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South Asia Social Forum Extended program

Topic: Transboundary Rivers and Common Ecological concern in South Asia.

Venue: Mokarrom Building (pharmacy Department, the University of Dhaka).

Date: [11/20/2011 9:59:36 AM].

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 Sasf Bangladesh extension: This is for enlargement of bapa activities.  Today’s session has started.  Today’s topic is Transboundary Rivers and other ecological concerns in south Asia in India-Bangladesh Context: ways forward to resolve.


[8:42:43 PM] BAPA Extension says: all are introducing themselves.


They are discussing about the relations between India Bangladesh of rivers.  Bangladesh & India has common ethtropological similarity. During the liberation war India &Bangladesh was become closer. Both countries have common cultural similarity. There are some transboundary issues.  We are going to face the climate change situation which is imposed to us through the developed Countries. It is important to know that, there are 67 rivers within India & Bangladesh. Farakka Bridge is the most important example of the Bangladesh and India. Upstream deforestation is there. Our nature needs more water and you know that, tista is a single river.  We more concern about individual security.


 [11/20/2011 12:03:55 PM]


 Sasf bd extension: sasf Bangladesh extension has shared contact details with BAPA Extension. BAPA Extension: Transboundary Rivers & other ecological concerns in the south Asia in India-Bangladesh context: way forward to resolve [06:36:45] BAPA Extension: this is our today's topic.


 [06:37:14] BAPA Extension:

Asif Nazrul: he is saying about the rivers related of India BD. we have a lot of expectation to govt. govt should take proper steps to solve the river relate problem. There was a convention in 1992 about cpd. all rivers entered into ba y of Bengal.  All water just goes through over sundorban.  It’s harmful for ecological sector for sundorban. We have to follow up the rule & regulations of all the convention. India is needed water like BD.  We have to share all the things.  It will be good for all no one should think just only its self interest.  He is talking about Helsinki rule. It’s a lack of preparation & understanding. It’s not a fight between BD & India or Nepal. It’s our aim to share the water united. It’s not only a problem of BD & India rather it’s a problem of human security. Nowadays we have use water properly.  Water shouldn’t be only used for MNC's activities. if we really want a good south Asia we have to sincere about this problem.


[06:46:37] sasf bd extension:

Dr. Doglus senior lecturer of News Land University says as a geographer he is also tensed about the future of bd. this is situation is very complex. No one thing is very clear that India is trying to develop their hydrological condition. If we look at the history of India we will watch that there is a relation between BD & India about rivers issue. India’s govt don’t want to follow the obligations related rivers. Here this sasf is for increase solidarity. River linking project is needed. Regional link international link is needed.


[06:56] sasf bd extension: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bapa-extension


[06:56:37] sasf bd extension: Dr.  Doglus:

If Indi's PM said that for typaimukh dam Bangladesh will not be affected. It’s very ridiculous.  It’s a shameless effect for India. There is no relation between water giving & water sharing. This issue is totally disliked.  It a very shameful thing. Prime Minister of India shouldn’t say such type of words that Bangladesh will not be affected with this issue.


 BAPA Extension: Mr.Ruhul amin, delegates of Nagorik Uddog:

In the contemporary world to solve the river related problem government should be taken proper steps. I think that this program will be a greater chance to solve this river related issues. Thank to all to arrange this program.