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program page


program page

South Asia Social Forum, Bangladesh-2011

Date: November 20, 2011 (Morning). Venue: Mokarram Building,

University of Dhaka. Bangladesh.

Type: Seminar.

Organizer: ActionAid International Bangladesh.

Title: Challenges of Responsive Governance.


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Table of Contents


Different aspects of Democracy: The main Seminar.

Questions & Queries.






Hi, this is Ali welcoming you all.

Today ActionAid International Bangladesh had arranged a seminar titled as-"Challenges of Responsive Governance in South Asia" under the auspices of South Asia Social Forum, Bangladesh 2011.

Mr.. Sabri had inaugurated the seminar by welcoming you all.

Mr.. Gopal had thanked all for attending the seminar. Mr.. Gopal had described the internal conflict situation of Nepal. Now he asked everyone to join the film show showing the movement of the liberation by the Maoist fighters.

The film title goes as: "Journey to Justice"
The film show will take like 45 minutes to conduct.
The seminar will be conducted afterwards.


Different aspects of Democracy: The main Seminar.

[06:19:31] AAIDBD: Mr.. Sabri spoke about the current human rights condition in Nepal, & the spectrum of the violence created by the Nepalese army. Mr. Sabri welcomed guest speaker Mr.. Jagadananda to speak up about the human right condition & gross violations of the human rights by the state owned killing.



Mr.. Jagadananda said there are no alternatives to democracy. He also said the projection had made the cry for democracy clear.
It is necessary to define democracy.



Jagadananda: It is about small moments in democracy when ordinary people asks for their rights and questions the power structure.
I'd like to ask fundamental questions to the audience.
Jagadananda: what is the use of or meaning of democracy when the people are deprived of their fundamental human rights?



Jagadananda: what are the democratic deficits are we facing right now...??
The current democratic deficit will be discussed now.
Jagadananda: what is common to this South Asia? is not it poverty which has a close linkage with corruption.






Jagadananda: there is lack of democratic policies & participation in political parties in this region. There are also some problems of corruption linked to black money.
Mr.. Jagadananda is now sharing an experience about when he visited India few days ago.
It was about some political election campaign.



Jagadananda: power decentralization is extremely important.
Jagadananda is speaking of decentralization in different layers of the government.
There is also accountability deficit...



Jagadananda: how do we change the balance of power in governance..Finally I'd like to say something about the role of the civil society….





Jagadananda: we must identify the fundamental problems…active citizency is essentially required. We always wait for someone to come & solve the problem & then we want to enjoy the results.

Jagadananda: we must change this tendency…
we must become active citizen from passive citizen..
Jagadananda is explaining the current percentage of "Gram Shava"...
He is asking for greater participation….by the people.




Jagadananda: Participation issue must be taken to little further...
Real participation is essentially required said by Jagadananda, and then he ended the speech by asking this desire.



Now Mr.. Sabri is summarizing the speech of Mr.. Jagadananda in Bangla for better emancipation of the Bengali audience….
Mr.. Sabri is speaking of problems of Neo liberal economic policies & capital accountability.



Now miss Attiya  will speak of Tax justice & good governance..
Now she thanked all..and welcomed all..

[06:42:29] sasf bd extension: thanks for the transcript


AAIDBD: she is giving some example with Rwandan example...identical to the film shown here.


AAIDBD: Thanks SASF BD Extension.


AAIDBD: Attiya : the condition in Africa is far worse.
There people always carry gun and kill each other even for some silly reason.
[06:45:00] AAIDBD: Attiya : we can use the money in education sector by siphoning it from defense sector. When the conflicts are finished, we can shift the currency..
[06:46:26] AAIDBD: Now she is giving some stat about the money getting outside of the developing countries.


AAIDBD: Attiya : we also need the freedom of information.
Attiya : as we don’t have the freedom of information we lack the transparency.


AAIDBD: Attiya  is now explaining the condition of the capital market condition in Bangladesh. Attiya  is explaining why the jobs are not creating resulted from problems in the capital market.

