , we want to have another meeting in the next one or two week and have some ...  international secretariat  .... we have prepared a letter for the secretariat -  a one website man  and one communication man  full time , we will continue the jamboree - we this proposal already .... complement what i said  ( laughter) 
  • 6mn  we are in the processmainly funded by the participant - 80% of .. everyone .   possible  smaller  i think this is called - how much people and movement joining us   - minimal  organize to organize .. thank you (applausee)
  • 7mn  - request   worldwide request .... NGO  -
  • 8mn  another    working groups  we know that  .has made. good progress on  manageent  on   foreign ministry  ( interruption of video)  
  • [13:46:05] Pierre: is this the presentation by committees?

  • SASF preparation meeting Dhaka aug,5,2011 part 2 SASF preparation... August 5, 2011 9:42 AM 42 mn

    • farah  is this only me .. south asia  suggestions  given that some of you organized mumbai ;;  get from your presence here ... 
    • pushing issues, how it wil be organized , discussion process,, particiption major portion   that  . to place in;; form concept for this forum

    Part discussion on fundraising

    • ( seeing the audience part ....) 2mn could i just share .. (speaking in bangla .)   fundraising ...
    • 3m30  speaking in bangla .....
    •  4m40  action , event management , ... committee, 
    • general council meeting  it is there
    • complaint .. some other members,  comunication from the secretariat   i assume that  , improve communication ,  responded ...
    • 7mn woman  ..;working group ..;..  thank you
    • 8mn  in bangla
    • 9mn  in bangla  fundraising .....(person in the audience part same as before)
    • 10mn30  let us clarifiy do and dont  we should have criteira  who are the people that dont qualify ,  corporate  multinational companies who cannot be approached what is the timeline , &8th of novembre
    • i seek assistance of gupta into the dos and dont
    • amit: finance ..;who  as a principle i dont think   in terms of actually make it work   dont get any   raise institutionnal funds  in a social forum if 20000 come they come spending their own money  that is the social  if you include that that is our largest instituationnal funding ...(bangla) ...institutionnal funding .. in india   situation differing    you will have tomake your own  .. priniciple in india   no more thatn 30% should come from ...one donor,upt to you to decide,  2/ all multinational companies .. we managed to do ti in mumbay  we took no monay and gave no money  coke pepsi ...   ohter in many social forum coke pepsi   this is the real   i cannot say ... consensus    governement funding  we will not    more pernicious issues foundations ,    one social forum in brazil ...; foundations ...in india .. why should we get money .... among ourselves .... finally ...10%   bigger one but significant one   organiation that were organizeing activtieis  - some organization may contribute ..so we say   again ;; it should  not  keep organiation  and made it clear that we wuold not exclude anybody that cannot pay ,    european  
    • 20mn any comment ?
    • comment in bangla by the standing person in audience
    • 21mn laugther  fix basic principles  . i support   that could be done   these are the general principles   wsf in kenya were a lot of criticism  ...people attended ,we shold have   pricniples when you have the funding of fundation  sometimes it is no so visibe if we approach  the   ... foundation .;i know many progressive   are using bill gates   these are the debate we ca angree about   from th eprivate fundation and they are not into repressive action   some .. where we really can tap funds .. maybe we should have some flexibility
    • 24m30  amit   religious organization may not follow us sectarian.... there is noting  in wsf charter  preventing religious   by sectarian   meaning those that  exlcude others 
    • 25mn0 hilal  - finance comitte wil make policies
    • 26m20 ???sound too loud
    • 27mn  university strong  department ... partners   even that   relations
    • 28mn farah ....

    Part discussion on ic meeting in Dhaka 23 to 25th november

    • 28mn30 hila  wsf ic meeting in dhaka ....bangladesh has been  with the last decision in paris   next wsf ic meeting will be in dhaka  this decision has   us  about  from all of ...  some of them   but we should create conditions  holding of such an event   we need special   for it  , i think  ic  let us
    • 30mn amit :   the international council   is the only   structure   every member in the ic has the same level -   there is no other hierarchy   there are commissions-  the membership of commissions is open to ic members and other that are not ic members   - absolutely flat structure  - everybody in the ic has the same level  - all orgnaization abide by the charter of principles - membership of the ic   easy  - to make sure  that we understand  - tipically ic meets twice a year   - all continent part members   - observers even if you are not a formal member you can attend  -  all ic member - ic member means organization  two person  -  hosting countries - we expect 70 to 80 people usually  - the principle on funding the ic is that the hosting organisation takes care of hospitality costs -  japan korean they have to take care of all travel costs - but the hosting orgnaization raise money for travale cost of southern countriy  .. what is happening  there is a lot of ic member from the south  - with all this we expect  that   largely from afirca asia  - the exact number you have to  with secretariat in sao paulo - ... so we need to raise money for the support of travel   and more trnaslation     english spanish and french   - translation booth -  accomodation should be confortable but modest - people coming on their own cost  will pay for it  - give option  that they can stay in the same place and book direct ...it is a political task for us to have ic here  - politicla issues discussed this morning  place them in the ic and ma.....
    • 37mn (distorsion ) hilal  thank you - ....to what we can   we like to be ... express  suppose to  but so we  
    • 39mn (distorsion )thank you i apologize for ....;i would like to ..;social forum
    • 40mn can we declare ic will be 23 24 25

      40mn(distorsion ) hilal   declare  successful   decision  we could decide progrees meeting  we could decide on the ic meeting  and before that ... space in university  spaces  all of our energies ; thank you all ( every body standing )

After the meeting

[20:59:25] mahmoud: Hi: welcome to all people from palestinel

[21:15:24] Pierre: back in the room

[00:45:05] Francois: yep