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South Asia Social Forum Bangladesh, 2011 Extended


Venue: Lecture Theatre (1st year),

Department of Pharmacy, Mokarram Building,

University of Dhaka.


Date: November 21, 2011.

Slot: Noon (2.00pm-5.00pm)

Organizer: South Asian Partnership Pakistan.




[2:37:27 PM]

sappak extension: Hello everyone this is Ali, welcoming you all on behalf of the SASF BD 2011 Extended...

[2:37:48 PM]

sappak extension: This is Session 2(Noon)..

[2:39:13 PM]

sappak extension: Today South Asia Partnership Pakistan arranged a seminar named as "Peace Situation in West Asia"
Now the organizer is showing two documentaries..
The title of the documentaries goes as...

[2:43:18 PM]

sappak extension: The titles of the documentaries goes as: "Burning Paradise" & "Peace & Harmony"...
You can also follow us on the u streaming site...

[2:47:02 PM]

sappak extension:

Go to the u streaming official website and type & search the channel titled as "Sapp-extension"...