[06:50:12] AAIDBD: She stated two fundamental problems that raised this situation.....that raised this problem of non-creation of the jobs….


AAIDBD: She is giving an example & tells that the MNCs don't show the figure of the profit..
What is the statistics are showing us....??
8o percent MNCs are not paying their taxes said by Attiya , identified from the stat.


AAIDBD: Attiya : we are not meant to see this type of gross violence of human rights.
Now she thanked all with a hope that MNCs will be more transparent in the field of taxpaying….and the justice will be ensured as it will balance the siphoning of the national resources.


AAIDBD: Now Mr.. Sabri is summarizing the overall discussion of Attiya in Bangla for the better emancipation of the audiences.


AAIDBD: Now Mr.. Sabri is calling Mr.. Gopal for his speech…


AAIDBD: Mr.. Gopal is now explaining the cycle of violence….
Mr. Gopal: South Asian region is the emerging field of democracy….one set of war is over…another set of war has emerged.

[07:01:43] sasf bd extension: the channel is here:



Mr. Gopal: there are huge problems in this region….leadership is gradually eroding and…..and dealership is increasing said by Mr. Gopal.


AAIDBD: he is now explaining the human right movement condition in this region…freedom & the dignity of the human beings are grossly violated….

He now talked about some international legal regimes & their ratification in this region.


AAIDBD: Mr. Gopal is now giving a brief historical refugee condition in this part of the Asia.
Mr. Gopal urged the states to ratify the international legal regimes for the facilitation of the good governance & the improvement of the human rights condition…Mr. Gopal is explaining the food bank & seed bank's current condition in this region…



the problem of security of the migrated people had also been highlighted by Mr. Gopal….He discussed the problem of the environmental or climate refugees and the spread of the violence in this region….Mr. Gopal is also hopeful that government of this region will come forward to protect the regions' forests….for better environmental management.


AAIDBD: Mr. Gopal had stated that the balance of power problem must be solved by using some international legal regimes and institution…. but those must be monitored said by Mr. Gopal.



Mr. Gopal asked for the future direction that SAARC level cooperation is essentially required to solve the problems in South Asia….The Charter of the SAARC must be properly followed…. the bridges to connect the different people in South Asia is essentially required...



Mr. Gopal is hoping that….the problem of terrorism can spread in many ways...the visa is required only general people….not the terrorist as they have well organized network..
we, the general people want the visa free South Asia for better coop among us to solve the issues...he has stated the example of ASEAN, which is loosely connected but share a common goal for the pursuit of their organized development..



There are no common regional human rights ensuring agencies here in this region.
The independent regional mechanism & institution is a matter of collective action, and we must march for that all with solidarity….
[07:23:22] sasf bd extension: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aaidbd-extension
[07:23:27] sasf bd extension: this is the video channel



Mr. Gopal: let’s hope for the best and go for a better and new South Asia through collective action…..


AAIDBD: Now Mr. Sabri is summarizing the speech of Mr. Gopal for the better emancipation..
Mr. Sabri: dreams are not needed if they’re not in action...

Now Mr. Sabri is speaking in Bangla for the better understanding of the audiences...


Questions & Queries.



Now Mr. Sabri has opened the floor for the audiences to ask any questions and queries..


KaMr.ul: Please include my name   as attendee from BEN Australia


AAIDBD: Ok Mr. KaMr.ul, we will include your name..


AAIDBD: Now Ajaya from India is asking questions….
The difference should be clearly given in the film.
Ajaya is not convinced of the making of the film...
Ajaya is sharing the experiences from Andhra Pradesh...
She is also sharing the farmers experiences from different fractions of the society who committed suicide recently….






Her speech contained how the farmers are deprived of the righful share from the government….


KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: thanks very muchthey r  deprivedand that  discourage farmer  to work  heard…


AAIDBD: she urged for some charter to ensure the rights of the farmers..
She is explaining the everyday’s repression in that part of region..
she thanked all ...for giving the chance to share..



