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South Asia Social Forum, Bangladesh-2011

Date: November 21, 2011 (Morning).

Venue: Mokarram Building,

University of Dhaka. Bangladesh.

Type: Seminar.

Organizer: ActionAid International Nepal.

Title: Building Rural Women's Agency to Claim Their Rights



Inaguration. 1

Film Show.. 1

Seminar Session. 2

Speech of Sarita. 2

Speech of Renuka Malla. 2

Speech of Ganga Pariyar. 4

Speech of Rashda Anwar. 4

Speech of Tulsa Das Gautam.. 6

Speech of Meera. 6

Speech of Gopal 7

Speech of Daud. 8

Conclusion. 10






aaidnepal extension: Hi everyone, This is Ali Siddiquee, welcoming you all on the SASF BD 2011 Extended.
Today, ActionAid International Nepal had arranged a seminar titled as "Building Rural Women's Agency to Claim Their Rights"

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Film Show


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aaidnepal extension:

Ok, how do we connect or add people up in this conversation?
The organizers of the seminar had arranged a film show..
The show is about how the HIV affected patients are treated in Nepal...how they are deprived of fundamental human rights & dignity...
It is really pathetic to hear from the affected peoples' experience on how society had discriminated them..
This is an informative one..

[11:07:08 AM]

aaidnepal extension:

The people who are affected are even treated badly from their nearest one..
Some of them had accidentally had taken blood from the un-authorized donors while they're in hospitals having lied unconscious and totally in dark...and later ended up in HIV patients..

[11:11:03 AM]

aaidnepal extension:

some of them were sex workers or drug users...

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aaidnepal extension:

The film show has ended..

Seminar Session


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aaidnepal extension: now guest speakers are going to speak up..


Speech of Sarita

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aaidnepal extension: Now Miss Sarita  is welcoming all those who came to this seminar...
Miss Sarita is welcoming all..

[11:13:38 AM]

aaidnepal extension:

Within all South Asian region women are deprived & their rights are violated..
They were blamed as witchcraft, and forced them to feed human excreta..

[11:15:44 AM]

aaidnepal extension:

Miss Sarita says the women living in the southern part of the Nepal committed suicide for dowry..
Miss Sarita says in order to address various forms discrimination & exclusion we started to organize rural women at the village than in district level & national level.
Miss Sarita Shrestha highlighted the role of male members of the society, government institutions who are responsible for....

Speech of Renuka Malla

[11:19:57 AM]

aaidnepal extension:

Now Bhagawati Adhikari had welcomed Renuka Malla to deliberate her speech...

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aaidnepal extension: Renuka Malla started with a small poem for who is responsinble for the women of south asia...


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Now for those who had missed the session, can follow the above copied text as the enlargement room had just appeared..


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aaidnepal extension:

Miss Renuka Malla is deliberating her speech in Nepalese.


aaidnepal extension:

Miss Renuka Malla is giving a very inetresting example...
when the male members in Nepal want to marry they ask for dowry motor bike or cars...
Miss Renuka Malla said they actually want to marry bike and car and wealth not human with dignity..
Now miss Bhagawati Adhikari is summarizing the speech in English..


aaidnepal extension:

Bhawagawati says the social conditions of women who are deprived and treated badly for dowry.
If men want to marry women with cars and bike, let them marry bike and cars..

Speech of Ganga Pariyar


aaidnepal extension:

Now Miss Ganga Pariyar is going to deliberate her speech..
She is welcoming you all to SASF BD 2011..
She is saying how the women are kept deprived in Nepal & other parts of South Asia..
Miss Ganga Pariyar said that 80% women worked as farmer but they don't own it..
Miss Ganga Pariyar said if the women doesn't have access to the property then no any constituional provisions can give them right...it is the private property & easy access to property that can help them to grasp their rights properly..


aaidnepal extension:

Miss Ganga Pariyar said we first need access to property, only then we will be able to protect us....
Miss Ganga Pariyar hoped that if we are united & take collective actions then it is posiible & indeed practical to make the women equal to men...and to all sorts of rights as equal human being...


aaidnepal extension:

Bhagawati had summarised the speech of Ganga..


Speech of Rashda Anwar


aaidnepal extension:

Now Miss Rashda Anwar of Pakistan is going to deliubarate her speech...

[06:38:15] Pierre: ok


aaidnepal extension:

Miss Rashda Anwar is saying that the women are same in everywhere in all parts of South Asia..
they're deprived in everywhere...
Miss Rashda Anwar says in Pakistan different bills are designed & then those are finalised and made as constituional rights..
Miss Rashda Anwar said that different INGOs are operative in Pakistan like ActionAid...


aaidnepal extension:

The same condition faced by the women in Pakistan but in different way..
Miss Rashda Anwar is giving an example on how the use of pesticide affects the women..


