• sasfbd budget considerations

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about sasf extended budget
 much of the related costs can be absorbed in general costs

Having a website incorporating extension(see inputs made to date)

  • allowing to see in advance which activities will enlarged,  to see the announced local and distance encounter activities as they register
  • allowing to look for Dhaka partners for a distance encounter
  • stimulating enlargement through communication from extension team ( starting from the webspace http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended, before the website is developped

Using in best conditions the university internet infrastructure for free,

  • including the beamers used by teachers that would be used  for distance encounters
  • buidling a good working relationship with the university technical team will help see early what they can contribute in which room
  • Trying to raise a team of volunteer students having their laptops to help organizations interested to enlarged their dhakka activity towards their constituencies and networks,

Estimate of the extended capactiy   in sasf centric venue in dhakka   early info is neede asap

  •  how many rooms can support livevideostream ( for enlarging dhakka held activities) ,
  •  how many rooms have beamers installed ( for distance encounters) etc....

General sizing of the extended demand in dhakka  venue

projected extension ratio in sasf event
here is a somehow optimistic guesswork, since nothing has really started as of july
assuming 300 activities in dhakka  out of which 100 could be enlarged +50 local activities +50 distance encounters
extension ratio  100+50+50 / 300+50+50  = 50%,  of course any number below this is viable

how many distance encounters, how many enlarged activities ? -
this all depend on the amount of sensitization work done by the extension team and the engagement of the sasf council in promoting extension  throughout mobilization process starting from august 5th meeting

with a proper website registration system such as the wef palestine one ,  the number of announced extende activities will be seen as they register, if this is not possible then extension team will have to maintain a manual list ( mails sent to sasfbd.extension on gmail.com )

Extended SASF program

two scenarios

extension team can be responsible for finetuning of programming activities in the dedicated rooms in close cooperation with program committee -
 program committee entrusts extension committee with finalizing the extended part of the program there
- or, 

extension team just checks that program committee is properly allocating  connected rooms to enlarged activities,  and the team concentrate on ensuring  finetuned distance encounter programming in dedicated rooms ( which needs careful time agreement with the remote counterparts)

see dakar extended program by date  (assembled manually,  as the dakar website was totally "blind" to extension, which hindered a lot the development of enlarged activities)

Extension committee tasks during the event

the principle proposed is that:

  • sasf extension team technically supports distance encounters ( with rooms dedicated to this and equipped for this ( beamers)) and
  • sasf  extension team tecnically facilitate but not directly supports( organisations have to train volunteers and bring their laptops)   the  activities enlarged from dhakka ( in rooms having internet connection) , that is why the calendar in august  september october is important as training process and august 5 meeting as a first showcase

so assuming that website is reasonnably ok,  and that university cooperation and internet are good,  monetary costs directly linked to extension  would be reduced to :

  • -i-e  having a volunteer extension team with maybe one or two funded person, could be  contributed by her orqanisation for free part time in the coming month or with a compensation
  • -have a budget for telephone calls in all south asia to many participating organizations to promote local activities , distance encounters sessions with their delegate in dhakka,  remote participation to dhakka activities held by their delegates etc  - telephone is useful  to be proactive  have intial conversations and then move to electronic communication with those interested
  • -have a budget for buying smaller equipment : microphones  webcams cables, 3G keys  to complete what can be brought by the student volunteer team and the organizations interested to enlarge, and to allow walk and talk interviews inside the forum venue - this smaller equipment could be distributed to motivated organisations and volunteers after sasf is over, in order  to further enhance use of extension in their activities