Now Kapil from Nepal will speak... Kapil is going to state few points related to the film show..
[07:38:45] AAIDBD: there were certain difficulties in identifying who actually is the government….


sasf bd extension: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aaidbd-extension


AAIDBD: he is saying that both parties had violated the human rights..

[07:40:01] KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: yes




AAIDBD: Mr. Kapil had few allegations of the ways the film showed the ways of killing people...
[07:41:30] KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: in some cases they bribe    corrupt labor leader and execute   there    evil design

[07:41:39] AAIDBD: Mr. Kapil thanked miss Atiya ...for her presentation….

[07:41:41] KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan:    to  stop jute industry

[07:42:12] AAIDBD: He thanked with some suggestions for the seminar..
Mr. Gous from Pakistan is now sharing his experiences..

[07:43:53] Pierre: ok

[07:44:21] KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: ok

[07:44:47] AAIDBD: Mr. Pierre is everything ok with this chat room?

*** Pierre added Jahid Faruque ***
Pierre: hllo jahid

Pierre: this is from dhaka sasf

[07:45:25] KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: very  good
al   well  at the moment

[07:45:55] Pierre: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aaidbd-extension


AAIDBD: Now Mr. Jagadananda is answering the queries posed by the audiences..
Pierre: this is activity from action ActionAid Bangladesh..

[07:47:02] AAIDBD: He identified three basic spectrum on which the answers could be given..


KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: ok

[07:47:24] AAIDBD: the first area is : "How do we do it"
The second one is "how to monitor this"...
third one is about the silent killing issues..


AAIDBD: Mr. Jagadananda asked for the identification of the policy problem..He is giving the example on how to help the farmers from resisting them from committing suicides..


AAIDBD: There is a simple RTI application for the farmers in the respective state of Mr. Jagadananda..The farmers are not empowered enough.....the problem is not the lack of skills but the problem lies in how to implement the mechanism successfully..


KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan:  very correct..


AAIDBD: Mr.. Pierre are you still there?


AAIDBD: the issues must be pointed out said by Mr.. Jagadananda, quality analysis & active participation in the local government bodies are essentially required for the aim of good and responsive governance...

[07:55:53] AAIDBD: Now Miss Atiya is speaking..

[07:56:46] KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: Attiya   from   which org ?

[07:56:49] AAIDBD: 

she did not say that taxpaying is the final & exclusive solution...
Attiya is a lecturer in a university in Kenya.

[07:58:08] KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: ok

[07:58:09] *** Pierre added buenrolloglobal ***



But she is saying that tax paymnet is the way to make the MNCs transparent..
She is stating some statistics about the tax payment ratio of the MNCs world wide..
Actually the MNCs are given chance to come to devloping countries...but those harms the national ecnomies for attracting them…. but they don't create enough payouts or job facilities, but siphon off huge sum from the national econonomy..


AAIDBD: Now Mr..Gopal will speak..

[08:01:27] KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: ok


AAIDBD: Mr.. Gopal says "we believe on zero tolerance in violence".
He can't believe that what is happening over here us
people can fight for work land; they can fight for the battlement. He supposes some battle ground as well… but the problems raised that we r not supposed to indentify to the problems.



….so, international law has guide the victims about the rules of engagement
It is none of our concernour concern is to identify the damage we get used to…


AAIDBD: we don't have any hesitations…
we try to be neutral and professional as well


AAIDBD: the film is shown was funded by United Nations.
[08:06:23] AAIDBD: He is concepting about the film that was shown before…..With this he thanks very much to all for watching the movie………
and to participate all of…..and this is the end of the zone of Dhaka



Mr..Gopal had concluded his sessions by answering the queries to the audiences.





Now Mr. Sabri is going to wrap up the seminar.
Thanks to all who joined the seminar & viewed the film.

This is Ali here concluding this session and I am thanking all of you on behalf of the SASF BD 2011 Extended team.



KaMr.ul Ahsan Khan: same to you all