Kamrul Ahsan Khan: Kamrul Ahsan Khan 
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Skype ID kamrulkhan


aaidnepal extension:

Miss Rashda Anwar is stating that we must take collective actions to make our rights accessible
She is expressing the solidarity with the dalits in Nepal..And she hoped that the new constituition of Nepal will help the women to give assurance to their fundamental human rights...


aaidnepal extension:

Now Miss Rashda Anwar is answering a question of the audience...
The dalits of Pakistan are denied of their rights and kept aside from constitutional rights..
They created a movement to change the mindset of the people by changing the name "scheduled caste" in Pakistan..


aaidnepal extension:

They intiated the movement which had ensured the ID card for the dalits as equal citizen of Pakistan..
The movement will also help to resahpe the marriage rgistration act & land rights act...
Miss Rashda Anwar is stating that we must make a model to see that the rights are working properly..and she also hoped that some identical mechanism could also be made to make sure that new constituion of nepal ensured the rights of women..


Speech of Tulsa Das Gautam


aaidnepal extension:

Now Miss Tulsa Das Gautam is going deliberate her speech in Nepalese..
Tulasa Das is giving an example of a women who has triple husband in her house..
Tulasa Das is stating that women of the western part of Nepal facing even more specially Dalit women, disabled women, women with different identity having different sorts of problem...in different parts of Nepal......
Tulasa Das is focusing on the movement to include the Dalit womens' rights in new upcoming constituition in Nepal..


aaidnepal extension:

Tulasa Das  thanking all & concluded her speech...


aaidnepal extension:

Now Bhagawati is summarizing that women are afraid of the new constituition of Nepal whether it is going to include the great number of untouchbale women's rights in Nepal...
Now Meera freom India is going to express solidarity...
Men kept the violence against women as a simple matter, of take it lightly..


aaidnepal extension:

There is violence against women in every aspects of society...

Speech of Meera


aaidnepal extension:

Meera says women have different identities, and men of the society violates them differently..
The men have a negative social outlook against the women in every parts of South Asia...
Meera says there are violences everywhere...in families, in offices, in transportations...everywhere..


aaidnepal extension:

Meera is stating few statistical evidences of the treatment given to women.
Discriminations are ever presenting....


aaidnepal extension:

The all socio economic condition for women is very bad...
women are marginalized among the marginalized...

[07:15:15] *** Pierre added Mary Chuy, Zarel ***


aaidnepal extension:

There are many legal regimes & constitutional provisions...but those are only paper work...those are not given light or given proper implantation strategies..


aaidnepal extension:

Those kept only lines of some typed words, in reality those never given even some try to implement..

Speech of Gopal


aaidnepal extension:

Now Mr. Gopal is expressing his solidarity..


aaidnepal extension:

Mr. Gopal hoped that the new constitution will project some lights on the rights of the Dalits women..

[07:17:59] Zarel: greets from México


aaidnepal extension: Hi zarell..You are welcome..


aaidnepal extension: Mr. Gopal hoped for some regional level mechanisms like under the auspices of SAARC for resisisting traficciking of women in South Asia..


aaidnepal extension: He is giving some statistical evidence on the womens' paricipation in the national parliament..


Zarel: good!
national parlament of what country?


aaidnepal extension: The overall participation in south Asia..


Zarel: ok...


aaidnepal extension: He is saying that there are many legal regimes like CEADW...
he is stating two specific resolutions of one of such regime..


Zarel: here in Mexico there is a law of parity or equality, it prescribe a percent in parliaments and democratic process for women, but, it doesn't really work.


aaidnepal extension: Same is also here in Bangladesh..
Now Bhagawati is asking Mr. Daud to speak as a panelist speaker..


Zarel: Nice!

Speech of Daud


aaidnepal extension: Mr Daud says it is the role of the men which can change the socio cultural constructions...
The men can help to reshape the condition or the treatment given to them..
The new memebers, the boys, the youn men must come forward to give women the respect and can assure their rights has been ensured..


aaidnepal extension:

Mr. Daud explained how women are exploited in home and abroad alike..and some other parts of South Asia..


mohon.kumar.mondal: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aaidnepal-extension


aaidnepal extension:

Thanks mohon for sharing the address of the streaming address..


aaidnepal extension: Mr. Daud requested all human to put the human rights of the women as a top agenda in South Asia Social Forum.....
He finished his speech by hoping the human rights of women as top agenda...


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aaidnepal extension: Now Bimala is going to state 24 agenda demanding the rights of women..



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mohon.kumar.mondal: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aaidnepal-extension

[07:36:51] aaidnepal extension: some of them are...formantion of strong law..: rehabilitaiton of the traficked women..
free higher education for women.


mohon.kumar.mondal: ok




aaidnepal extension: equal political participation. The seminar had concluded by the ActionAid International Nepal..


aaidnepal extension:

This is Ali thanking you all for the participation.